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Representing the DC area, Elona is an Author who works in Marketing Communications, for a global company. With writing being her hustle, selling book and sharing her testimony of child sexual abuse, it’s no wonder why her hustle inspires most!

So what made Elona writer her own book? Elona tells us that she was abused from 5-12, and that for her entire life she was blamed for what her abusers did to her. Elona states that once she fully understood how she was impacted, she wanted to explain and encourage others to get help. (Very Inspiring!)

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“My daily motivation is to Inspire women to live free from the pain of their past. When we make decisions from a place of pain, we hurt our children, families, careers and ultimately ourselves.”

Elona writes her books to target women seeking to improve their lives, as well as overcome challenges and trauma. Elona has written the following books:

1. From Ivy League To Stripper Life
2. How Divorce Became My Deliverance.
3. Elona has also participated in some anthologies that can be found on Amazon.

From Ivy League to Stripper Life – Get ready to hear the ultimate story of a life turned sideways. Elona talks candidly about why her life spiraled out of control and the lessons she learned along the way. Through childhood memories and true stories from the strip club, Elona offers tips and life lessons every wife, mother and single woman will find useful.

How Divorce Became My Deliverance – This collection of stories is not a tale of woe; they are stories of encouragement for any woman coping with the stigma, heartbreak, and hardship of divorce. Because researchers estimate that marriages have a 50% chance of survival, these women have come together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage, moved past the pain. While some chose to leave and others were left, they all walked the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

“I cried a lot writing my memoir. So many people are cyber bullied for sharing their stories and a part of me was expecting to be harassed; it never happened. My writing style is smart, but I don’t sugar coat nothing because pain ain’t pretty. People are so worried about sharing their hurts, but don’t realize that holding onto the secret is keeping them trapped in shame, guilt, and unresolved anger. SHE FELT THE SAME WAY UNTIL SHE REALIZED pain should be described as is – let readers feel, understand, empathize, and become outraged by it. THAT will inspire them to share their own story, seek healing, or help others. I’ve had survivors reach out and thank me for sharing. They were motivated to finally get help, confront their abuser, or share their story with others by speaking it for the first time or writing their own book.”

It took her 12 weeks for Elona to write her memoir, and she published the anthology in about a month – seeing it in print was the icing on the cake!

“It felt incredible. Aside from my children, I’ve never been prouder.”


Make sure you keep up with Elona, as she is working on more books!! She is also currently looking for people willing to participate in anthologies. Elona also publishs under Memoir Maven Publishing and is looking to publish memoirs, as she recently published a memoir titled Jeannette’s Life Through Ebony’s Eyes. (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

If you’re interested in meeting and greeting Elona, she will be participating in the following events:

1. The ATL AAMBC Awards Show (Atlanta, GA)
June 8th || 7pm -10pm

2. Wine & Words Philly (Philadelphia, PA)
July 28th || She will be speaking on transparency in writing.

 ** If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, you can watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast via iTunes. **

3. Embracing YOU Women’s Conference (Beltsville, MD)
August 25th || She will be giving a workshop.


If you’re interested in purchasing Elona’s books, you can do so via: elonawashington.com

You can view/listen to more of Elona via:

iTunes: https://apple.co/2kH8Bsl
YouTube: http://bit.ly/2LWb8eE
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/2Ll3skZ (the podcast is on SoundCloud too)
Purchase books: http://bit.ly/2suasoq

You can also follow Elona via:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @elonawashington

Washington Elona 7049534951

If you are an aspiring author, Elona has the following advice,

“There’s a difference between telling your story and telling your business. Whether you decide to do either, be real about it.”

Elona has these final words for our readers:

“I have a new talk show on a local Philly channel called Power From Pain. I’m looking for guests willing to share their stories of triumph. I can be contacted at: elona@elonawashington.com.”


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