Boss Up Magazine Announces New Mobile App!

IMG_20190907_164157_214.jpgBoss Up Magazine announces a mobile app that is sure to be your one stop shop to networking and entertainment.  The Boss Experience was announced early 2019, and is now available for download!

The mobile app will include podcasts, a business directory, a venue directory, event calendar, emerging talent spotlight, product launches, entertainment, news, access to Boss Up Magazine’s printed publication, and much more!  The mobile app will also feature Boss Up Magazine’s signature show The Boss Lounge, as well as their own app based reality series Boss Chronicles.

15671706489067965040676377083273.pngBoss Up Magazine CEO, Twanita Dozier states:

“My goal for this app was to create something innovative and informative. The Boss Experience will keep my platform and audience connected in a new way, as well as continue to carry out the mission of my platform. Creating this mobile app is so very exciting and I can’t wait for its release!”

The Boss Experience is accessible in the Google Play & Apple Store, and is allowing submissions for app inclusion! If you are interested in being apart of The Boss Experience, please visit to sign up today!

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Boss Up Magazine Brings Social Tour To New York!


Boss Up Magazine announces that their “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour will be featuring New York, on November 9, 2019, as its third stop on their social tour.

The New York edition of the “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour will be held November 9, 2019 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. After having a very successful start in Philadelphia, PA, Boss Up Magazine is gearing up to provide a phenomenal experience, to those interested in networking within the New York area.

Boss Up Magazine is a multimedia platform that celebrates emerging entrepreneurs, by offering a business directory, networking events, digital magazine features, podcast, printed publications, mobile app, and more. With the “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour being one of its many events, this event is one game changer for emerging entrepreneurs alike.


This 2019 social tour started in Philadelphia, PA, and is scheduled to continue its path on the East Coast. This event caters to an intimate setting, offers mimosas & desserts, and allows open floor networking – all while providing knowledge and insight to entrepreneurs, from various business owners within the entrepreneurial realm.

We look forward to creating great relationships with Sponsors, Vendors, Press, and all of our attendees in the local and surrounding area of New York. Boss Up Magazine’s Founder, Twanita Dozier, is committed to making this stop of the social tour one that goes down in history!

Anyone interested in getting involved as a Sponsor or Vendor should contact  We look forward to seeing you at The New York  “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour on November 9, 2019.

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Women in Entrepreneurship: Tips to Start Up Your Business


Women in Entrepreneurship: Tips to Start Up Your Business

By: That Riverz Gurl

As women, we love to fantasize about what our dreams are and the type of business we would love to own. That is why God gave women a vision – so that we can write down our goals, follow through with them and make them come true.

Patrice Pic

Women are filled with ambitions, intelligence, happiness, strength, courage and many more.  Our ideas are flawless and we stand firm to what we want in life, and that is to achieve!  A lot of businesses women get into includes: cooking, mentoring, real estate, life coaching, motivational speaker, writing, ministries, editing services, styling hair, sewing, etc.


It all started out as a seed and as it grew, it became a vision which becomes a business. As a woman who wants to own her own business, it takes a great deal of hard work, focus and of course passion for what you love the most.


Tips for start-up business/Steps

1.) Build a strong network. You need people in your corner that are willing to help you brand yourself and are willing to help your business grow and to expand. These types of people can be your family, friends, or even your mentor/mentors.

2.) Create a clear vision of the future. Do a little bit of research as far as how you are going to operate your business. Make sure you write down how you vision yourself. For example if you want to start your own sewing business, write down what type of clothes you are willing to sew and for what part in your community or if you are planning on expanding your business nationwide or globally. Just make sure that what you are trying to do is clear to yourself. Include how the business will move in five to ten years.

3.) Put a plan together to achieve your vision. Basically with this step, just make sure you include how you want your business to work step by step and what you are planning on doing to make it succeed.

4.) Establish a routine of healthy habits. This is a very important step because a lot of women or people that have their own business overwork themselves to the point that their health starts to fail and they don’t get enough sleep in the day. It is very important that you manage your business properly and wisely. Set aside some hours where you are willing to work on your business and deal with clients. If your business is at home, be sure to separate your personal life with your business life. Choose a time of the day that works well with your schedule. For instance if you are a morning person, then maybe it is best to set aside 5 hours in the morning to do work then take a break and do other things so that your mind is still occupied. But never overwork yourself where it leads to stress or sometimes frustrations. Balance is the key!So, whether you already have your business or are trying to start one, follow your visions and work hard towards your dreams. I myself am trying to start my own writing business for writing customized poetry for special occasions. Whatever you are trying to do, go for it and dream BIG!


Patrice Rivers is the owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrandCheck out her website at

Women Empowerment


VH1’s Girls Cruise is more than a show; a lesson on Women Empowerment

By: That Riverz Brand

Two words; Girls Cruise! Yass hunty! If you haven’t been watching that show, then you are sleeping on good TV. Girls Crusise starring Lil’Kim, Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, B. Simone, Vella “Pretty Vee” Excell, Tiffany Panhilason, Mya and Char Defrancesco isn’t your average reality show with chairs being thrown and the excess drama, but a show where a group of women and man from different walks of life get together on a big cruise and embrace on empowerment. Women empowerment is a phrase that is used too loosely in society, but watching Girl’s Cruise, it’s the real deal on how to support one another.

maxresdefault (1)8796426118289977001..jpg

This sexy and sassy empowering but hilarious show first aired on July 15th with Lil’ Kim the Queen B decided to take some friends on a cruise to have fun, get to know one another and just relax.  As you all should know, Chilli with the “baby hairs” had an issue with letting down her hair (and baby hairs of course), but throughout the show, she was able to loosen up a little sipping on her refreshed ice water and have fun.  There was even a moment on the show where Chilli played “mama bear” to rising comedian and Founder of “Beauty By B.Simone” which by the way launches in five more days when she opened up to some of the castmates including Char Defrancesco who is Lil’ Kim’s BFF about the relationship with her mother.  That moment was a very touching one because as women we spend a lot of energy tearing each other down instead of lifting one another up when things aren’t going well.  That scene was the prime example of what women empowerment looks like.  Each person has dealt or is dealing with their own flaws and insecurities.

Being in the entertainment is not all that caked up to be as people may think because as humans and as celebrities, they are human too! Vena “Pretty Vee” who stars in MTV’s Wildin Out and a comedian has dealt with a lot of insecurities from the way she looks.  There was a particular scene where they went to the Carnival in Trinidad and each person dressed in a special outfit.  Everyone was ready and waiting on Pretty Vee whose outfit took literally six hours to put on because she wanted to look “perfect” But when Chilli, B. Simone and Pretty Vee was talking, she admitted how she was called “a roach from Men in Black” or being called “the lizard from the Geico commercial,” Defrancesco reminded her how beautiful she was and her shape was fine.  Those type of issues is what a lot of women go through today.  Hopefully there will be a season two of this show with a different group of women and man.




Patrice Rivers is the Owner of That Riverz Brand and is a blogger, author and writer. You can visit her website at and follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrand

Take Time For You


Take Time For You

Today’s inspiration will be short & sweet. Let me jump right in. We all feel overwhelmed at times with all that we have going on in our lives, but we have to remember to take time for ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup.  You’re no good to anyone, not even yourself when you’re burnt out.  Take time for you!

If you need that mental health day, take it! A vacation, a bubble bath, mani-pedi, a glass of wine to unwind from your day, take it!! There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself or taking a break from reality for replenishment. Once you take that time for you, you’ll bounce back & you’ll be ready to conquer all that you’ve set out to do.

Today’s Affirmation:

I’ve emptied my glass to fill others, now I must fill my glass in order to refill myself.

Until Next Time ♥️
~April Monét

Toxic Free

Toxic Free

I follow a social media page where the question was asked, “should you cut toxic parents out of your life?” I left a comment but I wanted to touch on that here to encourage anyone going through this.
Now I told you, I’m an open book, very transparent, and I can’t do anything but keep it real. Let me share with you a few of my pages. I’ve dealt with a toxic mother for years, a lot of my family & friends didn’t know what I was going through because I bottled everything up. I’m the oldest child & I took on all the abuse because I’d rather take it on rather than to have my siblings experience what was happening to me.

I am my brothers/sister keeper. Now in this instance, it was hard to distance myself and cut my mother off because I needed to protect my siblings, however, I spoke up vocally. As I got older, I learned to use my voice & let her know what she was doing to me was wrong.

Regardless if she heard me or not, accepted it or not, I put it out there. At one point I remember telling her that she would need me one day & one day came. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer & I became one of her caretakers until the day of her passing. She never did apologize, but at that point, I didn’t need it because I knew in my heart that my words came back & resonated in her ears.

The only regret that I have from this situation is not being able to heal our relationship and receive the answer to, why was i treated this way? I am however, grateful for having the opportunity to let her know how it affected me growing up.
I have also dealt with toxic in-laws. Let’s be real, a lot of us do. Some can handle it, some can’t. I mean I’ve been lied on, my husband has been lied on, talked about, you name it! It took me a long time to stop letting it stress me out.

I had to realize and understand that misery loves company & as long as you entertain, they’ll continue to perform. You’re not hear to please people, you didn’t marry the family (some really think you did lol), you married the man or woman you love & nothing gets in between that!
When dealing with a toxic individual, whether it be family, friends, associates, etc, cut them off when you can, distance yourself, when you can’t, speak up and inform the person(s) of how their behavior is affecting you, and most importantly give yourself the peace that you need & walk away.

There’s no rule stating that you must deal with this. Toxic people are like a disease slowing eating away at you. Cut that disease out before it encompasses your entire being. You don’t owe anyone an explanation of why. I’m tired of hearing, but that’s your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew. WHO CARES! If they’re toxic, they’ve got to go!!

Like I always say, your mental health means so much more than being involved in someone’s drama due to their own unhappiness. Truthfully that’s all it is. They’re unhappy, need healing from their traumas and hurt, and need to transfer that energy to someone else.

Don’t let it be you! And let me add, if you have friends or family that associate themselves with the people that have hurt you, baby, you better watch them too!
I could go on about this topic forever, I’ve been through some stuff y’all! I can honestly say, that going through it was one of my biggest test & I finally passed. I’m at the point where I don’t care what’s said, done, or lied about, because I’m free from the drama!

It’s time for you to get free too. It’s up to you to stop it. You are the controlling authority. You can either entertain or turn the channel. You decide.
Today’s affirmation:
I exercise my right to establish personal boundaries, drama and toxic people are not welcomed here.
Until Next Time ♥️
~April Monét

You Got This

You Got This

I’m not sure about you, but this week has been super crazy for me. Between not feeling good in my body, to preparing for back to school, working on my business, and having to deal with people on different levels along with their energy they put off; has been extremely exhausting! But guess what, I’m still here pushing & moving forward, why? Because I got this!!

Let’s be real, life is going to throw us blows all the time, but we have to know how to handle them & how to not let them effect our everyday lives. The key is, knowing that everyday won’t be perfect, but perfect is “HE” who made the day. Knowing that nothing is put on us that we can’t bare. I find that speaking to my situation helps ease the load. Although I don’t see results right away, I know that in due season everything will come together. I haven’t always had this mentality, and honestly, sometimes I forget about my own words because I focus more on the current state and have to shake myself a bit to get back on track. Worrying and stressing will not solve anything, it only makes matters worse.

So no matter what you’re encountering or have encountered this week & in weeks to come, remember “YOU GOT THIS”. Your troubles or struggles won’t last always. There’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up, remember, speak life to yourself & the situation & watch the universe give back to you what you put out.

Today’s affirmation:
Even with tears in my eyes, I will forever say, I got this!

Until Next Time ♥️
~April Monét

Today I Choose Me



Today I Choose Me

In life we tend to put others before ourselves, a tendency most women (and some men) have. But have you realized that the more you put others first, the more you’re taken for granted or put last by those you’ve put first?

Today I declare to CHOOSE ME & I ask you to do the same & CHOOSE YOU!! Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t love or care about others well being or circumstances, of course not, but it’s now time for you to love and care for yourself the same way you’ve been doing for others.

Let’s be real, most people could care less about you neglecting yourself to help them, all they see is their need or want. You better believe that as soon as you stop “putting out” per-say, you’re going to pick up on some vibes, attitudes, and even an exchange of words (HA!). If someone is upset because you decided to focus and care for you, instead of them, WALK AWAY!

Remove yourself from those toxic individuals who are noting but opportunist and begin loving & taking care of you again. No more coming to the rescue and aid of everyone else & leaving you for dead. Rise up & step into a new you! Say, “Today I choose me”, mean it and do it! You’ll begin to feel so much better and down the line, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Today’s Affirmation: Today I choose me, for me, because I love me…unapologetically.


Until Next Time ♥️

~April Monét

Let’s Be Real


Let’s Be Real

It is a natural reaction to need or desire validation from another human being. The same when it comes to our feelings and/or emotions. Most times, unless someone picks up on your vibes, those feelings & emotions will go unnoticed by people because we have managed to mask our emotional state.  This is something I too have done, and if I’m gonna be honest, “be real”, I still do it. I’m still working on me! Is it because I have something to hide? NO!! I’ve masked my emotions because of trust issues, traumas, and more.

I’ve hidden everything with a smile & I’m great because I never want anyone to see or know that I’m dealing with an issue. Sound familiar?! Sure it does! Most of us, if we admit it or not, are in the same boat. Here’s where you can be different, here’s where you can begin climbing out. When you get the strength to say I’m not ok, and know that it’s ok to speak those words, you’ve taken the 1st step to improvement.

Now I’m not saying, go tell Chatty Kathy, who will have the entire village knowing you have an issue before you even get the word “hep” out of your mouth. I’m saying tell a trusted friend, doctor, family member, anyone that you can actually trust.  What if I have no one that I can trust?  Take it to God and you can always trust you!  begun writing your feelings out. Believe it or not, this is what began to help me (remember, trust issues). Writing helps release the hurt, anger, frustration, etc trapped inside.

Not only did I write, I prayed, I prayed specifically. I prayed that someone that I could fully trust would be sent into my life. But before that prayer was answered, before that trusted someone was sent to me (my best friend, who later became my husband), I had to learn to begin speaking release over myself & situations. Release the positive & take away the negative. Release joy and remove all hurt and pain. I had to speak life into April!  Listen, I wanted someone to speak over me before I spoke over myself, I needed that validation, someone to rub my back & day it’ll be ok, but that wasn’t how it happened for me. You can’t expect anyone to fix you, if you don’t begin to put in the work 1st. It starts with you!

So as we begin a journey of inspiration, motivation, laughter, and tears; your very 1st assignment is to begin loving you. Begin speaking life over your situations. Pray for that confidante, begin journaling, whatever it takes! In the midst, remember and know, that this too shall pass. Keep in mind that your life is a testimony to others who have yet to go through what you’re about to come out of. Someone is depending on you!!

I’m going to leave you with this affirmation that I came up with, meditate on it, memorize it:

I have the courage to speak life into my life.

I have the courage to rise above adversity and walk in victory.


Until Next Time ♥️

~April Monét



Cupcakes & Conversations Recap

Cupcakes and Conversations: Delaware

by Kiera Sweden


On Saturday, July 20th, I had the opportunity to attend Boss Up Magazine’s Social Event – Cupcakes and Conversations! This event took place in Wilmington, Delaware and was nothing short of amazing!

This event was hosted by Boss Up Magazine and sponsored by Tanisha Chambers! Tanisha Chambers provides positive representation to young black girls, through the books that she writes. Not only did this event have some great conversations, it also had a pool party attached, which was hosted by Flyy Girl Adventures! Flyy Girl Adventures is all about empowerment, travel, fun, and making sure you’re having nothing short of an amazing flyy experience!!

The main topic of this event was learning to befriend the balance of business and pleasure. After a very inspirational conversation, the group shifted over to a Fly Girl meet-up at the pool. During this eye-opening event, I stayed at the edge of my seat through the entire conversation.

It was so incredible how every woman present opened up about what their weaknesses were with entrepreneurship, as well as shared their strong suits. These women felt the warm embrace of an entire community, just by being there. Many of these ladies shared incredible resources and gems that they have learned over experiences, an it truly was a glorious sight to see.


There are so many takeaways that I’ve put in my bag, after hearing boundless wisdom at the amazing Cupcakes and Conversations event. After talking about everything from starting your own business, to learning that everyone even just as a person is a business and has a brand in itself – I truly feel that my life will.


The upmost important take away for me personally was hearing a female entrepreneur powerhouse tell me that it is okay to cut the rope, with individuals who don’t see the vision. You need a team beside you that not only understands where you come from, but who also can see where you’re going mentally.

This event was one for the books, but there will also be more coming up. Don’t miss out! The next Cupcakes and Conversations will be held in New York, NY on November 9th.

Hope to see you at the next conversation!

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