Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Boss Up Magazine?

Boss Up Magazine is a digital magazine that recognizes and celebrates minority owned businesses and organizations on the rise.  We strive to celebrate this audience to provide recognition and support, to help change the lack there of.

 Is this magazine only for women?

No – Boss Up Magazine caters to men and women.

When are new articles released?

We release new article features once a month. For exact release dates and times, please sign up for our Boss Bulletins.

How can I get featured in Boss Up Magazine?

You would simply complete our contact form. Please be sure to include details about yourself and your business.

What are the prices for your services?

Please send us an email for more details about our services. (Contact)

What other services do you offer?

Boss Up Magazine offers digital services, printed services, LIVE interviews, and more. If you’re interested in any of these services, please send us an email. (Contact)

Do you accept guest articles and collaborations?

Yes, Boss Up Magazine welcomes guest writers, collaborations, and partnerships. Please send us an email for more details. (Contact)

Does Boss Up Magazine offer social media shout-outs?

Yes – You must tag us with our handle @bossupmag to be re-posted. We do Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter shout-outs.

** Boss Up Magazine reserves the right to decide not to re-post material that is offense, negative, or against what we stand for. **

If I wanted my product reviewed by Boss Up Magazine, where can I send it?

You can send all products for review to:

P.O. Box 8121
Alexandria, VA 22306

Please be sure to include your contact information, or simply send us an email notification. (Contact)

Does Boss Up Magazine accept sponsors or ambassadors?

Yes – Boss Up Magazine does accept sponsors AND ambassadors. Please send us an email for more details. (Contact)