BossBuds: A “Batter & Berries” Review

This weekend, we went to visit the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, IL. There tends to be mixed reviews about Chicago, but we didn’t let that stop us from visiting.  Though Chicago catches slack for their unpredictable weather, we lucked out this time around!   The weather was 50° and sunny the entire weekend, and trafficContinue reading “BossBuds: A “Batter & Berries” Review”

Marketing & Motivation

Do you have business and need help getting it out to the world? Ever wondered how some businesses gained their large following? Well get your pen and notepad out, because the Marketing Genius, Dasean Barnes has given us the details! All the way from Newark, NJ, Dasean E. Barnes is a Digital Marketing and TechnologyContinue reading “Marketing & Motivation”

She’s Got The Moves!

For some people, dancing consists of a night out at their favorite lounge with their friends. However, for Shaylea Anderson, Dance is LIFE!! All the way from Tampa, Florida, Shaylea is a Dancer, full-time College Student, and an up and coming Designer! (Such A Boss!) Knowing that she is destined for greatness is her motivation,Continue reading “She’s Got The Moves!”

Realistic Illusion

Ladies, have you ever needed quick and convenient when dealing with your hair? Ever had a hairtstyle go left, while trying to get yourself right? Well we spoke with Quaniqua Avant, who just may have the solution for you! Repping Brooklyn, NY, Quaniqua Avant is a Computer Engineer for TD bank and has her ownContinue reading “Realistic Illusion”

The Black Man Can

Do you have a Son, Brother, or Nephew who you want to follow a path of greatness and positivity ? Well we have just the organization for you! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive scoop on an amazing organization that EVERYONE should know! All the way from Windsor/Hartford, Connecticut, Brandon Maurice Fame is an Educator,Continue reading “The Black Man Can”

Beautiful Armor

Are you tired of purchasing over the counter products, that always seems to give you false hope OR temporarily relieve? Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with the great Angela Jackson, who can assist you with all of your skin care needs! Check it out… From Washington, DC, Angela Jackson is an Administrative Technician, Certified Aromatherapist,Continue reading “Beautiful Armor”

Captivating Creativity

For some people, paint and sips are done for fun, but for Katrice Buckley, painting is her life!! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive scoop on what life is like for an artist of Katrice’s caliber. From South Holland, IL, Katrice Buckley is a Risk & Chargeback Specialist and Freelance Artist, who has a wonderfulContinue reading “Captivating Creativity”

Donta the Designer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Fashionista? Or what it felt like to be a high demand MUA? Well Donta Henson-Garrett has given Boss Up Magazine those lovely details, and we are here to share them with you! Coming from Washington, DC, Donta Henson-Garrett is an Employment Service Specialist, Fashion Designer,Continue reading “Donta the Designer”

Sophisticated vs. Ignorance

Everyone wants to look good and in the fashion industry, everyone is all about being “fashion forward.” Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with Emmanuel “Mann” Turner, who has a clothing line that YOU should be looking forward to. All the way from the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, Mann is an Actor, Rapper, PartnerContinue reading “Sophisticated vs. Ignorance”

The Hair-prenuer

All the way from South bend, IN, Shimika Jones is an Elementary School Teacher and licensed Beautician. Since 2012 Shimika has been a Beautician and is currently working at Unique Hair salon. With her motivation being her 7-year-old daughter, Shimika wanted more out of life and wanted to be able give her daughter a betterContinue reading “The Hair-prenuer”

The Runway Ripper

Fashion week is a true highlight of the fashion industry! Everyone loves seeing those amazing designs, and it is a true delight to see them for the first time. Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with Fashion Designer, Lenese Calleea Griffin, on how she rips the runway with her fashion designs! Residing in NYC, but fromContinue reading “The Runway Ripper”

The Queen of Marketing

Calling all Entrepreneurs!! Do you have a business, but need some guidance on how to get it out there? Need a pick me-up to jump start your day? Well Vannesia Darby and her company, MOXIE Nashville™, has all of that and more! Representing Nashville, TN, Vannesia is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Speaker, and Blogger!Continue reading “The Queen of Marketing”