Debra Taylor


Meet Debra Taylor! She is the CEO of @premiereplannersexperience – representing Queens, NY!

The “Premiere Planners Experience” offers event planning, business building, conferences, mentoring program, contract bundles, and more – which is perfect for anyone in the event industry.

CEO Quote: “I want to see people in the position to own their own business, and create financial stability for them and their family. I want to see others live life to the fullest with no apologies, and create long lasting success.” – Debra Taylor | CEO.

Debra has the following business advice for all emerging entrepreneurs: “Keep God first in all that you do. Trust in the gifts and skills that he placed in you. Never step on others while building to the top, and always remember that there is enough room at the top for us all.” Want to learn more about the “Premiere Planners Experience” ? Visit:

Debra is also an official sponsor of our “Cupcakes and Conversations” Social Tour!! We are so very excited to have her showcase her expertise on our event décor, and proud to announce her as a sponsor!

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