Fashion House

Meet Monique Griffin! She is the CEO of @Fashionhouseus, representing Tampa, FL! @Fashionhouseus provides trendy clothing and accessories for women. It is great for any occasion, as well as offers affordable prices and fast delivery! CEO Quote: “Staying focused on what I’m doing has kept me grounded in my business. I don’t try to copy orContinue reading “Fashion House”

Tyler Holmes

Meet Tyler C. Holmes! The Travel Vlogger representing Chicago, IL! @tylercollins01 is an adventurous go-getter that gives her audience a thorough perspective of traveling to countries, from a black millennial woman’s perspective. Not only that, but she creates travel diaries full of reviews on various restaurants, museums, the Bayram festival, and general vlogging. So whatContinue reading “Tyler Holmes”

Debra Taylor

Meet Debra Taylor! She is the CEO of @premiereplannersexperience – representing Queens, NY! The “Premiere Planners Experience” offers event planning, business building, conferences, mentoring program, contract bundles, and more – which is perfect for anyone in the event industry. CEO Quote: “I want to see people in the position to own their own business, andContinue reading “Debra Taylor”