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Have you ever acted out a skit in high school for class or a talent show? Ever seen a skit on someone’s Instagram account and just found yourself laughing for hours? Well we have spoken to a comical skit maker, who is just downright funny, and is totally trending on social media! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on what life is like when you fill it with laughter. Check it out…

Representing the Southside of Chicago, IL, Devaun Jay is an aspiring Paralegal and enjoys making comical skits for social media! With his family being his motivators, he strives to make every idea he has in his mind a reality, this includes everything from visual content to writing.

Though being a comedian was never his true passion, he has always had a good sense of humor and enjoys making skits. For Devaun, once he begins having ideas for skits, he just goes and produces them. (Such Talent!)  Devaun stated that has seen a lot people showcasing their talents on the web, from Vine to Instagram, which has made him begin testing out his own skills. Devaun stated that he uses social media to showcase his talent, as it seems to be the best way to market oneself.

Devaun uses his firsthand experiences, random everyday moments in life, celebrity news, as inspiration behind his material. All of these things helps him create skits, jokes, skits, and videos, while being original as possible. Devaun stated that he believes that someone can be taught how to be funny, but it’s easier when they already have a sense of humor. A person can hire writers for assistance and even learn the way one delivers a joke. However, Devaun says that being naturally funny carries weight in more things, from the stage to your personal life. The slightest thing someone says can leave you rolling on the floor. (That means laughing uncontrollably) And in Devaun’s experience, that ability can only come from someone that is naturally funny. (Trruuee!!)


 “I hope and pray every day that God will provide me with enough time in life, to conceive every thought I’ve ever had and show it to the world.”

“My advice for someone becoming a comedian or skit maker is to just be yourself. Be a breath of fresh air and original. Use your experiences to your advantage to win!”

For Devaun, preparing for his skits can take him about 10 minutes, as he formulates the idea in his head and goes from there.  His material comes from various places, but can ultimately be material that he’s had on his mind for quite some time. However, between acting it out and editing it, it can take up to 3 hours minimum. (Whew!)



“The comedians I admire most at this moment are:  Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle. Kevin Hart’s work ethic is incredible, and he gives back to the community as much as possible.  In regards to Dave Chappelle, I still watch the Chappelle Show from back in the day and wish it was still around, because he’d have so much to talk about. Dave is still very talented, and I also saw him live once.”


Devaun stated that he is perfectionist and he wants to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. (BOSS Status!) Devaun enjoys and values people actually commenting on his material, as it helps him decipher if people understands his jokes or if they’ve read the blog posts he’s made on his word press blog. Not only that, he is proud of all the likes and views for his videos and blog posts; overall, he is just very appreciative of everything! (A Humble BOSS!)

Initially, his biggest challenge was ensuring that people, outside of his inner circle and current followers, were able to view his videos. Though he is new to Instagram self-marketing, this hasn’t stopped him at all, as he is open to any advice or strategies to market himself better.  As Devaun is still currently experiencing his big break with his comical skits, he plans to keep grinding and remain focused solely on being consistent with his creativity.  (A True Boss!)


darron.johnson.2.png - Copy

Ultimately, Devaun wants to be a writer ranging from songwriting, poetry, articles, and books. Although he is open to his comical skits being his doorway into acting, he plans to just make great content and keep people laughing and sharing his work. Lately, writing and skit making has been Devaun’s primary focus, but he also makes Hip-Hop and R&B instrumentals. He sends a public invite to any artists interested in working on music, as he raps as well. (Dope right?!)

If you’re looking to book Devaun for an event or to collaborate on a skit, you can email him at: or send him a direct message on his Instagram or Facebook.

You can keep up with Devaun and view his material by following his social media:

Instagram: @ddj_odl.

Facebook: Only Dreamerz Live (typed into the search bar.)

WordPress Blog:


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“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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