The Woman’s Code

Being empowered and empowering others is an amazing thing, and is always needed! Boss Up Magazine interviewed a dynamic duo POWERHOUSE, who are all about empowerment! Meet Charda’ Tabb and Jesideh Clinton, the women of the amazing company, The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes. Both ladies currently reside in New Jersey and are both passionate about the mission of their company. Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details about these phenomenal women and their amazing company! Check out it…


PhotoGrid_1521424215294.jpgThe Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes and Sizes was created in November of 2017 and is geared towards inclusiveness. The company is located in New Jersey, but have programs that will be facilitated through the greater Tristate area. Their company caters to empowering all women regardless of their race, ethnicity, size, socio-economic status, or educational level. Jesideh and Charda determined that regardless of any of these factors, as women they all have a queen that resides within themselves, and they strive to awaken and empower that greatness in each woman encountered. Their mission is to establish a vibrant all-inclusive network of women, seeking success who honor the code of womanity, through unity, empowerment, and networking; within business, fashion, beauty, and overall women’s health & wellness. TWC’s goal is to present a forum where women can attain resources that will help strengthen their current passions or endeavors for their current or anticipated small businesses.

“The goal of the Woman’s Code is to create a network nationwide that will allow females to have a safe outlet during their journey of business building. We plan to be a bridge that connects new entrepreneurs with those experienced in all forms of industries without fear or concerns of being judged, ignored, or undermined during their journey.”

The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes and Sizes founders are amazing and are definitely making BOSS MOVES!! Here’s more about Jesideh and Charda:


Jesideh has a 9 to 5 hustle of being an Investigator for The Department of Child Protection and Permanency. Her position allows her to utilize her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice as a Civil Service woman, dedicated to the safety and well-being of children in the state of New Jersey. (BOSS STATUS!) Jesideh has proudly held her position for 5 years, and considers it an honor to be a part of the system dedicated to this philanthropy. (Amazing!)

Jesideh’s greatness doesn’t stop there!! She is also the founder and owner of Precious Bartending, LLC, an event-staffing agency servicing New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Connecticut. The services offered include a full staff of bartenders, wait staff servers, photographers, DJs, event security and event staffing. Jesideh currently runs a staff of 9 bartenders and wait staff, 2 photographers, 2 event security personnel, 1 DJ, and 1 event planner. Precious Bartending, LLC has provided services for companies and institutions including but not limited to Draft Kings, Complex magazine, Princeton University, New York School of Interior Design, The NYC product Montclair State University, Handy NYC, and the Manhattan Fencing Center.

Additionally, her company has worked events for prestigious clients including executive producers for The View, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and Owner of the Amazing Lash studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Precious Bartending was ranked in the top 3 staffing agencies in New Jersey for 2017. (Dope Right?!)


“My daily motivation is that each day offers me the opportunity to learn something new. My day is not complete until I learn something new. Knowledge is something that my family held to a high regard when I was a child. My parents always taught me that there was no shame in asking about something you didn’t know and utilizing something you did know. From then until know, I knew that knowledge was the key to becoming a better person, woman, business owner, and wife.”

Charda’ is nothing short of a true BOSS as she holds multiple professions! Charda’ is a Regional Training Supervisor for a Human Services Agency, an Adjunct Professor at a local college, and a Residential Specialist with at risk behavioral youth, where she also does therapeutic foster care within that same company! Her greatness doesn’t stop there, as she is also the founder and Creative Director of Finer CreationZ, a company that offers a variety of services & products such as styling, photography; and options to purchase reasonably priced new or trendy clothing, jewelry, and other stylish accessories. (Phenomenal!)


“I have three reasons behind my motivation. The first is because I truly feel God has covered me through several phases of my life, and I owe him one or basically everything lol. Second, is my daughter; my daughter, Desiree Izora and the duty to be a great role model for her influences almost 80% of my decisions on a day to day. It’s important that I show her that she can come from any circumstances and still accomplish anything her heart desires as long as she works for it! Lastly, I understand that life isn’t promised to anyone. After losing my brother at the age of 32 to a senseless murder, I decided that I would experience the world in a different way to make our family, my life, and my legacy count for something once I’m gone.”


“Two sistah-friends got together and began talking about a system that would create a unity amongst women within business and various areas of life. While pondering, discussion about desires to be surrounded by women who would be open to teaching and sharing with one another, their obstacles, resources, and or tools that they’ve used to be successful came about. This ultimately encouraged further dialogue that led to the creation of a code of success that we felt could honor the queen within every woman through unity and empowerment verses competition with one another in all aspects of life.”

Be sure to keep up with The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes, as they will launch their inaugural event on April 28th 2018. The event will be held at:

The Loft: 313 Union Ave
Elizabeth, NJ
1:00pm – 4:00pm.

The Woman’s Code: All Shades Shapes and Sizes inaugural event will cater to networking for women who are small business owners, and or focused on entrepreneurial advancement!


“We believe the presence of The Woman’s Code is vital to the world because women are truly the essence of mankind. When we act as a unit, sharing, informing, and empowering one another it allows for creation and transformations of all kinds to take place. In every walk of like we all can learn from one another, and we believe that we can all be successful if we honor one another under this code. There have not been many obstacles as of yet, which for us proves that this program will a success. In most instances people just need a forum or a space to practice positivity and empowerment; TWC hopes to do just that”

If you’re interested in starting your own company, Jesideh and Charda has the following advice,


“As small business owners who are up and coming, the only advice we would dare extend to anyone would be to “always operate in excellence” regardless of how big or small your business is. What does that mean exactly? This means treat every customer and opportunity like your first and your last. With your first customer you are excited about the new venture, and respond with enthusiasm, respect, and the best customer service you know how because you’re not sure if they will return. We encourage you should keep that same mindset throughout your journey, it will help you to remain passionate not only about your business, but the legacy you’re building!”

You can keep up with Jesideh and Charda via:
Instagram: @the_womans_code
Splash page link:
Email address:

The Woman’s Code: All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes has these final words for our readers:
On behalf of The Woman’s Code:

All Shades, Shapes, and Sizes we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for every sponsor, business, woman, man, or friend who has supported our vision. TWC would truly be nothing without the support and love you have all shown us. We hope that we continue to make you proud as we embark on this journey! ~Charda’ Tabb & Jesideh Clinton

Black In The City

Two women representing the podcast scene is more than what we can ask for, especially for National Women’s Month!! Looking for an amazing podcast to get you through your day? Want to listen to people and content that you can relate to? Well we have just the right podcast for you! Meet Makeda Hope-Crichlow and Sierra Stewart, the BOSS LADIES of Black in the City with Makeda & Sierra!

Makeda is a first generation immigrant from Barbados, and moved from Denver, CO to her current residence in Seattle, WA. She works as a business consultant and supports Microsoft clients. Sierra was born in Oceanside, CA and raised in Tacoma, WA. She works in Higher Education for the College of the Environment at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. With both ladies having their family as their daily motivation, it’s no wonder why these two ladies are making BOSS MOVES on the podcast scene!


So, what prompted the podcast creation of Black in the City with Makeda & Sierra? Thanks to their producer Mia Francois, Makeda and Sierra were chosen to carry out an amazing vision. Black in the City had its initial launch on August 22, 2017, with its focus being current events in politics, social media, and all other areas that are relevant to their lives – as well as what they think will be relevant to the lives of their audience; all from the perspective of two young black women! (BOSS STATUS)

“We chose our content because we thought there was a lack of black women voices that speak to both current events and what’s ‘gossipy’ on the same platform. You typically see one or the other, but it’s just so much fun when you combine the two.”

Black in the City with Makeda & Sierra audience is 60% women and 40% men, and Makeda and Sierra do all that they can to make men feel included!

“We at first thought our audience would only be women, but that is not the case at all. We do what we can to make the men feel included by catering episodes directly to them, or we find other ways of making sure they feel connected to us and our content.”

In the beginning, Makeda and Sierra faced the challenge of learning how to do the podcast, but this challenge was short lived!

“We didn’t really practice before our first episode, so there was a lot of trial and error, as well as learning our audience and what they relate to the most – which then leads to increased listenership and other opportunities.”


“We are our unique, whole selves, we don’t hold back, we say what we feel and mean what we say—and you can lose a lot of that when you are huge. We want to be able to continue to break down complex societal issues in a way that our listeners can understand, and still make it relatable, and funny—Sierra literally has all the jokes. Our podcast is vital to the world and our community ‘cause we are original!

Makeda and Sierra hope to empower others, and be a beacon of light for others who want to pursue their dreams without fear. Both ladies feel that there isn’t a reason why people shouldn’t be doing what they love, no matter what that is.

“We want to help people stay plugged in, get involved in their communities, and stay present, as it can feel much better to unplug when we’re continuously seeing such negative information in the media. We hope that we are able to get people to invest in themselves, and in the people around them.”

Makeda and Sierra’s ultimate goal for their podcast is to become a recognizable household name in their city, build relationships and collaborate with other local people to help create opportunities for others to reach their goals while they reach theirs! Both ladies plan to continue to grow their platform, and use it for the good. Though they have not reached their goals yet, these phenomenal ladies are committed and get closer to their goals each week, as their goal is continuous!

Not only do Makeda and Sierra host a podcast, they also host local events of their own, so they try to stay #bookedandbusy and are always looking to collaborate whenever they can. On every episode, they shout out local artists, businesses, upcoming events, and more, so that they can help everyone stay plugged in to what’s going on in their city. These ladies are consistent, and truly committed to their podcast! (BOOM!)


If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, Makeda and Sierra has the following advice:

“Consistency is key. Even if you think no one is listening, KEEP PUTTING YOUR WORK OUT THERE. Someone is watching, listening, loving your art. Secondly, be okay with the fact that everyone will not like your podcast, and people may not agree with you—but that’s the fun. Don’t take it personally.”

“We spend so much of our personal and free time on this project, and the only thing that drives us is our love for this podcast. We’ve been so consistent that we are regularly recognized and regularly asked to do events, which is still so crazy to us! So just knowing that people are really listening means the world to us both.”

You can listen to Black in the City with Makeda & Sierra at:

Instagram & Twitter: @blackincitypod

Make sure you check out their sponsor Broken Kids Brand. They bring awareness to mental health in the urban community:

You can keep up with Makeda and Sierra on social media at:

Makeda Personal Twitter & Snapchat: @Makee_Duhhhh

Makeda Personal Instagram: @bajan_baddie

Sierra Personal Twitter: @Sierra_Leone2

Sierra Personal Instagram: @sierra2leone


Makeda and Sierra have these final words for our readers:

Stay Black. Stay Alive. Stay Moisturized.


Iesha The Glam God

Do you enjoy make-up, but need a little guidance on how to SLAY your look? Are you into fashion and looking good?! Well we interviewed a true Glam God who can lead you in the right direction!

Representing Chicago, IL, Iesha King is a Nurse, Cosmetologist, and Beauty Blogger (BOSS STATUS!) Iesha tells us that she is driven by her family and the motivate her in every way!

“Whenever I’m doubting myself or feeling low they are right there to tell me how great I am. My passion to succeed for them is what drives me day to day.”


“The most difficult part about blogging for me is finding the time. Being a wife and mother of 3 who also works as a nurse full time, you can imagine I don’t have much free time lol. But when you love what you do, you find the time. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

So what got Iesha into video blogging? Iesha tells us that she loves to make people feel good about themselves, whether its nursing or beauty. She’s always had an interest in beauty and fashion, and began doing hair when she was just 9 years old.

“People always asked me my opinion on different beauty ideas all the time. My interest really sparked for blogging when I started Beauty school in 2011. Beauty school gave me so much confidence, I felt like I could conquer the world. I finally got the courage to start my channel a few years ago and I have no regrets. Best decision ever!”

For Iesha, the feeling of being able to help someone feel more confident about their looks, is what she loves most! She loves to show her viewers that you don’t need a lot of money to look and feel beautiful. With most of her requests being for hair and clothing haul videos, Iesha’s vlog channel focuses on many topics such as beauty, fitness, clothing hauls, vlogs, and more! Her channel is all about not only looking good but feeling good too! Iesha normally records her vlogs over the weekends, with her goal to upload videos every week! Iesha tells us that one her channel begins to grow more, she plans to go full-time with her vlog! (NIICCEEE!)

“I choose my content on what I feel my viewers would like to see. In almost every video I ask my viewer to let me know what they would like to see from me. I also answer any questions they have for me.”

Iesha got her first big breaker as a vlogger when she hit over 10,000 views on one video and says that it definitely motivated her to do more. To date, Iesha has made over 30 videos and has over 200 subscribers! (YOU GO GIRL!)

“I can definitely see my channel growing this year. I have so many great things coming this year, that I want to share; that’s my main focus this year! Being a small blogger, it’s hard to get people to watch your videos. My main obstacle then and now, is getting people to subscribe. I have over 20,000 views on my videos, so I know people are watching. I want to help as many people as I can.”


Vlogging isn’t the only thing Iesha does, as she offers services of wig making! Due to her getting so many questions on her wigs, Iesha started her very own wig business this year, called GLAM Wigs by Iesha. Her custom wig line is growing day by day, and she is now taking all wig orders! Make sure you keep up with Iesha as she will be attending the BE You Natural Hair Fest, on April 14th, 2018 in Chicago IL. Make sure you visit her Facebook business page for updates and more! Iesha tells us that she has many new videos, coming very soon for her channel.


If you’re interested in becoming a video blogger, Iesha has the following advice,

“My advice to anyone wanting to become a beauty blogger would have to be to stay consistent, the more you put in the more you get out. The sky is the limit when you put in the work. And don’t forget to have fun! Some people may believe that it is easy to vlog. I can be the first to tell you that it’s not! To make good quality videos, there’s a lot that goes into it. You have to have the right lighting, right camera, right set up, etc. Then there’s the editing which could take a while. Patience is definitely key! You have to really love what you’re doing to make your channel successful.”

If you’re interested in booking Iesha for her services or ordering wigs, you can do so by visiting her:

Facebook Business Page: GLAM Wigs by Iesha.

“Send me a message, I will respond and answer any questions you may have.”

Make sure you keep up with Iesha by following her on social media at:

YouTube: is IeshaChataun

Instagram: IeshaChataun

Facebook: Iesha King

Lady Singh Photography

Are you looking to do a photoshoot soon, but need an experienced photographer? Do you have an upcoming project that may need voice overs or just need a model or 2? Well meet Jeanine Singh! A multi-talented photographer making serious BOSS MOVES!

Originally from New Have, CT, but now residing in Ocala, FL, Jeanine Singh is a Product Photographer of Lady Singh Photo, who is driven by happiness! Lady Singh Photo specializes in amazon photography

“I love being in control and doing what I love. Product Photography is my passion. I feel that my purpose is to help businesses grow in the digital world by creating beautiful Images that attract buyers. I love what I do and I feel a lot less stressed working for myself rather than having someone looking over my shoulder and limiting my creativity.”

So how did Jeanine get into being a Photographer? At the age of 12, Jeanine started experimenting with photography and videography. She spent a lot of time capturing footage and recording, which soon turned into her hobby!

lady singh2.jpg

“I never thought that I could have a career in Photography or Videography. Without guidance in school, I naturally focused on what I was good at, which was Math. Guidance was easy to find as a female minority interested in Math. I was going to be a Mathematician. I took a photography course where I learned so much more about editing and gaining more control of my camera. I have to say the beginning was boring, but once we got past reviewing old material, I had so much freedom with my camera. For my final project, I wanted to do fashion photography. I gathered a couple of friends to model and we put together a photoshoot. Editing was the fun part. That’s where all of my time goes. I edited their clothing and shoes to have nature designs. I used two patterns, one of a leafless tree that I photographed and the other was a puddle that I photographed and photo shopped to look like a lake. I pulled an all-nighter doing those edits. Once I started I could not stop. I ended up getting a C on my final project but I still love those photos till this day.”
It wasn’t until Jeanine’s first semester in college, that she realized that she WAS NOT going to be a Mathematician! In college, one of her college professors mentioned creating a self-design Major, due to her college having all of the necessary classes, but did not have the major officially listed.

“A couple of professors were working on making the major but it could take a while and nothing was guaranteed. I applied for my self-design major and I was approved at the end of my junior year. So I went into my senior year as a Self-Design Digital Media Production with a Minor in Mathematics. During my senior year, my college made Digital Media Production an Official Major. I felt passion and excitement run through my veins in my intro to digital media production class. I felt excitement and passion in my differential equations class as well so I felt conflicted. It was not until my second year of college (junior year because I completed a year of college while in high school) that I realized that I needed to switch schools so that I could pursue videography and photography as a career. It was scary but I was determined.”

For Jeanine, photography was not her first passion, as her heart throbbed for videography. It wasn’t until she studied abroad in London, that she discovered her hidden passion for photography! During the Fall Semester of her Senior year, she took Media and Photography courses while in London, and Jeanine tells us that she was very excited!!

“I was so excited! I was across the sea with my camera. While flying to London I sat next to a gentleman. I told him about how I was studying abroad and how I created my self-design major. Little did I know, he was the Executive Creative Director and Partner of a Digital Media Production company in London. I knew that God placed me in that seat on the plane for a reason. I earned an internship in my field before I even stepped foot into London. My first day at the internship was amazing. I got a tour of the product photography studio, Video and photography editing lab, and the meeting room where everyone sat around a big table and threw out ideas. I worked in the editing lab and even got to go out on a video shoot an hour away in Brighton for a Yahoo series called Travel Great Britain. This was the first time that I got to see my passions be a success up close. I feel as if God has always been leading me to product photography and now that I and pursuing it, I am happy to continue growing and learning.”


In 2014, Jeanine’s started her business with a focus on video, and started off as Lady Strother Productions. After getting married in 2015, she decided to change her business name over to Lady Singh Photo and Video. In 2016, she then began focusing on photography due to her nephew being born, which then sparked her interested in being a family photographer.


“Because I didn’t know how to find clients, I felt like photography had to be my hobbies again. I had to focus of getting a career in graphic design, because that’s what all companies were mostly hire for at that time.”

This challenge was a short lived challenge for Jeanine, as she got her first big break in 2016! She photographed product photos for Indian River Select Juices, and remembers finding out that they were looking for a photographer in Florida, which caught her attention immediately! (BOOM!) Jeanine checked to make sure that her nearby Publix carried the flavors of their juices, that they wanted photographed. SHE WAS ON A HUNT!


“I had 5 Publix stores around me but I could not find all of the flavors. I sent them a message that I could not find all of the flavors but I did find some of them. They hired me anyways. I was nervous and excited. My husband helped me prepare for the photoshoot by cutting the oranges and passion fruit for me (My husband is a chef/bartender). The photos came out beautiful and I received my first 5 star rating for product photography. I couldn’t believe it. Chills ran through my body “did I just find my career?” Photographing Indian River Select juices gave me the confidence to pursue product photography and it built the foundation that I needed for other businesses to see that if I could work with a big business then I could help them out too.

So how does one become a Photographer? Jeanine tells us that Photographers can be at many different levels!

Copy of psint brushes 3-1

“Everyone has a camera that they can pull out at any time. Some photographers solely shoot off of their phones and create amazing images. With practice you can develop a photographers eye. Photography is all about holding onto a moment and sharing it with the world or keeping it as a piece of art for you to enjoy on your own.”

After college Jeanine worked for a local magazine, and wanted to earn the status of being their lead Graphic Designer. She was their only in house Graphic Designer, during her second year at the magazine. They went an entire year without a lead designer, so she tried to fill in those shoes. After realizing that there was nothing that she could do to earn that lead position, she realized that there were other businesses that appreciated her work, and that’s what made her come home from working 8 hours at the magazine, and work another 5 hours pursuing product photography. Jeanine tells us that she kept doing this for months until she felt that she could support herself with product photography.

“I took that leap of faith and I am so glad that I did because I am so much more happier working for businesses that value my work. Who doesn’t love seeing their photos and models on Amazon? I am very grateful for working at that local magazine because I learned so much about advertising, marketing, and branding. I worked in Sales at the magazine as well. That gave me the Business to Business sales experience that I needed for my business.”

Lady Singh Photo offers infographics, models, commercials, editing, and voice overs. Jeanine has worked with Amazon, by providing photos for heir products! Jeanine tells us that she loves how she can search for products on Amazon and find her photos that she photographed! You can even find her Jeanine’s modeling photos by searching “Beyound Earth Maps.” For Jeanine, it is a wonderful feeling, and continuous excitement every week as she continue to photograph new products!

Make sure you keep up with Jeanine, as she will be working with Unleashed Pets to photograph their carrying bag and is excited to finally photograph her Model Yorkie for Amazon!

“The quality of their products are amazing. I can tell that they really care as dog owners. The little details really add to it and once I put my Yorkie in it, she thought it was hers and did not want to come out of it lol. It has so many great functions. My favorite part is that is that it attached to the car like a seatbelt. I definitely need one for my Yorkie.”

Copy of paint brushes 6-5

If you’re interested in becoming a Photographer, Jeanine has the following advice,

“Don’t stop practicing. Photograph the things that are beautiful to you because when you see beautiful Images it makes you want to continue. The world is your Canvas! I have enjoyed my journey. I have learned a lot along the way. God has set up my life in a way that every experience has taught me something that I need for my business. I wouldn’t want to change anything.”

Be sure to follow Jeanine on social media at:


Facebook: Lady Singh Photo

The Honey Pot Company

Ladies, are you looking for healthy feminie products, to help keep you fresh and clean? Well we have just the right product for you, that can be found at a retail Target near you!! Meet The Honey Pot Company.

Representing Pheonix, AZ, Beatrice Feliu Espada is the founder/CEO of The Honey Pot Company, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market. It’s no wonder why this product is retail, as she is motivated to make The Honey Pot Company a household name and to one day be a global brand.

HP_crest_logo-01 (1).png

The Honey Pot Company creates and sells healthy, natural feminine care products including washes, wipes and herbal pads, and has been in business for four years. The Honey Pot Company only uses plant-based ingredients such as; apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, marshmallow root extract, grapefruit seed extract, mint, rose, lavender and chlorine-free cotton.

“As for feminine care, I sort of fell into this profession after dealing with my own feminine issues for eight months. I became passionate about feminine care once I realized that most of the products and treatments on the market were contributing to the problem, and not helping to solve the problem. We want to be the healthy one-stop shop for all of a woman’s feminine care and feminine hygiene needs.”

Though creating feminine products wasn’t always Beatrice’s passion, she has always loved making her own skin and body care products.

IMG_1863 (1)

“I was dealing with a recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection for eight months that had me wondering if I would ever get off this roller coaster ride. Doctor’s visits, antibiotics and lots of wishing and hoping it would go away weren’t working for me. One night, I had a dream that changed everything. My ancestor presented me with a list of the ingredients that I needed to heal myself. I made the recipe and it worked! I had to share this gift with the world! That’s how The Honey Pot Company began.”

Beatrice tells us that she spent two years doing research and development for her products! She tested the formulas herself and then gave out samples to as many women as she could. Samples were given to women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and age groups. However, in jump-starting The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice faced a few challenges. Beatrice says that she wishes she would have known how hard it would be to raise money, as well as how much money it would cost to get her business off the ground.


“It’s very challenging how quickly you need money to grow your business and there’s no blueprint on how to best raise funds. Launching a consumer packaged goods company is very challenging. Originally we were bottling our washes by hand so there was a lot of challenges with manufacturing large quantities of product for trade shows. We had to really start from the ground up which takes a lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Also, it takes money. I had to continue working full time while building my business since I couldn’t pull money from my new company to live off of. It was a sacrifice but one that paid off!”

To date, The Honey Pot Company has sold over 100,000 products and is available in 1,011 Target stores nationwide, and are also available in 36 select Whole Foods stores in the Southeast! (YASSSSS!!!!) This Summer The Honey Pot Company will be launching a line of natural tampons, and later this year will be rolling out a few additional products! (#BLACKEXCELLENCE)

For Beatrice, getting her products into Target was a huge accomplishment, as The Honey Pot Company is a fairly new brand!

“My ultimate goals for this brand are to continue expanding our product offerings so that we have everything a woman needs for her feminine health and wellness. We want to be the brand that is synonymous with healthy, natural and effective feminine care and feminine hygiene. I want to see this company become a global brand so women everywhere can have access to our healthy products. In a few years, after we scale up, we want to eventually sell to a larger conglomerate for a large sum. To be approached by Target to help them upgrade their feminine care aisle is a huge honor.”


Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company, as they are heading to Anaheim for the Expo West Trade Show – which is a large B2B show for natural foods and natural body care products.

“I am seeking to expand retail presence of The Honey Pot Company, and the Expo West Trade Show is a great opportunity to meet the buyers of the largest retailers in the world.”


If you’re interested in creating your own feminine care company or products, Beatrice has the following advice,

“First off, you need to figure out if you’re making a product/s that will help women solve their feminine care issue and won’t contribute to it. When it comes to this business, it’s really about empowering and enhancing women’s lives so you need to be passionate about health, wellness and women. Also, know that the CPG game is very expensive so you will need to have access to lots of capital or be able to fundraise so you can launch your line the right way.”

If you’re interested in purchasing products of The Honey Pot Company, you can do so at:


Retail Stores: Target & Select Whole Foods

Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company on social media at:

Twitter @TheHoneyPotComp

Instagram @TheHoneyPotCo

Facebook @TheHoneyPotCompany

Beatrice has the following last words for our readers:

“We appreciate all of the love and support we receive daily! It really makes a huge difference knowing that our products are helping girls and women live healthier lives.”

Nailed By Lace

Do you enjoy pampering yourself, in forms of spa days? When was the last time you got your nails done? Can’t get enough of that nail bling? Well whether you’re planning a trip to the nail salon for pampering or special occasion, make sure you let this seasoned and highly creative Nail Technician hook you up!!

Representing Columbus, Ohio, Syreeta Lacey is a Licensed Nail Technician, motivated by her clients and pushing herself and creativity to reach the next level! Syreeta is truly talented in her profession and loves the creativity and flexibility of the industry. However, for Syreeta, the “cherry on top” is putting a smile on her client’s faces.

Syreeta has been a Nail Technician for 5+ years and started her career with The Spa School located in Columbus, Ohio. It only took her 4 months to become a Licensed Nail Technician, which she accomplished as a part-time student!! (SUPER BOSS!) Though being an Art Education Teacher was her original passion, doing nails became her passion while she was in college.

“I was in college with no one to do my nails lol. I took it upon myself to learn the craft and apply my artistic ability. The rest is history!”


Syreeta caught her first big break as a nail technician when she transitioned to “Nails by Ali Nail Salon.” This caused business for Syreeta to pick up tremendously, and it gave her the opportunity to work with a great group of women who support one another! (BOSS WOMEN UNITED!) Doing nails isn’t Syreeta’s only talent, as she creates and sells abstract paintings from time to time. Wait, it doesn’t stop there either!! She also makes and sells her own sugar scrub and body butter!! (YASSSS!!)

Acrylic nail, gel nails, and hand painted designs are Syreeta’s specialty. However, Acrylic nails with rhinestones is the most requested service by her clients, which can takes an average of 75 to 90 minutes to complete; depending on the details of the requested work. To date, Syreeta has worked with over 200 clients, with most of them being women.


My ladies love the bling! I do provide services for men and women; however, 99 percent of my clientele are women. I would like to gain more men as clientele, it’s good for men to pamper themselves too!”

In the beginning of her business, Syreeta dealt with a few challenges, but they that didn’t stop her grind!

“Building clientele after I completed school was a challenge, and it took 3 years before my business increased. Learning how to tell people ‘No’, was a challenge as well. I had to learn that you cannot please everybody in this industry.”

Syreeta’s talents goes beyond the shop, as she was provided the opportunity to perform a gel service for Tamar Braxton during the Great Xscape Tour! (LOVE IT!!) Ultimately, Syreeta tells us that she hopes to own her own nail salon and an continuing Education center. Make sure you keep up with Syreeta, as she may be partnering up with an amazing make-up artist (MUA) to provide services for a Mother’s Day giveaway.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nail Technician, Syreeta has the following advice,

“Most people want to chase money in this industry. I’d say chase purpose with a passion. Anything done without passion has no purpose in the end. Stay focused, keep evolving, and never give up.”

If you’re interested in booking Syreeta for her services, you can do so by going to:,

To keep up with Syreeta and get updates on her upcoming events/projects, follow her on:

Instagram: @NaildbyLace

Syreeta has these final words for our readers:

“Feel free to follow my salon sisters on Instagram! @Nailsbyali_nailsalon, @Phouangmalay @Nailedbyaisha and @_thenailhustla.”

Black Republic & Company

Ever heard the famous James Brown song, “I’m Black and I’m Proud” ? Well go ahead and start singing that song now, as we bring to you a phenomenal clothing company that screams that they are Black and proud LOUDLY!! Introducing Black Republic and Company…

 Representing Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies, Stokely Stennett is the Founder and CEO of Black Republic and CompanyBlack Republic and Company  is a collective social conscious brand that provides a platform which discusses a variety of topics pertinent to the forward movement of the black culture, as it stands in America today and global effects. Through a weekly podcast comprised of diverse male characters, monikered, The Black Manist Podcast, where they debate different perspectives for their audience to both identify with and to be inspired to continue the discussion and revolutionize towards change. Additionally, they have a dope clothing brand which reiterates the movement of the republic for which they stand, including clothing and wares that speak life to black global mobilization and organization.

Black Republic and Company has 35 products available, and offers Winter and Summer gear. There products includes custom men and women’s apparel, with the trending logo of the elephant. They also include Unisex, Men and Women’s Tees, Hoodies, Socks, and Tanks!

Classic 2017@1000x

So how did Stokely get into deigning clothes? When younger, Stokely  was inspired by FUBU!

 “The For Us By US was for me, the Ralph Lauren for Black Folks. I mean sure we had Marithe Francios Girbaud and Cross Colors, but they were flagrant and not exactly by us. This brand was us and it was for the people.”

Initially, Stokely started playing around with Canva and just testing out designs. From there,  he graduated to Illustrator and other advanced design platforms, which took a lot of tedious focus and determination, and Stokely tells us was quite intimidating to say the least, esp. if you’ve never been to school for it or had any prior exposure.  Stokely tells us that’s very simple for him and he enjoys every moment of it; what it means to him and his contribution to the collective.

Warrior Mask

My line is for black folks everywhere. One thing that binds every black person together is that we are all encompassed. It doesn’t matter if you’re light, dark, atheist, Christian, gay, straight, or anything else we are all still BLACK at the end of the day. There is no discrimination in our melanin as it is etched into our flesh we are exclusively black and by that virtue of nature included. I make gear to remind us of this honor and distinction.”

In the beginning stages of his business, Stokely faced various challenges that didn’t stop his grind,

“Like with any endeavor there is always a healthy amount of criticism. Add to that a dose of fear, lack of experience, skepticism and the attempt to balance all of these. I started with no blueprint, no support, and no real base line. I only had the passion and desire to pour myself into something I believed in, and it was scary; as a man that isn’t easy to say. We are bred to not express fear, we are leaders and we are strong. So I had to allow myself the permission to accept the fear, understand that I could not go it alone and that I would need help. I have strengths as a leader and certainly the foundation to take on the challenge and to pursuit, but I would need a collective that possessed the talents that I did not to make this come to fruition.”

Stoke “I made decisions that have afforded us advancement and solidified a footprint that continues to expose the entity, reach the black population across the states, and is laying the foundation for the vision to manifest in totality. As a young business I don’t think I could ask for much more than upward mobility, unless of course we’re talking donations to seed the mission and of course I’m not turning those down.”

Stokely tells us that his most popular product is the “I’m Black What’s Your Superpower” shirt. The shirt is a simple monochrome design – black print on a variant colored background, white on the black background.  Stokely says that the statement however is power.

blk superpower

“It incites anger in some, sparks a conversation for others, and absolutely empowers the body of the wearer. From young people to old people everyone is eager to not only rock it, but to tell us the experience of wearing it and oh the stories we could tell. I am still humbled and empowered by the social impact one simple statement seems to have and the fact that even in the face of adversity our people still rock the new age sentiment of saying it loud they are black and proud.”

So what’s the inspiration behind Stokely’s most popular product? Stokely tells us the following,

“I love being black, I love black people period! The one thing I know about us is that we are RESILIENT, no matter what we go through we come out on the other side. The mere fact that we seem to be feared by the white community or the “majority” says something. We always seem to have this” it” factor and can do more with less and again we SURVIVE. Growing up with comics and being a man now, just thinking about the sheer fact that we possess these amazing traits alone and add to that the fact that our melanin doesn’t burn in the sun I started to think that we MUST have some type of superpower. While flipping through Google I saw a shirt that said I’m a nurse what’s your superpower and thought to myself hell I’m black and that’s powerful! So, in my message I simply wanted to reiterate that as a collective we are power and if empowered with the resources of the majority we’d be greater than even we realize. I repeat, I’m black, what’s your superpower? I’ll wait.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Black Republic and Company products, visit: Stay up to date with Black Republic and Company, as their products may be coming to a store near you!! Stokely tells us that the company is exploring small independent boutiques, with hopes of expanding to larger department and chain industries. (BOOM!)

Make sure you keep up Black Republic and Company, as March 17th marks their 1 year official anniversary!! Be sure to check out their website, for more details about their celebratory event at:  You can also catch Black Republic and Company at OnyxCon Atlanta, on August 24th – August 26th.  You can get details about this event at:

BRC Classic

If you’re interested in your own business of creating/designing products, Stokely has he following advice,

“Just get started. Too many have a failure to launch causing them to never soar anywhere beyond their imagination.”


Be sure to follow Stokely and Black Republic and Company on social media at:

Facebook: BlkRepublicNCo/


Instagram: @blackrepublicandcompany

 “Tune into our weekly podcast The Black Manist Podcast via Google and Itunes, FB, or Instagram”

 Royal Radiance

 Stokely has these final words for our readers:

“If I do nothing else I aspire to leave a mark on this earth of distinction via my legacy. A legacy that will not only feed my heir, but will leave what I like to call crumbs that the black community can pick up unfettered, leading to political, economic, and social power. I am the spirit of black and I will transcend earth with an imprint of black inspiration and liberation without fail”.





J&S Treats

Do you have a frequent sweet tooth?! Have an upcoming celebration for special occasion, and would like to add a lovely touch to it? Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Chloe… the sweet treat QUEEN!

Originally from Calumet City, IL, but residing in Freeport, IL, Chloe A. B. Heyward is the President of the Policy Council for the NICAA Head Start Program for Stephenson and Jo Davies County, Digital Organizer for Security First Title Company, Referral Agent for World Financial Group(WFG), and the Owner/Chocolatier of J & S Treats LLC! (BOSS STATUS) Chloe tells us that her children are her motivation and she is focused on giving them the best!


“J&S, are the initials of my children. They are the sweetest things in my life, and I want to provide the best things for them by being successful at this.”


For Chloe, cooking has always been an overall passion of hers, and she loves making savory foods.  Chloe tells us that she loves making savory foods, such as Racks of Lamb, Whole Baked Chicken, and Homemade Garlic Butter Biscuits. So how did Chloe get into making sweet treats?  During her second pregnancy, she was up late craving sweet treats! This then sparked an interest in her to make treats, so she decided to look further into making the treats healthier for herself and the baby throughout the pregnancy. (AMAZING!!)  In the beginning of Chloe’s business, she experienced a challenge with marketing due to the town being so small. However, that challenge was short lived as Chloe is very well skilled with technology on Facebook and Instagram advertisements. (BOOM!)

J & S Treats LLC offers a variety of sweets, such as Dipped Strawberries, Dipped Pretzel Stix, Dipped Apples, Fruit Bouquets, Peanut Butter Cups, and more! With Dipped pretzel stix and strawberries being the most requested, the dipped strawberries are her favorite treat to make! With Chloe’s treats specializing in homemade ingredients, it’s no wonder why her sweet treats are in such high demand!

 “I enjoy making sweet treats for the “taste testing”.  My favorite treats to make are dipped strawberries because when you bite into them, it tastes like a caramel apple….mmmmm. I love seeing the reaction of the customers once they have tasted J&S Treats!”



“I love making sweet treats! I love the way they smell, how scrumptious they look and taste, I enjoy the work. “I truly love making my sweet treats, because it allows me to put my special touch to make someone’s event SPECTACULAR.”


Make sure you keep up with Chloe and J&S Treats LLC, as there are multiple summer events that are coming up, that they will be involved in!


If you’re interested in creating your own sweet treats, Chloe has the following advice,

“Don’t bother with all of that! Just call me to do all that work for you. My number is 815.908.9577 Leave it all up to me!”

 If you’re interested in ordering J & S Treats,, you can do so via her business page: or giving her a call at 815-908-9577.


Be sure to keep up with Chloe by following her on social media at:

Instagram @ambitiousqueen_c


Chloe has the following final words for our readers:



“I would like to thank my mother and father for instilling the foundation of the word of God in my life, because without that none of this would be possible. “Faith without works is dead” – James 2:17




Alison Vaughn

Are you a Detroit resident, needing assistance with employment? Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? Well Boss Up Magazine interviewed a woman of impact and inspiration. Meet Alison Vaughn, an entrepreneur and leader that is making serious BOSS moves, in her community!

Representing Detroit, MI, Alison Vaughn is the Founder & CEO of Jackets for Jobs Inc, Author of the book Ms. Goal digger, Success is Sexy, and Co-Author of the book Inspired Style. With her daughter being her motivation, Alison is all about making a difference! (BOSS STATUS!)

“My daughter is my motivation. I’m her role model. My goal is to make a positive difference in someone’s life daily.”


Alison is a true BOSS, as she self-published her own book; which only took 5 months to write and publish her book! Alison tells us that it was a great feeling seeing her own work in print and listed on Amazon! The book Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy! is a tell-all guide for today’s businesswoman who wants to get what she wants for herself, by herself. While the world may define success in dollars and cents, this book teaches women how to work smarter, not harder. We’re told that Millennials love her book!

Alison tells us that she decided to write her own book after realizing that many women didn’t have goals! Her book is geared for women looking to go to the next level, and believes her book will impact readers in a positive way.

“This book will have my readers thinking about their life goals and how to dress, act and be a CEO. How to be the CEO of their life. As the founder of Jackets for Jobs, our mission is to empower individuals to find and retain employment. I decided to write a book to help women write down their goals and ways to help them achieve them.”

Becoming an Author isn’t Alison’s only calling, as she is also a Public Speaker. For Alison, public speaking began at an early age and continued to follow her throughout her life. Alison tells us that she feels as if she’s been a public speaker all of her life, and is not afraid to speak in front of others!


“At an early age, I started speaking at church and in high school I was vice-president and then President of Student Council. In college I first majored in communications and then switched to Business Administration. I’ve never been afraid to speak in public.”

Alison has been a Public Speaker for over 18 years and has spoken at many speaking events. As a Public Speaker, Alison places her focus on the topics of: How to network to increase your net worth, how to develop a millionaire mindset, how to act, speak and dress like a CEO, and how to set strategic goals and plans of action. With a true passion for public speaking, Alison enjoys talking and meeting people.

“I feel that I’m truly a communicator. I’ve been blessed to speak at many events, but my favorite speaking event was when I was invited to speak in Dubai at the World Islamic Economic Forum. I spoke on “The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs”.

Alison Vaugh RED Jacket for Jobs3

Alison’s greatness doesn’t stop there, as she also has a non-for profit organization called Jackets for Jobs, Inc. Opened in March of 2000, Jacket for Jobs, Inc. was created to assist low income individuals with career skills training, employment etiquette training and interview or work appropriate attire. In the beginning, Alison experienced a short lived challenge of funding, but that did not stop her!

“I went to the library and read all the books on grant writing for non-profits. My favorite book was “Grant Writing for Dummies” that book really helped me get started.”

alison vaughn red

Jackets for Jobs, Inc. serves the Detroit area and has assisted over 24,000 individuals with employment. The services offered are at no cost to clients and are available for men and women. Jacket for Jobs, Inc. has two locations, with one on the Eastside and the other on the Westside of Detroit.

Jackets for Jobs, Inc. is an affiliate of Michigan Works! and also has a partnership with Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. Alison says that their support has allowed her organization to assist Detroiters with job search, and they are ever so grateful of their support. Jackets for Jobs, Inc. has also partnered with TJ Maxx, and collaborates annually to host a signature event.

“We also partner with TJ Maxx. It’s a great store. I always encourage everyone to shop TJ Maxx! In 2007, they invested one million dollars in our organization. Jackets for Jobs partners with TJ Maxx annually to host an event for female veterans. We enjoy working with veterans because they give their lives for our country and we believe we should give back to them.”

Alison believes her organization is vital to her community, as they help people prepare for jobs, which is a relatable reality.

“When a person comes to Jackets for Jobs, Inc. and receives training and clothing for a job interview, and then calls us and lets us know that they have received a job, that’s our indication that we have impacted the community. We’ve helped an individual become self-sufficient and make a difference in their life. That’s Awesome! When we help a woman get off welfare, that’s a wonderful blessing. We provide the “Life Jacket” for survival.”

alison vaughn.3.jpg

“I am guided by the Lord. When I hear from the Lord, then I move. The sky is the limit. I feel I have many more things to accomplish.”

Make sure you keep up with Alison as her company, Jackets for Jobs Inc is celebrating 18 years of helping Detroit job seekers! This event will feature keynote speaker, pop culture Icon, actress, and director Kim Fields! For more information, make sure you visit:

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Alison’s books, you can do so at:

Be sure to keep to follow Alison on her social media at:

Twitter || Facebook || LinkedIn: Alison Vaughn

Instagram: The Real Ms Goal Digger

Coffee x Hustle

Are you looking to get your business rebranded, but don’t know who to turn to? Interested in being a Publicist, but need a few pointers?  Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Narcisse James! Representing Baton Rouge, LA, Narcisse is currently a Publicist, Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, and Owner of the company Coffee x Hustle ! With her children being her daily motivation, her grind never stops! (SUPER BOSS!)

“There have been so many times that I wanted to give up, but my kids kept me going. I want them to look at my hustle in admiration. I want them to see me go after everything I want in life and have that inspire them to pursue their own passions. I used to be so shy at events and terrible at networking, I’d leave without handing out one business card. I started writing my kids’ names on sticky notes and putting it on my stack of cards. It’s a little reminder that if I don’t show up for my brand then my babies won’t eat.”


So what is Coffee x Hustle? Created in 2015, Coffee x Hustle, is a creative agency that specializes in brand strategy and design for grinders, goal getters and game changers in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. (BBOM!) Coffee x Hustle has a team of passion-driven brand storytellers and creative media communicators, who brainstorm ways to communicate your brand’s message effectively and increase visibility. Other services include brand development and management, event activation and creative direction.

What started Narcisse into her journey? In 2014, Narcisse became interested in being a publicist, after the death of her Father. Narcisse tells us that that she dropped out of hair school and her college Marketing program. Though being a Publicist wasn’t always her passion, she always knew that she wanted a career that allowed her to be creative, make important business decisions, and have a corner office! (BOSS STATUS!)  So how does one become a Publicist? Narcisse tells us that typically a bachelor’s degree is needed in Public Relations, Communications or Journalism. Luckily for Narcisse, she was fortunate enough to intern at some amazing companies and build relationships, that has gotten her to where she is today. Narcisse tells us that many people are unaware that she is currently in school, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications at Full Sail University.

“I wanted nothing more in life but to make something out of myself, to make my dad proud, and prove to myself that I wasn’t a failure. I started researching careers and ran across public relations and the more I researched the more interested I became. I started creating my own lane in the industry before even enrolling online.”

For Narcisse, the beginning stages of her building her company, she experienced a few challenges, that she soon overcame!  In the beginning, Narcisse felt her company would quickly be successful, as she felt she was well prepared!


“I had the logo, website, business cards, etc. I just knew it would work but long story short, it didn’t. It didn’t work because I wasn’t showing up for my brand like I was showing up for that 9-5. I was sitting there waiting for people to show up to support a business that they didn’t know existed.”

Narcisse decided to become a mail carrier, for more financial stability, and worked on her agency on the side. Narcisse did not give up, as she knew her company’s success would not happen overnight.  Narcisse tells us that she began to learn more and more about her craft and operating a business, which helped her grow professionally and personally.

“When panic attacks begin to take over every time I tried to clock in, I knew it was time to make change in my life. I resigned on my birthday, put my all into Coffee x Hustle and it started growing like wildfire. After 2 years of delivering mail, I quit my job and, in a sense, I’m still serving as a middleman in communications.”

CoffeexHustlelogoI feel like you find your passion when you’re comfortable doing it for free. I’m not saying that you should work for free, but when you can do a job simply because it sets your soul on fire, that’s the one! That’s how I feel about what I do, the money isn’t why I work in public relations, I chose this industry because I love the job.  When you find something you can’t stop dreaming about, you have to go after it even if you don’t have the money or means to at the time. Get creative, find a mentor and/or an internship, work hard and don’t stop until you find a way to make it happen!”

Make sure you keep up with Narcisse, as she was featured and recognized in the Huffington Post, as one of the Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Narcisse is also currently planning for a co-working event in Baton Rouge, LA.  Also, Narcisse tells us that more importantly, the best project she could ever work on is herself.

“I’m always working on ways to better myself and my business, so that I may better serve.”


If you’re interested in being a Publicist or having your own marketing company, Narcisse has the following advice,

“Jumpstarting my company, I feel that I was my biggest hindrance. I was my own biggest critic and a perfectionist. I had to stop thinking about what could go wrong and start focusing on all that could go right. It was very intimidating but when God starts making you uncomfortable you have to make a change and bet on yourself.

You can’t shut down when someone tells you no, whether it be a prospective client or a journalist, you’ll never make it. You have to trust the process and understand that a “no” today, may not be a “no” tomorrow. You have to keep pushing and start creating your own opportunities.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to do something, it’ll never get done! Even if you don’t know how to do it, go out and do it anyway. Google is free! If I would have known back then that it’s okay to make mistakes I would be a lot further in my career. It’s better to live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”.

When people see how much you believe in your brand they’ll start investing in it. Don’t be afraid to network on and offline, you have to build and foster meaningful relationships if you want to succeed in this industry. Also, move with intention and always operate on faith. Don’t make any decisions in your business or life without first consulting with God!”

Be sure to follow Narcisse and her company Coffee x Hustle via all social media at:

@narcissejames & @coffeexhustle

Narcisse has these final words for our readers:

“Plan everything out! I’m sure you’ve probably heard that “failing to plan is planning to fail” that statement is so true. The problem is a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs get frustrated, discouraged and/or overwhelmed while planning, and never execute their amazing ideas. I’ve been there, I can write a book about it, it’s not fun. You have to think big and start small. When I started assigning action to my goals, I started seeing things come to fruition.”


Spoken Art

Did you know that art can be seen outside of museums & that it isn’t just in the form of paintings or drawings? Have you ever heard of Spoken Word? Spoken Word is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of any poetry recited aloud. Meet Kendra Renee, a Spoken Word artist who seeks to changes lives, one piece at a time.

Originally from Chicago, IL, but now residing in St. Louis, MO, Kendra Renee is a Social – Emotional Learning Facilitator for middle school students as well as a Spoken Word artist. Kendra is driven by knowing that she can make a difference in her community, and is doing just that! Though unable to remember what inspired her to do Spoken Word, Kendra’s passion for the art is fierce! When constructing pieces, Kendra focuses on things she personally relates to; i.e. being Black and being a woman, just to name a couple.

“I try to speak to audiences that can relate to what I’m saying. I feel there’s more of a connection there.”

For Kendra, creating her pieces vary in times, as it can take as little as a few minutes or as long as a few months…or longer. Her pieces are generally between 2.5 – 3 minutes, but she says she truly admires artists who can write longer poems; and she aspires to get there one day. In the beginning, Kendra dealt with the challenge of fear, but that didn’t stop her or take her away from her passion.

“F E A R. I still face that now. Feelings of inadequacy. There are some doppeee artists on the poetry scene and sometimes I don’t feel sufficient, honestly.”


To date, Kendra has done more Spoken Word pieces than she can count, which makes sense for an amazing BOSS of her talent! Kendra’s performances include open mics, competitions, radio appearances and paid gigs. Locationally, she has performed in Chicago (and surrounding areas), St. Louis, New York, Indiana, and Texas! (BOOM).
Going beyond where is known, but what is she known for, Kendra’s favorite piece, Black Lives Matter, focuses on the injustices of the system and pays homage to the Kings and Queens we’ve lost at the hands of being Black in America.

“My ‘Black Lives Matter’ piece is my most popular one. Mainly because it’s the one I keep performing, lol. I’m most connected to this piece and I think the audiences I perform in front of connect with it as well.”

Kendra acknowledges Spoken Word as an art form that carries power in numbers, which drove her to produce a group poetry show in 2012, entitled “Silenced Voices, Unheard Stories.” Kendra and three other artists shared a stage to bring awareness to issues that have been shunned or disregarded in the African American community. On the order of there being power in numbers, Kendra is inspired by numerous artists, some of which she’s had the pleasure of performing on the same stage as.


When asked which Spoken Word Artist she admires the most, this is what Kendra had to say,

“Just one? Ohh I cannot pick just one. Out of Chicago, I admire K.Love, HoodRaised, PHENOM, Kells, Real T@lk. Out of St. Louis, I admire Corey Black, Louis Conphliction….& those are just a few!”

Spoken Word isn’t the only amazing talent Kendra has, as she is also into visual art – painting, drawing, and [now looking into] filmmaking! (BOSS STATUS!)


If you’re interested in becoming a Spoken Word Artist, Kendra has the following advice,

“Be real! Be authentic! Be you! Honestly. Find your style and be comfortable in it. Research artists for inspiration. Allow yourself to grow in the craft.”

Make sure you keep up with Kendra and her Spoken Word pieces on:

Facebook: [hashtag]beFREE

If you’re interested in booking Kendra for her services, you can do so via email:

Black Couple Revolution

Love is a beautiful thing, but Black Love is inspiring and magical! Well Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on an organization that not only promotes Black Love full force, but also knows the importance of it!

Originally from San Diego, CA, but now residing in New Jersey, Karim Miller is the creator of Black Couple Revolution! This organization is motivated by Black empowerment through media and winning the media war against Black society, and has a fierce community standing behind it!

Located in New Jersey, Black Couple Revolution is an organization that promotes positive content of Black couples, which gets throttled by mainstream media. Their mission is to uplift and inspire, as well as combat white supremacist propaganda of Black dysfunction and interracial euphoria. (Dope Right?!)

Black Couple Revolution was founded in 2016 due to Karim watching The Walking Dead and seeing its lack of Black Couple representation.

“There is a misconception that we are anti-white, which is not the case! Black Couple Revolution gives the Black society a pure and honest choice for Black love representation, which inspires Black love and unity around the world. Black love is the end of white supremacy and Black Couple Revolution is vital to our community.”


Black Couple Revolution has been making many waves in the world, as it has had many platforms that reach out to collaborate with them. Nevertheless, they remain on their grind!

If you’re interested in starting your own organization, Black Couple Revolution has the following advice,


“Always be clear on the constructive result that you want to achieve. That’s always your center.”
Make sure you keep up with Black Couple Revolution as they have recently been on a radio talk show and will soon be in a “Black Love” round table discussion! (BOOM!)

Keep up with Black Couple Revolution by following their social media at:
Facebook and Instagram: @BlackCoupleRevolution

Black Couple Revolution has these final words for the readers:
“Make sure you use the #BlackCoupleRevolution whenever and wherever you see Black love.”

Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

Starr Stage

Ladies, are you looking for a makeover beyond your everyday make-up? Need a facial or bikini wax, but want to go to someone who really knows what they’re doing? Well meet Starr Archer, a well-known and experienced professional, giving women a “Starr” studded body makeover!!

Born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Lithonia, GA, Starr is an Aesthetician and Beauty Entrepreneur, that has been making moves for 6+ years, in the beauty industry! She is the owner of Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio and Starr Salon Suites, which provides a one-stop shop for all beauty professionals and consumers! (Boss Status!)

Starr attended an Esthetician program in the state of Georgia, where she became certified in 9 months. Though the field of beauty was not always her passion, Starr states that speaking with people has always been her passion.

“I love people, love interacting and conversating with people I will talk to anyone no matter where I am at. Lol that’s a passion of mines speaking with people and making them happy. But I can also say this field was not my passion because if you would have asked me 3 years ago I would not have had any clue that this would be the field that I would be in, but now I enjoy it so much.”

So what made Starr open her own business? Starr states,

“I noticed that as women we care more about our bodies and the way we look more than anything. One day, I figured how cool would it be for me to expand my skills by becoming someone that can really help change a person’s body, to make them feel better without surgery. I researched and stepped out on faith and began my business.”

Prior to becoming an Aesthetician, Starr had two prior business that catered to the beauty industry. Though her businesses were not as successful as she hoped, she learned an important key to her renowned success! With her daily motivation being her daughter and self, Starr continues to strive to be the best she can be!

“Self-motivation is what motivated me to keep reaching higher and higher I want to be able to achieve any goal I have set in my mind, no matter what it is; even if I fail at least I know I tried.


Starr Stage is only located in Decatur, Georgia, with sister companies located in Florida, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Starr Stage has been around for 6 years, but has been operating as a non-surgical studio for 2 years. Starr Stage has worked with 1200+ people, providing services for both men and women, with women being majority of its clientele.

Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio

Starr Stage provides many services such as: non-invasive lipo, skin tightening, tattoo removal (without laser), stretchmark and scar camouflage, cellulite removal, butt lift enhancement, bikini waxing, and facials. Clients of Starr Stage usually see major results after 2 weeks consisting of 4 sessions, with the ability to lose between 2-5 inches around the midsection area. Wondering which services is most requested? Starr tells us that non-invasive lipo seems to be the service most requested, and it only takes 30 minutes to complete!

Starr with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip Hop

Starr’s caught her first big break with Starr Stage, by working with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip-Hop! Tammy was referred by her best friend, Shod Santiago, and the opportunity paved the way for Starr’s first premier on the TV show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta! (Dope right?!)

Starr tells us that the ultimate goal for her business is to continue growing and training other women how to run and begin businesses, and to continue opening other businesses where women can become their own entrepreneurs like our salon suites. Ladies be on the look out because throughout 2018, Starr will be holding non-surgical procedure trainings across the United States, to continue to empower women and spread her education with others! (Learn from the best ladies!)

Keisha Starr Archer 3

If you’re interested in becoming an Aesthetician, Starr has the following advice,

“Go for it, all we have every day in life is time 9-13 months will pass you by so might as well just DO IT!” It took me 9 months to complete the esthetician program, and I continued taking other classes to become more knowledgably in my career.”

Make sure you keep up with Starr and Starr Stage, as there are few major projects in the works! Follow her on all social media with the handle: @starrstage

If you’re interested in booking Starr for her amazing services, you can do so by email:
Service Bookings:
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Starr has the following last words for the readers:

Rasheeda will join Starr on Saturday, February 17, 2018, to present “Boss Up or Get Bossed Around,” a woman in business class teaching aspiring or small business owners how to establish, grow and succeed at business. The class will be held at Starr Stage in Decatur, GA, live and via webinar. Live class tickets are $299 and webinar tickets are $249.


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Tylre Avery Music

Ever turned on your Spotify or iTunes app, in search of great music? Find yourself jamming to Hip-Hop or Soul? Well we have just what you’re looking for! Meet Tylre, an Artist who not only can give you the best of both worlds, but who without a doubt needs to be on your musical playlist!

Representing Harrisburg, PA, Tylre Avery is a Rapper and Producer, with a strong passion for music! Tylre says that he became interested in pursuing a career as a Rapper, the moment he realized that he didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 for the rest of his life; which was at a very young age.

With his motivation varying day by day, Tylre stresses how he is truly motivated by people around him, his family, and his friends that have stayed with him throughout his journey.

“I’m motivated by what I lack, as an incentive to go and get it. I’m motivated by great Music and Musicians that I look up to. When I was younger, entertainers like Diddy, Jay-Z, and Kanye West made rap look so effortless, and I wanted in.”



“I’m a Lyricist who makes music for people who like meaningful lyrics, witty lyrics, and Hip-Hop listeners who are looking for something more soulful, but still want to jam in the club.”


Though the pursuit of his dream career had a few challenges, that did not stop Tylre’s grind! Tylre tells us that his biggest challenge was direction.

“So many Artists are passionate and working hard making great Music, but don’t know anyone to give them that breakthrough, don’t know how to reach the audience they need – All because they don’t know these industry formulas. I went years without knowing which direction to go. It’s so frustrating.

You’ll hear mainstream Artists answer this question all the time, “What advice do you have for up and coming Artists?” And their answer is always so generic. They all say the same thing: “believe in yourself,” || “Trust your gut,” || “Trust God,” things that we’ve all heard before.

They never tell people to build a team, find an entertainment lawyer, find a Publicist, own your copyright, own your publishing, save money to travel to different cities whenever you need to, network, develop your image, form a marketing plan. They make it seem like they appeared onto the Music scene out of nowhere, when really they had to pay their dues and had the opportunity to pay their dues and the people around them to help.

What about those great Musicians who may not be from Atlanta or NYC or LA and don’t have those resources? What about those people who are making Music and aimlessly promoting all by themselves and getting completely ignored? They’re just as passionate and hard working. I’m from Harrisburg, PA. We have really good Tech schools in our area. A few football players came from here. But there’s Musicians here who have been doing Music for years and never been in this magazine because they had no direction for where to get their Music heard or who you have to know to reach these platforms. These platforms are myths where I’m from.

It’s so frustrating to work hard for years and get nowhere. It makes you feel like a failure, after putting in just as much effort as any mainstream Artist. I don’t go through this problem now though. I learned the game enough, failed a few times and got back up enough to know how I need to reach my audience. And I still have a lot more to learn. I try to spread all the knowledge I can though.”

Tylre got his first big break as a Rapper when he performed in NYC in 2014! For Tylre, it was the first-time people outside of his hometown actually heard his music. (BOSS Status!) When choosing songs for event, he always considers the venue and the type of audience.

“Nobody wants to perform a song for the strip club during a women empowerment event, ya know. I’m always prepared. I’m prepared right now. I practice performing like a boxer trains in the ring. I exercise, I practice breathing, I practice my songs, I study different performances. All I need before a performance is a few seconds to myself to thank God for the opportunity, and then on the stage I go.”



“My ultimate goal as a Rapper is to fulfill my true purpose. Music is my passion and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to make music. I believe that a person finds their purpose through their passion. I’d like to uplift people and change the entire world by completely expressing myself in my Music. I am proud of the way my music and journey has affected people!”

Tylre says he admires Nas, Kanye West, and Big Sean, because they are some of the most innovative Artists of the 21st century! If granted the opportunity, Tylre states that he would love to work with Big K.R.I.T., as he is one of his favorite artists and knows that he writes his own lyrics.

Rapping isn’t Tylre’s only talent, as he enjoys playing the Saxophone. Tylre tells Boss Up Magazine that he learned to play the Saxophone in high school, and still plays it from time to time. (Dope right?!)

If you’re interested in becoming a Rapper, Tylre has the following advice,


“Invest, invest, invest in yourself. Do not be afraid to put your money where your mouth is and invest in the best Music quality that you can. Invest in your production so that you own it. Invest in a team. Invest in your self-image. Keep friends around you who are on the same path as you. I wish that I would have known exactly what to invest my money in, when it came to my career. I didn’t know the formula, so I didn’t know what to invest in.”

Make sure you keep up with Tylre and his music, as he is working on an EP entitled, “2 Weeks’ Notice,” and is also in the process of filming a video for his most recent song, “Water and Soil,” that was inspired by his last romantic interest!

If you’re interested in purchasing and listening to Tylre’s music, you can do so through Soundcloud, YouTube, and social media!

To book Tylre for events, you can do so via email at:

Make sure you follow Tylre on social media at:

IG: @tylreaverymusic
Twitter: @IAmTheLivest1

“I do follow back and respond.”

Tylre has the following final words for the readers:

“I’m thankful for being featured in Boss Up Magazine. I wish success to every individual who get a hold of this article.”


Until next time..

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

Bake Sweet Love

Do you love dessert? Are you a big fan of cupcakes and cakes? Celebrating a special occasion and need just the right touch added to your event? Well meet Ayana, a Baker who can help make your event a sweet one!!

Proudly representing Detroit, MI, Ayana Patrick is a Consultant in youth development and owner of an online bakery called Bake Sweet Love!! (Such a BOSS!)  With her passion being her daily motivation, Ayana receives support from her family as a reinforcer to follow her passion!  As a kid, Ayana had a passion for baking with her Mother being a major influence!

Ayana states that her Mother is an amazing cook and Master in baking, who went as far as to take cake decorating classes, to be able to create beautiful custom cakes for all of their birthdays; with Ayana staying right by her side while she created those wonderful sweets!!

“Often times our cakes reflected who we were so our superheroes and barbies looked like us, it was clear how much love she poured into her baking. I’ve always been grateful for that.”



“I love making clients happy. I love seeing people truly enjoy indulging in what I’ve created. It feels good and makes me proud. It’s why I bake. Being on my feet for several hours can take a toll on my back, but it’s nothing a little Epsom salt can’t fix.”


For Ayana, her passion of baking was not always recognized. Ayana tells us that she was a model in Detroit and then moved to Brooklyn, NY, to continue her pursuit of modeling.  After a while, she decided that she didn’t love modeling but loved fashion, and she got into high end retail. During that time, she started to get back to baking and realized that it was something she could do every day for the rest of her life. For Ayana, it was what she loved more than anything.

“Baking has always been my passion but not always at the forefront. I took many different paths to get back to baking. I didn’t just wake up and decide to be a baker, I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

As Ayana started her business, she faced a huge challenge of creating and building it, but that didn’t stop her success!

“Coming up with a name, logo, website, menu, prices, business plan, etc. were a bit of a challenge, because you want to stand out and be “special” but also practical and smart. I think with anything you’ll have challenges and they change as time progresses. I don’t have the same challenges but I’m constantly working on improving what were once difficult hurdles.”

 bsl logo with wordsBake Sweet Love specializes in babycakes (cupcakes), sweetbites (minis), cakes, cookies and cake pops! (YUMMY!)  There is also an “adults only” menu, which are cocktail inspired as well as specialty flavors. The main menu is designed for customers to create their own combination, which means that they can select a cake flavor and then choose their frosting. Ayana says that it was important for her to allow customers to use their creativity. (NIIICCEEE!)  Ayana tells us that her favorite pastry to make is cake, with baby cakes being her second favorite!

“They’re super fun because they can be filled and garnished with some of the most amazing flavors.”

With “Goldie’s Brown Sugar & Bourbon babycake” being the most requested, a lot of items on her menu are inspired by friends and family! (SWEET!)


“Goldie’s Brown Sugar is named for my best friend and sister Goldie. People LOVE it, it’s a brown sugar cake infused with bourbon, topped with a bourbon-vanilla cream cheese frosting and drizzled with a bourbon-vanilla caramel (from scratch).”

Although she loves doing everything, babycakes are Ayana’s specialty and is what people come to her for; the balance of the flavors and sweetness is really appreciated.



“I love sweets but I’m not a fan of super sugary desserts, I like to take pride in the fact that my babycakes aren’t super sweet and that makes them really good. People also really love to mix and match flavors and you can only get the full experience of that with babycakes.”

Make sure you keep up with Ayana and Bake Sweet Love, as she will be hosting a pop-up shop soon, with details will be posted on her website and social media accounts!! Ayana is also working on a several private events for the month of February!! (BOSS MOVES!!)

If you’re interested in creating your own baking business, Ayana has the following advice,


“Create a plan, do your research and stick to it. Baking has to be something you love not just something you do because there is a lot of work involved and it’s not easy. Believe in your craft and continue to make it better, we’re all works in progress.”


Ready to taste Ayana’s sweet treats? Well you can place your orders thorough her website at:

If you have any questions, you can email Ayana at:

Be sure to check out other sweet treats of Ayana by following her social media at:

Instagram: @bake_sweet_love

Twitter: @bakesweetlove.

Facebook: Bake Sweet Love

Ayana has these last words for the readers:

Always remember to be sweet and let life be sweet to you!


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

The Traveling Nurse

Do you have dreams to travel and see the world? Want to travel, but unsure if you can handle traveling alone? Wanting to plan a nice getaway or experience some amazing culture? Well we spoke with a true BOSS who makes traveling a priority!

Born and raised in Southern California, Minci Sekou Stenson is a Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse. Having a positive attitude that could change someone’s perspective on life, is her daily motivation and she has a true passion for traveling!

Minci recently took a month-long trip to Africa, which was a trip she planned for a year prior. Minci tells us that she decided to visit Africa to learn more about the culture, to meet the people, and to feel where we came from. (Such a Boss!)



Though Minci prefers to travel alone, she has mainly traveled with her Mother and friends.

“When I travel alone, I find that I am forced to meet new people and explore more without any pressure. In 2017 I was able to visit 15 countries. Next year one of my major trips is going to be carnival in Trinidad!”



When asked about three places that she would revisit, Minci told us that she would travel to Egypt, Greece, and Spain. Here are the exclusive details:



Egypt: “I would revisit Egypt because I feel like there was so much history, that I need one more trip to see everything. Plus, everyone made me feel so welcomed there.”

Greece: “I would revisit Greece because Greece was a magical place for me; I felt at peace.”

Spain: “I would revisit Spain because I feel like their country has so much to offer. It has everything you are looking for in a country, from partying, to relaxing on the beach, to cultural activities. You could never get bored of these places!”

Unfortunately, Minci tells us that Bogotá, Columbia is a place that she doesn’t want to revisit.

“I felt invisible there. The crime rate was high, so I had to be cautions the entire time which is stressful.”


During her travels, Minci has acquired some fantastic memories, with Egypt being the most unforgettable. Minci tells us,

“While in Egypt, I was walking down the street and a lady sent her kids to hug me, and I didn’t understand why. Then she proceeded to take her garment off and place it on my head, while saying welcome home and thank you for not being scared to come to my country.”


Minci also tells us about a few cultural shocks she experienced! Minci stated,

In Kenya, we went to the Masai villages. They make their homes out of cow poop and there were flies everywhere, even all over the kids. It was very difficult to stay focused while swatting flies and trying to not step in poop, however, the experience and what we learned was priceless.

Egypt was also a culture shock, when I saw that the people live in houses and apartments with no roof, because they don’t want to pay taxes. Even though I felt safe in Egypt, I had to walk around with an armed undercover cop just in case someone wanted to harm us.

Vietnam was a culture shock, and I call it the city with no space boundaries. The people have no consideration for your space, and everyone is running into each other. It got so intense that I ended up back at my hotel room, because I couldn’t relax. I was constantly thinking someone could be stealing from me.

Minci’s traveling not only include cultural shocks, but it also includes interesting food tasting! Minci tells us that in Belize, she ate termites straight from the trees and that they tasted like carrrots! (WOWZERS!!)


One of the main reasons I travel is to be able to bring awareness to people, so that they can feel comfortable traveling outside of the United States. We are one of the only countries that don’t get out much. So as I travel I share my experiences though pictures and video. I also help people plan trips for themselves, because I have the patience to find the deals and do the research. Traveling has opened my eyes, as well as made me a better person in understanding diverse cultures; not only personally but with my career as well. I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything.”

When asked where she would go, if given $5,000, Minci tells us that she would go to Antarctica. Minci says that it could be due to not many people traveling there, but there is definitely something magical to her about Antarctica! Minci says that it’s been on her heart and that she is praying that she can go visit this year!

If you’re wanting or planning to travel to an exotic place or around the world, Minci has the following advice:

“To be able to travel and actually have an amazing experience is to first have an open mind. Having an open mind and seeing the country through the eyes of the people will help ease the anxiety and help you have more fun. I also advise people to indulge in the culture, hang with the locals to get the full experience but also still be aware of your surroundings. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new most likely it won’t kill you.”


Make sure you keep up with Minci and her next adventure, by following her on:
Instagram: msekou
Snap Chat: phynix85
Facebook: Minci Sekou Stenson


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Motivating Smiles

They say first impressions are everything! Well we know a Doctor who can help make your first impression, an unforgettable one! Boss Up Magazine spoke with the amazing Dr. Simone A. Ellis, so if you’re needing or wanting an amazing smile, Dr. Ellis is just the right Dentist for you!
Originally from Kansas City, KS, but now residing in Houston, TX, Dr. Ellis is a Dentist and owner of the Smiles Design Studios in Missouri City, TX! (Nicceee!) For Dr. Ellis, she believes that it is her duty, in this world, to try each day to be the best version of herself, and to make those who love her proud. It’s no wonder why she is such a BOSS!!
So what made Dr. Ellis decide to become a Dentist? Dr. Ellis tells us that her Father took her to one of his dental appointments to get a tooth pulled, and she fell in love with the procedure at the age of 7. Dr. Ellis later learned that because her Father came from a low socioeconomic status, Dental care wasn’t regular for him, which unfortunately cost him his teeth as an adult.


“I decided to turn her curiosity into purpose! I decided to help educate those who may not have the resources or means to understand the importance of dentistry!”

Dr. Ellis attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry, now known as Rutgers, located in in New Jersey! She has been a Dentist for 8+ years and specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry!

“Changing the way someone smiles is such a beautiful thing. It gives people such great confidence and the investment that every time you smile you receive back!”

Dr. Ellis tells us that the most exciting moments in her career, was getting to treat a huge superstar very early on. She was over the moon and says that It made her realize that what she was doing was good enough for a celebrity to request her services. Dr. Ellis tells us that she gets the opportunity to work on great people every day, but you don’t forget moments like that.
Dr. Ellis tells us that in Dental school, the business aspect of opening a practice is not discussed thoroughly. Consequently, you receive a large sum of money to open your practice, but are inexperienced on how to manage it. Just like any business there are metrics and systems that need to be understood and put in place in the beginning.



“Since I got out of school and opened my practice one year after graduation, it became apparent to me that I needed to focus on the business of dentistry, so that my practice could thrive.”

Not only is Dr. Ellis a phenomenal Dentist, she is also an amazing Motivational Speaker! Dr. Ellis speaks on Practice Management, and focuses primarily on the practice owner. Dr. Ellis also talks about topics such as Team Building, Marketing, Million Dollar Mistakes, and Practice Systemization are a few topics that are heavily sought out, for her to discuss. Not only does she do motivational speaking, she also goes out to offices and train doctors and their team, so that everyone is on board.

Dr. Ellis tells us that she feels that the information she shares is beneficial for the Dental student as well as the Associate doctor. Dr. Ellis also tells us that on some of her Facebook we series, she has come to find that other businesses find the information and contact she delivers is useful!!


“I have spent countless hours of investing and studying on things that help practices to be successful, as well as continue to be very candid about my failures in owning a practice. Many times, people want to hear from someone who has experienced the same trials and tribulations, and I’m able to offer that.”



“In my industry unfortunately, there are not that many faces that look like me. African Americans in dentistry is still unfortunately underrepresented and to me I wanted to combine my passion with purpose. I love dentistry and I also have had to become passionate about practice management, so I have combined both. I started speaking at local dental chapters and quickly moved to speaking at conferences. It is amazing to educate others on how to run a successful practice.”


During her last year of dental school, Dr. Ellis was asked to speak at the SND conference in 2009. It was her first taste of understanding the importance of educating people on something that you have become an expert in. From that moment on, she knew that if she got the opportunity to continue to speak at conferences or events, and discuss her life lessons and success stories, she would be able to change the world in a much bigger way than she ever imagined. (Amazing!!)



“What an amazing feeling it was to be on stage with aspiring peers who were so interested in advice that I could offer now that I had graduated.”

Make sure you keep up with Dr. Ellis, as she hoping to release her first book sometime this year, as well as find the land for her expansion practice! (Get Excited!!) Not only that, but Dr. Ellis may add another podcast to her current “Docs” podcast, which will be titled “The Ambitious Dentist.”



If you’re interested in becoming a Dentist, Dr. Ellis has the following advice,

“So one of my favorite bible verses is First Corinthians 9:26 – “So I run like someone who has a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something, not just air.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Motivational Speaker, Dr. Ellis has the following advice,
“Continue to be diligent and centralize your message as much as you can. Also do events for free in the beginning, so that you can continue to get traction and build up your confidence.”
If you’re interested in having Dr. Ellis give you an amazing smile, you can visit her at:

Smile Design Studios Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
6130 Highway 6
Missouri City, TX 77459

“We do have individuals fly to come and get their dental work done so don’t hesitate to look us up online.”

Be sure to follow Dr. Ellis and her Dentistry on:
Instagram: Dr. Ellis Ellis
Facebook: Simone Ellis

For speaking engagements, check out her website at:

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