Chef Marlene’s Cafe

Chef Marlene’s Café

Located at: Claymont, Delaware


Meet Chef Marlene Coles – Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café! Known for its infamous “Chicken Under a Brick”, Chef Marlene’s Café serves full four course meals by reservation only.  Chef Marlene also provides meal plan preparation for those with a busy life style, along with cooking lessons for those desiring to learn how to prepare a meal. (BOOM!!)

“Prepared with Passion Delivered with Pride”

Ready to place your order?? Chef Marlene’s Café is currently offering:

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Have you tasted Chef Marlene’s dishes? Make sure you let her know by using the hashtag: #ChefMar

Make sure you keep up with Chef Marlene and her delicious meals via:

Facebook: Chef Marlene’s Table

Instagram: Chefmar01

YouTube: Chef Marlene Coles

Twitter: MarleneColes4

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Jill Burrus

5 Types of Management Styles (and How They Affect Employees!)

By: Jill Burrus


In my years as an employee, and a manager in various capacities, it has been made quite clear to me that there are many different types of management styles out there in the broad work force.  Some work better than others.  Sometimes we need certain qualities in a manager to work with the various employee types out there too.  Perhaps the reality is that just as in parenting, where you have many kids in one household with different personalities, parents have to work with each child according to their style and personality traits, to best communicate with them.  I’ve come to see that each management style directly affects the employee base that they are going to be working with.  Maybe you will see yourself in one or more of the 5 styles that I have noticed and will list below.


Loosey Goosey (The Laid-back Leader)

This manager is a super-chill person.  He or she is approachable, easy going, everybody’s buddy.  This manager typically doesn’t want to rock the boat too much, and will avoid any confrontation at all costs. This one doesn’t really DO a whole lot…they are just sort of there.  They have a good attitude, and are really nice and customer service oriented, and happy to help anyone, but they really just sort of stop there. The Laid-back Leader is many times a great worker, getting in and down and dirty with fellow employees, but there can often be very little delineation in who is who on the job as it can come across like no one is actually in charge.  This can lead to a strong employee taking charge, and calling shots, and lack of any kind of respect in authority of the actual manager.  Employees like this manager as a person, but they don’t see them as a leader, and don’t trust that any issues that they ever have will go beyond the fairly mealy-mouthed, “Ok, I’ll look into that for you.” It is hard to have faith in this manager beyond them showing up to work and doing what has to be done.

Old Yeller (The Menacing Manager)

Everyone has experienced this one at some point in time.  This one cannot control their temper, and oftentimes brings in whatever stress they are under outside of work.  The Menacing Manager has little to no patience or real understanding of what it means to guide and lead, although they may very well be exceptionally skilled at the work itself, they are not typically in the mindset of dealing with teaching or growing employees.  (Old Yeller, however, may be super friendly with the client base, which can come across as fake to employees. Nicer to clients than employees is the name of the game.) This manager will many times be a yeller, never really seeming to understand their tone or how they come across to workers. They may embarrass employees by calling them on the carpet in front of others, not aware of how to correctly handle a situation in private, with a calm demeanor.  This sets employees up for running scared.  Scared to make a mistake, scared to approach this manager for any request or guidance. The Menacing Manger can many times be heard bellowing something to the effect of, “FIGURE IT OUT! I don’t have time for this!”  Or worse yet, “I don’t get paid enough to deal with this crap!”  This will not result in happy employees or good and accurate work.  Which becomes a circle of muck, because if one cannot ask for help, they wind up doing it themselves, and they do it wrong, and they get reamed for doing it wrong… and so the cycle continues. Until Old Yeller is wondering why everyone quit.

The Helicopter (Micro-Manager)

This manager has a job to do, and it is to make sure that everyone under him or her is getting THEIR job done.  Fair enough. That is technically part of the managers role.  But then they take it just a step further into the territory of hovering. They are everywhere and see everything. Which again, can be ok…to a point.  But this one will add to the agenda, nit-picking. “Why is this here?” “What are you doing?” “What is this?” “Who did this?”  Rather than good ol’ constructive and helpful criticism, this one is purely offering criticism.  Now, to be fair – it is NOT the managers job to be anyone’s friend on the job.  That is not the point here. But it IS the managers job to manage…effectively.  Hovering to the point of making people afraid to blink is not effective management.  This is setting up an atmosphere of distrust among the employees.  Here, they are under the belief that they were put in a position to do XYZ job, and now, the manager won’t let them without breathing down their throat for 8 hours a day.  This creates a feeling of inability in employees, and makes them nervous to make any move at all for fear that Big Brother is lurking. A ‘damned if I do; damned if I don’t’ sort of mentality.


The Hoarder (Don’t Delegate Doer)

This manager is real worried about things getting done, and things getting done correctly. Knowing that at the end of the day that they are ultimately responsible for it all, that they just do everything there is for them to do and for all the employees to do, too.  This manager has all the jobs.  He or she wears ALL the hats.  And they are stressed out. To the max.  This person usually has a good enough attitude, and is friendly and approachable, and easy to work with… if you can pry any actual work from their dead, cold hands.  Employees will ask, even beg this manager for things to do, and be thrown scraps for busy-work that doesn’t mean a whole lot in the overall big picture.  Things that if they mess up, meh, no big deal.  The manager will keep the “important tasks” for themselves, even though it is no longer their actual job to do those tasks anymore. Though they are well aware that they have capable, able employees to do it, they just can’t seem to let themselves give up control enough to trust anyone else to get the job done like they would.  Employees can sniff this out.  And while some will relish in being paid to basically sit around doing nothing, many will grow frustrated from lack of any actual learning, or challenge.  And boredom. 8 hours of filing or counting ceiling tiles would kill anyone. It’s a fast track for the manager to burn out and employees to exit stage left.

The Alarmist (Henny Penny the sky is falling)

This manager is not a bad person.  They may even be a really good manager, typically. But when something, Anything goes wrong, this person is going to lose. their. ever-loving mind. It doesn’t really matter how intense the situation is, it could be a minor thing or a major thing, but either way, this manager loses composure when things go awry.  They panic, loudly, and stress out and yell, and go into a mere meltdown as if the company itself was breached by a hacker and will come to a screeching halt in T-minus 4.  Most things, as crappy and frustrating as they can be, as much of a nightmare they may be to fix… will not bring your company to a grinding halt.  It may be a pain in the rump, it may take some phone calls and work, but the fact remains that if it was a mistake that was made…freaking out and panicking and screaming does not help anyone or anything.  Freaking out others around you, and sending everyone in close proximity into a full blown tizzy is not productive.  Who can think when they are in melt-down mode?  While this is not to minimize the intensity of the very real times when all hell breaks loose, a true leader needs to lead during these times, stay in control, exhibit trust and show how to productively troubleshoot and problem solve – with a clear and rational head, and ability to stay balanced.

Which manager type are you? Do you see yourself in any of these types?


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Danielle Batiste-Bond

Danielle Batiste-Bond

Located at:

Amazon Best Seller

Cryin Out

Meet Danielle Batiste-Bond – An Author and Owner of SG Enterpirse LLC. Danielle has written the books: “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” & “Let Go My Glucose.”

“Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” is Danielle’s first book and talks about a six month struggle she goes through with her son, who has severe separation anxiety and doesn’t know how to manage his emotions while his dad was deployed to Afghanistan.

“Let Go My Glucose” is Danielle’s second book that talks about her everyday life with diabetes.

Be sure to keep up with Danielle and her books, as her first book “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” is currently being shopped to be turned into a movie!! (BOOM!)

Make sure you follow Danielle via social media at:

Facebook: Danielle Batiste-Bond

Twitter: DMB_Cryin out


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Dazed & Amazed Creationz

Do you have a special occasion coming up, and are in need of the perfect gift? Do you have your Mother’s Day gift already? Well we have an amazing source for phenomenal and unique creations! Meet Dazed & Amazed Creationz, by Chatonyia Smith!

Originally from St. Louis, Mo, but currently live in Chicago, IL, Chatonyia is a Mental Health Social Worker and Owner of Dazed & Amazed Creationz.

Dazed & Amazed Creationz has been in business for 3 years and makes amazing wreaths!! So how did Chatonyia get into making wreaths? Chatonyia states,

“I wanted to make candles because I spent so much money on them. I stumbled upon Pinterest, tried my hand at candle making but I could never get it right. On there I discovered so much. I was obsessed. I made everything from poop spray to laundry detergent. I then discovered paper flowers and loved it. I make them every now and then still but after making my first wreath people were in love and I saw an opportunity.  I made them that Christmas but stopped shortly after because life became too busy. I lost the love of my life in June to cancer and made a wreath for his services. Everyone started asking for one and the funeral home asked why didn’t I make all the sprays. The two of us always talked about businesses. I truly believe that God place us in situations and his death gave me that push to finally do it for real.”

 20180506_164240Wreaths are the most requested items, though people will request other crafts from Dazed & Amazed Creationz. Though making wreaths was not her original passion, her family thought she was very crafty!

“My true passion has always been in mental health and helping others. Now to craft is therapy to me and the reactions I get when I make something for someone speaks to my soul.  I absolutely love to come up with new ideas. Crafting consumes my mind and I enjoy making something come to life that a customer requests.”

For Chatonyia, she makes wreaths mostly and has a goal of not having two of the same! In fact, Chatonyia says it can be extremely hard for her not to duplicate one, and it’s something inside of her that won’t let her! Not only does she makes wreaths, but she also makes creations out of diapers – known as “diaper cakes.”


“I love to make wreaths -not only are they beautiful, but it’s a time for me to be in my space. Since being in black girls craft group on Facebook, looking at all the talented sister I have wanted to do everything. I’ve made floating centerpieces, glittered wine glasses and bottles, gift baskets and t-shirts. There are still somethings I want to try out. I realized everything is not for me. I enjoy doing the t-shirts but I think I’ll hand that over to my daughter.”





“I like to work on serval things at one time. I could work on 5 wreaths at a time. I normally create the base first and then play with the color combinations for the ribbon. I might be in the middle of working on one and look at another and something hits me and I’ll jump to that one. I have to stare at them, walk pass a few times to make sure the coverage is right, it’s fluffiness is correct, the flower is positioned properly. I often take several pictures of it to see if it pops for me.  People say to me what else do you need it’s pretty, I always say, it’s not finished until I could say it’s gorgeous. And it could be something simple like moving the signage. I sorta do the same thing with other items I make. I guess realistically I can create a wreath I’m happy with in a day but I need a another day to look at my work. I can complete a diaper cake in an hour or so.”


In the beginning stages of her business, there were a few challenges Chatonyia faced, but that did not stop her grind!

“The most challenging part of starting my business has been pricing and time.  Because I love what I do, I want items to be affordable for everyone.  When I do comparisons, I realize I often undercut myself not because I think theirs is better in fact I’m often stunned by some of the prices on Etsy.  Also because I have a full-time job and 2 children that have busy lives time has been a big hurdle. I’m trying to new marketing strategies that would potentially lead to steady income so I could pursue this full-time. Of course marketing can be tricky but I’ve been blessed that many of my sales come from word of mouth. During holidays it’s about as much as I could handle.”

Make sure you keep up with Dazed & Amazed Creationz, as they have been featured in a few craft shows and plans to do more this year! They have also expanded in to diaper cakes and is currently working on making handcrafted baby mobiles! (NNIIICCEEE!!)

If you’re interested in having your own crafting business, Chatonyia has the following advice,


“There are so many crafts you are gonna be interested in.  I would suggest someone find that one or two things and specialize in it. Find all ways to perfect it. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, try different colors and materials. Also, get a deposit before you start a project. I haven’t had many people stiff me, but having the deposit will help with purchasing supplies needed at that time.”


You can follow Dazed & Amazed Creationz on social media via:

Instagram: AnDcreationz

Facebook & Etsy: 4dacreationz


Chatonyia has these last final words for our readers:

I have been an entrepreneur in my mind since I finished college. I have a bin full of business plans…


The Little Baker

Do you love pastries? Prefer cheesecake over a baked cake? Well we have an amazing Baker who can satisfy your sweet tooth! Who said that there was an age limit on being an Entrepreneur?? Meet The Little Baker – Ja’Niyah Williams!! (BOSS STATUS!)

Representing Newark, DE Ja’Niyah is a Student at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, and a Baker in her spare time! She is motivated by money and people enjoying her treats!

How did Ja’Niyah get into baking? Well it started with her Great Grandmother when she was 3 years old, as she would help her in the kitchen! This then lead Ja’Niyah to begin baking on her own.

“I always enjoyed cooking, but baking is what I enjoy most. I would definitely say it’s my passion!”

Ja’Niyah bakes delicious cupcakes, cheesecakes, 7up cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies! You name it – She’ll attempt to bake it! (BOOM!) Though cheesecakes are her most requested pastry, cupcakes is her favorite pastry to bake because she likes to decorate them different ways. Strawberry cheesecakes are her specialty and people ask for them all the time! (YUMMY!)

“I enjoying experimenting with new desserts, but I hate the mess I have to clean up. LOL!”

In the beginning stages of Ja’Niyah’s business, there were a few challenges she faced, but she did not allow them to stop her grind.

My mom put out a lot of money to get me started, In return when I had my first big bake sale I had to pay her back some of the money because she is my investor. Now I have enough saved that she doesn’t have to put out any money.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ja’Niyah delicious pastries, you can do so via:

Instagram: little_baker127


Make sure you keep up with Ja’Niyah as she is having an Easter Bake sale!

You can keep up with Ja’Niyah via:

Instagram: little_baker127




If you’re interested in having your own baking business, Ja’Niyah has the following advice,

“Save money to get started. Don’t think everything you make will come out perfect the first time, just because that’s how it looks on YouTube…lol”





Janiyah has these last final words for our readers:

“Being a young baker can be hard sometimes, but when I’m older I know it will pay off when I have my own bakery!



Next Level Writing Services

Tired of applying for jobs and not getting a call back? Know you’re more than qualified for the job, but aren’t getting selected? Well we have just the right source to assist you.

Representing Chicago, IL, DeAnnah Stinson Reese is a Career Readiness Instructor and CEO/Founder of Next Level Writing Services! (BOSS STATUS). With her motivation being her children and her desire to never be ordinary, DeAnnah is a true BOSS!

Next Level Writing Services offers a variety of writing/editing services, has been in business for 4 months, has had 25 clients, and has worked with 70 different individuals and business combined over the years! So what got DeAnnah into being a professional writer? DeAnnah tells us,

“I actually fell into writing. I always excelled as a writer throughout my years in academia, publishing poems and other writing projects. After over a decade of helping individuals acquire jobs through writing resumes I began to expand out and write grants as well as help business acquire contracts. I finally decided to formally monetize my skill and that’s how Next Level Writing was created.”

For DeAnnah, professional writing was not always her passion, but it was something that she was extremely good at. As she began to see how many people she was helping to acquire jobs, professional writing soon became her passion.

Next Level Writing Image

“It always feels amazing when people call and text me, to tell me they got the job I was helping them either apply for or interview prep for. I’ve been really blessed because my company is very new and I have received tremendous amounts of support. The hardest part is maintaining consistency with providing social media content. Although this is a side business, it’s still my baby so I give it 100%. I come down hard on myself when I’ve missed a day of posting. I also found it difficult to navigate conversations with clients that I knew personally, that wanted to cut corners. I learned early on, I have to stick to my guns and be consistent.”

Next Level Writing Services also provides assistance with grant writing, RFP responses (request for proposal), and editing of almost any document you can think of. Though the most requested service is the $35 Consultation, which consists of DeAnnah consulting clients on recommended edits to their writing project.

DM Screen Shot

“Most clients actually need their documents written and just don’t realize it, but I’m usually able to accommodate. I try to accommodate budgets by providing as much as possible through a revision.”

Though Next Level Writing Services gets various clients, DeAnnah tells us that she most commonly works on resume documents,

“The biggest mistake I see, on resumes specifically, is individuals underselling themselves and using too many cliché phrases and words. Applicant tracking systems are quite flawed in my opinion, and often times qualified candidates get over looked because of the automated algorithms used. Because of this, it is extremely important that you represent yourself accurately on paper and know how to integrate the appropriate keywords to highlight your accomplishments and capabilities.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah, as she currently writes monthly blog posts that are being shared on an amazing platform with Women Exceeding!! What is Women Exceeding? Women Exceeding is non-profit organization that acknowledges the accomplishments of women and assists women who are seeking professional and personal development, in order to strengthen the female presence in innovative and entrepreneurial roles. You can check them out at Through the monthly blogs, DeAnnah is able to share useful information related to the job search process. Be sure to check out DeAnnah’s most recent blog “5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Job Search” on the Women Exceeding website! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

current head shot

If you’re interested in having your own professional writing company, DeAnnah has the following advice:

1. Stick to your guidelines and requirements for how you want to deliver/provide your service. People will want to take short cuts and that can hinder results or make the process cumbersome.

2. Avoid back to back appointments! Lol. People are very dynamic so there can be times when things run over the allotted time scheduled.

3. Stay abreast on trends and current research. I spend time everyday looking at the most recent HR articles I can find or technical writing pieces I may come across.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah and Next Level Writing Services via social media:

Instagram: @dsreese26.

DeAnnah has these last final words for our readers:

“When I decided to start this business, the objective was to provide a much-needed service, especially to minorities at an affordable price. There is a reason why companies charge so much to revise resumes—-it’s extremely time consuming and quite frankly they simply can. I make sure that my compensation is something that is affordable and still fair for the time I put in. My goal is to see “us” excel.

Check out these amazing customer testimonials of Next Level Writing Services:

Testimonials from the Website!

GNC Enterprises
10 Points
Our company was in need of assistance in submitting a government contract. And because of Next Level Writing Services, we were able to submit a proposal with confidence and on time. Thank you NLWS for your professionalism and knowledge we will definitely use your service again.

Ms. Banks
10 Points
Can I start off saying how excellent this service is! Next level writing has helped me transform my resume and interviewing skills. My resume always gains the attention of the company I am seeking. I recommend there services for the person like me, who does not always know how to pitch there qualities and skill sets on paper! This company has help me learn how to expand on my experience and talents!!

Daniel Booth
10 Points
My resume needed an entire make over and with her exceptional writing skills, Mrs. Reese was able to revise my Resume very much more suitable for employers. Thanks to her I have been contacted numerously about various job openings.

Mico’s Ice Cream

“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!” Remember that song?! Ice cream is a very tasty treat that is good for all seasons and reasons! If you like ice cream, we have just the right kind for you! Whenever you’re in the Houston area, make sure you check out Mico’s Ice Cream!


Representing Houston, Texas, Kimico Frydenlund is a Registered Nurse and Owner of Mico’s Ice Cream! With her family and desire to build a legacy being her motivation, it’s no wonder why this BOSS is making serious moves!

Mico’s Ice Cream offers homemade ice cream using an original recipe and has been in business for a year! Mico’s Ice Cream offers many flavors such as: Taste the Rainbow, Chocolate Fix, Strawnana, Gimme S’more, and Cookies ‘N Cream!




Though Cookies ‘N Cream is the most requested flavor, all flavors have the availability to be served in their homemade waffle cone tacos. (YUMMY!)




“My husband and I saw a viral video of rolled ice cream and thought it was really cool. Everyone loves ice cream, so we were like “Why not?”


Kimico tells us that their cold tops freezes at -18 degrees, which allows them to make the ice cream right in front of the customer!! With only a two minute processing time, it’s no wonder why Mico’s Ice Cream is a HIT!! (BOOM!) Ice Cream isn’t the only thing that customers can purchase, as they also sell freshly squeezed lemonade!

“We enjoy it all! Especially our customers’ excited reactions to our ice cream.”


Mico’s Ice Cream is available for purchase at their mobile ice cream shop, located at Levy Park on the weekends. Mico’s Ice Cream is currently offering catering, with delivery coming soon! (Stay Tuned!)


If you’re interested in having your own ice cream company, Kimico has the following advice:

“Put in the extra work of making a quality and unique ice cream . Your followers will appreciate it and come back for more.”

Make sure you keep up with Mico’s Ice Cream by following them on social media at:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @micosicecream


Mico’s Ice Cream has the following last words for our readers:

“With each cup of ice cream, our customers provide support, mentorship, and more to children in need through our non-profit organization “Mico’s Kids.”

Urban Style Glam

Urban Style Glam

Located at:


Meet Keisha! – The owner of Urban Style Glam! Urban Style Glam is an online boutique that sells jewelry and accessories for men and women. Their mission is to change the mindset by paying-it-forward with a compliment. A portion of Urban Style Glam sales goes towards their non-profit “Accessorize Your Beauty” movement, which was created in June of 2017.  Through donations, they are able to keep this movement going and donate to other non-profit organizations as a token of love, motivation, and to support their mission.

USG Promo pic 2

“We gift our customers that make a purchase from Urban Style Glam (and sometimes random people) a motivational card and necklace. We encourage the recipient to pay-it-forward by gifting the free motivational card and necklace to a random person with a compliment. We believe positive vibes are contagious and you never know how giving a person a compliment can change their day.”

You can find Urban Style Glam via social media using the following hashtags:

#AccessorizeYourBeauty with #UrbanStyleGlam

#Jewelry #Accessories


Have you “Accessorized Your Beauty” today?


Learn more about Urban Style Glam on their website, via the “About Us” tab >>>

You can also follow Urban Style Glam on all social media using the handles: Urban Style Glam

Urban Style Glam is currently giving customers who make purchases over $30, a free motivational card and necklace from their non-profit organization “Accessorize Your Beauty”. (BOOM!!)

This business is #BossApproved, so “Accessorize Your Beauty” with Urban Style Glam TODAY!!!

Jill Burrus

By: Jill Burrus

The interviewer sits back and takes a long, thoughtful breath, strokes her chin with her thumb and forefinger, and says, “Tell me…about a time, when you faced adversity… and how or IF you were able to overcome it.”  The candidate immediately mentally rolls their eyes.  Because, who, in an interview where nerves are prominent, the stage fright can be real, can remember a time when… and even if they did, are we certain we are about to hear the facts?

SO, the candidate takes a thoughtful moment, tips his head to the side and glances upward, and literally launches into a made-up story on the spot. One in which naturally, he faced a serious problem, and ultimately was the hero of the day.  Because THAT is what the interviewer wants to hear after-all, no?

If I am to hire a solid, worthy employee, do I want a smoke blower?  Do I want them to tell me basic truths or to inflate their persona in a made up story so much that I fall for it hook, line and sinker, only to find out when employed that they are nothing like the hero they painted themselves to be.  What then, do I do?

Well, it is my opinion that asking questions like these and the “what are your weaknesses” are absolutely set ups for failure on all parties’ accounts.  You are not getting a true representation of what this individual is about any more than they truly experienced their off the cuff scenario to make you like them and think they are the missing piece to your puzzle.

Now, I do understand that there are some situations where questions of this caliber may arise, and they may even have their place somewhere…but I can’t think of many.  Would anyone ever admit, “Oh, I’m actually pretty lazy!” And then ask, “Did I get the job?”  We all have weaknesses that we are not proud of.  And we can clue people in to them IF we creatively put a spin on it such as, “I can lose track of time if I’m not careful, but I’ve taken xyz strides to work on my time management.”  That’s a noble thing to admit, and perhaps the interviewer will admire this and keep this individual in high favor… but there is a huge risk here where being honest too, can swipe one’s chance at gainful employment.  In an effort to err on the safe side, we will typically hear, “I’m a perfectionist”, or some other generic garbage.  So what is one to do – we cannot lie…but we run a great risk of being penalized by speaking the truth too.

Let’s get real.  The typical interview questions that we run into are NOT helping employers find their star employees.  This is a waste of everyone’s time.  We need better material. We need more creative ways to honestly get to know our candidates.  Conversely, interviewers cannot forget to SELL the job! Potential’s need to sell themselves, of course, but employers have a job to do too.  Sell the job, describe in detail what the job is and the expectations that go along with it. They need to talk about THEIR management style. Describe what the ideal candidate would be like, and the situations that may occur.  This is fine to say to the individual, “How do you think you would handle a situation if XYZ occurred?” But remember…that it’s much easier to answer when not IN the situation…and beware the caped crusader swooping in to save the day.

I believe that rather than grilling a candidate, there needs to be more dialogue, and questions designed to have a conversation simultaneously be a learning strategy.  Clearly, if this is a sales position, and the candidate barely utters a word, they may not be the person you are looking for.  Taking nerves into consideration, we can usually tell if someone has the basic personality required for a job. Interviewers need to ask candidates what their work style is (without judging them – remember, honesty is key, and perhaps you can work with a style that is alien to yours), ask candidates HOW they like to be managed – and if they learn by watching or by doing.  We need to watch our employees and see where their strengths are and WORK those strengths, and develop, encourage, and work with them to find areas that fit!

If we just get a bit more personal during the hiring phase, take our time and formulate questions that are designed for getting to know a person, use the right methods and strategies to distinguish the right people for a job, have the right people conducting the interview in the first place… maybe the workforce would become a solid force!

What are some of the worst questions you have encountered during interviews?


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S.H.E. Professional Development – a Management and Employee Development Consulting Co.  >>>

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Conscious Clothing Company

Conscious Clothing Company

Located at: & Baltimore, MD.

Meet the Peaceful Warrior – Owner of Conscious Clothing Company!!! Conscious Clothing Company is a clothing line that has featured colors, design, and artwork that mirrors the art and heart of the Ancient Egyptians. Guess what? You can now get 15% off your first purchase! (BOOM!)

Be sure to follow the Conscious Clothing Company on Instagram at >> @conscious_clothing_.

“All is mental. If you can think it, you can do it.”

Already have some pieces from the Conscious Clothing Company? Let them know and be sure to find them under the hashtags:

#ConsciousClothing #WorldUnity

#WorldLove #WorldPeace

#BlackCulture #BlackLove

#BlackHistory #BlackBusinesses

#BlackEntrepreneur #BlackEntrepreneurs

#BlackWallStreet #BlackDollar

#BlackDollarsMatter #SupportBlackBusiness

#Africa #AncientEgypt #KingsAndQueens

This business is #BossApproved, so GET YOUR CONSCIOUS CLOTHING TODAY!!

Power Beauty

Representing West Philadelphia, PA, Catherine Ashly Davis is a Master Educator of Cosmetology, Motivational Speaker, Plus Model, and Advocate for Autism and Lupus awareness! Catherine is motivated by her family, as they support and encourage her to be her best at all times.

Catherine is a Cosmetologist that works from a studio in her home and travels often for photography work, where she does hair and make-up! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Catherine specializes in hair care and natural extensions, and provides services for special occasions such as weddings and one-on-one education. Being a Cosmetologist was not always Catherine’s passion, as being an advocate was her first priority passion.

“Before I became a cosmetologist, I was an assistant Special Education Teacher. I worked with Autistic children until my son was diagnosed with Autism. I always viewed being a cosmetologist as being a hobby, not an actual career option. I attended college and became ill soon after. I learned later that stress was the cause, but it made me transition my career options and focus more on doing what I loved.”

Catherine states that becoming a Cosmetologist was a great life choice when she began her journey, however she now suffers from Lupus Sle, which limits how many clients she can do within one day. Catherine says that she is now focusing on inspirational speaking and women empowerment.

“I enjoy showing women how to beautify themselves, as it builds confidence and encourages women to appreciate their self-worth. PlusSizeMePlz is my new baby – this brand is inclusive and allows me to empower individuals, to be their best selves through learning how to accept and practice self-love.


“If I could pick to work with any idol one day, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has a host of jewels from her life experiences, that I would love to connect with. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and can be overwhelming, but she has always persevered and I always admired her positive energy. Working with her would be a dream come true on so many levels!”

Make sure you check out Catherine’s upcoming events, as she will be speaking about empowerment and positivity:
1.) The sisters cruise
2.) Philadelphia Curve Weekend

If you’re interested in booking Catherine for her services, you can do so at:


If you’re interested in becoming a Cosmetologist, Catherine has the following advice,

“I would encourage people to do their research. Becoming a cosmetologist isn’t for the faint at heart, building a beauty empire requires years of investing without beneficial income sometimes. Many hair and makeup artist will admit that it took at least 5years to brand themselves so they could reap the benefits of their hard work and investment. The beauty industry is constantly changing so keeping up with techniques and educational classes is the only way a stylist can survive. Make a choice to do what you “love” or continue finding a path that will lead you there.”

Be sure to keep up and follow Catherine via Instagram:

1.) @Catherine_Ashly: Personal Page. Providing empowerment through adversities connected to chronic illness, autism, and entrepreneurship

2.) @Catherineashly_beauty: Catherine’s hair and makeup brand.

3.) @Plussize_meplz: An extension of Catherine Ashly. Plussizemeplz is a platform that empowers individuals to love themselves as they are, regardless of size.

Catherine has the following final words for our readers:

“Life is about making the best choices within YOUR journey. Everyone’s journey is different so don’t compare your life to others, yet make observations and decisions that are best suited for you and your divine purpose. My life changes often and I’ve learned to adjust and be open to self-love and change. Loving myself and putting my health first is very important, my life and career can’t continue if I don’t acknowledge that first. Lastly make every moment count while you can. Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, but knowing that all things work out in the end, can be motivation to keep going with a positive perspective.”

Peoria Pride

Do you live in Peoria, IL and are looking to get your child involved in a positive program? Want your child to be around strong and positive role models? Well check out the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

Representing Peoria, IL, Orlando Edwards Sr. is a Direct Support Personal and Youth Development Specialist. Orlando is motivated by giving back to the community via the youth; which is why there’s no wonder to why he created the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

“I wanted to give back to the community and use basketball as my tool to be a positive influence on the youth, the city of Peoria as a whole, and the great satisfaction of one’s achievement!”


Peoria Pride Basketball strives to reach youth, set them on the path at an early age, and create a program that focuses not only creating a better basketball player – more importantly, a productive member of society who has learned life and leadership skills. Peoria Pride Basketball provides a program that teaches basketball skills and life skills, to develop children mentally and physically, and caters to both children and adults! In the beginning stages of his organization, Orlando biggest challenge was getting support from local businesses and sponsors, but that did not stop his grind!

“We are helping children grow a passion for something at an early age and giving the parents something to look forward to. I see our organization saving a lot of kids from the street life, and putting Peoria back on the map as a power house for basketball as it once was.”

Make sure you check out Peoria Pride Basketball upcoming events:

1. Basketball tournament on April 7th and 8th, in Peoria, IL.

2. Multiple tournaments throughout Illinois – Stay Tuned!

Make sure you keep up and follow the Peoria Pride Basketball at:

If you’re looking to start your own organization, Orlando has the following advice,
“Do your research, trust the process, and have ambition.”

Dr. Nip & Tuck

Are you interested in a body transformation, outside of your daily/weekly workout at the gym? Looking to enhance your look? Well, we have just the right person for you!

Representing New Orleans, LA, Nicholas Jones, MD, FACS, is a Plastic Surgeon by day and Community Advocate forever! Nicholas has a daily motivation of the continual search for that “sweet spot,” by being himself and doing the things he love.

So what made Nicholas interested in being as a Plastic Surgeon? Nicholas tells us that his mother and pediatrician always told him that he would be a doctor, and he started to believe it!! Nicholas entered medical school with plans on being a plastic surgeon. His understanding of the field was very superficial, but once he was exposed to it, he knew it was for me.


“I always knew I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but it did not become my passion until I realized how impactful plastic surgery was as a specialty. Plastic surgery is much more than “boob jobs” and “facelifts.” It’s the only specialty that I know of in which you can operate on any part of the body, take a deformity and restore function and form. I became passionate about plastic surgery through my care for breast cancer patients.”

Nicholas completed his plastic surgery training at the Medical College of Georgia, and tells us that there are two tracks to becoming a Plastic Surgeon: traditional track and an integrated program. The traditional track requires training in a surgical specialty (general surgery, otolaryngology, urology) and is followed by 3 years of training in plastic surgery. The integrated program matches you directly into plastic surgery from medical school, and complete two years of surgery training and three years of plastic surgery.

Nicholas has been a Plastic Surgeon for 4 years and specializes in Cosmetic Surgery. He has worked with over 1,000 clients and does breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tucks, Botox, fillers, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and treatment of keloids.

In the beginning of his career, Nicholas faced a few difficulties that were short lived. Nicholas tells us that as a surgery resident, he applied for plastic surgery fellowship and on the first go round, he did not match into a program. Nicholas says that it was a humbling experience.

“I had cruised through college, finished medical school, and I thought I had done enough to successfully match. So, I regrouped, beefed up my application and more importantly, I gained a couple of mentors; One, was the chief of plastic surgery at a prestigious institution and the other was practicing plastic surgeon. Along with my mother’s prayers of course, everything fell into place. Amen!”

Although Brazilian butt lifts are the most requested procedure, Nicholas states that he really enjoys doing tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, facial fillers!

“With fillers, you can see the finishing results almost immediately and so can the patients. As far as surgeries go, I would say abdominoplasties (tummy tucks) because the changes are so drastic!”

Though Nicholas has worked with many clients, there are clients that he has been unable to work with. This may be due to uncontrolled medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, recent stroke, etc.

“Patient is a poor surgical candidate. Some patients have unrealistic expectations and if I do not feel I can get them the results they desire, I will turn them down. I try to find a happy medium; first and foremost, I have to make sure it is a safe to perform a surgery on a prospective patient.”

His greatness has also been seen outside of his practice, as he has made a guest appearance on Rickey Smiley Morning Show! He is also a Freshman Coach at Decatur High School, lead a song at First Baptist Church as a member of the gospel choir, and is a Board member of Susan G Komen! (AMAZING!) Not only does Nicholas love his profession, he enjoys weight training, sporting events, basketball coaching, travel, mentoring, writing, fine dining, and playing golf! (NICE!!)

If you’re interested in booking Dr. Nicholas Jones for his amazing services, he can be contacted at:

Office: 404-400-1230

Address: 550 Peachtree Street, NW | Suite 1575 | Atlanta, GA 30308



If you’re interested in becoming a Plastic Surgeon, Nicholas has the following advice,

“I would start by learning more about the field. One great resource is the INTERNET! Figure out what is required to become a plastic surgeon and work your way backwards, to where you are on the timeline and get started! Like anything else, it requires some hard work, discipline, and commitment. Lastly, ask questions, there are so many people out there that can help you along your journey, you just have to seek them out.”

Make sure you follow and keep up with Nicholas on social media:

Snapchat & Instagram: @drnipandtuck

Websites: &


Are you a female entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world?! Well they say that the future is female, and we have just the right organization to support this!!

Representing Philadelphia, PA, Latasha Bailey is a the Founder of Successher Womens Business Directory, Founder of Luvely Wives Club, and a Recruiter that helps individuals transient back to the workforce! (BOSS STATUS!) For Latasha, seeing women leading in every industry is her daily motivation!

“Being my best self, helping women be their best selves and to look around and see Women leading in every Industry.”

Successher is located in Philadelphia, PA and has been in business since the beginning of 2018! Successher is a large network of professional women and women based businesses, which assists in helping women grow their business, grow their network, and help customers find products and services that they need! Successher offers a directory placement for Business Owners and Professionals, to list in the directory with advertisement for their business. Successher also offers Business Consulting Services, Events and Trainings.

Successher logo 2

“My main goal is to showcase women based businesses, and give them a personalized platform to promote their products and services, to potential customers. I wanted to build an online directory of Women Based Businesses in the Philadelphia Area! Now, Successher has Business Owners listed in all areas of the United States!”

In the beginning Latasha faced a few challenges while starting her business, but they did not stop her! For Latasha, her main challenge was getting women to see the value that her network could add to them, as professionals and small business owners.

“I didn’t realize the value I had in myself. I knew I was good and I wanted to showcase other women, but I didn’t do well with showing other business owners that in the beginning.”


“My organization is vital because of my passion for helping women and wanting to see their business grow. I get excited by seeing business owners make the changes that they want to me. I also understand that small businesses don’t always have the resources to build on their business starting out, so I get to help them with Successher’s resources. Successher is bringing everything that we as women need to start and run our businesses successfully. Love and Support ONLY.”

Latasha tells us that she foresees her organization providing a sisterhood impact of women based businesses teaming together and utilizing each other for support. Successher has partnered with various companies such as Chanel Henry Owner of Chanel’s Creations, Ava Adames Owner of Philadelphia Drinkable Arts, and Tiffany Brown Owner of “Everything done write.” These businesses were selected due to their business personalization, creativity, and networking. (BOOM!)

Copy of SRSuccessHER

Be sure to join Successher at their upcoming event, as they will be teaming up with Ava Adames of Drinkable Arts Philadelphia :
Sip and Paint
April 24, 2018
7pm – 9pm
Dave and Busters || 325 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106


If you’re looking to start your own organization, Latasha has the following advice,

“Go for it. Jump out and get started, do not look back and do not look for validation from anyone. You know what your heart is telling you SO!!! Stay passionate, Be persistent, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to fall, Get up and Keep Moving. Reach out to Successher for Help and Assistance, There is no charge for Support!!! And Most Important!!! LOVE LIFE!!! SMILE.. BE HAPPY!!! “

Make sure you follow and keep up with Successher via social media:

Facebook: Successher

Twitter: Successher2

Instagram: successher

Next Level Art

Looking for some amazing artwork that is creative and ?! Well check out the very talented Justin Richburg!! Representing Philadelphia, PA (Philly), Justin Richburg is an Artist, who has a daily motivation of living through his work. Justin specializes in Mechanical point and paper, and originally got into art with the help of his manager!

“Art was something I always did. I didn’t really have a real passion. Art was just always there.”

So how long does it take for Justin to create this amazingly detailed pieces of art work? The time frame of his artwork creation varies, as it could take up to a day or a year. Justin tells us that he faced the challenge of making people believe being an artist is a career, but that did not stop him!

When asked about his most influential piece of artwork, Justin tells us that his piece “Dice Game” is the most influential, as it has sparked interviews from various people! Justin’s work has been featured in The Source, Complex, and many others! Not only is Justin talented at art, he also enjoys writing poems and telling jokes!

Be sure to keep up with Justin and his work, as he will be doing his 1st art show in May of 2018!

You can purchase Justin’s amazing art at:

If you’re interested in booking Justin for projects or events, you can at:

You can follow Justin on social media at:

Instagram: justin_richburg

Twitter: _justinrichburg

Facebook: justin richburg

Tumblr: justinrichburg

Snapchat: justinyabish215


If you’re looking to become an artist, Justin has the following advice,

“Just draw.”


Justin has the following final words for the readers:

“Big girls love the kid.”



Located at:

Meet Latasha Bailey – Creator of Successher! Successher  is a Womens Business Directory and Network, that specializes in helping women based businesses and professional women grow. The network consists of all types of women, who are determined to be successful in all areas of business. (BOOM!)

You can follow Successher  via social media:

Instagram: @successher

Twitter: @successher2



Already apart of Successher? Let them know using the hashtags:





#SH #Successher

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Pretty Honest Candles

Pretty Honest Candles

Located at:


Are you a candle fanatic? Looking to keep your home smelling amazing? Check out Pretty Honest Candles! Pretty Honest Candles are all natural soy candles in over 20 scents. They are hand poured in Charlotte to ensure each one is unique for you! All candles are non-toxic, vegan, with 100% cotton wicks. (BOOM!)

Keep it pretty. Keep it honest.


You can follow Pretty Honest Candles via social media:

Instagram: @prettyhonestshop

Twitter: @prettyhonestshp


You can also contact Pretty Honest Candles via email:

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Sensationally Nappy

Sensationally Nappy

Located at:


Meet Lori Scott – The Owner of Sensationally Nappy! Sensationally Nappy celebrates the natural hair movement with creative, unique, and custom made tees! Lori’s “The Natural Queen” tee is a popular tee that is loved by many! Make sure you check out Lori’s store at, and purchase your tee today! Use the code #Queen to get 30% of your total purchase! (BOOM!)

You can follow Lori and Sensationally Nappy via social media at:

Twitter: Sensationally Nappy || Black Hair Rocks! || Supa Soul Sista

Instagram: Sensationally_Nappy

Google+: Sensationally Nappy

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Zuri and The Monster

Zuri and The Monster

Located at:

Check Out This Amazing Children’s Book:  “Zuri and The Monster”

Meet Tanisha Chambers – The Author of an amazing children’s book called Zuri and The Monster! Learn More About Tanisha And Her Book By Reading Her Official Feature! (Click Here)

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Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents

Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents

Located at:


Meet Tiffany Riley – the Owner of Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents and an Independent Consultant for Pink Zebra Home Scents! Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents has been in business since September of 2016 and has taken off since then. (BOSS STATUS) Tiffany offers a variety of products to scent your home and car with,  such as soy wax sprinkles, warmers, and much more.

Like & follow Tiffany on Facebook at: Tiffany’s Pink Room of Scents

Purchase your products today at:

You can contact Tiffany via email:

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