Taja Peak

Meet Taja Peak! The CEO and Creator of Indulge Beauty Bazaar. Representing Evanston,IL .

@lola_the_beauty_concierge offers Hair Services, Mink Lashes, Makeup Application, Clothing, & lastly they also are working towards hosting monthly beauty retreats.

Taja Peak has always had a passion For the beauty Industry, she is a hairstylist, takes great pride and joy in her craft. Hair styling to her is like art taking a blank canvas and creating these intricate styles using finesse and technique.

When envisioning her business she wanted to create a one stop shop for all your beauty needs! Providing the client with a Luxury VIP experience bringing beauty right to you with the company’s traveling concierge service.

She enjoys making people look good because when you look good, you feel good, and you can go on to do great things.

#CEOQUOTE “For those entrepreneurs ready to take a leap of faith and start your own business set realistic goals make a plan to achieve them and follow through. It is also important to remember; Rome was not built in a day stay determined, focused, & keep pressing forward.” – Taja Peak | CEO

Make sure you keep up with Taja Peak and Lola The Beauty Concierge.

Instagram: @lola_the_beauty_concierge

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/IndulgeBeautyBazaar

Website | https://indulgebeautybazaar.com

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Rai Tremble

Meet Rai Tremble! The CEO & Chief Editor of Glam Boss Magazine representing Fresno, California!

@glamboss_magazine is a Digital Platform that helps level up event bosses, personally and professionally globally.The platform was created due to Rai wanting to give the unsung a voice, as well as build a lifestyle that decreases mental illness and stress.

“Because Event planning has never had its own lifestyle magazine, we felt it necessary to include cutting edge conversations on fashion and beauty as well.” – Glam Boss Magazine.

#CEOQuote: “The best business advice I’ve ever received is to never do something for five minutes, that you will not be doing in five years. It is key to give every project, product, and service continuity.” – Rai Tremble | Glam Boss Magazine CEO

Make sure you keep up with Rai & Glam Boss Magazine, as she is running a podcast promotion special for luxury and premium product & service providers. If interested, please contact Rai for more details.

Rai is also an official speaker panelist for our Cupcakes & Conversations event in Delaware, so be sure to follow Rai and her magazine via:

Instagram: @Glamboss_Magazine
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/glambossmagazine/
Linkedin: Glam Boss Magazine

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Shaneisha Dodson

Meet Shaneisha Dodson! The Founder of Black Girlz Productions & Black Girlz Productions , representing Spring, Texas!

Black Girlz Productions produces stage plays and Dodson Foot Hydration offers all natural body products! Shaneisha says that her life has been the inspiration behind her businesses, which are now changing many lives of others!

CEO Quote: “The best advice is to keep pushing because success does not happen overnight.” – Shaneisha Dodson|CEO.

Make sure you’re keeping up with Shaneisha and her businesses by following them via:

Instagram: @blkgirlz12 & @dodson_foot_hydration
Twitter: @blkgirlz12 & @sdodson08

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Kristina Govan

Meet Kristina Govan! The Owner of Seeds of Prosperity, LLC & Mommy-Owned, representing Detroit, MI!

Seeds of Prosperity has provided Tax Preparation Services to taxpayers across the US for 23 years, as well as provides Bookkeeping and Business Consulting/Coaching Services to small businesses in the Metro Detroit Area!

Also, as of 3 years ago – Seeds of Prosperity has added corporate travel planning services and will be launching Social Media and Digital Media Management services to small businesses beginning August 2019!!

Mommy-Owned programs provide work from home opportunities for moms who desire to provide financially for their families, without being taken away from their homes and children, with the need for moms to be available to their families and their needs, Mommy-Owned provides them that opportunity. Also, the offered programs provide training in areas such as travel, customer service, tax preparation, and social/digital media management.

After the trainings are complete, opportunities are then offered to allow them to put their new skills to work with its parent company, earn an income, and even start their own businesses in these areas!!! Not only that, but Mommy-Owned also provides business coaching services for the moms who already have business ideas and just need direction and coaching, on how to launch and develop their products and services!!

So what is the inspiration behind Kristina’s businesses? Kristina tells is that it is due to her becoming being able to provide for her children and leave a legacy.

“I began my entrepreneurship endeavors at one of the most vulnerable times in my life. I was homeless, living with my aunt, laid off work, and the single mother of 3 children. I had a computer and snuck to use my aunts phone line (back when the internet was dial up) to launch my tax preparation business. My first year I had 1 client (who is still my client today) and each year it grew and grew. As my family grew the need for my income to grow was evident. I went into the corporate America and was very successful. However this took me away from my children and I had to rely on family to raise them. I worked, worked, and worked some more. I was known to have a baby on Friday and be back at work on Monday because I had to provided for my family. I have 9 children now and they are the best things that have ever happened to me. I missed a lot of their childhood working and hustling. This was the motivation behind launching Mommy-Owned. Many moms are not exposed to or given information that will allow them to be the bread winners and mom at the same time. Mommy-Owned is dedicated to bridging that Gap.” – Kristina Govan | CEO.

CEO Quote: “The business advice that has kept me grounded is “In order to achieve your goals, desires, and create the life you desire in the future you must stay focused, work hard, and be consistent. Believe in yourself, your ability, and your future outcome. You future is the product of your current thoughts, your actions, consistency, and dedication.”

Learn more by visiting Kristina’s websites via: http://www.mommyowned.com & http://www.kristinagovan.com

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for July 15th, as Mommy-Owned has upcoming trainings available!!

Make sure you keep up WITH Kristina and her businesses via:

Facebook: Mommy-Owned

Instagram: Kristina Govan

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Angelita The Coach

Meet @angelitathecoach !! The Business Coach & Strategist, representing Detroit, Michigan!

Angelita coaches individuals and groups on how to stare fear in the face & step out of the comfort zone! Her techniques can be used in the aspect of business, as well as one’s personal life.

So what made Angelita start her business? Angelita tells us that it was FEAR! For Angelita, fear became her inspiration due to it being something that was holding her back from building her business! “I wanted to be comfortable, but everything you want is outside your comfort zone. To go from fear to faith, you need to become fearless. Once you become fearless you then level up.”

Learn more about Angelita and all that she offers by visiting her website: http://www.coachangelita.com.

CEO Quote: “Stay consistent. It may seem like your business is not taking off fast. Whatever you do, do not give up. Every great thing requires time. Just stay consistent and keep the focus on what you want, and watch the manifestation unfold. Trust me!” – Angelita | CEO.

Make sure you’re keeping up with Angelita via social media:
Facebook: Angelita the Coach
Instagram: @angelitathecoach
Twitter: Coach_Angelita

Current Specials: $25 – 30-minute Strategy Chat. “Are you unsure of the next step to take as it pertains to your business and networking strategies? Let’s chat to discuss ideas, action plans, goals and so much more! Virtual chat, Phone Chat, or In Person Chat.”

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Fashion House


Meet Monique Griffin! She is the CEO of @Fashionhouseus, representing Tampa, FL!

@Fashionhouseus provides trendy clothing and accessories for women. It is great for any occasion, as well as offers affordable prices and fast delivery!

CEO Quote: “Staying focused on what I’m doing has kept me grounded in my business. I don’t try to copy or compete with anyone else!” – Monique Griffin | CEO.

Make sure you’re keeping up with @Fashionhouseus on instagram and follow them on Facebook via: Fashion House.

@Fashionhouseus has its official launch in July and they will be giving free shipping on all orders, for a limited time only!! FOLLOW @fashionhouseus

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Regina Taylor

Meet Regina Taylor! The Owner of @taylorhomemade_ representing Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD!

@taylorhomemade_ offers Spice Blends to help make your next meal undeniably delicious!!! So what made Regina start her business? Regina tells us that her daughter has been the driving force of inspiration for her business. With her daughter having asthma most of her life, Regina wasn’t comfortable with the medication and steroids she was given by doctors. So while researching she found that a lot of the foods, especially processed food we eat, includes a lot of salt and chemicals that’s not good for our body. This is turn made her decide to only eat and cook fresh, but create her own spice blends… and “Taylor Homemade” was created!! CEO Quote: “Separating personal from business has kept me grounded in my business. It is the best business advice I’ve received, and I owe the current success of my business to that advice.” – Regina Taylor | Taylor Homemade.

Make sure you keep up with Regina and
@taylorhomemade_ on social media! Visit her website at: http://www.taylorhomemade.net & find her on Facebook at: Taylor Easy Homemade.

Taylor Homemade is currently running a website promotion!! Receive $5 off any order over $20 by using the code: Insta5 at checkout.

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Tyler Holmes


Meet Tyler C. Holmes! The Travel Vlogger representing Chicago, IL!

@tylercollins01 is an adventurous go-getter that gives her audience a thorough perspective of traveling to countries, from a black millennial woman’s perspective.

Not only that, but she creates travel diaries full of reviews on various restaurants, museums, the Bayram festival, and general vlogging.

So what sparked Tyler’s travel interests? Tyler tells us that it was from a childhood experience in high school. In fact, during her junior year of high school, she attended Roger C. Sullivan High School, where she was chosen from her honors program to join the exchange program. She had a German exchange student named Leonie that stayed with her and her family for a few weeks, and vice versa when she went to Hamburg, Germany. Tyler tells us that when she went to Germany, her mind was shocked in a positive way; from experiencing new cultures, languages, to loving new foods, and meeting amazing people that she still call friends after 8 years.

CEO Quote: “I love traveling. I made the decision at 16 years old that my 20s are meant for traveling and I am fulfilling my goal.” – Tyler Holmes | The Travel Vlogger.

Make sure you keep up with Tyler and her travel diaries via her YouTube Channel: filmsuga92.

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Debra Taylor


Meet Debra Taylor! She is the CEO of @premiereplannersexperience – representing Queens, NY!

The “Premiere Planners Experience” offers event planning, business building, conferences, mentoring program, contract bundles, and more – which is perfect for anyone in the event industry.

CEO Quote: “I want to see people in the position to own their own business, and create financial stability for them and their family. I want to see others live life to the fullest with no apologies, and create long lasting success.” – Debra Taylor | CEO.

Debra has the following business advice for all emerging entrepreneurs: “Keep God first in all that you do. Trust in the gifts and skills that he placed in you. Never step on others while building to the top, and always remember that there is enough room at the top for us all.” Want to learn more about the “Premiere Planners Experience” ? Visit: www.premiereplannersexperience.com

Debra is also an official sponsor of our “Cupcakes and Conversations” Social Tour!! We are so very excited to have her showcase her expertise on our event décor, and proud to announce her as a sponsor!

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