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Meet Chef Marlene Coles! Chef Marlene is from Claymont, Delaware and is a Chef and Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café.  Keeping God first in everything that she does is her daily motivation , as well as moving forward and not looking back ! (BOSS STATS!)

So what got Marlene interested in being a Chef? Marlene tell us that initially, she became interested in becoming a chef simply by coming to the realization that she actually loved to cook. Though Marlene’s first passion was a becoming a Nurse and Educator, that did not stop her joy for cooking!


“It is my desire to learn the proper techniques, in order to be consistent with each meal. Therefore, I enrolled in school to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef.”

In the beginning of her career, Marlene was challenged with working a full-time job and taking care of her father, while trying to attend school.  However, that did not stop her! Marlene attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she graduated with honors.

“There were days I wanted to give up, but I persevered with the help of God.”


Marlene’s most popular dish “Seafood Pot Pie” is a homemade pot pie with various Seafood items such as langoustine, shrimp, and lump crab meat in a luscious creamy filling baiting of golden brown flaky crust. (YUMMY!!!)  Marlene got her first big break as a Chef, when she hosted a Christmas breakfast for Comcast in Center City Philadelphia – and she was ecstatic! (NIICCEEE!) Though the “Seafood Pot Pie” is Marlene’s specialty, she enjoys cooking South African Cuisine.

“It’s very eclectic and culturally diverse it allows me draw from many cultures.”


Though she currently has an in-home Café, her ultimate goal is to open her own brick and mortar Cafe.  Marlene tells us that she has cooked with Chef Masaharu Morimots, but says that Sunny Anderson is a Chef she admires most!

“I admire her because she’s a young female chef an example, but those aspiring to become chefs.”

Make sure you keep up with Marlene as she periodically teaches cooking lessons. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives lessons as well! (BOOM!) Not only is Marlene a Chef, but she is also an Author of a poetry book called Destined to Fly. 

If you’re interested in having Chef Marlene cater your next event, you can book her via Facebook at: Chef Marlene’s Cafe

If you’re interested in Meal Prep, you can contact Marlene via email:

You can also follow Marlene via:

Facebook: Chef Marlene’s Table

Instagram: Chefmar

YouTube: Chef Marlene Coles


If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Marlene has the following advice:

“My advice to anyone Desiring to become a chef would be to do your research regarding culinary schools to make sure it’s the correct fit for you. Make sure that food and people are your passion. If becoming a chef is your desire never ever give up on your dream.”

Marlene has these final words for our readers,

“It is my desire to be the best chef that I can be. My #1 motto is “Prepared with Passion and I Deliver with Pride”


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