Chef Marlene’s Table

Meet Chef Marlene Coles! Chef Marlene is from Claymont, Delaware and is a Chef and Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café.  Keeping God first in everything that she does is her daily motivation , as well as moving forward and not looking back ! (BOSS STATS!)

So what got Marlene interested in being a Chef? Marlene tell us that initially, she became interested in becoming a chef simply by coming to the realization that she actually loved to cook. Though Marlene’s first passion was a becoming a Nurse and Educator, that did not stop her joy for cooking!


“It is my desire to learn the proper techniques, in order to be consistent with each meal. Therefore, I enrolled in school to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef.”

In the beginning of her career, Marlene was challenged with working a full-time job and taking care of her father, while trying to attend school.  However, that did not stop her! Marlene attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she graduated with honors.

“There were days I wanted to give up, but I persevered with the help of God.”


Marlene’s most popular dish “Seafood Pot Pie” is a homemade pot pie with various Seafood items such as langoustine, shrimp, and lump crab meat in a luscious creamy filling baiting of golden brown flaky crust. (YUMMY!!!)  Marlene got her first big break as a Chef, when she hosted a Christmas breakfast for Comcast in Center City Philadelphia – and she was ecstatic! (NIICCEEE!) Though the “Seafood Pot Pie” is Marlene’s specialty, she enjoys cooking South African Cuisine.

“It’s very eclectic and culturally diverse it allows me draw from many cultures.”


Though she currently has an in-home Café, her ultimate goal is to open her own brick and mortar Cafe.  Marlene tells us that she has cooked with Chef Masaharu Morimots, but says that Sunny Anderson is a Chef she admires most!

“I admire her because she’s a young female chef an example, but those aspiring to become chefs.”

Make sure you keep up with Marlene as she periodically teaches cooking lessons. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives lessons as well! (BOOM!) Not only is Marlene a Chef, but she is also an Author of a poetry book called Destined to Fly. 

If you’re interested in having Chef Marlene cater your next event, you can book her via Facebook at: Chef Marlene’s Cafe

If you’re interested in Meal Prep, you can contact Marlene via email:

You can also follow Marlene via:

Facebook: Chef Marlene’s Table

Instagram: Chefmar

YouTube: Chef Marlene Coles


If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Marlene has the following advice:

“My advice to anyone Desiring to become a chef would be to do your research regarding culinary schools to make sure it’s the correct fit for you. Make sure that food and people are your passion. If becoming a chef is your desire never ever give up on your dream.”

Marlene has these final words for our readers,

“It is my desire to be the best chef that I can be. My #1 motto is “Prepared with Passion and I Deliver with Pride”


The Little Baker

Do you love pastries? Prefer cheesecake over a baked cake? Well we have an amazing Baker who can satisfy your sweet tooth! Who said that there was an age limit on being an Entrepreneur?? Meet The Little Baker – Ja’Niyah Williams!! (BOSS STATUS!)

Representing Newark, DE Ja’Niyah is a Student at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, and a Baker in her spare time! She is motivated by money and people enjoying her treats!

How did Ja’Niyah get into baking? Well it started with her Great Grandmother when she was 3 years old, as she would help her in the kitchen! This then lead Ja’Niyah to begin baking on her own.

“I always enjoyed cooking, but baking is what I enjoy most. I would definitely say it’s my passion!”

Ja’Niyah bakes delicious cupcakes, cheesecakes, 7up cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies! You name it – She’ll attempt to bake it! (BOOM!) Though cheesecakes are her most requested pastry, cupcakes is her favorite pastry to bake because she likes to decorate them different ways. Strawberry cheesecakes are her specialty and people ask for them all the time! (YUMMY!)

“I enjoying experimenting with new desserts, but I hate the mess I have to clean up. LOL!”

In the beginning stages of Ja’Niyah’s business, there were a few challenges she faced, but she did not allow them to stop her grind.

My mom put out a lot of money to get me started, In return when I had my first big bake sale I had to pay her back some of the money because she is my investor. Now I have enough saved that she doesn’t have to put out any money.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ja’Niyah delicious pastries, you can do so via:

Instagram: little_baker127


Make sure you keep up with Ja’Niyah as she is having an Easter Bake sale!

You can keep up with Ja’Niyah via:

Instagram: little_baker127




If you’re interested in having your own baking business, Ja’Niyah has the following advice,

“Save money to get started. Don’t think everything you make will come out perfect the first time, just because that’s how it looks on YouTube…lol”





Janiyah has these last final words for our readers:

“Being a young baker can be hard sometimes, but when I’m older I know it will pay off when I have my own bakery!



Mico’s Ice Cream

“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!” Remember that song?! Ice cream is a very tasty treat that is good for all seasons and reasons! If you like ice cream, we have just the right kind for you! Whenever you’re in the Houston area, make sure you check out Mico’s Ice Cream!


Representing Houston, Texas, Kimico Frydenlund is a Registered Nurse and Owner of Mico’s Ice Cream! With her family and desire to build a legacy being her motivation, it’s no wonder why this BOSS is making serious moves!

Mico’s Ice Cream offers homemade ice cream using an original recipe and has been in business for a year! Mico’s Ice Cream offers many flavors such as: Taste the Rainbow, Chocolate Fix, Strawnana, Gimme S’more, and Cookies ‘N Cream!




Though Cookies ‘N Cream is the most requested flavor, all flavors have the availability to be served in their homemade waffle cone tacos. (YUMMY!)




“My husband and I saw a viral video of rolled ice cream and thought it was really cool. Everyone loves ice cream, so we were like “Why not?”


Kimico tells us that their cold tops freezes at -18 degrees, which allows them to make the ice cream right in front of the customer!! With only a two minute processing time, it’s no wonder why Mico’s Ice Cream is a HIT!! (BOOM!) Ice Cream isn’t the only thing that customers can purchase, as they also sell freshly squeezed lemonade!

“We enjoy it all! Especially our customers’ excited reactions to our ice cream.”


Mico’s Ice Cream is available for purchase at their mobile ice cream shop, located at Levy Park on the weekends. Mico’s Ice Cream is currently offering catering, with delivery coming soon! (Stay Tuned!)


If you’re interested in having your own ice cream company, Kimico has the following advice:

“Put in the extra work of making a quality and unique ice cream . Your followers will appreciate it and come back for more.”

Make sure you keep up with Mico’s Ice Cream by following them on social media at:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @micosicecream


Mico’s Ice Cream has the following last words for our readers:

“With each cup of ice cream, our customers provide support, mentorship, and more to children in need through our non-profit organization “Mico’s Kids.”

J&S Treats

Do you have a frequent sweet tooth?! Have an upcoming celebration for special occasion, and would like to add a lovely touch to it? Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Chloe… the sweet treat QUEEN!

Originally from Calumet City, IL, but residing in Freeport, IL, Chloe A. B. Heyward is the President of the Policy Council for the NICAA Head Start Program for Stephenson and Jo Davies County, Digital Organizer for Security First Title Company, Referral Agent for World Financial Group(WFG), and the Owner/Chocolatier of J & S Treats LLC! (BOSS STATUS) Chloe tells us that her children are her motivation and she is focused on giving them the best!


“J&S, are the initials of my children. They are the sweetest things in my life, and I want to provide the best things for them by being successful at this.”


For Chloe, cooking has always been an overall passion of hers, and she loves making savory foods.  Chloe tells us that she loves making savory foods, such as Racks of Lamb, Whole Baked Chicken, and Homemade Garlic Butter Biscuits. So how did Chloe get into making sweet treats?  During her second pregnancy, she was up late craving sweet treats! This then sparked an interest in her to make treats, so she decided to look further into making the treats healthier for herself and the baby throughout the pregnancy. (AMAZING!!)  In the beginning of Chloe’s business, she experienced a challenge with marketing due to the town being so small. However, that challenge was short lived as Chloe is very well skilled with technology on Facebook and Instagram advertisements. (BOOM!)

J & S Treats LLC offers a variety of sweets, such as Dipped Strawberries, Dipped Pretzel Stix, Dipped Apples, Fruit Bouquets, Peanut Butter Cups, and more! With Dipped pretzel stix and strawberries being the most requested, the dipped strawberries are her favorite treat to make! With Chloe’s treats specializing in homemade ingredients, it’s no wonder why her sweet treats are in such high demand!

 “I enjoy making sweet treats for the “taste testing”.  My favorite treats to make are dipped strawberries because when you bite into them, it tastes like a caramel apple….mmmmm. I love seeing the reaction of the customers once they have tasted J&S Treats!”



“I love making sweet treats! I love the way they smell, how scrumptious they look and taste, I enjoy the work. “I truly love making my sweet treats, because it allows me to put my special touch to make someone’s event SPECTACULAR.”


Make sure you keep up with Chloe and J&S Treats LLC, as there are multiple summer events that are coming up, that they will be involved in!


If you’re interested in creating your own sweet treats, Chloe has the following advice,

“Don’t bother with all of that! Just call me to do all that work for you. My number is 815.908.9577 Leave it all up to me!”

 If you’re interested in ordering J & S Treats,, you can do so via her business page: or giving her a call at 815-908-9577.


Be sure to keep up with Chloe by following her on social media at:

Instagram @ambitiousqueen_c


Chloe has the following final words for our readers:



“I would like to thank my mother and father for instilling the foundation of the word of God in my life, because without that none of this would be possible. “Faith without works is dead” – James 2:17




Bake Sweet Love

Do you love dessert? Are you a big fan of cupcakes and cakes? Celebrating a special occasion and need just the right touch added to your event? Well meet Ayana, a Baker who can help make your event a sweet one!!

Proudly representing Detroit, MI, Ayana Patrick is a Consultant in youth development and owner of an online bakery called Bake Sweet Love!! (Such a BOSS!)  With her passion being her daily motivation, Ayana receives support from her family as a reinforcer to follow her passion!  As a kid, Ayana had a passion for baking with her Mother being a major influence!

Ayana states that her Mother is an amazing cook and Master in baking, who went as far as to take cake decorating classes, to be able to create beautiful custom cakes for all of their birthdays; with Ayana staying right by her side while she created those wonderful sweets!!

“Often times our cakes reflected who we were so our superheroes and barbies looked like us, it was clear how much love she poured into her baking. I’ve always been grateful for that.”



“I love making clients happy. I love seeing people truly enjoy indulging in what I’ve created. It feels good and makes me proud. It’s why I bake. Being on my feet for several hours can take a toll on my back, but it’s nothing a little Epsom salt can’t fix.”


For Ayana, her passion of baking was not always recognized. Ayana tells us that she was a model in Detroit and then moved to Brooklyn, NY, to continue her pursuit of modeling.  After a while, she decided that she didn’t love modeling but loved fashion, and she got into high end retail. During that time, she started to get back to baking and realized that it was something she could do every day for the rest of her life. For Ayana, it was what she loved more than anything.

“Baking has always been my passion but not always at the forefront. I took many different paths to get back to baking. I didn’t just wake up and decide to be a baker, I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

As Ayana started her business, she faced a huge challenge of creating and building it, but that didn’t stop her success!

“Coming up with a name, logo, website, menu, prices, business plan, etc. were a bit of a challenge, because you want to stand out and be “special” but also practical and smart. I think with anything you’ll have challenges and they change as time progresses. I don’t have the same challenges but I’m constantly working on improving what were once difficult hurdles.”

 bsl logo with wordsBake Sweet Love specializes in babycakes (cupcakes), sweetbites (minis), cakes, cookies and cake pops! (YUMMY!)  There is also an “adults only” menu, which are cocktail inspired as well as specialty flavors. The main menu is designed for customers to create their own combination, which means that they can select a cake flavor and then choose their frosting. Ayana says that it was important for her to allow customers to use their creativity. (NIIICCEEE!)  Ayana tells us that her favorite pastry to make is cake, with baby cakes being her second favorite!

“They’re super fun because they can be filled and garnished with some of the most amazing flavors.”

With “Goldie’s Brown Sugar & Bourbon babycake” being the most requested, a lot of items on her menu are inspired by friends and family! (SWEET!)


“Goldie’s Brown Sugar is named for my best friend and sister Goldie. People LOVE it, it’s a brown sugar cake infused with bourbon, topped with a bourbon-vanilla cream cheese frosting and drizzled with a bourbon-vanilla caramel (from scratch).”

Although she loves doing everything, babycakes are Ayana’s specialty and is what people come to her for; the balance of the flavors and sweetness is really appreciated.



“I love sweets but I’m not a fan of super sugary desserts, I like to take pride in the fact that my babycakes aren’t super sweet and that makes them really good. People also really love to mix and match flavors and you can only get the full experience of that with babycakes.”

Make sure you keep up with Ayana and Bake Sweet Love, as she will be hosting a pop-up shop soon, with details will be posted on her website and social media accounts!! Ayana is also working on a several private events for the month of February!! (BOSS MOVES!!)

If you’re interested in creating your own baking business, Ayana has the following advice,


“Create a plan, do your research and stick to it. Baking has to be something you love not just something you do because there is a lot of work involved and it’s not easy. Believe in your craft and continue to make it better, we’re all works in progress.”


Ready to taste Ayana’s sweet treats? Well you can place your orders thorough her website at:

If you have any questions, you can email Ayana at:

Be sure to check out other sweet treats of Ayana by following her social media at:

Instagram: @bake_sweet_love

Twitter: @bakesweetlove.

Facebook: Bake Sweet Love

Ayana has these last words for the readers:

Always remember to be sweet and let life be sweet to you!


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

Tasty Treats

IMG_20171024_101011_367Thinking about hosting a special event with divine treats, that will leave your guest wanting more? If so, then “Treats by Thenga” is the girl for your event. Thenga’s creations accommodates Baby Showers, Birthday’s, Christening, Holiday’s, Weddings, and any other gathering that calls for a reason to indulge. She has yet to find a sweet tooth she couldn’t soothe.

Hails from St. Kitts, raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in N.J, Thenga is an up in coming Entrepreneur who’s ready for the hustle, it comes naturally. ( Such a Boss). When not working as a full-time Community Relations Rep, mother of three, and wife she’s baking up a beautiful spread of goodies for her evolving clientele.

So how did Thenga get into making cupcakes? Thenga stumbled upon her talent and love for baking while planning her babies 1st Birthday. While on a tight budget, with the guidance of her Aunt, she decided to make the treats herself (super mom!). She set up a beautiful spread of cupcakes, cake, and chocolate covered pretzels, oreos, and strawberries. The treats were a hit and the rest is history. (Weeerrkkk!)

Thenga offers a variety of cake flavors from chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and lemon, to the special caramel, banana, carrot and any other special request that suits your needs. Thenga can also infuse cakes/cupcake with your favorite fillings including liquor if requested.

Thenga’s spread of treat goes beyond cakes, as she also offers chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and rice Krispy treats. Thenga can cook up anything you can imagine or request! She is the bomb at what she does and her creative juices never stops flowing! (Boom!)

“Though my pet peeve is buttercream getting on the piping bag and onto my hand when icing cupcakes, I enjoy the end result, the finished product, and the client’s reaction.”

Ever wondered how long it actually takes for those beautiful and creative cupcakes to be made? As we are sure everyone one is different, Thenga told us the following about her process,

IMG_20170822_131211_458-1“The process for making the actual cupcake is rather quick. I do most of my baking at nights after I put my kids to bed, except the baby who keeps me company most nights and serves as my taste tester. For me, the planning process is more time consuming, especially if a specific theme is requested. I usually ask clients for at least 2-4 weeks’ notice to get my creative juices flowing.”

If you’re located in the New York, be sure to catch Thenga and her sweet treats at the following upcoming events:

December 10th – Haus Icons; Vending, Networking & Charity Event – Image Art Studio: 1501 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

December 16th – Ahjanae’s Collection, Sensuous Saturday – Radisson Plaza Hotel; 1 Radisson Plaza, New Rochelle, NY


If you’re interested in making cupcakes/pastries, Thenga gives the following advice,

Being consistent and knowing your audience is key. You have to love what you do. I stumbled on this, not realizing I even had it in me. I am self-taught. I have always had a passion for event planning and birthday celebrations, and so I think of every cake and cupcake as if it’s for my very own party.

Ready to give your tastebuds a taste of heaven? Place your orders via email:

Make sure you keep up with Thenga and her treats by following social media:

Instagram: @treatsbythenga

Facebook: Treats by Thenga

Have You Had A Treat Today?” – Thenga

A Top Chef

Ever struggled with dinner ideas for your family or yourself? Need some pointers on how to turn your dinner into a magnificent feast!? Well Catina Smith is just the right source, to assist you with your cooking needs!!

Originally from Northeast Baltimore, Catina simply loves to cook and is making some serious waves as a Chef! Catina Smith, aka Chef Cat, aka The Culinary Socialite, is the one to call to help with keeping your kitchen sizzlin’ with delicious cuisine! (Fire it up!)

Catina is currently a Chef at Magdalene, located in Baltimore, MD, but also does private cheffing. Catina states that she will cater small events, but wants you to know that she is NOT a Caterer! (Got it?! Good!)

So what made Catina interested in being a Chef? Catina has always liked to cook! When she was a senior in high school, everyone knew what they were majoring in for College, but she had no idea. Still trying to figure out her passion, one day it hit her and she told herself, “hey I like to cook, that’s a thing.” Once she realized her passion, she pursued it with a fierce force! After high school, Catina began attending the Baltimore International College (BIC), which is now known as Stratford in Little Italy, of downtown Baltimore.

While she was in Culinary school, she decided to join the Air Force Reserves, to follow the foot steps of her Father, who was a Navy Veteran. While in the Air Force Reserves, Catina completed her Bachelor’s Degree program, all while keeping her passion for cooking! After obtaining her degree, she enrolled in grad school and then obtained a government job. After a few years of working her government job, her passion began calling her again, which made getting back into the kitchen weigh in on her heavily.

With her passion requiring long hours, and working weekends and holidays, Catina found herself dealing with the challenge of juggling being a single mother and working. Even though being a Chef was very demanding of her time, that did not stop her from becoming the amazing Chef that she is! (Talk about Super Woman!)

chef cat me


“I love to cook! I love food, learning, and perfecting my craft every day. I want to be respected by my peers, be known as a great chef, and have my name in conversations with the “big boy” in culinary. I know I have a long way to go, but I am headed in the right direction!”

“If you’re looking to become a Chef, Culinary school is not necessary. Read books and study up. Watch YouTube videos and find a chef mentor to show you the ropes.”

Have you heard of or eaten at Guy Fieris? Well guess what? This is where Catina got her first big break!! Located inside the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD, Catina was hired as a Sous Chef at Guy Fieris. Her greatness doesn’t stop there! In less of a year, Catina went from being a line cook to being a Sous Chef. (Weeerrrkkk!)

As far as her favorite cuisine, Catina stated that she loves Thai food and how the flavors are so bold and fun, but Catina also told us that she dabbles in everything! Not only does she dabble in various kinds of cuisines, Catina also bakes! She bakes cookies, muffins, biscuits, bagels, donuts, and danishes, with her cookies being A HIT!! (You heard right!)

Currently, Catina is working on a Zine, which is a self-published magazine. The magazine will have a few recipes, a highlighted chef, and info on fun food events in the city. (Dope right?!)

Catina’s talents doesn’t stop there, as she also has a podcast with Chef Ashley of “She Cooks, which can be found on soundcloud under “Taste Charm City.” Catina also teaches cooking classes and will be scheduling a pasta making class soon.

chef cat me2



So we asked which Chef Catina admires most, and this is what she had to say,

“I admire Chef Thomas of Ida B’s Table Chef. Black Chef owns his own restaurant and is making wavs on the Baltimore food scene. His spin on soul food is amazing. He takes such pride in his food and it shows. Mark Levy Magdalena gives me that classical trained experience. He shows me everything and explains everything. Has gained worldwide recognition. He is so creative and innovative”


Catina was in a cooking competition on a team for the Mason Dixon Master chef, which beat Miss Shirley’s in a battle brunch! (Super Coo right!?) Catina has also been contacted by the Food Network several times and has also cooked for various celebrities.

When she is getting fancy with her delicious meals that require wine, Catina usually uses Pinot Grigio as her white wine, and Cabernet for red wine. Be on the look out for Catina as she will be in a networking mixer fundraiser to end hunger called, “Sole Food”, scheduled to be held on November 16th. Catina will also be a part of the “Taste Baltimore Kids edition,” which gives kid food businesses a platform to show the public who they are and what they make! (Awesome sauce!)

Make sure you keep up with Catina, as she not only cooks delicious meals, but she has having fun with a new camera that she recently purchased! Catina can be followed on:

Instagram: Naturallychefcat | Culinary_socialite | Bakedbycat | Taste Charm City

Facebook & Twitter: Taste Charm City

If you are interested in booking Catina as a Chef for an event, email her at:


Until next time..

“Boss up and Be Blessed”

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The Culinary Master!

Looking for a Chef to whip up an amazing meal at your next event? All the way from Monroe, GA, Chef Jacoby J. Ponder is a Personal Private Chef, who is a Food Network Competitor on Chopped, and Winner of Food Network Show Cutthroat Kitchen! (We’ve got a WINNER!)

He is motivated by his daily grind of: Cook, Rest, Repeat, and has always had a passion for the Culinary and Hospitality fields. So how did Jacoby get into being Chef? During his 10 years in the U.S. Navy, he was a “PQMS”, known as a personal chef. However, Jacoby continue to follow his passion as well as taking it up a notch! Jacoby attended The Culinary Institute of VA. ECPI University, where he obtained an Associates in Culinary Science and a Bachelors in Food Service Management.

In 2006, he got his first big break doing a catering job for $8k (Ching! Ching!) Jacoby was proud of his first big break, as that weeks’ worth of work was completed with only his hands! (NICE!)



The Chef I admire most is myself. My grind never stops and no other chef will out work me!

If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Jacoby advises: Be ready to work, none stop! stay focus on you!

Starting out however, Jacoby experienced challenges with exposure to the right markets and having really big ideas, but no support. However, this did not stop him! With his specialty cuisine being sea food, especially Salmon, he soon became famous for his Shrimp and grits, which he calls “Shr-its.”

“The way I make it and season it, has blown minds of the people from Dc and New York and pretty much where ever I go.”

Jacoby’s exposure continued to grow as he was soon he was cooking for celebrities! Jacoby has cooked for many celebrities such as: Vivica A. Fox, Bruce Willis, House Wives of Atl., President Bush and many more! When Jacoby is not cooking his specialty, and whips up a dish requiring wine, his wine of choice is preferably a really lite crisp wine. This is due to the composition of the wine, which helps with the flavor profile of whatever sauce he is am creating.



Jacoby is a really big advocate for Education, and has taught Culinary Science at Stratford University. Jacoby also volunteers to teach History classes at the local community center, located in Norfolk, VA (Dope right?!) Jacoby stated that his ultimate goals as a Chef is to one day become an owner and operator of his own small restaurant in Atlanta.




At this time, Jacoby is working on a few projects and is currently on an 18 city tour with “The Under Ground Kitchen.” (Awesome!) He also has a traveling “Couples Cooking Class,” that he says he has have done pretty well with! Though he doesn’t have any cook books available yet, he will have some soon to come!

If you’re interested in booking Jacoby as your Private Chef for your upcoming event, you can book him directly at:

Make sure you keep up with Jacoby by following him on:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter: Chef JPonder


A “Pop” of Taste

When was the last time you baked a dessert? Well meet Maleka Manuel who bakes for all occasions!


Born in Washington, DC, raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and currently residing in Woodbridge, VA, Maleka Manuel has her own sweet shop.

Maleka is currently a full-time Employment Specialist, with a hustle of making cakes and cake pops! Theses delicious treats helps her bring in extra income, to take care of her family. (Talk about a side hustle!) Maleka makes her delicious treats for special events such as birthdays, weddings, and etc. Along with her traditional cakes and cake pops, Maleka also makes vegan cake pops. (Jack of all trades!)

So how does one get into making cake pops?? Well one day, back in 2011, Maleka was browsing around on the internet, and she came upon a blog by Bakerella. She instantly fell in love with the cute little cake pops and challenged herself to see if she could make them herself. She soon started her cake pop business and called it “Manuel Sweet Shop.” (Boss Status!)

Currently, Maleka makes cake pops in traditional flavors of vanilla, chocolate, almond, lemon, and red velvet. (Yummy!) So we asked Maleka about the process of making cake pops and she told us that making cake pops is definitely a labor of love. It can take several hours to make and design ONE. (OMG!)



A cake pop starts with baking a cake and then crumbling it up into fine pieces. It is then mixed with a little buttercream icing to form cake balls. The cake mixture is then refrigerated and then taken back out for dipping. Maleka says that it’s definitely not as easy as it looks! It also takes time to master the chocolate temperatures, to avoid cracks, and to just keep the ball from falling off the stick. (Whew! Sounds tough!)

Maleka told us that even though the cake pop process is very time consuming, she enjoys the outcome and finished product. Maleka’s most requested flavor of cake pops are red velvet and almond! (Yum!) Her customers also love their cake pops to have sprinkles!






“Honestly, I hate hand rolling part of the cake pops but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know there are cake pop makers on the market, but I feel those cake pops don’t come out as tasty as mine. Believe me I’ve given up on cake pops a few times, but now I’ve mastered the little devils.”

“If you’re looking to get into the pastry industry, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on classes. I am self-taught, I love tutorials on YouTube, and I pay for classes on Craftsy as well.”

At this time, Maleka’s cakes and cake pops are only available to residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. So if you’re ever wanting a tasty treat and are in the DMV area, you know who to contact.

To keep up with Maleka and her tasty treats, you can follow her on:

Instagram: @manuelsweetshop


Until next time….

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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