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Meet Felicia Baxley! Felicia is from Milledgeville, GA and is the CEO of Hustle Write Publication LLC.  Known for publishing non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books – it offers publishing and writing services for women who has the desire to share their story, struggles, and testimony through a book, as well as generate multiple streams of income once that book is published.

Initially, Hustle Write Publishing started with Felicia independently offering ghostwriting services, and helping people publish the book that they wrote together.  Since then, those services are available to help authors and aspiring authors have somewhat of a one-stop-shop experience, even if they aren’t confident in their writing abilities.

“My company itself is a blessing. I never wanted to be a business owner, much less the person who so many people trust with their projects. After publishing my own books and learning that there were a number of people who needed help writing, constructing, publishing, and profiting from their book ideas, I created my company to help alleviate those challenges.”

Felicia tells us that getting outside funding to start her company was a challenge, but the great need of her services and passion has allowed her to maintain her company.  Felicia’s passion for writing not only comes from helping others but comes from herself, as she is an Author of four books:

  • The Help Meet: Understanding Your Calling as a Wife.
  • Waiting or Warfare.
  • Ready, Set, BOSS’D UP: 7 Boss Tips for the Aspiring Entrepreneur.
  • Gospel Girl Savage: Her Journey To Genuine Authenticity.

Independent publishing services isn’t Hustle Write Publications LLC only specialty, as they also offer many other services – with book coaching and ghost writing being the most popular. The Book coaching program lasts over a span of six-month and is most popular with Felicia’s clients. 

This program provides deep focus on a client’s book vision, writing abilities, publishing, as well as how to utilize social media for their books, and a plethora of other things designed to teach and assist authors in building their own empire. The second most popular is ghostwriting. With many people wanting to write a book but lack confidence in their writing skills, I write a client’s book for them from cover to cover. This service however is designed for those who want to tell their life story.  

“My company is unique in the fact that the sole focus isn’t on the book. The focus goes beyond writing and publishing the book to include thoughts on how to utilize the book as the key to opportunities it can be once it is published. Because of this, my company is unique because it encourages and teaches authors how to become self-sustaining, and how to increase their income.”

Felicia also offers educational webinars that teach people how to write and self-publish their personal stories, editing services for individuals who just need their manuscript edited, various writing services, and more!  Although writing services are offered, you must be a client to receive them – as they are high-priority and quality specifically catered to provide premium services with Felicia’s undivided attention with your projects. 

“Writing and publishing a book has the power to create multiple streams of income when it’s done the right way. Our desire is to teach, assist, and encourage individuals to get their thoughts into tangible products that can be used to leverage multiple streams of income.”

Make sure you keep up with Felicia and Hustle Write Publications, as she has an upcoming title Gospel Girl Savage: Her Journey To Genuine Authenticity, which will be the first of her works that she publish with Hustle Write Publications and is set to release in September 2020.  She will begin to host virtual and physical writing events.

If you’re looking to create your own publishing company, Felicia has the following advice,

“Research, research, research. Knowing what will make your company different, knowing what you will offer, and knowing what the competition does will be important.  There is always a need for any sort of creative service company. As far as writing from blogs, to editing services, the possibilities are endless. Again it is important to research and know exactly what you are going to offer and what benefit your service will be to potential clients. Being consistent is the most important thing for me. Without consistency, I have failed many times over. This advice has kept me grounded through all of my business endeavors.”

If you’re interested in working with Felicia for business, you can do via:

Website: http://www.HustleWritePublication.com

Email: info@hustlewritepublication.com

If you would like to stay socially connected and informed with Hustle Write Publications, you can do so via:

Instagram: @hustlewritepublication

Facebook: @hustlewritepublication

Twitter: @hustlewritepublication

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