Cupcakes & Conversations Recap

Cupcakes and Conversations: Delaware

by Kiera Sweden


On Saturday, July 20th, I had the opportunity to attend Boss Up Magazine’s Social Event – Cupcakes and Conversations! This event took place in Wilmington, Delaware and was nothing short of amazing!

This event was hosted by Boss Up Magazine and sponsored by Tanisha Chambers! Tanisha Chambers provides positive representation to young black girls, through the books that she writes. Not only did this event have some great conversations, it also had a pool party attached, which was hosted by Flyy Girl Adventures! Flyy Girl Adventures is all about empowerment, travel, fun, and making sure you’re having nothing short of an amazing flyy experience!!

The main topic of this event was learning to befriend the balance of business and pleasure. After a very inspirational conversation, the group shifted over to a Fly Girl meet-up at the pool. During this eye-opening event, I stayed at the edge of my seat through the entire conversation.

It was so incredible how every woman present opened up about what their weaknesses were with entrepreneurship, as well as shared their strong suits. These women felt the warm embrace of an entire community, just by being there. Many of these ladies shared incredible resources and gems that they have learned over experiences, an it truly was a glorious sight to see.


There are so many takeaways that I’ve put in my bag, after hearing boundless wisdom at the amazing Cupcakes and Conversations event. After talking about everything from starting your own business, to learning that everyone even just as a person is a business and has a brand in itself – I truly feel that my life will.


The upmost important take away for me personally was hearing a female entrepreneur powerhouse tell me that it is okay to cut the rope, with individuals who don’t see the vision. You need a team beside you that not only understands where you come from, but who also can see where you’re going mentally.

This event was one for the books, but there will also be more coming up. Don’t miss out! The next Cupcakes and Conversations will be held in New York, NY on November 9th.

Hope to see you at the next conversation!

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