Indigenouz Royalty

Indigenouz Royalty

There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

Check out our recent interview with Danielle & Edward Humes III!

Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: African American History/Culture-Inspired Tees and Apparel.

Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: My business teaches black people our history in a positive way by highlighting the untold truths of where we come from. We must not leave it up to society to tell our history, especially everything before the “slavery era”; we are so much more than that and there’s more to our story to be told and revealed.

Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: I would rather say I’m a LEADER because a boss tells people what to do in a controlling way, vs. a leader being someone who motivates and inspires others to follow their lead.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far?

A: Signing up for our first pop-up shop on October 27th at the Quarry Event Center, hosted by MimisTotCloset !

Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: Knowing that it inspires growth while respecting our ancestors and all they endured for me to be where I am today!

Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: Follow your PASSION and the MONEY will come after that.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: You’re never too old to learn anything !

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: I would invest in an African American Studies program because I believe you’ll never know where you’re going, unless you truly know where you come from!

Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: Spread the word about what Indigenouz Royalty is about, share posts, like and comment, buy merchandise. Also discuss and research ideas and information about our people and our history with your peers and loved ones- each one teach one!!

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!

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There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

Check out our recent interview with: Precious Mdlalose, Khumo Tapfumaneyi, Mpho Maje, Kgalalelo Nazo & Tina Akuoko!

 Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: Ethnikids is an online bookstore that specializes in Afrikiddies
literature. We sell books that feature protagonists of color in all 11
official South African languages – sourced locally, throughout the
continent as well as internationally. Our mission is to empower and
affirm children by providing them with books that they can identify
with, and relate to.


Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: Our business is vital to our community because finding inclusive and
diverse children’s literature in South Africa is difficult. We believe
representation matters, and would like to instill a love of reading in
our children from a young age. We also serve as a platform for many
independent authors that don’t always have access to markets.

 Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: What makes us bosses is that we were able to identify a problem, and
instead of just complaining about it – we took it upon ourselves to be
part of the solution.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far? 

A: The biggest BOSS move we’ve made with our business thus far is being
selected to be the only book vendor in the ‘family zone’ at the South
African Book Fair. That type of recognition from the greater book
community after just one year in operation is an affirmation that we are
on the right track. We’ve also entered into retail agreements with
kiddies hair salons and in doing so – have partnered with other
fantastic mompreneurs.

Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: What has kept us grounded in the business is our passion for creating
a reading culture, and love for children. There is something very
special about seeing children’s faces light up with joy when they come
across storybooks that interest them.


Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: We would tell other entrepreneurs on the rise to keep at it, and not
get discouraged. If you really believe in your idea, and value
proposition – work hard and stay the course! Don’t let the negative
opinions of others dissuade you.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: The best piece of business advice we’ve received was from phenomenal
businesswoman Swaady Martin (who also happens to be a children’s book
author). She advised us to ‘be patient, and be okay with not having
everything happen all at once! It’s okay to have a great idea, and wait
to have it come into fruition’.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If we had $1000 to give back to the community – we would buy books to
donate to children that are less fortunate. Literacy is the greatest
gift any child can receive.


Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support our business and vision by buying books from us,
following us on social media, attending our book reading sessions, and
speaking to their local libraries and schools about including diverse
literature in their book selections.

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!


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The Chrysalis Program

The Chrysalis Program

There’s more to a business than just the products or services they offer! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

Check out our recent interview with Asha Valda Ntim!

Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: The Chrysalis Program is a nonprofit that teaches self-confidence, leadership and life skills to African American girls and their parents. Using interactive, character-building workshops, the Chrysalis Program social emotional aspects of students to foster healing and transformation.

Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: The Chrysalis Program is vital to the community as it assist training children when they are young to be leaders, to show empathy for others and have gratitude. These concepts build a stronger for efficient community and bring success to our students as they grow into adulthood.

Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: Starting as a stay at home, I changed my own fate to become a leader of my own business. As a boss, I create more leaders instead of followers or workers.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far?

A: The biggest boss move thus far is developing a plan to create the Power Her Conference. It took courage and resilience to contact celebrities, find sponsors, and sell tickets to women all over the country.


Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: What has kept me grounded is the understanding that our girls not only need The Chrysalis Program, but they love the Chrysalis Program. Remembering that some of the girls do not receive the love, and nourishment they need outside the program keeps me focused and grounded. It reminds me that the work I do is God’s work and should be treated with reverence and respect.

Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: I would tell an entrepreneur on the rise to never give up. Success is created one step in the right direction at a time.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: The best business advice I have receive is to prioritize. Decide which alligator is closest to the boat and address it. Finish one each task in its completion. Celebrate small victories. Stay encouraged.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If I had $1000 to give back to my community, I would provide a safe space for students to come and learn in a fun, empowering and healing environment. I would hire a counselor to help each student deal with their own trauma.

Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support the Chrysalis Program by becoming sponsors of the program or its fundraising events (such as The Black Hair and Culture Fair and Power Her Conference). Another way to support the Chrysalis Program is to buy tickets to our events or purchase our t-shirts.

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!

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The Goddess Healing™️

The Goddess Healing™️

There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

Check out our recent interview with The Goddess Healing™️ !

Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: Founded by Pamela Vazquez, conscious esthetician & beauty artist, and Brown womanist Nicolia Kelly, The Goddess Healing™️ represents bridging and merging both outer & inner worlds that each woman (trans, femme, queer and gender non-conforming) embodies. In this collaborative offering, they enjoin Brown & deaf women to center themselves as Divine, while leveraging this awareness to explore any & all modalities that support alignment with this identity.

Goddess Healling-Wordmark

Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: Our business is vital because we enjoin Brown to expand their identity and consciousness-from the inside out.

With the “Goddess Healing Party: Goddess Save Thyself” that was recently held on September 29th, there was such a beautiful energy as we watched women have “lightbulb” moments about how they first honored themselves and then explored beauty & spirituality in a way never before seen. We were honored & blessed to be a vessel to provide that for them.

The way that one sees themselves permeates EVERYTHING that you do, and the way that you move in the world. In encouraging Brown women to accept that BOTH their outer and inner worlds make them Divine, they are more empowered to live more flexible & fluid lives that are not compartmentalized and fragmented-truly making them WHOLE beings.

Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: We (Nicolia & Pam) are bosses because we believe in the power of connection and expansion. Our story in founding the Goddess Healing Party reflects this. As a beauty artist & esthetician I (Pam) was only one half-of the equation (the outer world of the Divine), and knew that creating the WHOLENESS of what the Goddess Healing would become required me to reach out to my “yang” (the inner world of the Divine) which Nicolia represents. Bosses understand the power of connecting and expanding (even if that IS outside of themselves.)

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far? 

A: Our biggest boss move has been creating the first “The Goddess Healing Party” EVER where we center Brown women (deaf & LGBTQIA aligned) AS divine. This event is designed to educate Brown women as to what tools are available that will help them remember, recover, and reconnect to their Divinity.

We are admittedly in a “Goddess” movement era with the term “Black Girl Magic” & #BlackGirlMagic hashtags being commonplace & sometimes overly-used without awareness. But what brand is committed to exploring and discovering HOW to navigate and actualize these phrases in your daily life (using tools that nurture both outer & inner worlds)–all WHILE centering Brown women as divine?! WE ARE!

And we’re excited about it.

GHP Photo

Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: We are both grounded by the fact that Pam & I do this work together. We are present with first ourselves and then each other through every phase of the process. We draw off of each other experiences and expertise in our respective fields. As individuals and as a collective (represented in our respective brands) we are Brown women who are doing the work as we unveil tools for other women to join us for the adventures of realizing their Divinity from the inside out.

Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: ALWAYS listen to your intuition & trust that as a Divine “roadmap.” If you don’t understand something that your intuition is “telling” you–explore that. That’s where the answers are. In the process of exploration.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: Trust each other, and the connection that brought the business alliance together.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If we had $1000, We would go to Sam’s Club, buy as many cases of water as possible, load everything in a pick-up truck, and drive to Flint, Michigan to give them to those who STILL don’t have clean water.

Nicolia would probably pass out pocket sized crystals too. . .

Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support our business and vision by following our movement via social media! We are looking to collaborate with those in the beauty and/or metaphysical worlds to feature for future pop-up events or our next Goddess Healing Party

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!

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Michele Monét: An April Lyons Collection

Michele Monét: An April Lyons Collection

There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

Check out our recent interview with April Lyons!

 Michele Monét An April Lyons Collection

Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: My company is Michele Monét: An April Lyons Collection. I handcraft, custom design, & create fashion accessories, jewelry, & more, for women, men, and children.

 Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: I believe my business is vital to the community because there aren’t enough black owned business within the community, let alone businesses owned by black women, represented within our communities. I feel it is vital to let our little girls know that you can accomplish  whatever you put your mind to.  Let our black women know to not only follow your dreams, but chase them and make them your reality.

Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: What makes me a BOSS? I would say my drive and determination.  My willpower, my strength even in adversity. What also makes me a BOSS is helping our Queens as well as Kings in any capacity that I can. It’s not always about getting, t’s about giving back as well.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far?

A: The biggest BOSS move that I’ve made with my business this far would be transitioning from doing jewelry only, to stepping out on faith and adding fashion accessories to my collection. I want to be different, unique.

April Lyons

Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: My knowing that this is a gift that God placed upon me, He trusted me enough to place this gift in my hands & I dare not take that for granted.  

Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: Never give up! Place yourself around people who are rooting for you, who want you to succeed, believe in yourself. Do not let ANYONE deter you from going after what you want. The sky isn’t the limit, there’s an entire universe out there! TRUST YOUR DOPENESS!!

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: Network, promote my brand, and continue to add to & build my brand.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If I had $1,000 to give back to my community, I would give it to help women in transition (domestic violence, substance abuse, financially, back to work, caring for an ill loved one, etc).  I have lived through and survived some of the situations listed, that’s why & where I would give back to my community.

Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support my business and vision by following my IG page, promoting my page by re-posting, word of mouth, shares, purchases, tags.  It isn’t always about the money, helping to promote my business is a great support to me!

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!


If you would like work with April, you can contact her via email:

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What are your goals? Where do you see yourself and/or your business in the next few year? If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, now’s the time. Write the question down & answer it. Notate in your calendar or set a reminder in your phone a year from today to see how much closer you’ve come to completing those goals. It’s never too late to start. Write the vision and put in the work to accomplish that what you’ve set out to do. Remember, the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.



Elevation & Expansion 



When I first started my business, I had one thing in mind… Goals in Different Area Codes! You’ve got to have the mindset of thinking beyond what is visible to the natural eye. Think bigger!! Speak into existence the outcome of your business. Life & death are in the power of the tongue. Speak life over everything you touch & in all that you do. Call the universe into alignment with your goals, visions, & your dreams. Once you speak it, claim it, & watch how everything manifests on your behalf. I stand in agreement with you all.

Elevation & Expansion in all that you do & touch!


What CBD Can Do For You


Written by Sheena Roberson

For over 3,000 years, Cannabis has been helping people with a variety of afflictions from pain aides to reductions in inflammation to anxiety and stress relief. CBD is a non-psychoactive (so you won’t get you high from using it) and is said to offer relief from anxiety & depression, stimulate appetite and offers anti-acne properties naturally that drug store creations mimic in design. It wasn’t until 1937, when it was unjustly prohibited, that cannabis elixirs were pulled from the shelves of pharmaceutical shops and doctors’ offices alike. Since then Cannabis and Cannabinoid oils have made a grand reemergence into our everyday routines. Once a household name, cannabis and its derivative CBD have always been an imperative part of our lives, day to day maintenance and health regiments. While CBD’s ability to reduce pain in inflammation is an opportunity for all, beauty brands and influencers have begun to leave flags in the sand denoting that a new era of self-care has commenced.

We already know that inflammation is the root cause of most if not all of one’s skin woes from acne, to eczema. Because of cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, using it (especially regularly) can reduce puffiness, swelling, and tenderness. This is perfect for the problem skin consumer whose typical regiment contains multiple products to attack these issues, CBD offer a simultaneous solution to them all in one an attractive sell to anybody.


Your body is an intricate machine with multiple interworking parts and processes. Similarly there are nearly 100 naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids, and CBD is the one that’s most well-known for its health and wellness benefits. Your body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors and a full spectrum of cannabinoids work in concert more effectively and productively than one on its own. Science explains how this is the case: “CBD binds to a special set of receptors in the skin known as TRPV-1 receptors, where it can help feelings of heat, itchiness, and pain. This explains why it has a soothing effect on the skin. Just like other natural oils, the natural fatty acids and antioxidants in hemp seed oil make it a good choice for people with dry skin, sun burn and conditions like eczema.


Speaking of hemp, there’s a debate there, too. Hemp is a type of cannabis that has had the THC largely bred out of it. It’s legal across state lines; however only CBD derived from hemp can be distributed nationally. There is a lot less CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp than in cannabis strains that contain THC. Some believe the effects of CBD are limited if not coupled with THC and don’t offer as much of an “impact” in relief or results, however most agree that the right sources and suitable dosage  provides more than enough benefit to continue using.


Products infused with both CBD and THC have been making steady appearances in bath bombs, essential oils, lotions, eye creams and skin serums everywhere. Mainstream markets and celebrities are endorsing them and are becoming a part of the CBD craze, so much so that this year’s most recent award show swag bags all contained some sort of CBD derivative product. So how much of CBD is a placebo effect where we expect and want for it to work so in turn we see or feel the results and how much of it is a legitimate improvement in condition. The verdict is still out but in the meantime there are plenty of affordable options for you to explore firsthand and learn just what CBD can do for U!


Sheena Roberson

5 Beauty Hacks that will Change Your Life

5 Beauty Hacks that will Change Your Life

Written By: Ayye Denay

People are always looking for ways to do things easier, quicker and more cost efficient.  These hacks will not only show you how to repurpose some of your household items, they will aid you in restoring some of your favorite products. Before you think about tossing any of your old makeup, try using one of the hacks listed below to bring it back to life.

Hack #1: How to Fix a Broken Compact


If you’re anything like me, when your makeup breaks, your heart breaks a little as well.  Makeup although not a necessity can be considered an investment and at times a costly one.  Therefore, the last thing you want to do is trash a $40 compact after its been knocked on the floor or you dropped your purse just a little too hard. With this helpful beauty hack, you don’t have too.  With only a few household items you can make your compact as good as new in under ten minutes by simply following the instructions listed below.

Everything you need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Glad Saran Wrap
  3. A plastic spoon


  1. To make your makeup compact better, you must start by making it worse. If your full compact is not broken, start by crushing all the makeup parts and gathering them in the original makeup package.  ayye.denay.2
  2. Once everything has been crushed, add several drops of the rubbing alcohol to your compact. This will saturate the makeup and make it easy to manipulate and mold.
  3. Place the saran wrap over your mixture and smooth into the compact with a spoon. Your finger may also be used as a replacement.
  4. You will now need to let your compact sit overnight to dry. If there is too much fall out after 24hs has elapsed you may need to repeat steps 1-3 to get a perfectly molded structure and to ensure that it doesn’t break again upon use.


Hack #2: Restoring Old Mascara

If you find that your mascara has gotten dry, remove the wand, add a few drops of saline solution and shake briefly to bring it back to life.


Hack #3: Using Your Eyeshadow as Lip Gloss

Have you ever looked at your favorite eyeshadow and thought that it would be perfect on your lips?  With this hack, you can now make that happen.  Simply crush your favorite eye shadow into a powder and mix with petroleum jelly. Once the color has been evenly distributed you can now place it on your lips.


Hack #4: Storing False Lashes

Pill boxes and eyelashes are 2 things that you would never think could go together.  However, the round pill boxes are perfect for storing false lashes.  If you are tired of keeping cumbersome lash boxes for the sake of storage, this hack is perfect for you. These boxes can be found at your local Dollar Tree and $1 will get you 7 identical boxes.



Hack #5: Repurposing Toilet Seat Covers

Have you ever been in a pinch at work and didn’t have any blotting paper or powder to rid yourself of the extra shine?  One alternative to blotting paper is a toilet seat cover.  Use this flushable friend to your yourself of any excess shine.


These are only a few of the endless hacks which can be used to make your life easier.  What are some of your favorite beauty hacks?  I challenge you to come up with a new way to cut corners and repurpose your everyday items.

What’s Stopping You?


What’s Stopping You?

I get it, we all have a lot going on in our lives. We have our families, jobs, school, etc, but is that what’s really stopping you from being the goal getter that you know you are?  If anything, those things should be motivators to push forward. Don’t use them as excuses to stay where you are.  Your family is your motivation because you want to provide your family with better, you want to leave behind a legacy, school’s your motivation to earn that degree, certificate, or tools, to use to help grow your business,  your job is that motivation, to use that income earned to finance your business without complete struggle and to one day be able to have others work for you!  Again , no excuses, no ifs, ands, or buts, because IF you don’t go after what you want, you’ll regret it in years to come, AND if you don’t try, you’ll never know, BUT things will begin to manifest themselves, when you get out of your own way, so…



Just Be You

Just Be You
Ok, let’s face it, there’s a lot of carbon copies out here and a dire need of more originals. That’s where we come in, the real ones, the unique artists, the originals, who are not looking to mimic anyone else, only to be us, apologetically. There’s nothing wrong with being you. Believe me when I tell you that people love originality, customers love being the only one rocking an original piece or being the first to have or do something. With that in mind, be that first! Be the first designer, the first artist, the first blogger, of something original. When you’re original, others notice and will either have to have it or have to copy it . So get to creating something you haven’t seen or seen done and remember, while you’re at it to…

I Decide My Vibe

There are so many people who are distractions, that come into your space with their negative energy trying to disrupt the world around you. Some know what they’re doing, while others are simply oblivious! Regardless of the case, protect the air, peace, and space around you. Keep the negativity away from you and your business. I truly believe in the transfer of energy, so choose wisely when it comes to those individuals you’d have around yourself & your business. When you pick up on a vibe that doesn’t sit well with your spirit, remove it from your presence! You have the power to choose who & what to have in your life. You have the authority to say…


You Can


When it comes to starting or beginning anything in life, there’s always that little voice called doubt in the back of your head telling you “you can’t!” Don’t listen to that voice!! Doubt and fear are the two of many reasons people either do not  start or stop going after  their dreams.  Doubt you’ll fail, doubt you’ll have support, doubt it’ll be lucrative, the list goes on and on.  I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN!” You can o anything that you put your mind to. Nothing’s impossible!  Start that business on faith, continue growing your business regardless of the naysayers. People will always doubt you and most of the time it’s due to envy and or jealousy because you had the heart to follow and hunt down your  goals and they didn’t. So with all that being said; keep pushing, keep striving, move in faith, not in fear, and remember… 




Budget Traveling


Do you want to travel the world, but are low on funds? Ever been on social media and wonder how people are traveling to all these amazing places? Well here are a few tips, that will enable you to travel, just as much as that famous travel blogger you follow on your social media!

Know before you go!

Are you wanting to go somewhere fun and exciting, but not too sure on where to go? Planning a trip to a particular place, but want to know the best places to eat and explore while there? We highly recommend Trip Advisor!

Trip Advisor provides you reviews from recent travelers, ratings, and more to help ensure your trip is nothing short of amazing! So make sure you know before you go!


Put your 9-5 to use!

One way to travel on a budget is to plan your trips around your pay dates! This method is great, as you are able to “count” your coins! If you’re planning well in advance, planning around your pay dates allow you to purchase things one at a time – all while still buying what you need.

Need a payment plan? You can utilize the following sites to plan and pay for your trip on a payment plan:



Funjet Vacations

Do you have a side hustle?

Looking for a payday TODAY?! Sign up for ride-share platforms such as Uber and Lyft! Did you know that as a new driver, you are able earn bonuses – which puts more money in your pocket. (Ching! Ching!)

Also, both platforms allow you to cash out your earnings for the day! So if you drive for 3 hours and earn $80…you can select instant pay and have your funds put on your debit card INSTANTLY! Bomb right??

*** Please be advised: There maybe restrictions and requirements for accessing instant pay, as a new driver. ***


Do you check your emails daily or on your cellphone? Well make sure you sign up for email notifications from sites like Hotwire, Travelocity, and Orbitz – as they tend to send you really good discounts on flights, hotels, and more!! Not seeing their emails in your inbox? Make sure you’re checking your spam/junk folder, so that you don’t miss out.


Credit Cards

Did you know that most credit cards offer points, on everyday purchases? Use those points to earn bomb deals!!! You can also score cashback – depending on your credit card provider! COLLECT YOUR COINS & POINTS!

Do you prefer to fly on one airline over the others? You may want to consider getting yourself a credit card with that particular airline, that you enjoy flying on the most! You can earn miles that can be used to book flights! Also, some of those airline credit cards give you miles for using your card with their partnered hotels, restaurants, and car rentals.

Members Only

Do you LOVE a certain hotel so much, that you stay at their hotel any chance you get? Well you may want to check and see if you can earn points for you stay! The more your stay, the more points you earn – which can lead to a free night stay(s)!


Travel Alternatives

Don’t have the funds to purchase a round trip ticket? Why not purchase your travel one way at a time? This will allow you to get what you need – without going broke. Sometimes this also allows you to snag that special that Southwest Airlines is offering, at the same time of snagging an unbeatable deal that Frontier Airlines may be offering too!

Another way you can cut costs is by flying to an airport near your destination, and then driving the remaining distance. (i.e. Going to Miami? try flying to Fort Lauderdale, FL and then driving to Miami, FL.) Sometimes this method is cheaper.

Not in a hurry? Sometimes taking a flight that has multi-stops or has a layover can be cheaper! This is a great method for those looking for a deal and are not in a hurry to get to their destination.

Don’t forget about the RED EYE flights! RED EYE flights usually depart AFTER 9:00pm and arrive at the destination by 5:00am or 6:00am. These flights usually travel west to east and can be found on sites like Cheap Flights. If you don’t mind flying overnight to your destination, GO FOR IT!

Aviation Rocks!

Know someone that works for an airline? Did you know that most airlines give their employees discount flights or guest passes, to give to friends and family? – which is at an extremely low rate!

Want to skip the middleman??? BECOME an airline employee – as most airline companies give their employees FREE TRAVEL BENEFITS!! Though each airline have different policies for employee travel – it beats paying full price for your travel!


No Stress Lodging

Did you know that most sites like Orbitz and Priceline have the options of “Pay When You stay.” – for booking hotels? This is perfect if you want to book your hotel and simply pay when you arrive, especially if you don’t have the money upfront! We all know that sometimes plans change, so booking a pay when you stay is perfect – especially because this options tends to carry a very lax cancellation policy!

Ever heard of Airbnb? Airbnb is an awesome website to get a place to stay, for a very affordable rate! Depending on the type of traveler you are, you may just appreciate Airbnb more than a hotel. Some Airbnb places offer great perks such as FREE parking, use of an entire apartment/home, being in a centralized location, and MORE! So when you’re looking for a place to stay for your trip, DON’T FORGET ABOUT AIRBNB!

Getting Around

Need a car for your trip? Some car rental companies have special deals on their partner websites, that offers you very low daily pricing – if you pay for the entire rental upfront. Also, this tends to be offered if you allow the website to pick the car rental company for you. (usually Priceline & Hotwire)

Did you know that if you use a major credit card, most companies don’t hold a deposit? We suggest making sure you have a capital one credit card, as they offer car rental protection with your purchase AND allow debit card payments that instantly make the funds available for use! (1 payment per 24 hrs)

Beware though, as some car rental companies charge you more money if you use a Visa instead of a Mastercard, and vice versa. We’ve seen dollar car rental charge a $300 deposit for using a Visa card, instead of a Mastercard. YIKES!!

More than just Roadside Assistance!

Are you a member of AAA ? If not, then make sure you become one! AAA offers its members amazing deals and discounts on restaurants, hotels, car rentals, and more! AAA offers way more than just roadside assistance, so become a member and take advantage of its benefits!


Don’t Kill The Fun!

So now that you’ve booked your trip, what are you going to do on the trip itself??! Make sure you are doing fun things to create amazing memories on your trip! You can utilize the following websites for budget friendly food & fun activities to do on your trip:


Living Social


Shore Excursioneer

Orbitz Activities

So there you have it! Use our tips to plan your next trip…or 2! Where ever you decide to go, enjoy and have safe travels!

The Nurse Coach and Consultant

Meet Michelle Rhodes! A Nurse Business Consultant from Tampa, FL – who is making some serious BOSS MOVES! Michelle is motivated by her Mother’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a nurse! This same motivation plays a factor of her writing a book!

“I decided to write my book to help nurses transition from bedside to boss!”

Michelle is a Masters prepared Nurse, VA Certified Mentor and Wellcoaches Health Coaching graduate. Michelle’s book “RNTERPRISE: Take your Nursing Knowledge and Emerge with an Entrepreneurial Passion in 90 Days” – provides the business basics to help lay the foundation of a Nurse/Healthcare Professional Owned business.
With her background being in health care, it’s no wonder that her book is
geared towards Health Care Professionals!

“My book only took me 4 months to publish, and seeing it in print was a dream come true! I wanted to empower the healthcare worker to know that they have the skills needed to become an awesome business owner. This book has changed my life, and little did I know that this book was much needed!”

Michelle began writing her book in January of 2017 and was able to self-publish it in May of 2017! (AMAZING!!!) With her having an amazing book coach, it’s no question that her journey was short lived! To date, Michelle has sold over 500 copies of her book and has also co-authored 3 consecutive books since her first one! (BOSS STATUS!)

Though Michelle is planning to take a break from writing books, she does however have a small coaching group of 10 Nurses that she is coaching as an Anthology project! Make sure you keep up with Michelle as she has a Holiday Empowerment Brunch coming up in December, which will be located in Tampa, FL. Also, Michelle will be Michelle will be cruising and launching her 10 Nurse Authors to Jamaica! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Michelle’s book, you can do so via, and you connect with her at

Writing book isn’t Michelle’s only passion, as she is also a public speaker! With her topics of focus being Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and health and wellness of the black woman – Michelle is very passionate about public speaking and feels these topics embodies her.

“I ‘grew’ into public speaking as I realized people enjoyed the encouraging words that I spoke into their lives. My love for teaching, leading workshops over the years got me into public speaking. I joined Toastmasters and the rest was history.”

To date, Michelle has speaks at 4 events annually and currently does one paid speaking gig per quarter and it is growing. Along with her many talents, Michelle also offers Consulting with governmental organizations and corporations. Though her ultimate goal is to ger her programs into Nursing schools, Michelle feels that she is just getting started!

If you’re an entrepreneur on the rise, Michelle has the following advice,

“Consistency, serving, and fresh offerings.” “I wish I would have known how important coaches were, when I began my career. I attribute the bulk of my success toward their support.”

Make sure you keep up with Michelle and her journey via social media:

Instagram & Facebook: @michellerhodesonline

Twitter: @michelleronline

Michelle has these final words for our readers:

Never underestimate the power of a goal and execution!

The Rap King

Meet G tha King! Representing Durham, NC as an Independent Artist / Business Developer, G tha King is an Artist who has always had a passion for hip hop!


“I’ve always had a passion for hip-hop. I wrote my first rhymes in elementary school, but I didn’t start recording until I got to college. When I heard my voice for the first time I knew I was blessed with a gift.”


With his father being a convicted felon, who didn’t finish high school, and his mother being a hardworking woman, without a college degree, G tha King says that no one ever really expected much out of him growing up.


“I know that my conception was an accident but every day I wake up I want both of my parents to know that I am not a mistake. I want them to proud of what they created.”


So, what got G tha King interested in being an Artist? G tha King tells us that he just loves to create hip-hop music!

“My ultimate dream is to provide for my family and live off of my own creations. Working 9 to 5 is not what life is about. I don’t want to spend a life devoting my time and energy to someone else’s dream. I decided to pursue this career because I love to create hip-hop music more than anything else. And I’m damn good at it”


With his music coming from his own life experiences, he believes that his music is more so geared for the 21-35 age range, compared to other age groups. Though his music is not necessarily made for the club, it is perfect for the car ride – the journey. In the beginning of his career, G tha King tells us that he faced a few challenges, but that did not stop his grind!

“The biggest challenge is one that comes with the territory when you’re an independent artist with no financial backing or label support. Everything falls on me. All aspects are my direct responsibility. Creating music isn’t cheap, marketing music isn’t cheap, putting together content isn’t cheap, and time is of the essence. The entire process is a lot to manage. I have limited access to capital and resources.”

With G tha King not allowing his challenges to stop his grind, he got his first big break in his career when he released his debut album High & Mighty. G tha King says that he released the project in partnership with a digital distribution company, owned by Sony Music called “The Orchard.” (BOSS STATUS!)


“My most recent project is also my official debut album. It’s called High & Mighty. I wrote and recorded the entire album while living in Amsterdam from 2015-2017. I was able to release it on all major platforms, and I couldn’t be more proud of what I was able to accomplish when I released that project. All of my music is inspired by my life experiences. I knew that I wanted to create an album that solidified my place as a hip-hop artist and I feel like I was able to do that with High & Mighty.”

When he isn’t making music in the booth, he is doing events! In preparation for events, G tha Kings tells us that it all depends on the setting – though he tries listening to feedback from those around him. People tell him what they like most or don’t like at all, but he tries to keep that in mind when thinking about which songs to perform. G tha King tells us that Jay-Z is an Artist that he admires most and he would love to work with Kid Cudi.


“When I was growing up I revered Jay-Z. I think his discography and business acumen make an easy argument for him being the best to ever do it. Kid Cudi’s content and sound is authentic & unique to him as an individual. I think a collaboration with G tha King and Kid Cudi would produce an epic masterpiece.”

Make sure you keep up with G tha King, as he is working on content for a few songs off of his debut album High & Mighty, which will be rolling out in the near future. Currently, he is working on some material for a mixtape, which will be different than the album.  He is also rapping on industry beats, no original beats, more of a traditional style mixtape. So make sure you are on the lookout for it when it drops, as it will be called “High Jacked.”


“I want to live and provide for my family off of what I create. I don’t want the fame. I want the freedom.”

If you would like to listen and purchase music by G tha King, you can do via his website, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, and anywhere you get your music! Simply search “G tha King” on ANY PLATFORM! His debut album “High & Mighty” is available for purchase, download, or streaming on all digital platforms.


If you’re interested in booking G tha King for event or projects, you can contact him via:




If you’re interested in becoming an Artist, G tha King has the following advice,

“Believe in yourself more than anyone else believes in you.”


Make sure you keep up and follow G tha King on social media at:

Instagram: @G_thaKing

Twitter: @G_thaKing




G tha King has these final words for our readers:

“I have a line of apparel called High & Mighty that I created in partnership with “Fly Above Graphics and Tees.” We currently have some dope graphic tees for sale. We also have some fresh hats coming soon! You can get your own gear at and save 15% when you use promo code SOHIGH at checkout. Also, lookout for the official video for a song called Trap that is off of my debut album High & Mighty. I’ll be dropping that visual in the near future. Peace.”




The Black Table Event



On Sunday, August 19th, we had the pleasure of attending “The Black Table: Black Women’s Influencer Brunch” and it was AMAZING! This event was hosted by Fanm a Fanm (Women to Women) and was a perfect touch to our weekend!

So what is Fanm a Fanm? Fanm a Fanm is an online editorial, resource, and network dedicated to developing, connecting, and empowering Black Women Brands and Influencers! (#BOOM!!)


Their event catered to 150 women with delicious food, networking, speaker panel, business vendors, and bomb endless mimosas!! (YASSS!!) We even got the chance to meet the Founder of Fanm a Fanm >> Adriyanna!! (Pictured in the top right photo)



What a treat it was to learn the ins and outs of being a social media influencer, having a successful business, and how to brand yourself & business! This brunch was nothing short of a good time, keys to success, and networking galore!

20180824_1756424724274019032260255.jpgNot only did this event allow us to network, but it also allowed us to check out some amazing vendors!!



We purchased some self care buttons and beautiful “love” earrings – and we’re so happy that this brunch gave us the opportunity to do so! 😊

Make sure you keep up with this amazing network via their website:

We are definitely looking forward to this BRUNCH next year!! Cheers!!! 😊


Chef Marlene’s Table

Meet Chef Marlene Coles! Chef Marlene is from Claymont, Delaware and is a Chef and Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café.  Keeping God first in everything that she does is her daily motivation , as well as moving forward and not looking back ! (BOSS STATS!)

So what got Marlene interested in being a Chef? Marlene tell us that initially, she became interested in becoming a chef simply by coming to the realization that she actually loved to cook. Though Marlene’s first passion was a becoming a Nurse and Educator, that did not stop her joy for cooking!


“It is my desire to learn the proper techniques, in order to be consistent with each meal. Therefore, I enrolled in school to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef.”

In the beginning of her career, Marlene was challenged with working a full-time job and taking care of her father, while trying to attend school.  However, that did not stop her! Marlene attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she graduated with honors.

“There were days I wanted to give up, but I persevered with the help of God.”


Marlene’s most popular dish “Seafood Pot Pie” is a homemade pot pie with various Seafood items such as langoustine, shrimp, and lump crab meat in a luscious creamy filling baiting of golden brown flaky crust. (YUMMY!!!)  Marlene got her first big break as a Chef, when she hosted a Christmas breakfast for Comcast in Center City Philadelphia – and she was ecstatic! (NIICCEEE!) Though the “Seafood Pot Pie” is Marlene’s specialty, she enjoys cooking South African Cuisine.

“It’s very eclectic and culturally diverse it allows me draw from many cultures.”


Though she currently has an in-home Café, her ultimate goal is to open her own brick and mortar Cafe.  Marlene tells us that she has cooked with Chef Masaharu Morimots, but says that Sunny Anderson is a Chef she admires most!

“I admire her because she’s a young female chef an example, but those aspiring to become chefs.”

Make sure you keep up with Marlene as she periodically teaches cooking lessons. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives lessons as well! (BOOM!) Not only is Marlene a Chef, but she is also an Author of a poetry book called Destined to Fly. 

If you’re interested in having Chef Marlene cater your next event, you can book her via Facebook at: Chef Marlene’s Cafe

If you’re interested in Meal Prep, you can contact Marlene via email:

You can also follow Marlene via:

Facebook: Chef Marlene’s Table

Instagram: Chefmar

YouTube: Chef Marlene Coles


If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Marlene has the following advice:

“My advice to anyone Desiring to become a chef would be to do your research regarding culinary schools to make sure it’s the correct fit for you. Make sure that food and people are your passion. If becoming a chef is your desire never ever give up on your dream.”

Marlene has these final words for our readers,

“It is my desire to be the best chef that I can be. My #1 motto is “Prepared with Passion and I Deliver with Pride”


The Credit Riser

Are you looking to purchase a house soon? Want to raise your credit, but not sure how to? Well we have just the right resource for you!

Meet Gwen Morris! Representing New Jersey, Gwen is a Full Time Radiant Registrar at Virtua Hospital and Independent Agent with Financial Education Services! Gwen helps people get excellent credit and strengthen their financial future, all while getting educated. (BOOM!)

“I am motivated daily by seeing peoples life style change.”

What is Financial Education Services? It is a company that specializes in Credit Restoration and Financial Education. Financial Education Services has been in business for 10+ years and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. By creating stability for over 10 years reflects the high demand to help people with challenged, good, and bad credit.

So how did Gwen become interested in credit repair? Gwen tells us that she is a victim of identity theft, and she was driven to never fall victim again.


“Seeing my own success to good credit in a short period – I developed a passion to share with others. It brings me joy knowing I’m not a burden to my family with shabby credit and knowing myself, family and finances are protected. Many people are in need of getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, homes and receive lower interest rates.”

Gwen tell us that a good solid credit score to have is AT LEAST 700!! (WOWZERS)

“Although a 620 can get you a loan for a mortgage, the interest rate will be high. Lenders are more comfortable approving a loan with a favorable rate.”

According to Gwen, a person’s pay history hurts the credit score the most. This is because payment history has a huge impact on your credit score, such as paying late and skipping payments creating a negative mark on your credit score. However, keeping your balances low and under 30% can help repair your credit.

“After seeing positive results utilizing simple steps, absorbing education and tools provided. I am thankful I trusted the process. I know I am no longer a statistic of over 43 million with struggling credit.”

Financial Education Services also offers Credit Attorney’s, Life Lock, Secured Card, Credit Education, Smart Credit, discounts on prescriptions and travel. To see more visit:

Make sure you keep up with Gwen as she will be having a Credit Webinar Soon. By joining Credit Riser Plus Club, which can be accessed on her Instagram profile via free give away link. You will get immediate notification with all upcoming projects.

You can also keep up with Gwen via:
Instagram: @creditriserplus
Facebook: Gwen Morris


If you’re interested in having your own credit repair company, Gwen has the following advice:

“Be a product of your own success.
Try products / services to know they are real and work.”

Gwen has these final words for our readers:

“Know you are UNIQUE. Thank you for taking time to read my feature. I hope it brings value. If I can help, or if you have questions, feel free to let me know anytime. KEEP RISING! :)”


Author Untamed

Do you love reading?! Looking for some mind blowing literature? Meet the talented Kreceda Tyler – better known as Author Untamed!

Author Untamed is originally from Albany, GA, but now resides in Augusta, GA. Author Untamed is an Author and Owner of her own publishing services company, Untamed Publishing. Untamed Publishing assists the independent and self-published author with affordable services, that are needed to publish their books. They also offer services such as editing, proofreading, synopsis writing, and even book trailers and promotional items with excellent quality at great rates. (SUPER BOSS!)


“As an author, I go by the pseudonym of Untamed (I’m also known as Author Untamed, the “author” tag gets placed in front often so it sticks, lol). I chose the name because as I came into my own with writing, I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid to hold back in my writing or stick to one particular genre. With that mindset, the word “Untamed” came to me and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

“I believe anything that you are passionate about is Heaven sent. Without question, my husband and children are a blessing from on high just as my gift for writing. So my family and writing fuel me daily because both my family and my gift force me to be a better version of myself than I was last year, last month, last week or even the day before. They force my growth, maturity, patience, nurturing and love.”

So what sparked Author Untamed to write her first book? Author Untamed tells us that writing is something that she’s TRIED to leave alone, but couldn’t.

“In the infamous words of Tyler Perry, “You know when something is meant for you, when you try to leave it alone, but it won’t leave you alone.” I’ve written since I was 13 years old, for pleasure and leisure. However, there was a time period where I didn’t write at all. Once I felt that nagging spirit to pick up the pen again, the feeling was different. I wanted to write for leisure, but there was this yearning within me to go further. Looking back, I feel as though by that time in my life, I had overcome some unfathomable obstacles, and it was my time to give the world a piece of me to help others. Ultimately, that’s what our gifts are to be used for.”

As an author that has gone from independently published press to self-published, Author Untamed has written the following books:

1. The View.
2. Before Ever After.

1. The Contract co-authored with author JC.
2. Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso co-authored with author Timeless V.

1. This Side of Heaven- A Poetic Journey of Strength and Survival.

1. Never Again…No More series.
2. King’s Suite The Rise of Pooch Smalls.

King’s Suite is the life story of one of the male characters in the series. This series titles include:
1. Never Again…No More.
2. Never Again…No More 2-Getting Back to Me.
3. Never Again…No More 3- What Goes Around.
4. Game Over-Never Again…No More The Final Chapter.

Never Again…No More was written due to her being a teen mother, as it was her outlet for some of the struggles she encountered with family, her relationship with her child’s father, and being a young mother.

“It was my hope that this book could provide an outlook as to the consequences of our decisions as women and to help young women make wise decisions, as well as to be a comfort to other women who are dealing with the same circumstances.”

Synopsis for Never Again…No More: Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice and Trinity are best friends who all have suffered the perils of teen pregnancy. With their dreams and ambitions on hold, they struggle to find themselves and survive this game called life. Despite their efforts, the decisions they make create more trouble, and the consequences prove to be costlier than they ever could’ve imagined. They’ll learn that to win in life sometimes you have to lose. Journey with these ladies as they try not to fall victim… never again…no more.


“My series is geared towards young women on purpose, because it was a reflection of my own personal experience. However, with my other books, I didn’t write with a particular audience in mind – only for the enjoyment of the reader. While I enjoy reading regardless of the genre, I think that it depends on the preference of the reader. Since my novels do fall into different categories, I am able to touch a variation of audiences. If you like erotica, I got you! If you like urban, I got you! You want a little romance, but not hardcore, I got you! Hence the name, Untamed, right?! My aim is to not be boxed into one writing style for one type of audience and I think that is part of my fuel and growth to be multi-faceted as an author.”

It took Author Untamed a little over a year to write and publish her first book. Author Untamed states that when she first was published, she was under an independent press. Taking the writing portion alone, it took her six months to write her novel, but then she had to find a publisher! Even after self-publishing, Author Untamed says that her average time frame from paper to print was around 6-8 months. (WOW!!) In fact, When Author Untamed first saw her work in print, she tells us that she felt very accomplished!!

“Ah man, I felt every positive emotion possible. I mean the day I received my first book in hand, I felt like I hit the lottery. Although, I’ve never hit the lottery, I’d imagine that’s what it felt like! Mostly, I felt so blessed and accomplished that I put my gift into action and had tangible proof!”

In the beginning, there were a few learning lessons that were learned quickly, but it didn’t stop her from reaching the top! Author Untamed says that if writing/publishing seemed like a headache, the true challenge was after she wrote and published it.

“The hardest challenge is always marketing and promoting. Even if you have a publisher, you still have to do a lot on your own, and you have to be involved in every step of the process to ensure your standards are met because it’s your name. That doesn’t really change with self-publishing, it’s just that you’re now 100 percent responsible for that process.”

Author Untamed tells us that her books impact readers in various ways, but it more so depends on which book they are reading. If readers are reading her series, she believes women will feel empowered and inspired. However, if readers are reading her erotica book, she believes it will make them “feel good!”

“I believe that my book series will create the opportunity for open dialogue and conversations amongst mothers and daughters, that we are afraid and most times, unwilling to have, but that are desperately needed. But now if they are reading the erotica book, I believe they will feel good and maybe try some new things with their partner, lol! And on a serious note, there’s a message in that book as well about valuing your partner and their needs, which I hope resonates with the readers. No matter what they are reading I want them to have a positive, enjoyable and unforgettable reading experience.”

Author Untamed is always in a constant mindset of improving and innovating, so she is constantly looking to set new goals. Author Untamed plans to top the charts with Urban Books/Kensington, and then release other projects that are in the works with the majors. She also wants to expand her publishing services company, and move into television and movies with her series books. (Amazing!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Author Untamed’s books, they are all on paperback and available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and her Untamed Publishing website. Her books are also independently sold through Source of Knowledge Bookstore in New Jersey. (BOOM!) Also, all 4 of the Never Again…No More series eBooks and The View eBook are available on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Oysterbooks, and the Copia. All other books are available in eBook format on Kindle only.

Make sure you keep up with Author Untamed as she is the June Author of the Month on Me Time Book Club’s website and she will be the host of the “Sister Suite Talk” empowerment conference in June, and is working on more books!! (BOOM!) Currently, she is working on part 2 of The Contract, that she co-authored with Author JC. Author Untamed is hoping that they will be able to release that book in late 2018.

Also, with the help of her extraordinary literary agent, Author Untamed has also recently landed a Ghostwriting project deal and she landed a three book major publishing deal with Urban Books/Kensington! This means that her erotica novel, The View and Never Again…No More parts 1 and 2 will be re-packaged and re-released with the majors. (BOSS STATUS!!)

You can also keep up with Author Untamed via:
Facebook: Author Untamed
Instagram: @authoruntamed and @untamedpublishingllc
Twitter: @chazz_untamed and @untamedpub
Goodreads: Author Untamed


If you’re an aspiring author, Author Untamed has the following advice,

“Writing is an art form and it is permanent. If you’re going to delve into it, take it seriously. Your name is forever imprinted on anything you publish so be passionate about it and always be about the business of practicing and perfecting your craft. Also, learn as much as you can about the business. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!”


Author Untamed has these final words for our readers:

“I would just like to express that I am honored for the feature in Boss Up magazine. I truly appreciate the opportunity and for introducing me to new readers. To my current readers, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued support. I hope that all of you will dive into my Untamed Territory and fall in love with a new author! Thank you again Boss Up for this wonderful feature.”


Ripe Brand Clothing


Meet Terrance Ramses – Caribbean Decent P.R and U.S.V.I., but representing New Jersey! Terrance is a BOSS ENTREPRENUER and Owner of Ripe Brand Clothing! (RBC)
With a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and stand out with the amazing tropical red pineapple! Ripe Brand Clothing has a mission is to Restore, Build, Create! (RBC) Respect Brain Creativity, Respect Black Culture, Respect Black Children, Repair Broken Communities. These are some of the acronyms of Ripe Brand!

Ripe Brand Clothing is a fashion brand that works with community to change poverty, as well as inspire others to go after their visions and passions. Ripe Brand Clothing is a full apparel line that offers T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, workout gear, dress, watches, socks, and more. This is a Men’s and Women’s Royal Line of Clothing, that is currently doing Urban and Beach Wear for traveling. Their themes consist of relaxation, tropical fruits, and casual designs! (NICCEE!!) Ripe Brand Clothing website currently offers 5 products, which are production based.

So what got Terrance interested in starting his own clothing line? Terrance tells us that he has always had the ability to draw and have been an artist most of his life. He finally decided to act on the passion that has been sitting in him since he was in high school, which came to him in a dream in 2015. (BOOM!)


“Our Community is geared to people who think change, uplifting, empowerment, entrepreneurship, uniqueness, and self-loving because we live in a society where everyone is trying to copy on another and there is only one you. Our community is call Royal Blossom Commonwealth. The reason that its named that because it is a kingdom that is that is going to sustain a culture of everyone being different to where the support system contains it’s on wealth or ideas and visions to inspire others to their purposes in life.”

In the beginning stages of his business, Terrance says that his challenge was fundraising – to help get his company off the ground! Once the company moved from Daytona Beach to Tampa, they begin to gain traction, as they met more supporters out there. Terrance tells us that he could have keep the crowdfund going, however he wanted to produce nothing into something.

Ripe Brand Clothing provides high demand products, that are based on production. Terrance tells us that for product design, it can take a day or week depending on the thoughts and imagination at the moment. For production, it could possibly take 2-6 weeks – depending on manufacturing, shipping, and quality checks!


“Our most popular piece is the Kings and Queens, which is the Red Spanish Black Crown T-shirt. It has most of the colors of Africa and the Caribbean Islands as well. The color scheme is unique with light weight, non-shrinking, no fade feel to it. When you put on our clothing you’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world.”

Make sure you keep up with Ripe Brand Clothing, as they have an upcoming event:

Black Bus Tour
June 23, 2018
Clearwater, FL

Ripe Brand Clothing recently participated in Multicultural Day in Tampa, FL, which took place on May 19th! Rip Brand Clothing will also be participating in various upcoming fashion shows, and are also looking to do some nationwide things soon! (SUPER BOSS!)

“We are starting to get the requests at events and are in the process of deciding which ones to attend. The demand has gotten so high, to where we don’t know where to start.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ripe Brand Clothing, you can do so at:

Make sure you follow Ripe Brand Clothing via:
Facebook: @ripebrandclothing
Hastags: #ripebrandclothing #redpineapple #royalblossomcommonwealth
Website & Blog:

If you’re looking to have your own clothing line, Terrance has the following advice,


“Don’t quit no matter what the obstacles are. Those are just distractions from your visions. I would recommend 2 books to get on business: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki and “Outwitting the Devil” by Neoplean Hill.”

Ripe Brand Clothing has these final words for our readers:

“My CEO – Mr. Donta Joe and my myself feel excited and bubbly about being featured in your magazine! We look forward to being at one of events!!”


Elona Washington

Representing the DC area, Elona is an Author who works in Marketing Communications, for a global company. With writing being her hustle, selling book and sharing her testimony of child sexual abuse, it’s no wonder why her hustle inspires most!

So what made Elona writer her own book? Elona tells us that she was abused from 5-12, and that for her entire life she was blamed for what her abusers did to her. Elona states that once she fully understood how she was impacted, she wanted to explain and encourage others to get help. (Very Inspiring!)

Elona Washington.BLKWHT

“My daily motivation is to Inspire women to live free from the pain of their past. When we make decisions from a place of pain, we hurt our children, families, careers and ultimately ourselves.”

Elona writes her books to target women seeking to improve their lives, as well as overcome challenges and trauma. Elona has written the following books:

1. From Ivy League To Stripper Life
2. How Divorce Became My Deliverance.
3. Elona has also participated in some anthologies that can be found on Amazon.

From Ivy League to Stripper Life – Get ready to hear the ultimate story of a life turned sideways. Elona talks candidly about why her life spiraled out of control and the lessons she learned along the way. Through childhood memories and true stories from the strip club, Elona offers tips and life lessons every wife, mother and single woman will find useful.

How Divorce Became My Deliverance – This collection of stories is not a tale of woe; they are stories of encouragement for any woman coping with the stigma, heartbreak, and hardship of divorce. Because researchers estimate that marriages have a 50% chance of survival, these women have come together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage, moved past the pain. While some chose to leave and others were left, they all walked the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

“I cried a lot writing my memoir. So many people are cyber bullied for sharing their stories and a part of me was expecting to be harassed; it never happened. My writing style is smart, but I don’t sugar coat nothing because pain ain’t pretty. People are so worried about sharing their hurts, but don’t realize that holding onto the secret is keeping them trapped in shame, guilt, and unresolved anger. SHE FELT THE SAME WAY UNTIL SHE REALIZED pain should be described as is – let readers feel, understand, empathize, and become outraged by it. THAT will inspire them to share their own story, seek healing, or help others. I’ve had survivors reach out and thank me for sharing. They were motivated to finally get help, confront their abuser, or share their story with others by speaking it for the first time or writing their own book.”

It took her 12 weeks for Elona to write her memoir, and she published the anthology in about a month – seeing it in print was the icing on the cake!

“It felt incredible. Aside from my children, I’ve never been prouder.”


Make sure you keep up with Elona, as she is working on more books!! She is also currently looking for people willing to participate in anthologies. Elona also publishs under Memoir Maven Publishing and is looking to publish memoirs, as she recently published a memoir titled Jeannette’s Life Through Ebony’s Eyes. (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

If you’re interested in meeting and greeting Elona, she will be participating in the following events:

1. The ATL AAMBC Awards Show (Atlanta, GA)
June 8th || 7pm -10pm

2. Wine & Words Philly (Philadelphia, PA)
July 28th || She will be speaking on transparency in writing.

 ** If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, you can watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast via iTunes. **

3. Embracing YOU Women’s Conference (Beltsville, MD)
August 25th || She will be giving a workshop.


If you’re interested in purchasing Elona’s books, you can do so via:

You can view/listen to more of Elona via:

SoundCloud: (the podcast is on SoundCloud too)
Purchase books:

You can also follow Elona via:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @elonawashington

Washington Elona 7049534951

If you are an aspiring author, Elona has the following advice,

“There’s a difference between telling your story and telling your business. Whether you decide to do either, be real about it.”

Elona has these final words for our readers:

“I have a new talk show on a local Philly channel called Power From Pain. I’m looking for guests willing to share their stories of triumph. I can be contacted at:”


Shataya Simms

Meet Shataya Simms! Shataya is an Author representing Ardmore, PA, who is motivated daily by her love for creating worlds outside of reality. So what made Shataya write her own book? Shataya tells us that she has always had a love for books and writing.

“I’ve been writing since I was seven. I think then, I subconsciously knew that I wanted to publish a book someday. When I was about 24, I was driving to work and the idea for my first book popped into my head. I didn’t exactly act on it but as the storyline haunted me, I finally sat down to write it. When the series was completed, I didn’t publish it right away. Just kind of sat on it. It wasn’t until a friend of mine inspired me to publish it.”

Shataya’s books are more for women of ages 16 and up. All of her books except “Nyce” are told in first person, from a woman’s point of view. Shataya has written the following books:
1. Living Anonymous
2. Still Anonymous
3. Unveiled
4. Nyce.

The Living Anonymous series is more of a coming of age love story with much drama. Shataya says that she knew that she wanted to tell a story about a girl, who is still on the path of figuring herself out.

“I feel that the best way that anyone can identify in what type of person they are is through relationships with other people. How do they handle themselves when they’re mad or disappointed or when life is simply not going your way. Because you take the journey through the eyes of the main character Aneesah, starting at the age of 9 and watch her develop into a woman. I feel that most women are able to identify because we pretty much all share the same story; we just have different characters and settings.”

nyce full cover ebook

“Nyce” will always be a special project for me. I always wrote first person female and Nyce is first person male. I’ve never written from a man’s point of view so this was very different for me and fun at the same time. My female characters are more reserved and with Nyce I was able to just tell it how it is with no filter. I would write a scene from my point of view as a female and then go back and ask myself “Now, how would a man say it?”

“Because my books’ main focus is relationships—not just a girl meets boy relationship, but relationships with family and friends – people will reflect on the love that they have with the people in their lives, as well as self-love and seeing that we all have weaknesses and flaws, and sometimes life just isn’t fair but you have to take on the challenges and seek help when you need it. It’s okay to fail but it is your choice on whether you’re going to dwell on your failures or get up and swing at life even harder.”

Initially, Shataya started out as self-published Author. As a self-published Author, she was responsible for everything, including the money that was necessary to spend to produce a book. Also, with her being a newbie, she found the process slightly harder because she had to build a following- and a lot of times, people are skeptical about taking a chance on a new author. However, this did not stop Shataya! For Shataya, it only took her a year and a half to write a complete book series, though she didn’t publish it right away. After seeing her work in print – she was completely overjoyed and proud of herself, that she accomplished a goal that she set out to attain!

Unveiled Cover

“It took approximately eight years to publish, due to my fears of failure and just plain old laziness. I am glad that I didn’t release the books when they were completed though. I was 26 when all of my first drafts were completed, and 34 when I became serious about publishing it. I matured as a woman between that time and that allowed me to go back and make corrections to my characters. As I matured, my characters matured as well. As for the writing aspect, the hardest part is piecing together all of my ideas so that it becomes a good story. The main character in the series is in the music world. I wanted to get more into her career but realized that if I added too much, it would have possibly killed the story by becoming boring. I had to learn when something was too much and learn to elaborate when a detail was too little.”


Make sure you keep up with Shataya, as she is currently working on a story that plays off of the Black Lives Matter movement. She also has a children’s book that will be releasing soon under SJ Simms! Shataya plans to continue to write from the heart, and would love to land on the New York Times Best Sellers and/or Oprah’s Book club list, and to become a household name. Shataya also tells us that she would like to see one of her books making it onto the big screen.

You can meet and greet Shataya as the following upcoming events:
556 Book Chicks (Atlanta, GA)
July 14th.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Shataya’s books, you can do so via Amazon or by contacting her directly:

You can follow Shataya via:
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Author Shataya Simms.


If you are an aspiring author, Shataya has the following advice:

“To follow your heart and go with your gut. AND always do your research.”

Shataya has these final words for our readers:

“Ashanti Jumps the Broom; my children’s book that is written under my pen name SJ Simms will be releasing sometime in July. It is about a little girl who finds a magic broom in her Grandmother’s attic and each time she jumps the broom, it takes her back into time where she learns black history prior to slavery.”


Author K. Reshay

Meet K. Reshay! K. Reshay is from Starkville, MS is an Author and Banker. Motivated by her husband and children, K. Reshay says that she always has a push to keep writing!


“I’ve been writing since I was eight. I stumbled on a few paragraphs in 2016 and decided that it was time for me to just go for it. The rest is history.”

K. Reshay has written the following books:

1. Appearances
2. Appearances Too

K. Reshay tells us that her books are part of a three part series, which depicts how far people will go to hide their true selves. With uncertainty of who would enjoy her books, K. Reshay states the she has made her book for the age group of 18-65.

“I was surprised at the different types of people who read them. They were from all walks and different places in their lives.”

Initially, K. Reshay’s challenges were learning the business and time, but that did not stop her from pushing through and reaching the top. It took K.Reshay approximately one year to write her first book, and seeing her work in print made her feel accomplished!

“Working full time had me up late trying to get finished. But when I unwrapped my proof, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt accomplished and proud. It was literally proof that I could do it.”

Currently, K. Reshay has sold approximately 400+ copies of her books, and has attended book events where a reader purchased 10 books as Christmas gifts! (AMAZING!)

“My books give readers an eye opening look at the people around them and themselves. Why? Because it unveils everyone’s truth to the reader. It also makes one think about how quick we are to judge.”

Currently K. Reshay is working on another book, Appearances Too Mask Off, which is coming this Fall. Perfecting her craft is her plan, as she wants to continue to write and be successful. K. Reshay tells us that she’d love to see one of her books on the big screen one day!

Make sure you keep up with K. Reshay as she will be at the following events:

1. The Atlanta Kick Back
2. The National Book Club Conference (Her book will be featured)
3. Dallas, TX Book Signing with On Another Level Book Club
4. The New York Black Book Expo
5. MS Book Festival

Not only is K. Reshay an Author, she is also the President and Founder of Me Time Book Club, which was established in 2011. You can view her book club via:

If you’re interested in purchasing K. Reshay’s books, they are all available via Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

You can follow K. Reshay via:
Facebook: K. Reshay
Instagram: @Appearances_Kreshay.


If you are an aspiring author, K. Reshay has the following advice,

“My advice would be to not let anything deter them from their dreams. Keep writing and trust the gift that God gave. Attend book events, reach out to other authors and readers. Last but not least, be proud of what was accomplished. It’s not easy to put your thoughts into words and form a book no matter how many words it takes.”




Are you a BOSS?

Do you have confidence?

Do you have confidence in your business?

Are you confident in your business?

(Read it again if you didn’t catch it!)

If you’ve answered yes to these questions – then you have what I call BOSSFIDENCE!!

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions – figure out how to get yourself to answer YES!!
BOSSFIDENCE is a BOSS who has confidence in themselves, their business, or within themselves having a business!!

If you’ve decided to BOSS UP – whether it be in your life or career – do it with CONFIDENCE!

Sometimes BOSSING UP can be challenging and scary, but once you do it- there’s no turning back.

#Remember Growth doesn’t come from comfort zones or doubt – Growth comes from taking risks and confidence. So when you’re making BOSS MOVES, just make sure you have your BOSSFIDENCE on deck!

>>> They say confidence is KEY, so make sure you have access to all the locks!! <<<

Until next time…
“Boss Up & Be Blessed”
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