Tomekia Y. Luckett



Meet Tomekia Y. Luckett, PhD, RN! The Certified Life Coach, Assistant Professor of Nursing, & Owner – CEO of Dr. Tomekia Yvette Enterprises LLC, representing Summit, MS! With serving God while living a purpose filled life as her motivation, Tomekia is making some major boss moves!

Though being an Author was not her passion, she says that there was a need to share her story.

“For years, I had people tell me that I should share my story of how I overcame poverty, rejection and becoming a single mother of triplets at the age of 20. God really prompted me this year to go ahead and share my stories.”

To date, Tomekia has written the following three books, which were written in 30 days and were written to help anyone looking for inspiration and motivation:

3D COVER (2)

  1. Finding purpose in the pain: A journey of pain, healing and purpose

“Finding purpose in the pain, is a triumphant journey of how I overcame challenges to include: poverty, rejection and becoming a single mother of triplets at the age of 20. I was able to pursue education, and eventually earned a PhD in nursing leadership. I looked for love in all the wrong places and finally found the love I was looking for in God.”



  1. Welcome to Nursing: A prayer and devotional for new nurses
  2. A nurse’s touch : A prayer and devotional for nurses

“The two nursing devotionals are designed for nurses, to assist in managing the challenges of a nursing career while receiving positive affirmations and prayers.”

For Tomekia, her greatest challenge for publishing her books were overcoming herself! She knew it was something God wanted her to do, but she was scared and embarrassed by parts of her story.

“When I first saw my own work in print, I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. I believe my books will inspire others to go for their goals, and believe that with God all things are possible”


Being an Author isn’t Tomekia’s only talent, as she is also a Public Speaker. Her public speaking career begin in her church and then turned into a career. Tomekia has spoken at over 100+ events, with topics being on Godly principles, women’s and men’s health, cardiovascular disease, love and relationships, and domestic violence.

So how did Tomekia get her first big break at Public Speaking? Tomekia tells us that she was invited to speak at a church and share her journey of becoming a nurse, when her triplets were small.

“Though I am quite shy, I knew God  wanted me to speak and share my story including the pain I have endured.”

Tomekia also has an organization called “Dr. Tomekia Yvette Enterprises LLC,” which is a coaching and empowerment brand designed for persons needing direction with goals in life, love and career.  Its purpose is to inspire and empower others to discover their God-given purpose and achieve their dreams! Dr. Tomekia’s personal mission is to help others awaken their inner dreamer, and maximize their God-given potential.  She believes each of us has a unique purpose with greatness inside of us.



“My ultimate goal is to continue building her brand while inspiring and empowering others to go for their goals. She believes she am getting there, but there is always room for improvement.”




32327896_10211736840393260_4697381426415271936_n (1)If you are an Entrepreneur on the rise, Tomekia has the following advice,

“Don’t let fear stop you from going for your goals. You can do whatever you believe you can do! I wish I would have known to make each moment count. Savor each moment, and take time to relish in success.”

Make sure you follow Tomekia via social media:

Facebook: Dr. Tomekia the purpose doctor, inspiration empowerment and wisdom

Instagram: drtomekia_mysnurse

Leslie Crawford

Meet Leslie Crawford – An amazing full-time Entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD! Leslie is not only a super dope Entrepreneur, but she wears many hats of entrepreneurship such as an Author, Speaker, and the Creator of the campaign – “I Choose Me.”

Leslie is an Urban Fiction Author, whose books are geared towards women. Although she never had the desire to write a book, Leslie considers herself a big reader that loves reading Urban Fiction books. One day she asked herself if she could write a book, and while on vacation she began writing. Though it took about two years to finish her book, Leslie says that’s how she came about writing her very first book – which made her fall in love with writing.


“I wanted to be a different Urban Fiction Author. I didn’t want to talk about the killing, drugs dealing etc. I wanted to talk about the issues we as women go through in life. I wanted to entertain but teach a lesson. At the end the reader can say – I know that woman or that woman is me. Not to be ashamed about it but to get help. My goal is to open their eyes to what they’re suffering from. When a woman reads my book, my goal is for her to take a look in the mirror and ask herself if she is that woman in the book. From my readers – I have been told even if the woman in the book was not her, she can still relate because they know someone like her. I had a reader email me and say my book “But He Loves Me” helped her walk away from a verbal and mental abusive marriage. That meant everything to me.”

To date, Leslie has written the following books:

1. Forbidden Fruit

2. Forbidden Fruit 2: The Aftertaste.

A book series about a teenager that grew up in a wealthy household but always had the desire to live the life of what she saw on reality TV. Her parents only desire was to shower their daughter with gifts, vacations, etc. they soon learned money can’t raise your kids.

3. Coach Mom (co-authored with her son)

A children’s book about a kid that was angry because his mom coached his soccer team one year. He attempted to sabotage the team because he wanted his mom to quit, he didn’t believe women should coach a sport like soccer. He soon learned about team work, friendship, and respect.


4. But He Loves Me.

A story about a successful woman that had everything, money, good career, good friends and family but she was lacking one thing; self-esteem. Not knowing or believing she would ever lack self-esteem because she covered it up with materialistic things, she meets a man that changes her life. From physical, mental, emotional, financial, verbal, and sexual abuse; he revealed to her that even women with it all lack something they tend to hide because they’re ashamed.


“When my book was first printed, I received the copy in the mail and I cried. I was excited because writing was not my career choice. I went to school for Business and didn’t start writing until I turned 27.”

LC-Leslie-Crawford-3 (1)

For her first book, Leslie encountered the problem of getting published, as she was turned down from various publishing companies. Although she didn’t know too much about self-publishing. Leslie says that she decided to turn to self-publishing, due to someone mentioning it to her. Outside of her publishing challenges, she also encountered writers block – which is why she states she needs to be in the right mental space to write books. Leslie tells us that each book took its own time for completion and publishing. Publishing for “But He Loves Me” took six months, while the others took over a year. For Leslie, it really depends on what she else she has going on. Currently, Leslie is working on a book that she has been working on for nine months – which she has hasn’t been able to finish due to the state of mental space needed to do so.

“I have to be in a certain mood in order to finish it. I never rush the process because I want it to be great when it’s done.”

To make sure that others aren’t struggling with issues of publishing, Leslie has her own company called “Exposed Books Publishing and “When Children Write,” which focuses on coaching children how to write and publish their own books! (NICCEE!)

“When Children Write” will also be creating a virtual book club and more in 2019 to encourage more children to read and write. To learn more please visit

Exposed Books Publishing is her coaching and consulting company where she help women go through the process of publishing their own book and create a lucrative income. Since she was looked down on for leaving her 9-5 as a single mom to be self-employed, Leslie started helping other moms live out their dream of building a career with writing.

Not only is Leslie a phenomenal Author – she is a Public Speaker and Creator of the campaign – “I Choose Me.” – which is about empowering and helping women realize their worth. Although it wasn’t her passion, public speaking for Leslie was natural for her, as she knew she had something to say and wanted to share it – with young women especially. Leslie received her first big break as a Public Speaker with the encouragement of her Business Coach. Her Business Coach encouraged her to start going live on social media and make declarations to God. Leslie says that she started her declarations and going live, and from one live posting on her Facebook – a student at John Hopkins University asked her to come and speak at their Feminist group.

“I knew at that engagement my target audience was women ranging from 18-25. From hearing those women talk about their struggles at that event, I knew more women needed to hear from me.”

From that experience, she launched her “I Choose Me” college tour. Leslie speaks about women having self-love before trying to love someone else, and speaks to women ages 18-25, as she feels she is able to gain their attention at an early age. Since February of 2018, Leslie has spoken at three events so far, and has launched her college tour. She has opened her calendar for the remaining of 2018 and 2019, and is currently seeking more events to speak at for women. All though she has started her college tour, Leslie is seeking speaking engagements from organizations that cater to women empowerment.

Snapseed (9)

“I Choose Me” is my motivational speaking topic, where I speak to young adult women about choosing themselves first before entering into a relationship. Knowing when to walk away from a toxic relationship and creating self-love before you seek love from others. I always felt like I wasn’t pretty as other women. I thought I always needed to be in a relationship to feel good about myself. For five years, I was with someone and during that time my insecurities came to life. My self-esteem was even lower, I dealt with depression, and stayed in a relationship just because I was afraid to be alone. After that relationship was over I continued to deal with the same issues. It wasn’t until 2017 that I begin to take a deeper look at my life. I stepped away from dating and started to see the root of my problem. It was me. I started seeking God more. It started with a selfie and when I posted it, I used the hashtag “I Choose Me.” From that point on I created this campaign to let women know, they don’t have to remain in a relationship just because. Choose yourself first and love you before you expect someone else to love you.”

So what is the inspiration behind her campaign? As a teenager, she dealt with self-esteem issues, and as an adult she continues to deal with those same issues. Leslie tells us that she has been very transparent on social media when speaking about issues she went through – as women relate more when you’re open and honest.

DSC_1037leslie - Copy

“My campaign was made to support women, as most of the time people aren’t transparent about real issues. They talk about self-esteem but they either never experienced it or they don’t tell their story. I couldn’t be afraid to tell my audience what happened to me. I was verbally, mentally, emotionally, and financially abused. These are the types of abuse no one really talks about. – I am open and honest.”

Leslie tells women to trust their instincts when they see the warning signs of a toxic relationship, and to know who you are before getting into a relationship.

“Don’t expect a man to love you if you don’t love yourself. My overall topic surrounds self-love and self-care. These topics were selected because I’ve been there. I have dealt with all of these items. There are some days when I still want to be in a relationship but I know opening my life to just anyone will not be beneficial to me.”

Ultimately, Leslie wants at least one woman to tell her that she helped her love herself more or that she helped her get out of that toxic relationship.

Interested in supporting Leslie’s campaign? Share and visit her new blog You can do so by sharing her campaign to bring more awareness to this issue.

“A few years ago I said I wanted to start speaking, but I never had anything to talk about. I waited on God. I wish I would have known that I needed to put God in every part of my business. Once I started involving God in every part, things became better. After going through my previous relationship and discovering myself, I believe that’s when God released me to speak. God knew before I didn’t have anything to say. Despite going through five years of hurt, I knew I had to share my experience to help the next woman. I should have surrendered my business over to him a long time ago.”


IMG_0368 (1)

If you’re interested in being an Author or Public Speaker, Leslie has the following advice,

“As an author, stick with what you know. Don’t try to write about something that you have no knowledge on. Be true to who you are. When it comes to public speaking you have to constantly practice. Don’t try to speak because you see everyone else doing it. You have to genuinely care about your topic. Your audience will be able to tell if you’re speaking just because or if you’re speaking because it’s your passion.”


If you’re interested in purchasing Leslie’s books, you can purchase them via Amazon, with autographed copies available via Be sure to keep up with Leslie’s work, as she will be releasing her next book “What They Didn’t Know” in 2019!

Make sure you’re following Leslie via social media at:

Facebook: Leslie Crawford & Author Leslie Crawford.

Instagram: @Author_Leslie & @When_Children_Write.

Twitter: @Author_Leslie

Leslie has these final words for our readers:

“I believe everyone should live out their dream. Go after what you want, but make sure you’re passionate about it. Place God in every part of your life and/or business. As a woman – know who you are and your worth before expecting someone else to.”

The Nurse Coach and Consultant

Meet Michelle Rhodes! A Nurse Business Consultant from Tampa, FL – who is making some serious BOSS MOVES! Michelle is motivated by her Mother’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a nurse! This same motivation plays a factor of her writing a book!

“I decided to write my book to help nurses transition from bedside to boss!”

Michelle is a Masters prepared Nurse, VA Certified Mentor and Wellcoaches Health Coaching graduate. Michelle’s book “RNTERPRISE: Take your Nursing Knowledge and Emerge with an Entrepreneurial Passion in 90 Days” – provides the business basics to help lay the foundation of a Nurse/Healthcare Professional Owned business.
With her background being in health care, it’s no wonder that her book is
geared towards Health Care Professionals!

“My book only took me 4 months to publish, and seeing it in print was a dream come true! I wanted to empower the healthcare worker to know that they have the skills needed to become an awesome business owner. This book has changed my life, and little did I know that this book was much needed!”

Michelle began writing her book in January of 2017 and was able to self-publish it in May of 2017! (AMAZING!!!) With her having an amazing book coach, it’s no question that her journey was short lived! To date, Michelle has sold over 500 copies of her book and has also co-authored 3 consecutive books since her first one! (BOSS STATUS!)

Though Michelle is planning to take a break from writing books, she does however have a small coaching group of 10 Nurses that she is coaching as an Anthology project! Make sure you keep up with Michelle as she has a Holiday Empowerment Brunch coming up in December, which will be located in Tampa, FL. Also, Michelle will be Michelle will be cruising and launching her 10 Nurse Authors to Jamaica! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Michelle’s book, you can do so via, and you connect with her at

Writing book isn’t Michelle’s only passion, as she is also a public speaker! With her topics of focus being Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and health and wellness of the black woman – Michelle is very passionate about public speaking and feels these topics embodies her.

“I ‘grew’ into public speaking as I realized people enjoyed the encouraging words that I spoke into their lives. My love for teaching, leading workshops over the years got me into public speaking. I joined Toastmasters and the rest was history.”

To date, Michelle has speaks at 4 events annually and currently does one paid speaking gig per quarter and it is growing. Along with her many talents, Michelle also offers Consulting with governmental organizations and corporations. Though her ultimate goal is to ger her programs into Nursing schools, Michelle feels that she is just getting started!

If you’re an entrepreneur on the rise, Michelle has the following advice,

“Consistency, serving, and fresh offerings.” “I wish I would have known how important coaches were, when I began my career. I attribute the bulk of my success toward their support.”

Make sure you keep up with Michelle and her journey via social media:

Instagram & Facebook: @michellerhodesonline

Twitter: @michelleronline

Michelle has these final words for our readers:

Never underestimate the power of a goal and execution!

Author Untamed

Do you love reading?! Looking for some mind blowing literature? Meet the talented Kreceda Tyler – better known as Author Untamed!

Author Untamed is originally from Albany, GA, but now resides in Augusta, GA. Author Untamed is an Author and Owner of her own publishing services company, Untamed Publishing. Untamed Publishing assists the independent and self-published author with affordable services, that are needed to publish their books. They also offer services such as editing, proofreading, synopsis writing, and even book trailers and promotional items with excellent quality at great rates. (SUPER BOSS!)


“As an author, I go by the pseudonym of Untamed (I’m also known as Author Untamed, the “author” tag gets placed in front often so it sticks, lol). I chose the name because as I came into my own with writing, I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid to hold back in my writing or stick to one particular genre. With that mindset, the word “Untamed” came to me and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

“I believe anything that you are passionate about is Heaven sent. Without question, my husband and children are a blessing from on high just as my gift for writing. So my family and writing fuel me daily because both my family and my gift force me to be a better version of myself than I was last year, last month, last week or even the day before. They force my growth, maturity, patience, nurturing and love.”

So what sparked Author Untamed to write her first book? Author Untamed tells us that writing is something that she’s TRIED to leave alone, but couldn’t.

“In the infamous words of Tyler Perry, “You know when something is meant for you, when you try to leave it alone, but it won’t leave you alone.” I’ve written since I was 13 years old, for pleasure and leisure. However, there was a time period where I didn’t write at all. Once I felt that nagging spirit to pick up the pen again, the feeling was different. I wanted to write for leisure, but there was this yearning within me to go further. Looking back, I feel as though by that time in my life, I had overcome some unfathomable obstacles, and it was my time to give the world a piece of me to help others. Ultimately, that’s what our gifts are to be used for.”

As an author that has gone from independently published press to self-published, Author Untamed has written the following books:

1. The View.
2. Before Ever After.

1. The Contract co-authored with author JC.
2. Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso co-authored with author Timeless V.

1. This Side of Heaven- A Poetic Journey of Strength and Survival.

1. Never Again…No More series.
2. King’s Suite The Rise of Pooch Smalls.

King’s Suite is the life story of one of the male characters in the series. This series titles include:
1. Never Again…No More.
2. Never Again…No More 2-Getting Back to Me.
3. Never Again…No More 3- What Goes Around.
4. Game Over-Never Again…No More The Final Chapter.

Never Again…No More was written due to her being a teen mother, as it was her outlet for some of the struggles she encountered with family, her relationship with her child’s father, and being a young mother.

“It was my hope that this book could provide an outlook as to the consequences of our decisions as women and to help young women make wise decisions, as well as to be a comfort to other women who are dealing with the same circumstances.”

Synopsis for Never Again…No More: Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice and Trinity are best friends who all have suffered the perils of teen pregnancy. With their dreams and ambitions on hold, they struggle to find themselves and survive this game called life. Despite their efforts, the decisions they make create more trouble, and the consequences prove to be costlier than they ever could’ve imagined. They’ll learn that to win in life sometimes you have to lose. Journey with these ladies as they try not to fall victim… never again…no more.


“My series is geared towards young women on purpose, because it was a reflection of my own personal experience. However, with my other books, I didn’t write with a particular audience in mind – only for the enjoyment of the reader. While I enjoy reading regardless of the genre, I think that it depends on the preference of the reader. Since my novels do fall into different categories, I am able to touch a variation of audiences. If you like erotica, I got you! If you like urban, I got you! You want a little romance, but not hardcore, I got you! Hence the name, Untamed, right?! My aim is to not be boxed into one writing style for one type of audience and I think that is part of my fuel and growth to be multi-faceted as an author.”

It took Author Untamed a little over a year to write and publish her first book. Author Untamed states that when she first was published, she was under an independent press. Taking the writing portion alone, it took her six months to write her novel, but then she had to find a publisher! Even after self-publishing, Author Untamed says that her average time frame from paper to print was around 6-8 months. (WOW!!) In fact, When Author Untamed first saw her work in print, she tells us that she felt very accomplished!!

“Ah man, I felt every positive emotion possible. I mean the day I received my first book in hand, I felt like I hit the lottery. Although, I’ve never hit the lottery, I’d imagine that’s what it felt like! Mostly, I felt so blessed and accomplished that I put my gift into action and had tangible proof!”

In the beginning, there were a few learning lessons that were learned quickly, but it didn’t stop her from reaching the top! Author Untamed says that if writing/publishing seemed like a headache, the true challenge was after she wrote and published it.

“The hardest challenge is always marketing and promoting. Even if you have a publisher, you still have to do a lot on your own, and you have to be involved in every step of the process to ensure your standards are met because it’s your name. That doesn’t really change with self-publishing, it’s just that you’re now 100 percent responsible for that process.”

Author Untamed tells us that her books impact readers in various ways, but it more so depends on which book they are reading. If readers are reading her series, she believes women will feel empowered and inspired. However, if readers are reading her erotica book, she believes it will make them “feel good!”

“I believe that my book series will create the opportunity for open dialogue and conversations amongst mothers and daughters, that we are afraid and most times, unwilling to have, but that are desperately needed. But now if they are reading the erotica book, I believe they will feel good and maybe try some new things with their partner, lol! And on a serious note, there’s a message in that book as well about valuing your partner and their needs, which I hope resonates with the readers. No matter what they are reading I want them to have a positive, enjoyable and unforgettable reading experience.”

Author Untamed is always in a constant mindset of improving and innovating, so she is constantly looking to set new goals. Author Untamed plans to top the charts with Urban Books/Kensington, and then release other projects that are in the works with the majors. She also wants to expand her publishing services company, and move into television and movies with her series books. (Amazing!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Author Untamed’s books, they are all on paperback and available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and her Untamed Publishing website. Her books are also independently sold through Source of Knowledge Bookstore in New Jersey. (BOOM!) Also, all 4 of the Never Again…No More series eBooks and The View eBook are available on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Oysterbooks, and the Copia. All other books are available in eBook format on Kindle only.

Make sure you keep up with Author Untamed as she is the June Author of the Month on Me Time Book Club’s website and she will be the host of the “Sister Suite Talk” empowerment conference in June, and is working on more books!! (BOOM!) Currently, she is working on part 2 of The Contract, that she co-authored with Author JC. Author Untamed is hoping that they will be able to release that book in late 2018.

Also, with the help of her extraordinary literary agent, Author Untamed has also recently landed a Ghostwriting project deal and she landed a three book major publishing deal with Urban Books/Kensington! This means that her erotica novel, The View and Never Again…No More parts 1 and 2 will be re-packaged and re-released with the majors. (BOSS STATUS!!)

You can also keep up with Author Untamed via:
Facebook: Author Untamed
Instagram: @authoruntamed and @untamedpublishingllc
Twitter: @chazz_untamed and @untamedpub
Goodreads: Author Untamed


If you’re an aspiring author, Author Untamed has the following advice,

“Writing is an art form and it is permanent. If you’re going to delve into it, take it seriously. Your name is forever imprinted on anything you publish so be passionate about it and always be about the business of practicing and perfecting your craft. Also, learn as much as you can about the business. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!”


Author Untamed has these final words for our readers:

“I would just like to express that I am honored for the feature in Boss Up magazine. I truly appreciate the opportunity and for introducing me to new readers. To my current readers, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued support. I hope that all of you will dive into my Untamed Territory and fall in love with a new author! Thank you again Boss Up for this wonderful feature.”


Elona Washington

Representing the DC area, Elona is an Author who works in Marketing Communications, for a global company. With writing being her hustle, selling book and sharing her testimony of child sexual abuse, it’s no wonder why her hustle inspires most!

So what made Elona writer her own book? Elona tells us that she was abused from 5-12, and that for her entire life she was blamed for what her abusers did to her. Elona states that once she fully understood how she was impacted, she wanted to explain and encourage others to get help. (Very Inspiring!)

Elona Washington.BLKWHT

“My daily motivation is to Inspire women to live free from the pain of their past. When we make decisions from a place of pain, we hurt our children, families, careers and ultimately ourselves.”

Elona writes her books to target women seeking to improve their lives, as well as overcome challenges and trauma. Elona has written the following books:

1. From Ivy League To Stripper Life
2. How Divorce Became My Deliverance.
3. Elona has also participated in some anthologies that can be found on Amazon.

From Ivy League to Stripper Life – Get ready to hear the ultimate story of a life turned sideways. Elona talks candidly about why her life spiraled out of control and the lessons she learned along the way. Through childhood memories and true stories from the strip club, Elona offers tips and life lessons every wife, mother and single woman will find useful.

How Divorce Became My Deliverance – This collection of stories is not a tale of woe; they are stories of encouragement for any woman coping with the stigma, heartbreak, and hardship of divorce. Because researchers estimate that marriages have a 50% chance of survival, these women have come together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage, moved past the pain. While some chose to leave and others were left, they all walked the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

“I cried a lot writing my memoir. So many people are cyber bullied for sharing their stories and a part of me was expecting to be harassed; it never happened. My writing style is smart, but I don’t sugar coat nothing because pain ain’t pretty. People are so worried about sharing their hurts, but don’t realize that holding onto the secret is keeping them trapped in shame, guilt, and unresolved anger. SHE FELT THE SAME WAY UNTIL SHE REALIZED pain should be described as is – let readers feel, understand, empathize, and become outraged by it. THAT will inspire them to share their own story, seek healing, or help others. I’ve had survivors reach out and thank me for sharing. They were motivated to finally get help, confront their abuser, or share their story with others by speaking it for the first time or writing their own book.”

It took her 12 weeks for Elona to write her memoir, and she published the anthology in about a month – seeing it in print was the icing on the cake!

“It felt incredible. Aside from my children, I’ve never been prouder.”


Make sure you keep up with Elona, as she is working on more books!! She is also currently looking for people willing to participate in anthologies. Elona also publishs under Memoir Maven Publishing and is looking to publish memoirs, as she recently published a memoir titled Jeannette’s Life Through Ebony’s Eyes. (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

If you’re interested in meeting and greeting Elona, she will be participating in the following events:

1. The ATL AAMBC Awards Show (Atlanta, GA)
June 8th || 7pm -10pm

2. Wine & Words Philly (Philadelphia, PA)
July 28th || She will be speaking on transparency in writing.

 ** If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, you can watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast via iTunes. **

3. Embracing YOU Women’s Conference (Beltsville, MD)
August 25th || She will be giving a workshop.


If you’re interested in purchasing Elona’s books, you can do so via:

You can view/listen to more of Elona via:

SoundCloud: (the podcast is on SoundCloud too)
Purchase books:

You can also follow Elona via:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @elonawashington

Washington Elona 7049534951

If you are an aspiring author, Elona has the following advice,

“There’s a difference between telling your story and telling your business. Whether you decide to do either, be real about it.”

Elona has these final words for our readers:

“I have a new talk show on a local Philly channel called Power From Pain. I’m looking for guests willing to share their stories of triumph. I can be contacted at:”


Shataya Simms

Meet Shataya Simms! Shataya is an Author representing Ardmore, PA, who is motivated daily by her love for creating worlds outside of reality. So what made Shataya write her own book? Shataya tells us that she has always had a love for books and writing.

“I’ve been writing since I was seven. I think then, I subconsciously knew that I wanted to publish a book someday. When I was about 24, I was driving to work and the idea for my first book popped into my head. I didn’t exactly act on it but as the storyline haunted me, I finally sat down to write it. When the series was completed, I didn’t publish it right away. Just kind of sat on it. It wasn’t until a friend of mine inspired me to publish it.”

Shataya’s books are more for women of ages 16 and up. All of her books except “Nyce” are told in first person, from a woman’s point of view. Shataya has written the following books:
1. Living Anonymous
2. Still Anonymous
3. Unveiled
4. Nyce.

The Living Anonymous series is more of a coming of age love story with much drama. Shataya says that she knew that she wanted to tell a story about a girl, who is still on the path of figuring herself out.

“I feel that the best way that anyone can identify in what type of person they are is through relationships with other people. How do they handle themselves when they’re mad or disappointed or when life is simply not going your way. Because you take the journey through the eyes of the main character Aneesah, starting at the age of 9 and watch her develop into a woman. I feel that most women are able to identify because we pretty much all share the same story; we just have different characters and settings.”

nyce full cover ebook

“Nyce” will always be a special project for me. I always wrote first person female and Nyce is first person male. I’ve never written from a man’s point of view so this was very different for me and fun at the same time. My female characters are more reserved and with Nyce I was able to just tell it how it is with no filter. I would write a scene from my point of view as a female and then go back and ask myself “Now, how would a man say it?”

“Because my books’ main focus is relationships—not just a girl meets boy relationship, but relationships with family and friends – people will reflect on the love that they have with the people in their lives, as well as self-love and seeing that we all have weaknesses and flaws, and sometimes life just isn’t fair but you have to take on the challenges and seek help when you need it. It’s okay to fail but it is your choice on whether you’re going to dwell on your failures or get up and swing at life even harder.”

Initially, Shataya started out as self-published Author. As a self-published Author, she was responsible for everything, including the money that was necessary to spend to produce a book. Also, with her being a newbie, she found the process slightly harder because she had to build a following- and a lot of times, people are skeptical about taking a chance on a new author. However, this did not stop Shataya! For Shataya, it only took her a year and a half to write a complete book series, though she didn’t publish it right away. After seeing her work in print – she was completely overjoyed and proud of herself, that she accomplished a goal that she set out to attain!

Unveiled Cover

“It took approximately eight years to publish, due to my fears of failure and just plain old laziness. I am glad that I didn’t release the books when they were completed though. I was 26 when all of my first drafts were completed, and 34 when I became serious about publishing it. I matured as a woman between that time and that allowed me to go back and make corrections to my characters. As I matured, my characters matured as well. As for the writing aspect, the hardest part is piecing together all of my ideas so that it becomes a good story. The main character in the series is in the music world. I wanted to get more into her career but realized that if I added too much, it would have possibly killed the story by becoming boring. I had to learn when something was too much and learn to elaborate when a detail was too little.”


Make sure you keep up with Shataya, as she is currently working on a story that plays off of the Black Lives Matter movement. She also has a children’s book that will be releasing soon under SJ Simms! Shataya plans to continue to write from the heart, and would love to land on the New York Times Best Sellers and/or Oprah’s Book club list, and to become a household name. Shataya also tells us that she would like to see one of her books making it onto the big screen.

You can meet and greet Shataya as the following upcoming events:
556 Book Chicks (Atlanta, GA)
July 14th.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Shataya’s books, you can do so via Amazon or by contacting her directly:

You can follow Shataya via:
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Author Shataya Simms.


If you are an aspiring author, Shataya has the following advice:

“To follow your heart and go with your gut. AND always do your research.”

Shataya has these final words for our readers:

“Ashanti Jumps the Broom; my children’s book that is written under my pen name SJ Simms will be releasing sometime in July. It is about a little girl who finds a magic broom in her Grandmother’s attic and each time she jumps the broom, it takes her back into time where she learns black history prior to slavery.”


Author K. Reshay

Meet K. Reshay! K. Reshay is from Starkville, MS is an Author and Banker. Motivated by her husband and children, K. Reshay says that she always has a push to keep writing!


“I’ve been writing since I was eight. I stumbled on a few paragraphs in 2016 and decided that it was time for me to just go for it. The rest is history.”

K. Reshay has written the following books:

1. Appearances
2. Appearances Too

K. Reshay tells us that her books are part of a three part series, which depicts how far people will go to hide their true selves. With uncertainty of who would enjoy her books, K. Reshay states the she has made her book for the age group of 18-65.

“I was surprised at the different types of people who read them. They were from all walks and different places in their lives.”

Initially, K. Reshay’s challenges were learning the business and time, but that did not stop her from pushing through and reaching the top. It took K.Reshay approximately one year to write her first book, and seeing her work in print made her feel accomplished!

“Working full time had me up late trying to get finished. But when I unwrapped my proof, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt accomplished and proud. It was literally proof that I could do it.”

Currently, K. Reshay has sold approximately 400+ copies of her books, and has attended book events where a reader purchased 10 books as Christmas gifts! (AMAZING!)

“My books give readers an eye opening look at the people around them and themselves. Why? Because it unveils everyone’s truth to the reader. It also makes one think about how quick we are to judge.”

Currently K. Reshay is working on another book, Appearances Too Mask Off, which is coming this Fall. Perfecting her craft is her plan, as she wants to continue to write and be successful. K. Reshay tells us that she’d love to see one of her books on the big screen one day!

Make sure you keep up with K. Reshay as she will be at the following events:

1. The Atlanta Kick Back
2. The National Book Club Conference (Her book will be featured)
3. Dallas, TX Book Signing with On Another Level Book Club
4. The New York Black Book Expo
5. MS Book Festival

Not only is K. Reshay an Author, she is also the President and Founder of Me Time Book Club, which was established in 2011. You can view her book club via:

If you’re interested in purchasing K. Reshay’s books, they are all available via Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

You can follow K. Reshay via:
Facebook: K. Reshay
Instagram: @Appearances_Kreshay.


If you are an aspiring author, K. Reshay has the following advice,

“My advice would be to not let anything deter them from their dreams. Keep writing and trust the gift that God gave. Attend book events, reach out to other authors and readers. Last but not least, be proud of what was accomplished. It’s not easy to put your thoughts into words and form a book no matter how many words it takes.”


Peoria Pride

Do you live in Peoria, IL and are looking to get your child involved in a positive program? Want your child to be around strong and positive role models? Well check out the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

Representing Peoria, IL, Orlando Edwards Sr. is a Direct Support Personal and Youth Development Specialist. Orlando is motivated by giving back to the community via the youth; which is why there’s no wonder to why he created the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

“I wanted to give back to the community and use basketball as my tool to be a positive influence on the youth, the city of Peoria as a whole, and the great satisfaction of one’s achievement!”


Peoria Pride Basketball strives to reach youth, set them on the path at an early age, and create a program that focuses not only creating a better basketball player – more importantly, a productive member of society who has learned life and leadership skills. Peoria Pride Basketball provides a program that teaches basketball skills and life skills, to develop children mentally and physically, and caters to both children and adults! In the beginning stages of his organization, Orlando biggest challenge was getting support from local businesses and sponsors, but that did not stop his grind!

“We are helping children grow a passion for something at an early age and giving the parents something to look forward to. I see our organization saving a lot of kids from the street life, and putting Peoria back on the map as a power house for basketball as it once was.”

Make sure you check out Peoria Pride Basketball upcoming events:

1. Basketball tournament on April 7th and 8th, in Peoria, IL.

2. Multiple tournaments throughout Illinois – Stay Tuned!

Make sure you keep up and follow the Peoria Pride Basketball at:

If you’re looking to start your own organization, Orlando has the following advice,
“Do your research, trust the process, and have ambition.”


Are you a female entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world?! Well they say that the future is female, and we have just the right organization to support this!!

Representing Philadelphia, PA, Latasha Bailey is a the Founder of Successher Womens Business Directory, Founder of Luvely Wives Club, and a Recruiter that helps individuals transient back to the workforce! (BOSS STATUS!) For Latasha, seeing women leading in every industry is her daily motivation!

“Being my best self, helping women be their best selves and to look around and see Women leading in every Industry.”

Successher is located in Philadelphia, PA and has been in business since the beginning of 2018! Successher is a large network of professional women and women based businesses, which assists in helping women grow their business, grow their network, and help customers find products and services that they need! Successher offers a directory placement for Business Owners and Professionals, to list in the directory with advertisement for their business. Successher also offers Business Consulting Services, Events and Trainings.

Successher logo 2

“My main goal is to showcase women based businesses, and give them a personalized platform to promote their products and services, to potential customers. I wanted to build an online directory of Women Based Businesses in the Philadelphia Area! Now, Successher has Business Owners listed in all areas of the United States!”

In the beginning Latasha faced a few challenges while starting her business, but they did not stop her! For Latasha, her main challenge was getting women to see the value that her network could add to them, as professionals and small business owners.

“I didn’t realize the value I had in myself. I knew I was good and I wanted to showcase other women, but I didn’t do well with showing other business owners that in the beginning.”


“My organization is vital because of my passion for helping women and wanting to see their business grow. I get excited by seeing business owners make the changes that they want to me. I also understand that small businesses don’t always have the resources to build on their business starting out, so I get to help them with Successher’s resources. Successher is bringing everything that we as women need to start and run our businesses successfully. Love and Support ONLY.”

Latasha tells us that she foresees her organization providing a sisterhood impact of women based businesses teaming together and utilizing each other for support. Successher has partnered with various companies such as Chanel Henry Owner of Chanel’s Creations, Ava Adames Owner of Philadelphia Drinkable Arts, and Tiffany Brown Owner of “Everything done write.” These businesses were selected due to their business personalization, creativity, and networking. (BOOM!)

Copy of SRSuccessHER

Be sure to join Successher at their upcoming event, as they will be teaming up with Ava Adames of Drinkable Arts Philadelphia :
Sip and Paint
April 24, 2018
7pm – 9pm
Dave and Busters || 325 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106


If you’re looking to start your own organization, Latasha has the following advice,

“Go for it. Jump out and get started, do not look back and do not look for validation from anyone. You know what your heart is telling you SO!!! Stay passionate, Be persistent, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to fall, Get up and Keep Moving. Reach out to Successher for Help and Assistance, There is no charge for Support!!! And Most Important!!! LOVE LIFE!!! SMILE.. BE HAPPY!!! “

Make sure you follow and keep up with Successher via social media:

Facebook: Successher

Twitter: Successher2

Instagram: successher

The Woman’s Code

Being empowered and empowering others is an amazing thing, and is always needed! Boss Up Magazine interviewed a dynamic duo POWERHOUSE, who are all about empowerment! Meet Charda’ Tabb and Jesideh Clinton, the women of the amazing company, The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes. Both ladies currently reside in New Jersey and are both passionate about the mission of their company. Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details about these phenomenal women and their amazing company! Check out it…


PhotoGrid_1521424215294.jpgThe Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes and Sizes was created in November of 2017 and is geared towards inclusiveness. The company is located in New Jersey, but have programs that will be facilitated through the greater Tristate area. Their company caters to empowering all women regardless of their race, ethnicity, size, socio-economic status, or educational level. Jesideh and Charda determined that regardless of any of these factors, as women they all have a queen that resides within themselves, and they strive to awaken and empower that greatness in each woman encountered. Their mission is to establish a vibrant all-inclusive network of women, seeking success who honor the code of womanity, through unity, empowerment, and networking; within business, fashion, beauty, and overall women’s health & wellness. TWC’s goal is to present a forum where women can attain resources that will help strengthen their current passions or endeavors for their current or anticipated small businesses.

“The goal of the Woman’s Code is to create a network nationwide that will allow females to have a safe outlet during their journey of business building. We plan to be a bridge that connects new entrepreneurs with those experienced in all forms of industries without fear or concerns of being judged, ignored, or undermined during their journey.”

The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes and Sizes founders are amazing and are definitely making BOSS MOVES!! Here’s more about Jesideh and Charda:


Jesideh has a 9 to 5 hustle of being an Investigator for The Department of Child Protection and Permanency. Her position allows her to utilize her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice as a Civil Service woman, dedicated to the safety and well-being of children in the state of New Jersey. (BOSS STATUS!) Jesideh has proudly held her position for 5 years, and considers it an honor to be a part of the system dedicated to this philanthropy. (Amazing!)

Jesideh’s greatness doesn’t stop there!! She is also the founder and owner of Precious Bartending, LLC, an event-staffing agency servicing New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Connecticut. The services offered include a full staff of bartenders, wait staff servers, photographers, DJs, event security and event staffing. Jesideh currently runs a staff of 9 bartenders and wait staff, 2 photographers, 2 event security personnel, 1 DJ, and 1 event planner. Precious Bartending, LLC has provided services for companies and institutions including but not limited to Draft Kings, Complex magazine, Princeton University, New York School of Interior Design, The NYC product Montclair State University, Handy NYC, and the Manhattan Fencing Center.

Additionally, her company has worked events for prestigious clients including executive producers for The View, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and Owner of the Amazing Lash studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Precious Bartending was ranked in the top 3 staffing agencies in New Jersey for 2017. (Dope Right?!)


“My daily motivation is that each day offers me the opportunity to learn something new. My day is not complete until I learn something new. Knowledge is something that my family held to a high regard when I was a child. My parents always taught me that there was no shame in asking about something you didn’t know and utilizing something you did know. From then until know, I knew that knowledge was the key to becoming a better person, woman, business owner, and wife.”

Charda’ is nothing short of a true BOSS as she holds multiple professions! Charda’ is a Regional Training Supervisor for a Human Services Agency, an Adjunct Professor at a local college, and a Residential Specialist with at risk behavioral youth, where she also does therapeutic foster care within that same company! Her greatness doesn’t stop there, as she is also the founder and Creative Director of Finer CreationZ, a company that offers a variety of services & products such as styling, photography; and options to purchase reasonably priced new or trendy clothing, jewelry, and other stylish accessories. (Phenomenal!)


“I have three reasons behind my motivation. The first is because I truly feel God has covered me through several phases of my life, and I owe him one or basically everything lol. Second, is my daughter; my daughter, Desiree Izora and the duty to be a great role model for her influences almost 80% of my decisions on a day to day. It’s important that I show her that she can come from any circumstances and still accomplish anything her heart desires as long as she works for it! Lastly, I understand that life isn’t promised to anyone. After losing my brother at the age of 32 to a senseless murder, I decided that I would experience the world in a different way to make our family, my life, and my legacy count for something once I’m gone.”


“Two sistah-friends got together and began talking about a system that would create a unity amongst women within business and various areas of life. While pondering, discussion about desires to be surrounded by women who would be open to teaching and sharing with one another, their obstacles, resources, and or tools that they’ve used to be successful came about. This ultimately encouraged further dialogue that led to the creation of a code of success that we felt could honor the queen within every woman through unity and empowerment verses competition with one another in all aspects of life.”

Be sure to keep up with The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes, as they will launch their inaugural event on April 28th 2018. The event will be held at:

The Loft: 313 Union Ave
Elizabeth, NJ
1:00pm – 4:00pm.

The Woman’s Code: All Shades Shapes and Sizes inaugural event will cater to networking for women who are small business owners, and or focused on entrepreneurial advancement!


“We believe the presence of The Woman’s Code is vital to the world because women are truly the essence of mankind. When we act as a unit, sharing, informing, and empowering one another it allows for creation and transformations of all kinds to take place. In every walk of like we all can learn from one another, and we believe that we can all be successful if we honor one another under this code. There have not been many obstacles as of yet, which for us proves that this program will a success. In most instances people just need a forum or a space to practice positivity and empowerment; TWC hopes to do just that”

If you’re interested in starting your own company, Jesideh and Charda has the following advice,


“As small business owners who are up and coming, the only advice we would dare extend to anyone would be to “always operate in excellence” regardless of how big or small your business is. What does that mean exactly? This means treat every customer and opportunity like your first and your last. With your first customer you are excited about the new venture, and respond with enthusiasm, respect, and the best customer service you know how because you’re not sure if they will return. We encourage you should keep that same mindset throughout your journey, it will help you to remain passionate not only about your business, but the legacy you’re building!”

You can keep up with Jesideh and Charda via:
Instagram: @the_womans_code
Splash page link:
Email address:

The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes has these final words for our readers:
On behalf of The Woman’s Code:

All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for every sponsor, business, woman, man, or friend who has supported our vision. TWC would truly be nothing without the support and love you have all shown us. We hope that we continue to make you proud as we embark on this journey! ~Charda’ Tabb & Jesideh Clinton

Alison Vaughn

Are you a Detroit resident, needing assistance with employment? Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? Well Boss Up Magazine interviewed a woman of impact and inspiration. Meet Alison Vaughn, an entrepreneur and leader that is making serious BOSS moves, in her community!

Representing Detroit, MI, Alison Vaughn is the Founder & CEO of Jackets for Jobs Inc, Author of the book Ms. Goal digger, Success is Sexy, and Co-Author of the book Inspired Style. With her daughter being her motivation, Alison is all about making a difference! (BOSS STATUS!)

“My daughter is my motivation. I’m her role model. My goal is to make a positive difference in someone’s life daily.”


Alison is a true BOSS, as she self-published her own book; which only took 5 months to write and publish her book! Alison tells us that it was a great feeling seeing her own work in print and listed on Amazon! The book Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy! is a tell-all guide for today’s businesswoman who wants to get what she wants for herself, by herself. While the world may define success in dollars and cents, this book teaches women how to work smarter, not harder. We’re told that Millennials love her book!

Alison tells us that she decided to write her own book after realizing that many women didn’t have goals! Her book is geared for women looking to go to the next level, and believes her book will impact readers in a positive way.

“This book will have my readers thinking about their life goals and how to dress, act and be a CEO. How to be the CEO of their life. As the founder of Jackets for Jobs, our mission is to empower individuals to find and retain employment. I decided to write a book to help women write down their goals and ways to help them achieve them.”

Becoming an Author isn’t Alison’s only calling, as she is also a Public Speaker. For Alison, public speaking began at an early age and continued to follow her throughout her life. Alison tells us that she feels as if she’s been a public speaker all of her life, and is not afraid to speak in front of others!


“At an early age, I started speaking at church and in high school I was vice-president and then President of Student Council. In college I first majored in communications and then switched to Business Administration. I’ve never been afraid to speak in public.”

Alison has been a Public Speaker for over 18 years and has spoken at many speaking events. As a Public Speaker, Alison places her focus on the topics of: How to network to increase your net worth, how to develop a millionaire mindset, how to act, speak and dress like a CEO, and how to set strategic goals and plans of action. With a true passion for public speaking, Alison enjoys talking and meeting people.

“I feel that I’m truly a communicator. I’ve been blessed to speak at many events, but my favorite speaking event was when I was invited to speak in Dubai at the World Islamic Economic Forum. I spoke on “The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs”.

Alison Vaugh RED Jacket for Jobs3

Alison’s greatness doesn’t stop there, as she also has a non-for profit organization called Jackets for Jobs, Inc. Opened in March of 2000, Jacket for Jobs, Inc. was created to assist low income individuals with career skills training, employment etiquette training and interview or work appropriate attire. In the beginning, Alison experienced a short lived challenge of funding, but that did not stop her!

“I went to the library and read all the books on grant writing for non-profits. My favorite book was “Grant Writing for Dummies” that book really helped me get started.”

alison vaughn red

Jackets for Jobs, Inc. serves the Detroit area and has assisted over 24,000 individuals with employment. The services offered are at no cost to clients and are available for men and women. Jacket for Jobs, Inc. has two locations, with one on the Eastside and the other on the Westside of Detroit.

Jackets for Jobs, Inc. is an affiliate of Michigan Works! and also has a partnership with Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. Alison says that their support has allowed her organization to assist Detroiters with job search, and they are ever so grateful of their support. Jackets for Jobs, Inc. has also partnered with TJ Maxx, and collaborates annually to host a signature event.

“We also partner with TJ Maxx. It’s a great store. I always encourage everyone to shop TJ Maxx! In 2007, they invested one million dollars in our organization. Jackets for Jobs partners with TJ Maxx annually to host an event for female veterans. We enjoy working with veterans because they give their lives for our country and we believe we should give back to them.”

Alison believes her organization is vital to her community, as they help people prepare for jobs, which is a relatable reality.

“When a person comes to Jackets for Jobs, Inc. and receives training and clothing for a job interview, and then calls us and lets us know that they have received a job, that’s our indication that we have impacted the community. We’ve helped an individual become self-sufficient and make a difference in their life. That’s Awesome! When we help a woman get off welfare, that’s a wonderful blessing. We provide the “Life Jacket” for survival.”

alison vaughn.3.jpg

“I am guided by the Lord. When I hear from the Lord, then I move. The sky is the limit. I feel I have many more things to accomplish.”

Make sure you keep up with Alison as her company, Jackets for Jobs Inc is celebrating 18 years of helping Detroit job seekers! This event will feature keynote speaker, pop culture Icon, actress, and director Kim Fields! For more information, make sure you visit:

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Alison’s books, you can do so at:

Be sure to keep to follow Alison on her social media at:

Twitter || Facebook || LinkedIn: Alison Vaughn

Instagram: The Real Ms Goal Digger

Black Couple Revolution

Love is a beautiful thing, but Black Love is inspiring and magical! Well Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on an organization that not only promotes Black Love full force, but also knows the importance of it!

Originally from San Diego, CA, but now residing in New Jersey, Karim Miller is the creator of Black Couple Revolution! This organization is motivated by Black empowerment through media and winning the media war against Black society, and has a fierce community standing behind it!

Located in New Jersey, Black Couple Revolution is an organization that promotes positive content of Black couples, which gets throttled by mainstream media. Their mission is to uplift and inspire, as well as combat white supremacist propaganda of Black dysfunction and interracial euphoria. (Dope Right?!)

Black Couple Revolution was founded in 2016 due to Karim watching The Walking Dead and seeing its lack of Black Couple representation.

“There is a misconception that we are anti-white, which is not the case! Black Couple Revolution gives the Black society a pure and honest choice for Black love representation, which inspires Black love and unity around the world. Black love is the end of white supremacy and Black Couple Revolution is vital to our community.”


Black Couple Revolution has been making many waves in the world, as it has had many platforms that reach out to collaborate with them. Nevertheless, they remain on their grind!

If you’re interested in starting your own organization, Black Couple Revolution has the following advice,


“Always be clear on the constructive result that you want to achieve. That’s always your center.”
Make sure you keep up with Black Couple Revolution as they have recently been on a radio talk show and will soon be in a “Black Love” round table discussion! (BOOM!)

Keep up with Black Couple Revolution by following their social media at:
Facebook and Instagram: @BlackCoupleRevolution

Black Couple Revolution has these final words for the readers:
“Make sure you use the #BlackCoupleRevolution whenever and wherever you see Black love.”

Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

100 Black Men

Do you have male adolescent children or siblings who you feel are in need of strong mentorship? Want them apart of an amazing organization, that would expose them to wonderful and positive role models? Well we have a point of contact for you, from the amazing organization 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC!

All the way from Cheraw, SC, Anthony Pegues is an Arlington County Employment Services Supervisor, of the Department of Human Services, and is apart of an amazing organization, 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC! With his daily motivation being creating a legacy, striving to break stereotypes, and putting on the Black race, it’s no wonder why he is a part of such a phenomenal organization.

With the number 100 standing for a solid, holistic approach and foundation, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., has made an impact by guiding young men that were slated to be a statistic, into colleges and professions that they thought were out of their reach. 100 Black Men of America, Inc. was founded in New York City in 1963, by a group of like-minded business, political and community leaders who advocated for improvement in conditions adversely effecting African-American youth. With their headquarters being in Atlanta, GA, Anthony’s Chapter office is located in Washington, DC!

100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC is devoted to improving the quality of life for African-Americans–particularly young males–in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area through programs focusing on Health and Wellness, Economic Empowerment, Education and Mentoring, and Collegiate 100. Anthony serves as the Secretary of the Chapter and he also serves on the Membership and Mentoring Committees.


“My organization helps young men and women realize and reach their potential. We offer them resources that may otherwise not be privy too. We are breaking the molds of what society has placed on our young black men and letting them know that there is more to life than what they on social media or in the confines of their neighborhoods. And it’s not a bad thing to be intelligent and to be respectful, and you do not have to be a lawyer or a doctor to be successful and make an impact in this world.”

Many people have the misconception that the organization is selective in who they serve, but the organization welcomes any young man in 8th-12th grade, who is need of a mentor! 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC has partnerships with schools in Wards 7 & 8 in Southeast D.C, with those schools being chosen due to their student body population needing their presence and services.

100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC has been involved in the kick start of their 2017-2018 Saturday Leadership Academy. For this event, the Chapter meets every other Saturday with their mentees and mentors them, with the focus being on public speaking, school, social issues, guest speakers, and field trips! Make sure you keep up with 100 Black Men of Greater Washington DC because they will have their gala in April 2018, and everyone is invited!


100 blackmen.2

If you’re looking to start your own organization, Anthony has the following advice,
My tip would be, be prepared to do things on your own and with little support from others. People give beautiful lip service but when the rubber meets the road, they are nowhere to be found. And even if your organization is geared towards serving a specific demographic/population, it is imperative to diversify your donor base because sometimes our own people don’t support our causes.
Make sure you keep up with 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC by following their social media:
100BlackMenDC: www | facebook | twitter | instagram


Marketing & Motivation

Do you have business and need help getting it out to the world? Ever wondered how some businesses gained their large following? Well get your pen and notepad out, because the Marketing Genius, Dasean Barnes has given us the details!

All the way from Newark, NJ, Dasean E. Barnes is a Digital Marketing and Technology Strategist Consulting. He has worked with some of the top agencies and brands, from Walmart to Louis Vuitton. (Dope Right?!) Dasean has 13 years’ experience at this craft and it has allowed him to be his own boss, as well as travel and work where and how he wants. (BOSS Status!!)

Dasean’s driving force is a motto used by his Pastor, “Bringing a little up there down here.” The goal of the motto was for everyone to bring a little heaven to earth for someone, even if it was a smile or just a kind act. Dasean says that he tries his best to make everyone around him feel comfortable and free, like they could talk to him about anything and that he has their back; even if he just met them. Dasean also has the focus in his entrepreneurship life of making sure that everything he learns, he teaches to his family so that they can use in their journey and hustle. (A True BOSS!)

Dasean’s company, Osiris3, specializes in taking the noise of digital, social, and consumer media and making sense of it for his clients allowing them to take action and focus on making better products vs. trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. (Dope right?!) Not only that, Osiris3 also offers Full spectrum digital media services from app development, web development, digital growth strategy, media buying, SEO, SEM and pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to the digital world. But the main focus is making sure all of those things work well together. Dasean says it’s like he always says to his team,

“The race car engineer doesn’t drive or design the car, the designer doesn’t build or drive the car and the driver just twins the races. But we have to make sure we can do all three jobs to deliver results for our clients.”



“I make mistakes, learn from them, and level up so the people around me can go even higher, be even better and have more success.”

“Once I asked my former boss Sean Combs (Combs Enterprises) one thing you should know to get rich, and he said “You get rich by being good at making rich people richer” … #Facts”

So how did Dasean get into Marketing? For Dasean, it was all about “The blind hustle.” Dasean gave us some interesting facts, which was that 80 % of the men in his life growing up had some kind of run in with the law and drugs. For Dasean, he had the help of sports, academics, computers, and art to help him escape on a daily basis. Dasean soon became really good at art and computers, which is what he used to get into the Mason Gross School of the arts at Rutgers University! (Awesome!) Once there, he started a side hustle of designing logos, flyers, fixing computers, and anything he could to make some extra money; when he wasn’t playing football. (Multi-Talented Boss!)


“Quickly, I noticed that there was a Gap (More like endless hole) with all the people I was hired to do work for and my family at home trying their best to become entrepreneurs. They all lacked customers and people being aware of their brands, products or events. So I started to learn more about websites and how to create advertisements on social media or just using social media for business in general. Quickly my graphic clients turned to marketing clients and I started to get called up by companies like HOT 97, Ciroc, Revolt TV, Louis Vuitton, Elizabeth Arden and more to help them grow their already massive audiences and sale products.”

Dasean tells Boss Up Magazine that in the beginning, he failed flat on his face hundreds of times, made many mistakes, had to start over, and start new companies over and over again. However, one thing that he has learned is to KEEP LEARNING from the mistakes and don’t repeat them. (BOOM!)

“Don’t hire the same person who made the deal fail before. Deliver exactly and more than what the client asked for, over communicate, and lead people; don’t just point in a direction and tell them to go! Jump starting a company requires one thing and one thing only … starting … even if you start for a month and fail, START over again and again until you get it right. The best way to learn about starting a company is starting one and failing. :)”

Currently, Dasean is building a digital platform that will do for entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies, what the stock ticker did for equities trading. (Amazing!) Though he can’t elaborate too much at this time, just know that it’s going to be pretty epic! This project will take all the of those years of his clients asking the same questions over and over, and building it into a digital version of himself! (YASSS!)

Wait, Dasean’s awesomeness doesn’t stop there!!! He also has a platform called, that he uses to offer free digital marketing courses to anyone who wants to learn and activate marketing today. It was created to prevent people from receiving bad advice on what they need to do to grow their brands, while they never actually had the explanation of the HOW. is a KNOW-HOW engine designed to teach beyond the what, and focus on the HOW and NOW. (Nice!!)


If you’re looking to create your own marketing company, this is what Dasean advises:

“Find a niche you know and have connections in to start. EVERYONE and their MOMMA will call themselves a marketer. So make sure when it comes to marketing dog walkers in the Seattle area you are the KING or QUEEN! No marketer will know every industry or be able to be the best in it so I would suggest finding something you’re already interested in and learning how to market that first then try and get clients in the niche.”

Dasean also provides the following advice,

“Live long, Fail often and Level UP! My social media account is all about motivation and mostly me checking myself and my own ego and I hope I can help others do the same.”

Be sure to keep up with Dasean and his company Osiris3, by following his social media:

Instagram: @Dasean_Barnes


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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The Black Man Can

Do you have a Son, Brother, or Nephew who you want to follow a path of greatness and positivity ? Well we have just the organization for you! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive scoop on an amazing organization that EVERYONE should know!

All the way from Windsor/Hartford, Connecticut, Brandon Maurice Fame is an Educator, Social Innovator, Public Speaker, and the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of the organization, TheBlackManCan, Inc!!


So what is TheBlackManCan, Inc? We’re so glad you asked! TheBlackManCan, Inc. initially started as a blog and it has now grown into an award winning and internationally known non-profit organization. (Boom!) TheBlackManCan, Inc. was founded in April of 2010 and is located in Hartford, CT. The organization caters to both men and women of all ages and races, and strives to show everyone that black men are not monolithic. The organization celebrates, educates, and inspires Boys and Men of Color, as well as to provide the positive contradiction to the prevailing black male image of today! It also mentors, motivates, inspires, and provides empowerment through various programs and events, such as TheBlackManCan Institute, Power Couple Brunch, and TheBlackManCan Awards. (Dope right?!)


TheBlackManCan2If you’re interested in creating your own organization, Brandon advises,

“I would tell someone do not let social media rush them. Put your idea out there! Ideas are spiritual children seeded by God inside of us. He gives us the tools to nurture and grow those ideas so that we can fill the ordered steps he has prepared for us.”

“I have learned overtime that failing forward will bring you to success.”

For Brandon, there were a few challenges he faced while jumpstarting his amazing organization. His challenges were keeping content current, raising money, and making sure he partnered with the right people and organizations. However, these challenges did not stop Brandon from getting his organization to be successful! Matter of fact, Brandon says that he foresees TheBlackManCan, Inc. being the #1 source for positive images and narratives, of Boys and Men of Color.




“My organization is vital because the world needs to see positive images of boys and men of color, on a constant basis. There is an over representation of negative and mediocre images of boys and men of color, and TheBlackManCan, Inc. seeks to change that narrative. I think the biggest misconception at this point is that people think that we are only an Instagram page. We are in fact much more; we are nonprofit that impacts thousands of young men on a yearly basis.”




To date, TheBlackManCan, Inc has partnered with Boston Public Schools, William James College, Make Music Count, Syracuse University, That Suits You, Passion Hunger Drive, Urban Assembly and the list goes on. All of these groups and organizations believe in celebrating, educating, and inspiring boys and men of color. (Nice!!) TheBlackManCan, Inc. will be involved in some events soon, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter and follow their social media, to catch their announcements for 2018.

Learn more about this amazing organization at:


To see TheBlackManCan, Inc in action, check out their videos here:

TheBlackManCan Institute Boston 2017

#FallingBlackinLove: Balancing Money and everything in between

To keep up with TheBlackManCan, Inc, be sure to follow their social media:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: @theblackmancan


Until next time…

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A Rare Rose

Ever read a book and said to yourself, “Wow! This Author was great!” ? Ever wanted to write your own book, to share your life and experiences with the world? Well Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on what it’s like to write your own book, with the Amazing Nisha Lanae!

Repping Los Angeles, CA, Tanisha aka Nisha Lanae, is an Author, Publisher, Radio Host, and Blogger. (Such a BOSS!) Growing up, Nisha Lanae had obstacles that others did not think she would overcome, but she proved them wrong!! (You go girl!!) So what made her decide to write her own book? Well for Nisha Lanae, writing started as a form of expression/ therapy. As her love for reading grew, so did her love for writing. Overall, she just wanted to tell the stuff that came through her head.


“I overcame a lot of obstacles from my childhood, and many people didn’t think I would make anything out of my life. That thought alone makes me go harder to prove them all wrong. I wanted to show my younger siblings and their children, that you can be anything you put your mind to it as long as you stay dedicated.”

“When I first saw my book on Amazon, I cried! It felt so surreal. I was 15 years old when I decided I wanted to be a writer and I published my first novel at age 23, after my father passed.”

Nisha Lanae currently has published 4 books and 1 anthology, which are:

  • Dice… The Queen of Murder
  • Pounding the Pavement
  • LAnd of Snakes
  • Ghetto Rose
  • Betrayed by love, Adored by lies.

Her most recent book, Ghetto Rose, is about a character named Dahlia. Dahlia is a young, beautiful and ambitious hairstylist trying to focus on her future of owning her own hair shop and settling down with the new man in her life. After suffering years of abuse by the hands of a man she once loved. Dahlia has found love again. But, she never imaged it would turn out without a trip down the aisle. When lies began to unravel, secrets unfold and boundaries are crossed. Dahlia is left with her head spinning, her heart aching sitting in a cold jail cell. Dahlia finds herself on the ugly side of love once again. On top of all the drama in her love life. Dahlia has to put on a happy face and play superwoman to her family.

“Love shouldn’t bring hurt and pain but joy and happiness. Through rain and pain a sun will arise and a beautiful rose will blossom or die.”

Her very first book, now titled Dice… The Queen of Murder, in a matter of 5 weeks. Her father had just passed and she was going through a tough time dealing with it. However, the book started as a short story titled “Penthouse.” Nisha Lanae states that her books are geared towards woman ages 18-40 years old. She writes fictional stories that touches on real situations, and most of her characters are women within that age bracket.

In the beginning, Nisha Lanae various challenges pursuing her career as an Author, such as publishing and support. She originally signed with a Publisher for the release of Penthouse, which was a short 3-part e-book series. However, things didn’t go as she thought they should or liked, so she left and took matters into her own hands! She decided to have her book re-edited and released it herself (Boom!) She had a hard time with finding a new editor and she lost a lot of readers, due to readers only supporting her because of who she was signed it. This didn’t stop her at all and all of her hard work paid off! (Ching! Ching!) She went on to publish her second book that same year “Pounding The Pavement” which hit #1 on amazon best sellers list.

So we asked Nisha Lanae about the kind of impact she thinks her books gives her readers, and this is what she stated,



“I write from my heart. I try to always touch on subjects that are real and that my readers can relate to. I always try to leave my readers with a message about love, life or to make them look at people different. I wrote about a young girl being born into prostitution (Pounding the Pavement) it made people look at prostitutes and wonder their story. I had someone who was in that life that I gave a free book. She emailed me and told me the story inspired her to get off the streets, because she had no reason to be there. She had good parents that wanted better for her.”

To date, Nisha Lanae has sold about 5-6K of E-books/digital books, with having a few hundreds of paperbacks being sold! (Weeerrrrkkkk!!) Not only that, she is currently working to have the second installment of Ghetto Rose, to be titled Still a Ghetto Rose in January of 2018! Nisha Lanae states that her ultimate goal for her career is to expand her readership, put together a few authors’ gatherings, sign a few authors, and help them brand and build up their portfolios. (BOOM!) Make sure you keep up with Nisha Lanae as she will have a live stream interview on December 9th, that will be live on Instagram and Facebook. (Get excited!!)

If you’re wanting to purchase any of Nisha Lanae’s books, they are available in paperback and E-book form at:


If you’re looking to write your own book, Nisha Lanae advises the following,

  • Write as if no one will ever see it.
  • Not everyone will like your book. But you didn’t write it for everybody.
  • Every day work on your craft.
  • Professionals are those who never stopped.
  • There is always a lesson in failure.
  • Always write from the heart. Never write like someone else. Your writing will always tell when you are not being authentic with yourself.
  • Read a lot and write even more.
  • Have tough skin. This industry isn’t for the weak.

Make sure you are keeping up with Nisha Lanae by following her on social media:

Instagram | Twitter: @pendiva_nisha | @concreterosepub

Facebook: Nisha Lanae | author_nishalanae | Concrete Rose Publications

Concrete Rose Publications is accepting Manuscripts. Details on website.


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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The Queen of Marketing

Calling all Entrepreneurs!! Do you have a business, but need some guidance on how to get it out there? Need a pick me-up to jump start your day? Well Vannesia Darby and her company, MOXIE Nashville™, has all of that and more!

Representing Nashville, TN, Vannesia is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Speaker, and Blogger! (Such a BOSS!). She enjoys the opportunity to inspire others to reach their full potential in life, and her company MOXIE Nashville™ allows her to do just that!

So, what is MOXIE Nashville™? We’re glad you asked! MOXIE Nashville™ is a management, marketing, and motivation company, that also does content creation and executes digital marketing strategies around products and services. This can be anything from social media management, creating on line marketing campaigns, and/or training teams on how to effectively use their existing digital platforms. (Dope, right?)

Headshot 2017 copy 2



“Ironically, marketing was never my passion. Even to this day I always say, “I don’t like marketing.” However, I love the platforms that marketing allows others to create and the stories we get to tell through content. That is the fun part for me.”




For Vannesia, marketing was never her passion. So how did it become her passion? Vannesia fell into marketing following her graduation from Bradley University. Her degree was in Business Management and Administration, but she wanted to work in the Gospel Music industry. Since the position of a Marketing Assistant was the only thing available at the time, Vannesia took it! And guess what? Vannesia has been in marketing ever since. Oh, and Vannesia’s talents doesn’t stop there, as she does public speaking and contributes to blogs and outlets! (She’s Fierce!)

With jumpstarting her business, Vannesia did face a few challenges. One major difficulty she had was wanting everything to be perfect for her launch. Previously, Vannesia had launched successful campaigns for Grammy Award winning artists, and oversaw website creations for many artists and businesses. However, when it came to her own, she was extremely critical. Vannesia soon realized that she had to get out of her own head, and trust that her designer knew how to capture her vision!

“We must have scrapped my website at least three times! Finally, my designer talked some sense into me and I’m so grateful for that (Thanks Moe!).”

Moxie-circle-red[1] copyAs Vannesia worked her business, she soon learned when it was necessary to hire extra help to assist with projects; instead of trying to tackle everything by herself. Vannesia knew that if she didn’t want to be glued to her computer all day, she had to bring on extra designers and other project coordinators, to see her blind spots and also help shift the workload. (Taking Charge!)


20171107_212144 (2)


For those who are interested in having your own marketing company, here is what Vannesia advises:

  1. Build your entrepreneurship tribe: It’s difficult to bounce ideas off of your friends who have never been in this entrepreneurial space. You need people who have done this before and/or who are building with you.
  2. Stay Creative: I try once per quarter to do something that inspires me. That could be going to see a concert (non-work related), hiking a new trail, etc. If you’re in marketing, you need to ensure your creative side is stimulated.
  3. Realize everything won’t be a hit: Sometimes your product or service is not ideal for a particular marketplace. That doesn’t mean your idea wasn’t good, it just means it didn’t connect with the space. You must know your audience and if you launch and it doesn’t work, that’s okay too. Trust your gut and your data and and don’t be afraid to get back out there.

Currently, Vannesia is working on a few major projects and has just finished speaking at the Creative Souls Tribe Conference in Nashville! (So exciting!) That isn’t the end of Vannesia and MOXIE Nashville™, so make sure you keep up by following:

Vannesia’s Personal Instagram: @iSpeakLife3

Vannesia’s Business Instagram: @MoxieNash.

You can also sign up for her motivational blog list at:


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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A Success Story

Were you ever afraid of the dark as a child? Has your child, sibling, niece, and/or nephew ever asked you to read them a bed time story? Planning to do story time at a school or daycare, but just don’t know what to read?

Well if you’re looking for a great children’s book, check out Zuri and the Monster. BossUp Magazine spoke with the amazing Tanisha Chambers, to get exclusive insight about her very first children’s book!


Representing Philadelphia, PA, Author Tanisha Chambers is an Executive Administrative Assistant, Author, and Poet. (Such a BOSS!) Writing is her passion, and she has always had that burning urge to write and tell stories. Zuri and the Monster tells a story about a little girl exploring her room, looking for what she believes is a monster. (eek!)

So you’re probably asking “Who is Zuri?” Well not only is Zuri the inspiration behind this amazing book, but she is also Tanisha’s 5-year-old sister!!!! (How cool is that??)

Zuri and the Monster is geared for ages 0-6 and Tanisha believes that it is a great learning tool in helping kids with their understanding of fear, as well as learning to overcome it.

We asked Tanisha about advice she would give aspiring authors and this is what she had to say:

Author.Tanisha.Chambers “I say always do your research and network! network! NETWORK! I have met a lot of people along the way to help with my journey, and shared help advice to me about the publishing process and even looking for illustrators for my projects. This journey is not an easy one, and I would hope you will continue pushing through not always having book sales, people not liking posting and etc.”

Tanisha’s book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Make sure you keep up with Tanisha, as she is currently visiting day cares and pre-K classes to promote her book. And who knows, ZURI just may be with her!!!

If you would like to keep up with Tanisha’s amazing future path, you can follow her on Instagram at: @Mizz.chambers.

Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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