The Cupcakes & Conversations Social Tour

Boss Up Magazine invites you to the amazing Cupcakes & Conversations Social Tour! The Cupcakes & Conversations Social Tour brings business minded individuals together, provides a safe haven for business transparency, and makes networking the event priority – all in one place.

Cupcakes & Conversations was created to give emerging entrepreneurs a safe haven to network and be transparent. This social event caters to 50 guests – and provides a platform for entrepreneurs to be open about their wins, loses, and overall experiences of owning a business or brand!

Our popular social tour was started in 2019 on the East Coast, and has toured the following locations:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Wilmington, DE
  • New York, NY
  • Detroit, MI
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Chicago, IL
  • Atlanta, GA

Join the conversation for a speaker panel, knowledge & transparency, laughs, vendors, cupcakes, refreshments, and more! This is a phenomenal experience that you surely don’t want to miss!,

Next City Announcement Coming Soon!

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“Cupcakes & Conversations is such a great experience. I’ve attended one, spoken at one, and was the social media correspondent at another. Obviously something keeps me coming back! Each time I’ve attended an event I’ve walked away with new connections and more knowledge than I arrived with. Twanita always has excellent speakers that work in a variety of businesses so they offer different perspectives. It’s nice that we also get time to network at the end of the panel because that’s how connections are truly made. I would definitely encourage anyone who’s thinking of attending to do so. You won’t regret it.”  – Nyemade Boiwu Nyemade B. | Speaker Panelist & Event Attendee – Delaware, New York, & Baltimore Editions | IG: @thatafricanbutterfly.

“I attended cupcakes and conversations in Delaware and the entire event was amazing! It was a joy to be surrounded by women in business and aspiring to peruse and work towards starting their own businesses. This event left me empowered and inspired to continue to push through and to also grow and master what I am working on. Thank you to the founder for starting these conversations and have an outlet for women and men to be apart of. I also was a panelist at the Philadelphia cupcakes and conversation and it was amazing to sit on a panel with women that have been in business longer then myself that I could also learn and gain knowledge from. It was also encouraging from the audience to be excited and wanting to learn more about me and producing children’s books..” Tanisha C. | Speaker Panelist & Event Attendee – Philadelphia & Delaware Editions | IG: @authorms.chambers.

“The Cupcakes & Conversation tour was a great experience! It’s was good to see other women discuss their businesses and all that came with being business owners. The panel of awesome women discussed how they got into business and everything that came along with it. They were very transparent and even discussed their hardships with being business owners and their fears! This tour is beneficial to all women in business and it proves that we all go through the same things when it comes to trying to make our businesses flourish. I highly recommend this tour to all women in business!.” Natalie F. | Event Attendee – Philadelphia Edition | IG: @soiree.est2018.

“Omg! I can not say enough positive things about Boss Up Mag and their Cupcakes and Conversations Tour. -Every event I ever been to with Boss Up involved has SUPER informative and relaxing atmosphere. -Being apart of their Cupcakes & Convo panel was a true blessing! It’s an honest and authentic space where women can be REAL about business. I openly talked about my fails aka lessons, so the next women doesn’t have to waste her time with mistakes we’ve already made. Also, the fact that Boss Up look for local busineeses to represent at their events shows how in tune they are with business and how different regions or cities have different economic needs.” Alicia W. | Speaker Panelist – Baltimore Edition | IG: @ladyblue1626.

“The event was well put together. From the decor to the cute and tasty samples from one of the entrepreneur promoting her business. All the panelist were all beautiful strong black women talking about their businesses, and giving very useful tips and information on starting a business and their reasoning behind their business.   The host of the event is also a strong black beautiful woman, promoting all the businesses and her brand as well the cupcakes event.” Sasha O. | Event Attendee – Philadelphia Edition | IG: @sasha1fierce.

“Cupcakes and Conversations is a great event. It’s a place to connect entrepreneurs, network, and build relationships. It allows you to come together and be in the space of like minded individuals!.” Ashley L. | Event Attendee & Speaker Panelist – Philadelphia & New York Edition | IG: @alowe03.

“Woman groups or clubs were generally established to support woman rights transform define and shape things that affected women or excluded woman. Cupcakes and conversations open the door and helped woman be open about oneself and aspirations. You were able to identify other woman that could support and encourage. Through networking. A woman’s dream and aspirations is a creation suited for her taste like creating a cupcake its personal and the end result when complete is a dessert to enjoy.” Chivalier S. | Event Attendee – Philadelphia Edition.

“I thought that the event was great! The host Jennifer was communicative from the moment that I agreed to be a panelist through the end of the event when she thanked me for my participation. I loved that the event was held in the library and that finding parking wasn’t an issue. I enjoyed the other panelists and learned a lot from them. It was evident that a lot of thought and care was put into this event, from the on-site photographer, to the way that the tables and chairs were setup, to the backdrop, to the amazing cupcakes! I absolutely plan to attend any future events in Baltimore.” Jada H. | Speaker Panelist – Baltimore Edition | IG: @jadetheserpent.

“Cupcakes & Conversations is an amazing event for all entrepreneurs. It gives them the chance to share their story and inspire others on their journey. Networking is a key component of building any business and Cupcakes & Conversation lays the foundation for that to happen. I would encourage anyone that is even slightly considering starting their own business to attend this inspiring event. Don’t miss out!.” Destiny T. | Speaker Panelist, Event Host, & Event Attendee – Philadelphia, Delaware, New York, and Detroit Editions | IG: @flyygirlmodel.

Press play to listen !! – Latasha B. | Speaker Panelist | Philadelphia Edition | IG: @iamlabailey