Why Engagement Matters

Followers matter but engagement matters more!

Written by Nyemade Boiwu

Having a successful Social Media presence is about more than just being seen. Many businesses understand the importance of having Instagram but they don’t get why they’re not seeing the growth they want. This is because they’re using their page for the purpose of being seen but forgetting the most critical part – engagement.  Engagement is what shows that your followers are vested in you. When they like or comment on your posts that’s how they show their support.

The first step is to figure out your current engagement. The formula is your impressions divided by your followers multiplied by 100. If you’re a business you should have a public business profile. This will allow you to have access to your analytics which will give you your impressions. If you don’t have a business profile you can still manually figure out your engagement.

First get your average sum of likes and comments per month. Add your likes and comments for all posts in the month. Take that total and divide it by the total number of posts made that month. Next, divide that sum by the total number of followers you have. Multiple that number by 100 to get the %.

Now that you’ve done the math you might a little worried because your percent is low. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. The truth is the average engagement rate on IG is 1% – 3%. If your number is above that give yourself a pat on the back because you’re doing Instagram right. If you number is below that don’t worry there are ways to bring that number up.

If you’re a business it’s important to know your total engagement percentage for a few reasons.

  • You can use that number to market yourself to other businesses. Digital marketing is huge right now so if you can show a business why they should pay you to promote their product it’s a great way to make additional income
  • You can use that number to figure out what resonates with your current followers. The formula above can be used for individual posts as well as your monthly average. Once you see which posts get the most engagement you give your audience more of what they want.
  • As a business you can calculate other people’s engagement before reaching out to them for a collaboration. A lot of people get impressed by the number of followers a page has. While that number is important, if their engagement is below 1% they’re not having much of an impact on their followers. This means collaboration with them may not generate the influx in followers or business you’re looking for. Often pages with lower follower counts may have higher engagement. This means their followers are more invested in them and therefore more likely to support their collaborations in a way that’s beneficial to you.

There are many different ways to increase your engagement. The thing to remember is that if you want others to engage with you, you need to engage with them. True growth comes from viewing your IG as a relationship. Don’t just post and run. Reply back to your followers when they comment. When you include several hashtags in your post, go into each of those and like the pictures of other people who have used the same hashtag. Pick a few to leave comments on as well. We all know IG runs all algorithms now so you need to engage with others so they engage with your page. This will help you appear more on the timeline of your followers and even on search pages. It’s time consuming but if you really want to see growth it’s worth it.

Remember: followers matter but engagement matters more!

Learn more about Nyemade Boiwu today! Owner of African Butterfly Business Solutions – a virtual assistant business that specializes in social media!


Dazed & Amazed Creationz

Do you have a special occasion coming up, and are in need of the perfect gift? Do you have your Mother’s Day gift already? Well we have an amazing source for phenomenal and unique creations! Meet Dazed & Amazed Creationz, by Chatonyia Smith!

Originally from St. Louis, Mo, but currently live in Chicago, IL, Chatonyia is a Mental Health Social Worker and Owner of Dazed & Amazed Creationz.

Dazed & Amazed Creationz has been in business for 3 years and makes amazing wreaths!! So how did Chatonyia get into making wreaths? Chatonyia states,

“I wanted to make candles because I spent so much money on them. I stumbled upon Pinterest, tried my hand at candle making but I could never get it right. On there I discovered so much. I was obsessed. I made everything from poop spray to laundry detergent. I then discovered paper flowers and loved it. I make them every now and then still but after making my first wreath people were in love and I saw an opportunity.  I made them that Christmas but stopped shortly after because life became too busy. I lost the love of my life in June to cancer and made a wreath for his services. Everyone started asking for one and the funeral home asked why didn’t I make all the sprays. The two of us always talked about businesses. I truly believe that God place us in situations and his death gave me that push to finally do it for real.”

 20180506_164240Wreaths are the most requested items, though people will request other crafts from Dazed & Amazed Creationz. Though making wreaths was not her original passion, her family thought she was very crafty!

“My true passion has always been in mental health and helping others. Now to craft is therapy to me and the reactions I get when I make something for someone speaks to my soul.  I absolutely love to come up with new ideas. Crafting consumes my mind and I enjoy making something come to life that a customer requests.”

For Chatonyia, she makes wreaths mostly and has a goal of not having two of the same! In fact, Chatonyia says it can be extremely hard for her not to duplicate one, and it’s something inside of her that won’t let her! Not only does she makes wreaths, but she also makes creations out of diapers – known as “diaper cakes.”


“I love to make wreaths -not only are they beautiful, but it’s a time for me to be in my space. Since being in black girls craft group on Facebook, looking at all the talented sister I have wanted to do everything. I’ve made floating centerpieces, glittered wine glasses and bottles, gift baskets and t-shirts. There are still somethings I want to try out. I realized everything is not for me. I enjoy doing the t-shirts but I think I’ll hand that over to my daughter.”





“I like to work on serval things at one time. I could work on 5 wreaths at a time. I normally create the base first and then play with the color combinations for the ribbon. I might be in the middle of working on one and look at another and something hits me and I’ll jump to that one. I have to stare at them, walk pass a few times to make sure the coverage is right, it’s fluffiness is correct, the flower is positioned properly. I often take several pictures of it to see if it pops for me.  People say to me what else do you need it’s pretty, I always say, it’s not finished until I could say it’s gorgeous. And it could be something simple like moving the signage. I sorta do the same thing with other items I make. I guess realistically I can create a wreath I’m happy with in a day but I need a another day to look at my work. I can complete a diaper cake in an hour or so.”


In the beginning stages of her business, there were a few challenges Chatonyia faced, but that did not stop her grind!

“The most challenging part of starting my business has been pricing and time.  Because I love what I do, I want items to be affordable for everyone.  When I do comparisons, I realize I often undercut myself not because I think theirs is better in fact I’m often stunned by some of the prices on Etsy.  Also because I have a full-time job and 2 children that have busy lives time has been a big hurdle. I’m trying to new marketing strategies that would potentially lead to steady income so I could pursue this full-time. Of course marketing can be tricky but I’ve been blessed that many of my sales come from word of mouth. During holidays it’s about as much as I could handle.”

Make sure you keep up with Dazed & Amazed Creationz, as they have been featured in a few craft shows and plans to do more this year! They have also expanded in to diaper cakes and is currently working on making handcrafted baby mobiles! (NNIIICCEEE!!)

If you’re interested in having your own crafting business, Chatonyia has the following advice,


“There are so many crafts you are gonna be interested in.  I would suggest someone find that one or two things and specialize in it. Find all ways to perfect it. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, try different colors and materials. Also, get a deposit before you start a project. I haven’t had many people stiff me, but having the deposit will help with purchasing supplies needed at that time.”


You can follow Dazed & Amazed Creationz on social media via:

Instagram: AnDcreationz

Facebook & Etsy: 4dacreationz


Chatonyia has these last final words for our readers:

I have been an entrepreneur in my mind since I finished college. I have a bin full of business plans…



The Little Baker

Do you love pastries? Prefer cheesecake over a baked cake? Well we have an amazing Baker who can satisfy your sweet tooth! Who said that there was an age limit on being an Entrepreneur?? Meet The Little Baker – Ja’Niyah Williams!! (BOSS STATUS!)

Representing Newark, DE Ja’Niyah is a Student at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, and a Baker in her spare time! She is motivated by money and people enjoying her treats!

How did Ja’Niyah get into baking? Well it started with her Great Grandmother when she was 3 years old, as she would help her in the kitchen! This then lead Ja’Niyah to begin baking on her own.

“I always enjoyed cooking, but baking is what I enjoy most. I would definitely say it’s my passion!”

Ja’Niyah bakes delicious cupcakes, cheesecakes, 7up cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies! You name it – She’ll attempt to bake it! (BOOM!) Though cheesecakes are her most requested pastry, cupcakes is her favorite pastry to bake because she likes to decorate them different ways. Strawberry cheesecakes are her specialty and people ask for them all the time! (YUMMY!)

“I enjoying experimenting with new desserts, but I hate the mess I have to clean up. LOL!”

In the beginning stages of Ja’Niyah’s business, there were a few challenges she faced, but she did not allow them to stop her grind.

My mom put out a lot of money to get me started, In return when I had my first big bake sale I had to pay her back some of the money because she is my investor. Now I have enough saved that she doesn’t have to put out any money.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ja’Niyah delicious pastries, you can do so via:

Instagram: little_baker127

Email: littlebaker127@gmail.com

Make sure you keep up with Ja’Niyah as she is having an Easter Bake sale!

You can keep up with Ja’Niyah via:

Instagram: little_baker127




If you’re interested in having your own baking business, Ja’Niyah has the following advice,

“Save money to get started. Don’t think everything you make will come out perfect the first time, just because that’s how it looks on YouTube…lol”





Janiyah has these last final words for our readers:

“Being a young baker can be hard sometimes, but when I’m older I know it will pay off when I have my own bakery!




Next Level Writing Services

Tired of applying for jobs and not getting a call back? Know you’re more than qualified for the job, but aren’t getting selected? Well we have just the right source to assist you.

Representing Chicago, IL, DeAnnah Stinson Reese is a Career Readiness Instructor and CEO/Founder of Next Level Writing Services! (BOSS STATUS). With her motivation being her children and her desire to never be ordinary, DeAnnah is a true BOSS!

Next Level Writing Services offers a variety of writing/editing services, has been in business for 4 months, has had 25 clients, and has worked with 70 different individuals and business combined over the years! So what got DeAnnah into being a professional writer? DeAnnah tells us,

“I actually fell into writing. I always excelled as a writer throughout my years in academia, publishing poems and other writing projects. After over a decade of helping individuals acquire jobs through writing resumes I began to expand out and write grants as well as help business acquire contracts. I finally decided to formally monetize my skill and that’s how Next Level Writing was created.”

For DeAnnah, professional writing was not always her passion, but it was something that she was extremely good at. As she began to see how many people she was helping to acquire jobs, professional writing soon became her passion.

Next Level Writing Image

“It always feels amazing when people call and text me, to tell me they got the job I was helping them either apply for or interview prep for. I’ve been really blessed because my company is very new and I have received tremendous amounts of support. The hardest part is maintaining consistency with providing social media content. Although this is a side business, it’s still my baby so I give it 100%. I come down hard on myself when I’ve missed a day of posting. I also found it difficult to navigate conversations with clients that I knew personally, that wanted to cut corners. I learned early on, I have to stick to my guns and be consistent.”

Next Level Writing Services also provides assistance with grant writing, RFP responses (request for proposal), and editing of almost any document you can think of. Though the most requested service is the $35 Consultation, which consists of DeAnnah consulting clients on recommended edits to their writing project.

DM Screen Shot

“Most clients actually need their documents written and just don’t realize it, but I’m usually able to accommodate. I try to accommodate budgets by providing as much as possible through a revision.”

Though Next Level Writing Services gets various clients, DeAnnah tells us that she most commonly works on resume documents,

“The biggest mistake I see, on resumes specifically, is individuals underselling themselves and using too many cliché phrases and words. Applicant tracking systems are quite flawed in my opinion, and often times qualified candidates get over looked because of the automated algorithms used. Because of this, it is extremely important that you represent yourself accurately on paper and know how to integrate the appropriate keywords to highlight your accomplishments and capabilities.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah, as she currently writes monthly blog posts that are being shared on an amazing platform with Women Exceeding!! What is Women Exceeding? Women Exceeding is non-profit organization that acknowledges the accomplishments of women and assists women who are seeking professional and personal development, in order to strengthen the female presence in innovative and entrepreneurial roles. You can check them out at http://www.womenexceeding.com. Through the monthly blogs, DeAnnah is able to share useful information related to the job search process. Be sure to check out DeAnnah’s most recent blog “5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Job Search” on the Women Exceeding website! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

current head shot

If you’re interested in having your own professional writing company, DeAnnah has the following advice:

1. Stick to your guidelines and requirements for how you want to deliver/provide your service. People will want to take short cuts and that can hinder results or make the process cumbersome.

2. Avoid back to back appointments! Lol. People are very dynamic so there can be times when things run over the allotted time scheduled.

3. Stay abreast on trends and current research. I spend time everyday looking at the most recent HR articles I can find or technical writing pieces I may come across.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah and Next Level Writing Services via social media:

Instagram: @dsreese26.

DeAnnah has these last final words for our readers:

“When I decided to start this business, the objective was to provide a much-needed service, especially to minorities at an affordable price. There is a reason why companies charge so much to revise resumes—-it’s extremely time consuming and quite frankly they simply can. I make sure that my compensation is something that is affordable and still fair for the time I put in. My goal is to see “us” excel.

Check out these amazing customer testimonials of Next Level Writing Services:

Testimonials from the Website!

GNC Enterprises
10 Points
Our company was in need of assistance in submitting a government contract. And because of Next Level Writing Services, we were able to submit a proposal with confidence and on time. Thank you NLWS for your professionalism and knowledge we will definitely use your service again.

Ms. Banks
10 Points
Can I start off saying how excellent this service is! Next level writing has helped me transform my resume and interviewing skills. My resume always gains the attention of the company I am seeking. I recommend there services for the person like me, who does not always know how to pitch there qualities and skill sets on paper! This company has help me learn how to expand on my experience and talents!!

Daniel Booth
10 Points
My resume needed an entire make over and with her exceptional writing skills, Mrs. Reese was able to revise my Resume very much more suitable for employers. Thanks to her I have been contacted numerously about various job openings.


Mico’s Ice Cream

“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!” Remember that song?! Ice cream is a very tasty treat that is good for all seasons and reasons! If you like ice cream, we have just the right kind for you! Whenever you’re in the Houston area, make sure you check out Mico’s Ice Cream!


Representing Houston, Texas, Kimico Frydenlund is a Registered Nurse and Owner of Mico’s Ice Cream! With her family and desire to build a legacy being her motivation, it’s no wonder why this BOSS is making serious moves!

Mico’s Ice Cream offers homemade ice cream using an original recipe and has been in business for a year! Mico’s Ice Cream offers many flavors such as: Taste the Rainbow, Chocolate Fix, Strawnana, Gimme S’more, and Cookies ‘N Cream!




Though Cookies ‘N Cream is the most requested flavor, all flavors have the availability to be served in their homemade waffle cone tacos. (YUMMY!)




“My husband and I saw a viral video of rolled ice cream and thought it was really cool. Everyone loves ice cream, so we were like “Why not?”


Kimico tells us that their cold tops freezes at -18 degrees, which allows them to make the ice cream right in front of the customer!! With only a two minute processing time, it’s no wonder why Mico’s Ice Cream is a HIT!! (BOOM!) Ice Cream isn’t the only thing that customers can purchase, as they also sell freshly squeezed lemonade!

“We enjoy it all! Especially our customers’ excited reactions to our ice cream.”


Mico’s Ice Cream is available for purchase at their mobile ice cream shop, located at Levy Park on the weekends. Mico’s Ice Cream is currently offering catering, with delivery coming soon! (Stay Tuned!)


If you’re interested in having your own ice cream company, Kimico has the following advice:

“Put in the extra work of making a quality and unique ice cream . Your followers will appreciate it and come back for more.”

Make sure you keep up with Mico’s Ice Cream by following them on social media at:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @micosicecream


Mico’s Ice Cream has the following last words for our readers:

“With each cup of ice cream, our customers provide support, mentorship, and more to children in need through our non-profit organization “Mico’s Kids.”

The Boss Experience Launches


Boss Up Magazine officially launches The Boss Experience mobile app, designed to provide resources and connections of small & black owned businesses, to its app users around the world. With an official app announcement of early 2019, the app was officially launched to the Apple & Google Play stores in early 2020.

The multi-faceted app includes news, podcasts, music, movies, business directory, venue directory, event calendar, product launches, entertainment, and much more! Also featured in the app is Boss Up Magazine’s signature show The Boss Lounge, as well as their own app based reality series The Boss Chronicles. The app’s features and benefits are innovative & unique – which makes this app one that should not be overlooked.

Boss Up Magazine CEO, Twanita Dozier states:

“My goal for this app was to create something innovative and informative. The Boss Experience will keep my platform and audience connected in a new way, as well as continue to carry out the mission of my platform. Creating this mobile app was very exciting and I can only imagine its potential.  The opportunities are endless with this app and I’m looking forward to seeing it soar.”

Since its launch, The Boss Experience has received a positive response and strong support, and has also been creating quite the buzz.  During the first week of its launch, the app reached over 200 Facebook page likes, obtained 5-star ratings in the Apple & Google Play stores with over 80 app downloads, reached over 700 hits on it press launch announcements, and has also sparked interest of the producers from the AMC network shows News Watch. It’s no question as to why this app has been said to be an experience within itself.

The Boss Experience is now accepting submissions for app inclusion, with various marketing opportunities available. If you are interested in being a part of The Boss Experience, please visit www.thebossexp.com/submissions to sign up today!


The Benefits of Video Marketing

The Benefits of Video Marketing

nyemade 243

There are endless platforms for video marketing. Smartphones let everyone access online videos anywhere, at any time. This is not the case with traditional, paper marketing. With video you can reach your audience wherever they are in a cost-effective way.  64% of customer are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it – Hubspot. People tend to engage 10.1x more when pages post a video – Facebook. 76% of business report an increase in traffic due to video marketing – Forbes

So, what exactly is video marketing? Video marketing is the process of using video to promote and market your brand, product or service provides your business with a versatile, practical and engaging environment to attract your target audience. Prospective customers get a visual understanding of what you offer and have the opportunity to engage with your brand even before they make their first purchase.

Video marketing is crucial for businesses who want to make and distribute engaging content that will resonate with their audience. Companies using video content experience a 41 percent increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video content.  92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others so if you’re looking to spread a message video is definitely the way to go.

Addition Benefits of Video Marketing:

Videos Increase Engagement

Adds personality to your brand

Videos showcase your products better

Videos provide visual explanations

Highlights your company’s accomplishments

Raises retention rates on your website

Increases conversions and boosts sales.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding videos to your marketing plan get off that fence and get in the game. Video marketing will help your business remain competitive and relevant. Enjoy the opportunity to get created and reach your customers in a new way.

Learn more about Nyemade Boiwu today! Owner of African Butterfly Business Solutions – a virtual assistant business that specializes in social media!


Your Business Needs a Website

 Yes, Your Business Needs a Website!


With so many social media platforms available to share information many business owners find themselves asking, “Do I even need a website”? The answer is yes, absolutely! In today’s digital age if you don’t have a website there are many individuals who won’t even consider working with your business. For many, when they locate a business with a website it provides level of legitimacy and professionalism.
Websites extend your business hours in a way that make you more accessible to your customers. Rather than having to call to speak with someone on the phone initial questions customers have can be posted on your website. Many businesses have a FAQ section available to answer common questions. Not only does this help your customers but it also opens up time for you or your staff.

Websites allow you to expand your reach. With most social media platforms your business is specifically searched for and often by local customers. A website increases your chances of reaching new customers all over the country and internationally. When people need a product or service often the first place they go is an online search engine. Having a website with searchable words and phrases will help potential customers find your business. (We’ll talk more about SEO another day.)

Websites are an inexpensive way to update customers on changes with your business. Once the initial website is built maintenance is relatively inexpensive. This provides you with a space to communicate changes and updates at a fraction of the cost sending out fliers or mailers would. This applies for marketing as well. Ads in newspapers last only as long as the newspaper is in print. You either have to keep buying ad space or lose that reach once the next circulation comes out. The same is true for social media ads. With your website the cost is usually less and it’s up continuously for you.

Websites increase credibility for your business. No matter what type of business or service you have being able to provide potential customers with a website will make you look more professional. Also, with a business website you can have a blog. The great thing about a business blog is it gives you forum to share your expertise with current and potential customers. If someone is trying to decide if they should work with you but then reads an informative blog you’ve written on your industry it may move them to seal the deal.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a website get off that fence right now and go make one! Luckily, there are lots of website templates available to make creating a site easy. If that’s too technical for your or you just don’t have the time there are many website creators available for hire. Whether you’re investing your time by creating it yourself, or investing your money buy hiring someone, having a website is definitely an investment you’ll see a positive return on.

Learn more about Nyemade Boiwu today! Owner of African Butterfly Business Solutions – a virtual assistant business that specializes in social media!

The Boss Bash Comes To DC!

Boss Up Magazine is pleased to announce that their 2nd Annual Boss Bash event will be held in Washington, D.C. Although this event originally started in Chicago, IL, the decision has officially been made to make Washington, D.C. the event home. The Boss Bash will be held October 24, 2020 from 1:00pm – 6:00pm. The Boss Bash is a Boss Up Magazine signature event, and is a game changer for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike!

20191122_101438_00008474644296904114460.pngBoss Up Magazine is a multimedia platform that celebrates emerging entrepreneurs, by offering a business directory, network events, digital magazine features, podcast, printed publications, mobile app, and more. The Boss Bash provides networking opportunities, a speaker panel, local vendors, entertainment, professional headshot photography, small business meet and greets, raffles, and so much more to its guests! Offering a welcoming and celebratory setting, this yearly event is perfect for anyone who is looking to make professional connections and have fun while doing so. Boss Up Magazine is gearing up to provide a phenomenal experience to those interested in attending, as this event is sure to be one of the hottest events of 2020!

We look forward to creating great relationships with Sponsors, Vendors, Press, and all of our attendees in the local and surrounding area of Washington, D.C. Boss Up Magazine’s Founder, Twanita Dozier, is committed to making The Boss Bash a successful and fun event that goes down in history as the best!

Anyone interested in getting involved with the Boss Bash should contact info@bossupmag.org.

For tickets or more information, please visit www.bossupmag.org/bossbash

Sponsorship, Vendor, and Speaker opportunities are now available: www.bossupmag.org/bossbash

We look forward to seeing you at The Boss Bash on October 24, 2020!!

Diverse Books

Diverse Books

By Tanisha Chambers

image0Every time I think of the word diverse, I think what it means to me? For me Diverse is not about one thing or one group, for me it is a system that makes up many things. It is a group of many diverse people, backgrounds, cultures, languages, traditions and etc. How does that relate to why diverse books matter? For me books that include black characters written by black authors are significant; the reality, there is a lack and not enough awareness and light being shined on that area of books. Growing up I don’t remember seeing books written by the culture that included characters that looked like me. So, I decided to started writing children’s books about my little sister Zuri, I wanted her to see herself in a book to show her that anything is possible from being in a book to having a role model that is determined to be fearless in her dreams. I wanted my sister to be proud in which I may say she is. There was defiantly a bigger picture then my sister, I wanted a character that was relatable to children and for them to be able to say I use to do that particular thing or feel that way or even my family behaves in that manner.


So why do our stories matter? A part of me want to just answer this question in a way that may not be the correct way such as “THEY JUST DO”, however I would not be doing diverse books with black characters and written by black authors any justice. Books that include us and are about us opens up our world to the many people that’s out there from White, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander. The only way for us to understand and be a culture that works together is for us to be open and inclusive to others. We have made strides over the years with many historical events from slavery, wars and many other things that has happened over the years. For us to be a culture that continue to overcome bias, judgment, and discrimination we have to be willing to include books that include black/African American decent that others are able to see us and hear our voices. So why do diverse books matter, you ask again?  Well, I think that is a question you should be asking yourself.

Tanisha Chambers is a Children’s Book Author from Philadelphia, who is passionate about promoting literacy and diversity! If you’re looking for a children’s books that will tell a story, teach a lesson, and inspire your child – Tanisha’s books are exactly what your child needs to read!

Book Tanisha For An Author Visit Today!

The Boss Up Magazine Social Tour Takes Over Detroit!


Boss Up Magazine is proud to announce that their “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour will be featuring Detroit, MI – on December 27, 2019 ! With Detroit being its fourth stop on the tour,  Boss Up Magazine is gearing up to provide a phenomenal experience, to those interested in networking within the Detroit area.

For The Detroit edition of “Cupcakes & Conversations”, Boss Up Magazine will have the event hosted by the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy Queen NJ – Destiny Turnboe!!

Destiny is an official partner of Boss Up Magazine, and has her own platform that focuses on representation!  Destiny has been apart of this amazing social tour from the start, and is ready to help put DETROIT on the map for the tour!!!  She has served on the Speaker Panel of the Philadelphia & Delaware conversation, a guest of the New York conversation, and now an official HOST of the Detroit conversation!!

Not only does Destiny have a platform for representation, she also is the CEO & Visionary of Flyy Girl Adventures – and is a true Social Influencer & World Traveler! Destiny is a true phenomenal BOSS that is making BOSS MOVES,  and is going to bring the heat to DETROIT!!

With the “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour being one of Boss Up Magazine’s many events, this particular event is one game changer for emerging entrepreneurs alike. This event caters to an intimate setting, offers mimosas & desserts, and allows open floor discussions and networking – all while providing knowledge and insight to entrepreneurs, from various business owners within the entrepreneurial realm.

Boss Up Magazine is a multimedia platform that celebrates emerging entrepreneurs, and looks forward to creating great relationships with Sponsors, Vendors, Press, and all of our attendees in the local and surrounding area of Detroit. Boss Up Magazine’s Founder, Twanita Dozier, is committed to making this stop of the social tour one that goes down in history!

Anyone interested in getting involved as a Sponsor or Vendor should contact info@bossupmag.org. We look forward to seeing you at The Detroit “Cupcakes & Conversations” Social Tour on December 27, 2019.

Purchase Your Ticket Today!


Livin’ Single and Hustlin’: Build Your Foundation First before Marriage


Livin’ Single and Hustlin’: Build Your Foundation First before Marriage

By That Riverz Gurl

Being single is a choice, not a privilege – and while a lot of women in today’s society are complaining about being single, they don’t realize that it was for a reason and a purpose that they are single. Yes a lot of women choose to be single, based on several of situations which may be personal or universal.  I remember years ago when I was in a relationship with a man that I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life!  Don’t we all have that fairytale story to share with our girlfriends?  I met him when I was 18 and he was 21. I invested my time, energy, and my soul to this man because I never felt this way before.  I thought I was grown until things fell apart with him cheating on me several times, and me being dumb enough to take him back because I would have felt lonely if I didn’t have a man in my life.  That was my whole focus throughout high school and college.  Sounds crazy huh?  But as crazy as it may sound, a lot of women have gone through this or is still going through this now.


Remember this, being single isn’t wrong!  It gives you the absolute freedom to be yourself, love yourself more and to build your foundation as a boss babe and career women before settling down in a serious relationship.  It took me a while to get over my ex of five years and investing my time with him for eight years.  There have been times where I would cry and become depressed because I didn’t understand what went wrong.  When a person can’t entirely commit to a relationship, then they aren’t the one!  Trust and believe I learned that the hard way.  Build your foundation and your empire so that you can make all of your dreams and visions come true.  You are single for a reason and don’t rush playing the dating game if you don’t have all the right cards to play.  Life is filled with possibilities and opportunities and it is too short to waste it on a relationship that isn’t working or meant to be.  Keep hustlin’ and staying on your grind.  When you wait and when you are ready for real love, it will come at the moment you least expect it.


Patrice Rivers is an entertainment and lifestyle writer, journalist, blogger and owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. Check out her website at www.patricerivers.com  Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrand

2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Set To Compete At Nationals

received_2911519135543200They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – which for Destiny Turnboe is nothing further than the truth! Meet Destiny Turnboe, the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Queen, who is dedicated to making a distinctive platform about representation and encouraging others to live a life of their dreams!

An Author, Mentor, Inspirational Public Speaker, and Social Media Influencer from Detroit, MI., Destiny is a charismatic leader that is full of confidence and powerful energy. Known for her traveling and women empowerment brand Flyy Girl Adventures, she also provides a vivacious display of fearless representation of curvy women and their inclusion in the modeling industry.


“In August of 2019, I was crowned the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ, and will be competing for the final crown at Nationals. This is why I truly believe that it is important to believe in yourself, so that you can be whoever you want. Yes, I am a Queen but I want to be the National Queen – who motivates people and display the importance of inclusion of curvy women. I am truly dedicated to spreading my platform message of representation matters.”

For Destiny, 2017 officially marked the beginning of an unstoppable force and created the survivor that would take the world by storm! In 2017, she was hospitalized after a near fatal car accident, where she broke her femur and had to undergo five surgeries over a period of two years! This was a huge hardship on Destiny, but she did not let it prevent her from persevering.


Bound to a wheelchair and going through therapy, she continued to exhibit strength and follow her dreams! From wheel chair to the runway, winning first place as Miss Fashion Global, New Jersey Curvy Queen 2020 was not just a win for Destiny – but is the perfect example of defining the odds. Her wins doesn’t stop there, as she was also selected to walk for New York Fashion Week and has been nominated for public recognition of the Detroit City Council. Her story is a strong foundation of courage, compassion, and triumph – with survivor being one true word to describe her!


Breaking boundaries and making an impact is everything that Destiny and her platform represents, with the value of pouring back into her community and empowering young women being key to her platform. This is why it is no surprise that she created the nonprofit organization – Flyy Girl Fly.

Flyy Girl Fly is a Detroit based mentorship organization, which equips girls from all over the world to fly with confidence into the direction of their dreams. For the past two summers Destiny has worked diligently to build their self-esteem with one-on-one dream coaching sessions, social media workshops, and connecting them with mentors in their selected field. To further expand her platform and values, Destiny has also partnered with:


Lead The Way Organization

Convenant One Creations LLC

Success 4U Network LLC

Boss Up Magazine

Wi$e Hustlers

Crown Me Dainty

Chris Styles Closet

These various businesses and organizations not only support Destiny in all that she does, but also believes in and helps her share her platform values and message. Destiny has also placed intense emphasis on building awareness of her platform, as she prepares to take on Nationals for the crown in Florida.


On November 2, 2019, Destiny will be competing for the National crown in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and is determined to make history with a WIN! Not only will this win be a ground breaking one, but will further showcase Destiny’s true beauty, success, and dedication to her platform and all who are watching and supporting her!


Ways To Give Your Desk Office a Make-over


Ways To Give Your Desk Office a Make-over

By: That Riverz Gurl

Ladies you know how we do it! Organizing things is our specialty with a hint of girl power in there. If you have your own personal workplace at home or at work, then giving your desk a makeover wouldn’t be a great idea.  There are tons of ways to organize your work area without breaking the bank.  Here is a list of some neat things your desk should have!

194703.065_MovieSeq_001Clorox wipes: There is nothing wrong with having a clean area. Nobody wants a dirty workplace, so make it a habit to keep some Clorox or Lysol wipes on your desk.  It is perfect for wiping the toilet seats at work and during flu and cold season.  Keep the germs away!

811qIWaVfQL._SX466_Paper Tray: Staying organized is a great way to keep your bills and paper work squared away. If you are a secretary at your job, this will definitely come in handy!

bdfb3075-dcce-4dc2-ad56-a96334e0a7ed_1.a83d0c332510738119386a0dd7e2f863Desktop heater: If you are the type of person that gets cold at your job everyday like I do, make sure you invest in a heater. Where I work at it’s very cold in the building, so my co-worker brought a heater to keep our legs warm at all times.


Coffee Warmer: Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, a warmer will do you wonders if you drink hot chocolate or hot tea. Amazon always has great products for a great price.

A mirror for your desk: Now ladies, I know some of you are guilty for looking in the mirror about forty times a day. I can honestly say that I do that on a daily basis.  I need to look at my hair to make sure that there isn’t frizz or if my lipstick is on right.  Y’all know how that goes! But having a mirror at your desk comes in handy at all times.  If you ate pizza or a salad for lunch and you want to check your teeth, you can do it right at your desk instead of making that extra trip to the bathroom.

c0acae757c660b149298e81c9b631b37Cute stapler: Who wants a boring looking stapler when you can staple papers and reports in style! Try buying a unicorn or a cat stapler.

images (2)Stress Toys: We all know how people can get on our nerves at work or pushing for a deadline on a presentation or a special project. Having a couple of stress toys lying around can come in handy.  You will learn to be relaxed while at work without going home with a headache or becoming upset.

355094_o01_office_depot_brand_retractable_ballpoint_pens_with_grip_6_pack_060719Great smooth pens: “Sandra do you have a pen that I can borrow?” Does that sound familiar? Make sure you get some good writing pens with the ball point or the smooth pens that write really well. I like to use paper mate and the ball point pens because they write smoothly and they don’t skip a mark while writing or signing something.

download (4)Desk Lamp: If your place of work has little light, you might want to invest in a little desk lamp. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just to get the job done.

718soa6qsyL.SX500Time-Marked Water Bottle: During a busy work week, we must make sure that we keep hydrated. A lot of boss babes have meetings all day or traveling for client events, so having a water bottle handy will keep you right on track.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your work place so that it doesn’t look boring. Who needs a boring work space when you can bring personality to it.  Bring sunshine to the dark spaces in your space!



Patrice Rivers is an entertainment and lifestyle writer, journalist, blogger and owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. Check out her website at www.patricerivers.com  Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrand