The Black Certification Agency & Company

Meet Zaire J.M. Gary – the Founder, President, and CEO of Black Certification Agency & Company! Zaire was born and raised in South Carolina, grew up in Tennessee, and is currently living and learning in Atlanta, GA.  The Black Certification Agency & Company manages the Black Certification Racial Equity Standard Framework, and is a 4Continue reading “The Black Certification Agency & Company”

Tavon’s Beard Butter

Meet Tavon Mason! Tavon represents Baltimore, MD and is the CEO of Tavon’s Beard Butter, which offers all natural beard butter and oil. Tavon’s Beard Butter has been in business since 2018, and was created when Tavon was trying to find a resolution for the growth and moisture of his own beard, as well asContinue reading “Tavon’s Beard Butter”