There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

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 Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: Ethnikids is an online bookstore that specializes in Afrikiddies
literature. We sell books that feature protagonists of color in all 11
official South African languages – sourced locally, throughout the
continent as well as internationally. Our mission is to empower and
affirm children by providing them with books that they can identify
with, and relate to.


Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: Our business is vital to our community because finding inclusive and
diverse children’s literature in South Africa is difficult. We believe
representation matters, and would like to instill a love of reading in
our children from a young age. We also serve as a platform for many
independent authors that don’t always have access to markets.

 Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: What makes us bosses is that we were able to identify a problem, and
instead of just complaining about it – we took it upon ourselves to be
part of the solution.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far? 

A: The biggest BOSS move we’ve made with our business thus far is being
selected to be the only book vendor in the ‘family zone’ at the South
African Book Fair. That type of recognition from the greater book
community after just one year in operation is an affirmation that we are
on the right track. We’ve also entered into retail agreements with
kiddies hair salons and in doing so – have partnered with other
fantastic mompreneurs.

Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: What has kept us grounded in the business is our passion for creating
a reading culture, and love for children. There is something very
special about seeing children’s faces light up with joy when they come
across storybooks that interest them.


Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: We would tell other entrepreneurs on the rise to keep at it, and not
get discouraged. If you really believe in your idea, and value
proposition – work hard and stay the course! Don’t let the negative
opinions of others dissuade you.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: The best piece of business advice we’ve received was from phenomenal
businesswoman Swaady Martin (who also happens to be a children’s book
author). She advised us to ‘be patient, and be okay with not having
everything happen all at once! It’s okay to have a great idea, and wait
to have it come into fruition’.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If we had $1000 to give back to the community – we would buy books to
donate to children that are less fortunate. Literacy is the greatest
gift any child can receive.


Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support our business and vision by buying books from us,
following us on social media, attending our book reading sessions, and
speaking to their local libraries and schools about including diverse
literature in their book selections.

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!


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