What CBD Can Do For You


Written by Sheena Roberson

For over 3,000 years, Cannabis has been helping people with a variety of afflictions from pain aides to reductions in inflammation to anxiety and stress relief. CBD is a non-psychoactive (so you won’t get you high from using it) and is said to offer relief from anxiety & depression, stimulate appetite and offers anti-acne properties naturally that drug store creations mimic in design. It wasn’t until 1937, when it was unjustly prohibited, that cannabis elixirs were pulled from the shelves of pharmaceutical shops and doctors’ offices alike. Since then Cannabis and Cannabinoid oils have made a grand reemergence into our everyday routines. Once a household name, cannabis and its derivative CBD have always been an imperative part of our lives, day to day maintenance and health regiments. While CBD’s ability to reduce pain in inflammation is an opportunity for all, beauty brands and influencers have begun to leave flags in the sand denoting that a new era of self-care has commenced.

We already know that inflammation is the root cause of most if not all of one’s skin woes from acne, to eczema. Because of cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, using it (especially regularly) can reduce puffiness, swelling, and tenderness. This is perfect for the problem skin consumer whose typical regiment contains multiple products to attack these issues, CBD offer a simultaneous solution to them all in one an attractive sell to anybody.


Your body is an intricate machine with multiple interworking parts and processes. Similarly there are nearly 100 naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids, and CBD is the one that’s most well-known for its health and wellness benefits. Your body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors and a full spectrum of cannabinoids work in concert more effectively and productively than one on its own. Science explains how this is the case: “CBD binds to a special set of receptors in the skin known as TRPV-1 receptors, where it can help feelings of heat, itchiness, and pain. This explains why it has a soothing effect on the skin. Just like other natural oils, the natural fatty acids and antioxidants in hemp seed oil make it a good choice for people with dry skin, sun burn and conditions like eczema.


Speaking of hemp, there’s a debate there, too. Hemp is a type of cannabis that has had the THC largely bred out of it. It’s legal across state lines; however only CBD derived from hemp can be distributed nationally. There is a lot less CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp than in cannabis strains that contain THC. Some believe the effects of CBD are limited if not coupled with THC and don’t offer as much of an “impact” in relief or results, however most agree that the right sources and suitable dosage  provides more than enough benefit to continue using.


Products infused with both CBD and THC have been making steady appearances in bath bombs, essential oils, lotions, eye creams and skin serums everywhere. Mainstream markets and celebrities are endorsing them and are becoming a part of the CBD craze, so much so that this year’s most recent award show swag bags all contained some sort of CBD derivative product. So how much of CBD is a placebo effect where we expect and want for it to work so in turn we see or feel the results and how much of it is a legitimate improvement in condition. The verdict is still out but in the meantime there are plenty of affordable options for you to explore firsthand and learn just what CBD can do for U!


Sheena Roberson


The Honey Pot Company

Ladies, are you looking for healthy feminie products, to help keep you fresh and clean? Well we have just the right product for you, that can be found at a retail Target near you!! Meet The Honey Pot Company.

Representing Pheonix, AZ, Beatrice Feliu Espada is the founder/CEO of The Honey Pot Company, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market. It’s no wonder why this product is retail, as she is motivated to make The Honey Pot Company a household name and to one day be a global brand.

HP_crest_logo-01 (1).png

The Honey Pot Company creates and sells healthy, natural feminine care products including washes, wipes and herbal pads, and has been in business for four years. The Honey Pot Company only uses plant-based ingredients such as; apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, marshmallow root extract, grapefruit seed extract, mint, rose, lavender and chlorine-free cotton.

“As for feminine care, I sort of fell into this profession after dealing with my own feminine issues for eight months. I became passionate about feminine care once I realized that most of the products and treatments on the market were contributing to the problem, and not helping to solve the problem. We want to be the healthy one-stop shop for all of a woman’s feminine care and feminine hygiene needs.”

Though creating feminine products wasn’t always Beatrice’s passion, she has always loved making her own skin and body care products.

IMG_1863 (1)

“I was dealing with a recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection for eight months that had me wondering if I would ever get off this roller coaster ride. Doctor’s visits, antibiotics and lots of wishing and hoping it would go away weren’t working for me. One night, I had a dream that changed everything. My ancestor presented me with a list of the ingredients that I needed to heal myself. I made the recipe and it worked! I had to share this gift with the world! That’s how The Honey Pot Company began.”

Beatrice tells us that she spent two years doing research and development for her products! She tested the formulas herself and then gave out samples to as many women as she could. Samples were given to women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and age groups. However, in jump-starting The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice faced a few challenges. Beatrice says that she wishes she would have known how hard it would be to raise money, as well as how much money it would cost to get her business off the ground.


“It’s very challenging how quickly you need money to grow your business and there’s no blueprint on how to best raise funds. Launching a consumer packaged goods company is very challenging. Originally we were bottling our washes by hand so there was a lot of challenges with manufacturing large quantities of product for trade shows. We had to really start from the ground up which takes a lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Also, it takes money. I had to continue working full time while building my business since I couldn’t pull money from my new company to live off of. It was a sacrifice but one that paid off!”

To date, The Honey Pot Company has sold over 100,000 products and is available in 1,011 Target stores nationwide, and are also available in 36 select Whole Foods stores in the Southeast! (YASSSSS!!!!) This Summer The Honey Pot Company will be launching a line of natural tampons, and later this year will be rolling out a few additional products! (#BLACKEXCELLENCE)

For Beatrice, getting her products into Target was a huge accomplishment, as The Honey Pot Company is a fairly new brand!

“My ultimate goals for this brand are to continue expanding our product offerings so that we have everything a woman needs for her feminine health and wellness. We want to be the brand that is synonymous with healthy, natural and effective feminine care and feminine hygiene. I want to see this company become a global brand so women everywhere can have access to our healthy products. In a few years, after we scale up, we want to eventually sell to a larger conglomerate for a large sum. To be approached by Target to help them upgrade their feminine care aisle is a huge honor.”


Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company, as they are heading to Anaheim for the Expo West Trade Show – which is a large B2B show for natural foods and natural body care products.

“I am seeking to expand retail presence of The Honey Pot Company, and the Expo West Trade Show is a great opportunity to meet the buyers of the largest retailers in the world.”


If you’re interested in creating your own feminine care company or products, Beatrice has the following advice,

“First off, you need to figure out if you’re making a product/s that will help women solve their feminine care issue and won’t contribute to it. When it comes to this business, it’s really about empowering and enhancing women’s lives so you need to be passionate about health, wellness and women. Also, know that the CPG game is very expensive so you will need to have access to lots of capital or be able to fundraise so you can launch your line the right way.”

If you’re interested in purchasing products of The Honey Pot Company, you can do so at:

Website: www.TheHoneyPot.co

Retail Stores: Target & Select Whole Foods

Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company on social media at:

Twitter @TheHoneyPotComp

Instagram @TheHoneyPotCo

Facebook @TheHoneyPotCompany

Beatrice has the following last words for our readers:

“We appreciate all of the love and support we receive daily! It really makes a huge difference knowing that our products are helping girls and women live healthier lives.”

Motivating Smiles

They say first impressions are everything! Well we know a Doctor who can help make your first impression, an unforgettable one! Boss Up Magazine spoke with the amazing Dr. Simone A. Ellis, so if you’re needing or wanting an amazing smile, Dr. Ellis is just the right Dentist for you!
Originally from Kansas City, KS, but now residing in Houston, TX, Dr. Ellis is a Dentist and owner of the Smiles Design Studios in Missouri City, TX! (Nicceee!) For Dr. Ellis, she believes that it is her duty, in this world, to try each day to be the best version of herself, and to make those who love her proud. It’s no wonder why she is such a BOSS!!
So what made Dr. Ellis decide to become a Dentist? Dr. Ellis tells us that her Father took her to one of his dental appointments to get a tooth pulled, and she fell in love with the procedure at the age of 7. Dr. Ellis later learned that because her Father came from a low socioeconomic status, Dental care wasn’t regular for him, which unfortunately cost him his teeth as an adult.


“I decided to turn her curiosity into purpose! I decided to help educate those who may not have the resources or means to understand the importance of dentistry!”

Dr. Ellis attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry, now known as Rutgers, located in in New Jersey! She has been a Dentist for 8+ years and specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry!

“Changing the way someone smiles is such a beautiful thing. It gives people such great confidence and the investment that every time you smile you receive back!”

Dr. Ellis tells us that the most exciting moments in her career, was getting to treat a huge superstar very early on. She was over the moon and says that It made her realize that what she was doing was good enough for a celebrity to request her services. Dr. Ellis tells us that she gets the opportunity to work on great people every day, but you don’t forget moments like that.
Dr. Ellis tells us that in Dental school, the business aspect of opening a practice is not discussed thoroughly. Consequently, you receive a large sum of money to open your practice, but are inexperienced on how to manage it. Just like any business there are metrics and systems that need to be understood and put in place in the beginning.



“Since I got out of school and opened my practice one year after graduation, it became apparent to me that I needed to focus on the business of dentistry, so that my practice could thrive.”

Not only is Dr. Ellis a phenomenal Dentist, she is also an amazing Motivational Speaker! Dr. Ellis speaks on Practice Management, and focuses primarily on the practice owner. Dr. Ellis also talks about topics such as Team Building, Marketing, Million Dollar Mistakes, and Practice Systemization are a few topics that are heavily sought out, for her to discuss. Not only does she do motivational speaking, she also goes out to offices and train doctors and their team, so that everyone is on board.

Dr. Ellis tells us that she feels that the information she shares is beneficial for the Dental student as well as the Associate doctor. Dr. Ellis also tells us that on some of her Facebook we series, she has come to find that other businesses find the information and contact she delivers is useful!!


“I have spent countless hours of investing and studying on things that help practices to be successful, as well as continue to be very candid about my failures in owning a practice. Many times, people want to hear from someone who has experienced the same trials and tribulations, and I’m able to offer that.”



“In my industry unfortunately, there are not that many faces that look like me. African Americans in dentistry is still unfortunately underrepresented and to me I wanted to combine my passion with purpose. I love dentistry and I also have had to become passionate about practice management, so I have combined both. I started speaking at local dental chapters and quickly moved to speaking at conferences. It is amazing to educate others on how to run a successful practice.”


During her last year of dental school, Dr. Ellis was asked to speak at the SND conference in 2009. It was her first taste of understanding the importance of educating people on something that you have become an expert in. From that moment on, she knew that if she got the opportunity to continue to speak at conferences or events, and discuss her life lessons and success stories, she would be able to change the world in a much bigger way than she ever imagined. (Amazing!!)



“What an amazing feeling it was to be on stage with aspiring peers who were so interested in advice that I could offer now that I had graduated.”

Make sure you keep up with Dr. Ellis, as she hoping to release her first book sometime this year, as well as find the land for her expansion practice! (Get Excited!!) Not only that, but Dr. Ellis may add another podcast to her current “Docs” podcast, which will be titled “The Ambitious Dentist.”



If you’re interested in becoming a Dentist, Dr. Ellis has the following advice,

“So one of my favorite bible verses is First Corinthians 9:26 – “So I run like someone who has a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something, not just air.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Motivational Speaker, Dr. Ellis has the following advice,
“Continue to be diligent and centralize your message as much as you can. Also do events for free in the beginning, so that you can continue to get traction and build up your confidence.”
If you’re interested in having Dr. Ellis give you an amazing smile, you can visit her at:

Smile Design Studios Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
6130 Highway 6
Missouri City, TX 77459

“We do have individuals fly to come and get their dental work done so don’t hesitate to look us up online.”

Be sure to follow Dr. Ellis and her Dentistry on:
Instagram: Dr. Ellis Ellis
Facebook: Simone Ellis

For speaking engagements, check out her website at:

Until next time…
“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

Keep It Tight Training With Kee!

Are you ready to transform your body? Have you been procrastinating on working out, and need an accountability partner? Well if you’re truly ready to get your body right and keep it tight, we recommend a true BOSS of fitness, the amazing Keonna “Kee” Jones!

Representing Washington, DC, Kee is a BOSS Entrepreneur!! She is a Child Care Owner and Educator by day, and a Personal Trainer by night!! (True Boss!)
Kee is motivated by knowing that she gets to reshape and transform her clients on a daily basis!

So what made Kee decide to become a Fitness Trainer? Kee says that she initially started as a client! Her personal goal was to lose 20 pounds and reduce her body fat percentage. Once she reached her goal, her close friends and family wanted her to help them with their goals. With her help, they achieved results and that’s when she realized her calling in the fitness world.



“I used to be a Herbalife Distributor; made great money, help & meet a lot people locally & internationally. Nothing negative to say, other than, there’s no shake, pill or body wrap that will give you instant results. Physical activity has to be done, whether you choose to use supplement aids or not. Having a Fitness Trainer provides the benefit of accountability, professional training and advice, and above all… guaranteed results!”



Kee became a Certified Fitness Trainer, through a self-paced program, with the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Kee has been training since 2013 and has worked with worked with over 100 clients. Kee enjoys group training, and her groups consist of 3-5 clients at a time, who all have different goals! Kee’s clients usually see results within 60-90 days, and Kee says she enjoys seeing the smiles on her clients’ faces, when they’ve reached their goals. For Kee, there is no better feeling than knowing that she assisted in changing someone’s life and lifestyle! Most of Kee’s clients have the common goal to lose their stomach and gain glute (butt) mass. Kee says that it’s possible to achieve with physical activity, to include strength training and proper nutrition with the right trainer; HER! (We heard that!)


Initially, Kee’s biggest challenge was preparing for and passing her exam. However, gaining clientele was never a problem, due to personal fitness motivation she displayed in the gym and on social media.
“I love the challenge of being able to effectively train numerous people at once. People could relate to my busy lifestyle, but still being able to work out.”

Kee got her first big break as a Fitness Trainer when she was being a guest trainer, at a fitness event hosted by the Redskins football team! Due to media being involved, Kee was able to get a lot of exposure as a new trainer! (Nice!!)




“I stress portion control and drinking water to my clients! It’s important to maintain balance between personal & fitness life. Don’t allow one to consume the other.”







“I used to eat junk food all the time. My Body fat % and BMI% were extremely high, based on my height & weight. There is nothing wrong with cheat meals, you just can’t have them every day. “



Kee currently trains at Torch Gym, which is located in Capitol Heights, MD (PG County). Kee also has weekly 1-on-1 training sessions and a specialty boot camp, called KITs BAE (Booty & Ab experience) on Mondays at 7:30pm. Make sure you keep up with Kee, as she will be having a Club KIT (fitness dance party) pop up event, on January 26th at 7:00pm. (Weerrkkk!!) Not only does Kee enjoy being a Fitness Trainer, she also loves to travel, and she flys out of the country at least 3-4 times per year! (You Go Girl!!)


If you’re looking to become a Fitness Trainer, Kee has the following advice,

1.) Be sure to study. Join online & in-person studying groups.

2.) Don’t mimic the next trainer. Be yourself. No two trainers are the same. That’s a good thing.


If you’re interested in having Kee has your Fitness Trainer, visit her website:

Be sure to keep up follow Kee on social media:
Instagram Fitness Page: @keepittightkee
Meals Ideas & Recipes: @keerecipes.
Facebook: “Keep it Tight Training”


Until next time…
“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

Black Health Lifestyle

Want a fresh start for a healthier lifestyle, but unsure of where to start? Looking to get your body right for the new year or that special occasion, but need some motivation? Well we have just the right motivator for you!! Check it out…

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Port Charlotte, FL, Destiny Colson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Creator of the blog BlackHealthLifestyle! (Dope right?!) For Destiny, joy and feeling happiness is her motivation. Knowing that she can help educate and motivate positivity to others, through her wellness work, is what gives her a daily push!

So how did the BlackHealthLifestyle blog come to life? Destiny tells us that while she was browsing through the top fitness and wellness social media pages, she realized that people of color were few and far in between. At that point, Destiny decided that she wanted to provide a place where people of color, can go and see reflections of themselves improving their health and wellness. (#BlackExcellence!!)

The BlackHealthLifestyle blog was launched in April of 2017, and it provides a starting point for those that want to acquire and maintain a healthier life. Destiny believes her blog is vital to the world, as it showcases many ways and places that a person can work on their wellness. Though her target audience is herself, friends, and family, Destiny states that any and everyone can benefit from the BlackHealthLifestyle blog! (Boss Status!)

“I wish to reflect self-acceptance as much as self-betterment. I want people to know health is not a look, it’s a way of life. It’s the decisions you make for what you put in your body and what you do with it, “a healthier lifestyle”.”

For Destiny, working a full-time job, taking private clients, and traveling to see family created a challenge of “time” initially for her blog, but that did not stop her grind!! Destiny says through it all, she is most proud knowing that she’s personally touched so many lives.

“The testimonials I get in my direct messages is what pushes me. I have also picked up several high-profile clients for my personal business, which has definitely made it easier to spend more time on my blog.”



“Representation matters. I’m aware that in our community, everyone is not able to spend time or money in the gym, or on personal classes. I want to give examples of more cost/ time efficient ways to work on your wellness. My initial goal was to raise awareness that we are here also. That black people and other people of color can and do live healthy lives. We travel, we eat well, and that we can find ways in any circumstance to live our best, most well lives. I think that it is still just beginning for BHL. Even though we’ve grown so much faster than I had expected, we still have a ways to go.



If you’re looking to start your own blog, Destiny has the following advice:

“Get to know your target audience, utilize your insight tools that social media gives you, and provide plenty of content. Less is usually more, but in this case more is definitely best.”




Make sure you keep up with the BlackHealthlifestyle blog, as Destiny is working with different fitness bloggers, and is planning a few different classes that she will be providing starting in 2018! (Yassss!!)

To follow and keep up with Destiny and her BlackHealthLifestyle blog, follow:

Blog Instagram: @BlackHealthLifestyle

Destiny Instagram: @Sunshiineinc

Destiny has a few final words for our readers:
I hope everyone checks us out! Leave a comment that Boss Up Mag sent you! We are accepting new 2018 clients for personal workout regimens, diet plans, and #BlackHealthLifestyle coaching to fit health into your life as is. Send us a DM or Email for pricing and information. Thank you all so much for this opportunity! I look forward to working with you in the future. Keep in touch!


The Fitness Guru

Do you tell yourself you’re going to the gym, but some how end up not going? Looking for someone to help you through your journey to better health? Well we have just the right person to help you with your needs!! Meet Myles Mayfield, the phenomenal Fitness Trainer!
All the way from Chicago, IL, Myles Mayfield is an Independent Certified Fitness Trainer and is motivated by waking up each day! Myles stated that he has the utmost appreciation for life, especially because no day is guaranteed. (Amen!)

“I view every day as an opportunity to reach my goals.”

So how did Myles get into Fitness? It was during his second year of college, that he discovered his passion for Fitness! He soon began to take his health very seriously and his body began to change. However, little did Myles know, the change in his body caught the eye of some of his classmates, who too wanted their bodies to change. At no charge to those interested, he shared his passion by unofficially training a few people who were interested. He turned out to be fairly good at it, and it gave him a feeling of pure satisfaction. (Definitely a BOSS move!)

“I was studying to become a teacher which I enjoyed. After graduating college, I decided to try teaching what I love and teach it on my own time. Shortly after, I began working on my certification.”

Myles earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Chicago State University, and earned his Fitness Trainer Certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Though his Fitness Trainer Certification is an 8-month long self-paced program, Myles stated that it took him 3 months of intense studying to earn his Fitness Trainer Certificate. (BOSS Status!) Myles stated that his experience in fitness and knowledge he gained during his undergrad studies helped him A LOT.
So you may be wondering why it is beneficial or important to have a Fitness Trainer? Myles tells us that Fitness Trainers are excellent accountability partners.



“We are a reliable resource for most of your fitness needs, always ask questions. We have the ability to push you further than you would push yourself. Fitness Trainers create a solid plan for you to execute, no guess-work. Most people believe that we are all arrogant, and overly aggressive assholes. Lol! We are a good partner to have when you decide to invest in your health.”


Myles solely provides fitness related training, which includes goal setting and tracking, daily workout programming, nutritional guidance, group fitness classes, and unlimited motivation. He specializes in weight training for muscular strength and endurance, but he also has solid experience in all other areas of health and performance related fitness, such as cardiovascular strength & endurance, flexibility, body composition, agility, and power. (BOOM!)
He has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and has worked with 35-40 clients who have trained consistently and reached their specific goals. Most of his clients have concerns and goals regarding fat loss and increasing overall physical health, with their results depending on the client’s goals and commitment to the plan they create. As a Fitness Trainer, Myles enjoys meeting, interacting, and building relationships with culturally diverse people.

In the beginning, his biggest challenge was finding a stable location to train clients. Due to him not having his own gym as of yet, Myles found it very difficult to locate a fully equipped facility that would allow him to rent their space and operate independently. However, this has not stopped Myles at all!



Myles got his first big break as a Fitness Trainer when he ran his first beach boot camp! Myles told us,

“I sat on this idea of teaching “beach boot-camps” during the summer months. After a few months, I stopped thinking and started executing. The beach boot-camps were a success. 10 to 15 people showed up to 39th St. /Oakwood Beach and gave their best effort each week. My mother encouraged me to move to Hyde Park on the Southeast side of Chicago which was a 5-minute drive from the beach. The move led me to locate and partner with The Space in Hyde Park. The Space is a great facility under great ownership that allowed me the opportunity to train clients and help grow my business. I’ve learned and grown a lot. I am grateful for The Space, my mother, and every single person who supported the beach boot-camps.”



“It is important that you stay hydrated, stretch, eat clean, and STAY CONSISTENT!
I believe that no supplement or product can equate to consistency, discipline, and dedication to exercise and a diet of clean whole foods.”

“We all fall off track, but don’t stay off track. Figure out what went wrong, ask questions, make adjustments, and get right back on. Fitness is just as much a mental journey as it is a physical journey.”


Myles has recently competed in his first powerlifting competition, with placing 3rd in his weight class. When Myles isn’t competing in competitions or training clients, he is exploring food and travel!


“I love to travel and eat. I am currently exploring the world one city and country at a time. I have to figure out how to make a living traveling the world and experiencing other cultures through fitness and food!”



If you’re looking to become a Fitness Trainer, Myles has the following advice,

“I wished that I knew that setting goals are essential to succeed. I function so much better when I am working towards something specific. Always have a date on a calendar”
“Read lots of books, ask lots of questions, learn daily, and practice often. As with anything in life, you will get out of this what you put into it. You have the power to change someone’s life for the better, do not take it for granted. Lastly, do your best to train independently. If you have to work for a gym, use it as a learning experience and keep growing.”

Make sure you keep up with Myles, as he is currently working with two other really great Chicago based trainers, on a super cool and fun YouTube channel and Podcast! So stay tuned!

If you’re interested in booking Myles for any of his services, you can do so by:
Email: mayfieldmotivation@gmail.com
Website: www.mayfieldmotivation.com
Instagram: mayfield_motivation.
“Pick one and don’t hesitate to contact me! I will respond within 24-48 hours.” – Myles Mayfield

Myles also has a final comment for all of our readers:
Please don’t neglect your health. If you are not sure where to start, contact me and ask questions. So many people approach me after bad news from a doctor visit, don’t be that person. I truly believe that health is wealth, do not take it for granted. Thank you Boss Up Magazine, for this opportunity. I wish you nothing but success in the days ahead.


Imagine That

Calling all meat lovers!!!! Can you imagine your life without that juicy burger for lunch? How about those beef tacos from Taco Tuesday? Or that chicken bowl from Chipotle? Well The Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Nicole Bourn, can tell you all about what a life is as a Vegan!

AD - Vegan Starter Kit

Nicole Bourn is a full-time Vegan Lifestyle Coach from Washington DC, who has just recently retired at the age of 28! (Such a BOSS). ​She offers Vegan Meal Plans, Coaching, and eBooks to help aide in Vegan transitioning. Her newest project, which she is so very proud of, is her Vegan Starter Kit. The Vegan Starter Kit is a 145-page masterpiece that includes a step by step how to guide, ultimate grocery list, 30 recipes, worksheet on meal planning and meal prepping, plus FAQ section to answer all your questions. (What an amazing one stop shop!!)

So you’re probably wondering what it means to be Vegan? Nicole says that being Vegan means that you do not eat or consume any animal products. It means that you not only respect your body, but the planet. You understand the amount of torture and suffering animals are enduring. You understand that it is literally destroying our planet and you understand that it is destroying your body.

Becoming Vegan for Nicole, occurred after she realized that she was 100 pounds overweight. She was always tired, never had enough energy to enjoy her daughters, and had completely loss all of her confidence. Because of all of that, she knew something had to change! After reading up on natural ways to lose weight, regain her energy, and eliminate her asthma and anemia, Nicole realized that becoming vegan was her solution! (Amazing, right?!) Nicole took the steps to being Vegan and totally just went cold turkey to reclaim her life and health!

Nicole’s daily motivation started out being about herself and family. She knew that she wanted to feel better, look better, and be better for her four daughters. Once she accomplished that, Nicole’s motivation became the countless lives that she has been able to impact, due to her own courage!! (Talk about SUPER WOMAN!) Nicole is very passionate about what she does and knows that it is her purpose, which is exactly what pushed her to keep going!

At first, Nicole’s question of being Vegan was similar to everyone else’s, “Will I get enough nutrients to survive?” Nicole stated that this is huge misconception amongst herself and others, but she was able to dismantle this misconception with studying about the Vegan lifestyle. Nicole found out that needing animal protein and cow’s milk for calcium is FALSE. (Yep! You guessed it!) She found that there was no need for those things, as there are so many plant based sources that you wouldn’t believe. As Nicole stated, “The deprogramming will change lives!”

Nicole did not struggle transitioning to the Vegan lifestyle, in fact, for her it was not hard at all!! At the point of her life where Nicole was, she had already made up in her mind that her life had to change in EVERY way. Nicole stated that she did experience difficult days and cravings, but that didn’t stop her!! Since Nicole already had her mind made up knew what she wanted, she pushed through!! (YOU GO GIRL!!)

However, not everyone was in favor of Nicole becoming a Vegan. (Hater Alert!) Nicole faced being made fun of and having no support, but she still pushed through!! (Only the strong survives!!!) Nicole told us that she learned things along the way and educated herself to renew her mind.

For Nicole, being Vegan has had the most beneficial changes for her life and health. She has been able to literally give up asthma medication, that she has been taking since she was 10 years old! Nicole also suffered from chronic asthma, but since becoming Vegan she hasn’t had an asthma attack or any whizzing in over a year. (Number don’t lie ya’ll) Nicole was totally amazed by this benefit and realized that all along, the power to heal was within herself.

Nicole told us that she wished she was raised Vegan and that she had raised her children in a Vegan Lifestyle. As she reflects on how much her life has changed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; she just wonders what life would have been like had she made the changes sooner. ​

Nicole states that she enjoys the adventure and learning opportunities of the Vegan lifestyle. There are things that she never knew and never thought to study, which she is now learning and studying about. ​On top of that, Nicole says that going to vegan restaurants and trying new foods has been so exciting for her. For Nicole, there’s nothing that she doesn’t enjoy, outside of seeing people’s faces when you tell them you don’t eat meat!

IMG_8230 (1)

So we had to get down to good stuff!! Boss Up Magazine asked Nicole about her favorite vegan meals and snacks. Nicole stated that hands down, her favorite vegan meal is a bomb Vegan Chilil!! This Chili is in fact so good, it will make you smack everyone in your family! (That chili must be bomb!!) Nicole’s favorite Vegan snack is a ripe avocado sliced in half, add a little Himalayan salt, black pepper, paprika and cayenne pepper, scoop and enjoy; very simple and delicious. When we asked Nicole about recommendations for those transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle, she stated:

“I don’t recommend any meal in particular because I want people to understand that they don’t have to eat what they don’t like. I always recommend taking meals you already love and “veganizing” them. Meaning if you love pizza, make vegan pizza. If you love spaghetti make vegan spaghetti. If you love lasagna make vegan lasagna. This always makes people feel happy and safe.​”

We asked Nicole about tips and/or suggestions she would you give to anyone interested in becoming Vegan?

​Nicole says:

  1. Decide: Do I want to become Vegan? This is a serious question. I think some people just want to be healthier, which these same steps can propel you into healthy living. However, maybe you don’t want to necessarily give up everything. Maybe you want to be vegetarian or pescatarian.

There’s nothing wrong with a plant-based diet or mostly plant-based diet.

  1. Know your Why?: You might be saying Nicole, how is that important! Well it’s important because the only way to stay motivated and committed is to have a strong reason to. When those cravings start calling your name, your why will pull you off of the edge.

My Why? – I began my journey because I was tired. I was mentally, emotionally and physically tired. I didn’t like the fact that I has gained almost 100lbs. I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, body pains and asthma attacks. I felt like I was no good to my children because I didn’t have the energy to give them anymore. I wanted to live long and healthy for them and teach them better habits. So, I decided to change.

  1. Educate yourself: Being on this blog today is the first step and of course following me but do some research. The more informed you are the better. This helps to reshape your thinking, shows you what to eat and what to avoid. Tells you exactly why you should avoid certain foods and why you should increase the healthier options. There’s so much to learn that I don’t think you could possibly learn it all and that’s so exciting to me. Education will help you to deprogram and make the decision to live healthy.
  2. Grab a mentor, I know you all want to be mentored by me (no cockiness). I am working on a full group for November 2017 that will allow you to come into a space where I will teach, provide recipes, provide guidance, support and accountability. Stay tune! If you know someone who is Vegan ask them to be your accountability partner.


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So remember, Veganism is not a diet…..it is a lifestyle!!!


Until next time….

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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