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Ever struggled with dinner ideas for your family or yourself?  Need some pointers on how to turn your dinner into a magnificent feast!? Well Catina Smith is just the right source, to assist you with your cooking needs!!

Originally from Northeast Baltimore, Catina simply loves to cook and is making some serious waves as a Chef!  Catina Smith, aka Chef Cat, aka The Culinary Socialite, is the one to call to help with keeping your kitchen sizzlin’ with delicious cuisine! (Fire it up!)

Catina is currently a Chef at Magdalene, located in Baltimore, MD, but also does private cheffing.  Catina states that she will cater small events, but wants you to know that she is NOT a Caterer! (Got it?! Good!)

So what made Catina interested in being a Chef? Catina has always liked to cook! When she was a senior in high school, everyone knew what they were majoring in for College, but she had no idea. Still trying to figure out her passion, one day it hit her and she told herself, “hey I like to cook, that’s a thing.”  Once she realized her passion, she pursued it with a fierce force! After high school, Catina began attending the Baltimore International College (BIC), which is now known as Stratford in Little Italy, of downtown Baltimore.

While she was in Culinary school, she decided to join the Air Force Reserves, to follow the foot steps of her Father, who was a Navy Veteran. While in the Air Force Reserves, Catina completed her Bachelor’s Degree program, all while keeping her passion for cooking! After obtaining her degree, she enrolled in grad school and then obtained a government job.  After a few years of working her government job, her passion began calling her again, which made getting back into the kitchen weigh in on her heavily.

With her passion requiring long hours, and working weekends and holidays, Catina found herself dealing with the challenge of juggling being a single mother and working.  Even though being a Chef was very demanding of her time, that did not stop her from becoming the amazing Chef that she is! (Talk about Super Woman!)

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“I love to cook! I love food, learning, and perfecting my craft every day. I want to be respected by my peers, be known as a great chef, and have my name in conversations with the “big boy” in culinary.  I know I have a long way to go, but I am headed in the right direction!”

“If you’re looking to become a Chef, Culinary school is not necessary.  Read books and study up.  Watch YouTube videos and find a chef mentor to show you the ropes.”

Have you heard of or eaten at Guy Fieris? Well guess what? This is where Catina got her first big break!!  Located inside the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD, Catina was hired as a Sous Chef at Guy Fieris.  Her greatness doesn’t stop there! In less of a year, Catina went from being a line cook to being a Sous Chef. (Weeerrrkkk!)

As far as her favorite cuisine, Catina stated that she loves Thai food and how the flavors are so bold and fun, but Catina also told us that she dabbles in everything! Not only does she dabble in various kinds of cuisines, Catina also bakes! She bakes cookies, muffins, biscuits, bagels, donuts, and danishes, with her cookies being A HIT!! (You heard right!)

Currently, Catina is working on a Zine, which is a self-published magazine.  The magazine will have a few recipes, a highlighted chef, and info on fun food events in the city. (Dope right?!)

Catina’s talents doesn’t stop there, as she also has a podcast with Chef Ashley of “She Cooks, which can be found on soundcloud under “Taste Charm City.” Catina also teaches cooking classes and will be scheduling a pasta making class soon.

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So we asked which Chef Catina admires most, and this is what she had to say,

“I admire Chef Thomas of Ida B’s Table Chef.  Black Chef owns his own restaurant and is making wavs on the Baltimore food scene. His spin on soul food is amazing. He takes such pride in his food and it shows. Mark Levy Magdalena gives me that classical trained experience. He shows me everything and explains everything. Has gained worldwide recognition. He is so creative and innovative”


Catina was in a cooking competition on a team for the Mason Dixon Master chef, which beat Miss Shirley’s in a battle brunch! (Super Coo right!?)  Catina has also been contacted by the Food Network several times and has also cooked for various celebrities.

When she is getting fancy with her delicious meals that require wine, Catina usually uses Pinot Grigio as her white wine, and Cabernet for red wine.   Be on the look out for Catina as she will be in a networking mixer fundraiser to end hunger called, “Sole Food”, scheduled to be held on November 16th.  Catina will also be a part of the “Taste Baltimore Kids edition,” which gives kid food businesses a platform to show the public who they are and what they make! (Awesome sauce!)

Make sure you keep up with Catina, as she not only cooks delicious meals, but she has having fun with a new camera that she recently purchased! Catina can be followed on:

Instagram: Naturallychefcat | Culinary_socialite | Bakedbycat | Taste Charm City

Facebook & Twitter: Taste Charm City

If you are interested in booking Catina as a Chef for an event, email her at:



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“Boss up and Be Blessed”

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