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Are you looking to get your business rebranded, but don’t know who to turn to? Interested in being a Publicist, but need a few pointers?  Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Narcisse James! Representing Baton Rouge, LA, Narcisse is currently a Publicist, Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, and Owner of the company Coffee x Hustle ! With her children being her daily motivation, her grind never stops! (SUPER BOSS!)

“There have been so many times that I wanted to give up, but my kids kept me going. I want them to look at my hustle in admiration. I want them to see me go after everything I want in life and have that inspire them to pursue their own passions. I used to be so shy at events and terrible at networking, I’d leave without handing out one business card. I started writing my kids’ names on sticky notes and putting it on my stack of cards. It’s a little reminder that if I don’t show up for my brand then my babies won’t eat.”


So what is Coffee x Hustle? Created in 2015, Coffee x Hustle, is a creative agency that specializes in brand strategy and design for grinders, goal getters and game changers in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. (BBOM!) Coffee x Hustle has a team of passion-driven brand storytellers and creative media communicators, who brainstorm ways to communicate your brand’s message effectively and increase visibility. Other services include brand development and management, event activation and creative direction.

What started Narcisse into her journey? In 2014, Narcisse became interested in being a publicist, after the death of her Father. Narcisse tells us that that she dropped out of hair school and her college Marketing program. Though being a Publicist wasn’t always her passion, she always knew that she wanted a career that allowed her to be creative, make important business decisions, and have a corner office! (BOSS STATUS!)  So how does one become a Publicist? Narcisse tells us that typically a bachelor’s degree is needed in Public Relations, Communications or Journalism. Luckily for Narcisse, she was fortunate enough to intern at some amazing companies and build relationships, that has gotten her to where she is today. Narcisse tells us that many people are unaware that she is currently in school, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications at Full Sail University.

“I wanted nothing more in life but to make something out of myself, to make my dad proud, and prove to myself that I wasn’t a failure. I started researching careers and ran across public relations and the more I researched the more interested I became. I started creating my own lane in the industry before even enrolling online.”

For Narcisse, the beginning stages of her building her company, she experienced a few challenges, that she soon overcame!  In the beginning, Narcisse felt her company would quickly be successful, as she felt she was well prepared!


“I had the logo, website, business cards, etc. I just knew it would work but long story short, it didn’t. It didn’t work because I wasn’t showing up for my brand like I was showing up for that 9-5. I was sitting there waiting for people to show up to support a business that they didn’t know existed.”

Narcisse decided to become a mail carrier, for more financial stability, and worked on her agency on the side. Narcisse did not give up, as she knew her company’s success would not happen overnight.  Narcisse tells us that she began to learn more and more about her craft and operating a business, which helped her grow professionally and personally.

“When panic attacks begin to take over every time I tried to clock in, I knew it was time to make change in my life. I resigned on my birthday, put my all into Coffee x Hustle and it started growing like wildfire. After 2 years of delivering mail, I quit my job and, in a sense, I’m still serving as a middleman in communications.”

CoffeexHustlelogoI feel like you find your passion when you’re comfortable doing it for free. I’m not saying that you should work for free, but when you can do a job simply because it sets your soul on fire, that’s the one! That’s how I feel about what I do, the money isn’t why I work in public relations, I chose this industry because I love the job.  When you find something you can’t stop dreaming about, you have to go after it even if you don’t have the money or means to at the time. Get creative, find a mentor and/or an internship, work hard and don’t stop until you find a way to make it happen!”

Make sure you keep up with Narcisse, as she was featured and recognized in the Huffington Post, as one of the Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Narcisse is also currently planning for a co-working event in Baton Rouge, LA.  Also, Narcisse tells us that more importantly, the best project she could ever work on is herself.

“I’m always working on ways to better myself and my business, so that I may better serve.”


If you’re interested in being a Publicist or having your own marketing company, Narcisse has the following advice,

“Jumpstarting my company, I feel that I was my biggest hindrance. I was my own biggest critic and a perfectionist. I had to stop thinking about what could go wrong and start focusing on all that could go right. It was very intimidating but when God starts making you uncomfortable you have to make a change and bet on yourself.

You can’t shut down when someone tells you no, whether it be a prospective client or a journalist, you’ll never make it. You have to trust the process and understand that a “no” today, may not be a “no” tomorrow. You have to keep pushing and start creating your own opportunities.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to do something, it’ll never get done! Even if you don’t know how to do it, go out and do it anyway. Google is free! If I would have known back then that it’s okay to make mistakes I would be a lot further in my career. It’s better to live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”.

When people see how much you believe in your brand they’ll start investing in it. Don’t be afraid to network on and offline, you have to build and foster meaningful relationships if you want to succeed in this industry. Also, move with intention and always operate on faith. Don’t make any decisions in your business or life without first consulting with God!”

Be sure to follow Narcisse and her company Coffee x Hustle via all social media at:

@narcissejames & @coffeexhustle

Narcisse has these final words for our readers:

“Plan everything out! I’m sure you’ve probably heard that “failing to plan is planning to fail” that statement is so true. The problem is a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs get frustrated, discouraged and/or overwhelmed while planning, and never execute their amazing ideas. I’ve been there, I can write a book about it, it’s not fun. You have to think big and start small. When I started assigning action to my goals, I started seeing things come to fruition.”


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