The Boss Lady Collection

The Boss Lady Collection



If you’re looking for jewelry that is fashionable and will turns heads, look no further than The Boss Lady Collection. Owned by Valerie Brown, The Boss Lady Collection is full of affordable and statement fashionable jewelry – regardless of the occasion. Whether you need jewelry for business or pleasure, The Boss Lady Collection is the perfect go to for your needs!


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Indigenouz Royalty

Indigenouz Royalty



If you’re looking for some amazing tees and apparel that look good and make statements – look no further than Indigenouz Royalty! Founded by Danielle & Edward Humes III, Indigenouz Royalty is all about the cultural influence and history of African Americans!  Their tees and apparel are super dope and has been created to spark the subconscious mind!

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Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Located at: & Philadelphia, PA

“Own Your Vision and flesh out your dreams”

Meet Vonée Hill – Owner of Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.  Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. is a public speaking company that caters to youth empowerment & aspiring female entrepreneurs. Vonée is also the Founder and Executive Director of Hearts Of Gold Mentoring, PA, which services young ladies ages 8-18. Vonée is a TRUE BOSS and has a true passion for developing an at-risk population of youth, into young adults who have beat the odds. (BOOM!)

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Chef Marlene’s Cafe

Chef Marlene’s Café

Located at: Claymont, Delaware


Meet Chef Marlene Coles – Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café! Known for its infamous “Chicken Under a Brick”, Chef Marlene’s Café serves full four course meals by reservation only.  Chef Marlene also provides meal plan preparation for those with a busy life style, along with cooking lessons for those desiring to learn how to prepare a meal. (BOOM!!)

“Prepared with Passion Delivered with Pride”

Ready to place your order?? Chef Marlene’s Café is currently offering:

>> Schedule Dinner Reservation for (2) GET 15% OF MEAL (Book via FB)

>> Meal Prep Plan buy 4 Meals get (1) meal free (Email:

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Danielle Batiste-Bond

Danielle Batiste-Bond

Located at:

Amazon Best Seller

Cryin Out

Meet Danielle Batiste-Bond – An Author and Owner of SG Enterpirse LLC. Danielle has written the books: “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” & “Let Go My Glucose.”

“Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” is Danielle’s first book and talks about a six month struggle she goes through with her son, who has severe separation anxiety and doesn’t know how to manage his emotions while his dad was deployed to Afghanistan.

“Let Go My Glucose” is Danielle’s second book that talks about her everyday life with diabetes.

Be sure to keep up with Danielle and her books, as her first book “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” is currently being shopped to be turned into a movie!! (BOOM!)

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Urban Style Glam

Urban Style Glam

Located at:


Meet Keisha! – The owner of Urban Style Glam! Urban Style Glam is an online boutique that sells jewelry and accessories for men and women. Their mission is to change the mindset by paying-it-forward with a compliment. A portion of Urban Style Glam sales goes towards their non-profit “Accessorize Your Beauty” movement, which was created in June of 2017.  Through donations, they are able to keep this movement going and donate to other non-profit organizations as a token of love, motivation, and to support their mission.

USG Promo pic 2

“We gift our customers that make a purchase from Urban Style Glam (and sometimes random people) a motivational card and necklace. We encourage the recipient to pay-it-forward by gifting the free motivational card and necklace to a random person with a compliment. We believe positive vibes are contagious and you never know how giving a person a compliment can change their day.”

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#AccessorizeYourBeauty with #UrbanStyleGlam

#Jewelry #Accessories


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Urban Style Glam is currently giving customers who make purchases over $30, a free motivational card and necklace from their non-profit organization “Accessorize Your Beauty”. (BOOM!!)

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Conscious Clothing Company

Conscious Clothing Company

Located at: & Baltimore, MD.

Meet the Peaceful Warrior – Owner of Conscious Clothing Company!!! Conscious Clothing Company is a clothing line that has featured colors, design, and artwork that mirrors the art and heart of the Ancient Egyptians. Guess what? You can now get 15% off your first purchase! (BOOM!)

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“All is mental. If you can think it, you can do it.”

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#Africa #AncientEgypt #KingsAndQueens

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Located at:

Meet Latasha Bailey – Creator of Successher! Successher  is a Womens Business Directory and Network, that specializes in helping women based businesses and professional women grow. The network consists of all types of women, who are determined to be successful in all areas of business. (BOOM!)

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Twitter: @successher2



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Pretty Honest Candles

Pretty Honest Candles

Located at:


Are you a candle fanatic? Looking to keep your home smelling amazing? Check out Pretty Honest Candles! Pretty Honest Candles are all natural soy candles in over 20 scents. They are hand poured in Charlotte to ensure each one is unique for you! All candles are non-toxic, vegan, with 100% cotton wicks. (BOOM!)

Keep it pretty. Keep it honest.


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Sensationally Nappy

Sensationally Nappy

Located at:


Meet Lori Scott – The Owner of Sensationally Nappy! Sensationally Nappy celebrates the natural hair movement with creative, unique, and custom made tees! Lori’s “The Natural Queen” tee is a popular tee that is loved by many! Make sure you check out Lori’s store at, and purchase your tee today! Use the code #Queen to get 30% of your total purchase! (BOOM!)

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Twitter: Sensationally Nappy || Black Hair Rocks! || Supa Soul Sista

Instagram: Sensationally_Nappy

Google+: Sensationally Nappy

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Zuri and The Monster

Zuri and The Monster

Located at:

Check Out This Amazing Children’s Book:  “Zuri and The Monster”

Meet Tanisha Chambers – The Author of an amazing children’s book called Zuri and The Monster! Learn More About Tanisha And Her Book By Reading Her Official Feature! (Click Here)

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Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents

Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents

Located at:


Meet Tiffany Riley – the Owner of Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents and an Independent Consultant for Pink Zebra Home Scents! Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents has been in business since September of 2016 and has taken off since then. (BOSS STATUS) Tiffany offers a variety of products to scent your home and car with,  such as soy wax sprinkles, warmers, and much more.

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