You Know What That Is? Growth!

You Know What That Is? Growth!

By: Devaun Jay

            Fall is a time for reflection and change. From the colors of leaves shifting to drop in temperature, now is the time to look back on what has transpired through the course of the year and how you can improve yourself moving forward. But while we all are gearing up for the holidays and new year, there are some people such as writers, actors, producers, and directors preparing for the following season of their critically acclaimed series. My three favorite shows Insecure, Atlanta, and Power unfortunately go missing until the spring and summer. But while the NBA and NFL keep me entertained, I do find myself wondering what could be in store for their next installments. Will Issa find a career doing what she loves? Will Al get that big break he has been waiting for? And how much trouble will Tariq this time? While these are all valid questions, the key thing each of them is thinking, is what they can implement to keep us on the edge of our couches next go-around. In this article we will cover one primary action each show needs to do, to stay relevant for fans and get extended for another season. Spoilers are included in this so if you are binge watching now, it’s best you read this after getting caught up. Here we go!

Issa Rae has a done a phenomenal job showing maturation in her character on screen. While Molly still holds stern reservations about who she dates, and Tiffany starts to see the changes having a baby will make in her marriage and friendship with Kelly, Issa is rolling with the punches gradually. While moving out of Daniel’s home was a big step, the biggest set of changes will come from leaving her position at We Got Yall. A place where she felt over-worked and undervalued. Furthermore, the criticism from Daniel about how she isn’t passionate about what she does for a living will be the push needed, to seek her calling. With that being said, the key to season four of Insecure being a success is to keep Lawrence and Nathan at bay! Yes ladies, I know a lot of you all wanted to see her either get back with Lawrence or give Nate a shot though he ghosted her causing Issa to get into detective mode. But I do believe Issa needs more time to be alone before she chooses another partner. Lawrence will clearly have some influence since Condola who set up The Last Dragon screening will be dating him, and we all know Nathan will be doing everything he can to get back in Issa’s good graces. So hopefully by the time this all unfolds it will be episode 5 or so. But between her looking to set up a community event and taking what looks to be entrepreneurship classes, it will in my opinion be more compelling content seeing her evolve into a public figure.

            Atlanta “Robbin Season” brought about changes for every character no fan could have seen coming. While the first installment was a little more comical, season two brought a darker theme to the show ensuring everyone felt the impact of their attitudes and decisions. With Al and Earnest’s relationship at the forefront, we start to get a better take on their family dynamic and just how close both cousins were before they chased the dream of being in the music industry. Van and Darius both have their personal episodes in this season but for the most part maintain the ideals they always had. Darius proved that even face of death brought on by Teddy Perkins, his mantra was still foolproof. Love can bring about great things, and that positive energy protects him even in the face of adversity. And while Vanessa still cares for Earnest and knows he is a great father, she is aware their situation isn’t the best couple wise and will continue to live her best life. Even if it means potentially taking a picture with card board cut out Drake! But seriously, she did consider it, maybe just a little. So how will Atlanta continue to thrive? Simply put, Paper Boy needs to blow up per Earnest’s assistance! No more booking free shows or staying in some crazy chick’s apartment. After you frame someone by placing your gun in another man’s bag at the airport of all places, you better be serious about perfecting your craft! And I think we all would love to see Al perform live or record with some popular producers. Donald Glover has a done a great job keeping us all in suspense about where their journey will lead them and how they will have each other’s back when everything is on the line. Now is the time to pull the trigger and make some big things happen!

Finally, the world of Power has taken unpredictable dramatic turns in the last two seasons. From the death of Raina to that period where Tasha and Angela worked together, the show has truly lived up to its name where everyone is jockeying for position to stay alive and out of trouble. Kanan is dead, which via his Instagram account has given Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ample time in the director’s chair. And if he was that much of a savage on the show, imagine what he could be cooking up behind the scenes. Now let’s get the obvious thought out of the way. I do not believe that Angela is gone! Whether she is or not, the fact that Tommy was the culprit and Ghost knows, means that a full out war is going to happen. I mean everyone joked about how he screamed louder for Angela being shot than when he found out about Raina, right? But in all seriousness, I did like the raw emotion Omari Hardwick showed this season as Ghost, wrestling with the loss of his daughter. But I never would’ve expected for him, Tommy and Tasha to have a fallout this bad. Not to mention Tariq still wants to learn how to hustle. Despite their shaky last episode, Power is set up for an explosive comeback. The key to them having another successful season is keeping that same energy! Meaning, no more negotiating or working for the good of the drug connect or for personal reasons. Ghost should be infuriated at this point and my hope is he will reach for outside help to beat his enemies. At this point, it would be crazy for him to think he can trust Tommy, Tasha, Rashad Tate, or anyone in his inner circle. Plus, I hope they find a way to still use the club as a front for illegal activities considering that was the foundation of mysteriousness for the show and Ghost’s way out of the criminal life. The going along routine and turning on said person has gotten old. Now is the time for expressing the real and not turning back. James St. Patrick should want vengeance!

I have faith that my favorites will not disappoint and provide us with some new laughs and drama along the way. All three series have kept fans intrigued from their witty dialogue to compelling turns in storyline ushering in a new wave of black television. New stars are being developed which will propel them into more projects that we will be able to look forward to watching. So just relax people! Once the snow melts or degrees of your city raise, it’ll be time to clear your schedule again on Thursday and Sunday nights for some incredible programming. Stay tuned!



Clarke Lau’ren

20181202_155735A Chicago Native, representing LA – Clarke Lau’ren is an Entertainer and Model! Clarke has been in the Entertainment industry for 5 years now, but says that she’s always been an entertainer in all ways – with taking photos and posing becoming a part of her expressing herself.”

“I had always heard that I should give modeling it a try and one of the first photographers that I worked with sold my pictures (I signed them away not knowing) to TMZ and Essence magazine. That woke me up! Lol”

Clarke tells us that she had so much fun being featured in the Migos “Bad & Bougie” & Jidenna “Classic Man” video, and can also be found in the following videos:

  • Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop “You & Your friends”
  • Haim ft ASAP Ferg “My song 5”
  • Sammie “I’m Him”

Clarke loves modeling and enjoys projects that truly allows her to show her personality and loves being able to try different looks and pull them off so gracefully.  Not only is Clarke a model, she is very excited to get into acting and is finally dropping and showing the world her first love of music. With so much competition, Clarke’s initial challenges of her career was knowing her place, who she was, where she thought she fit in with so much competition.


“People think that it’s easy to look pretty and take pics.  I’ll have a day where I question everything, but so do we all.”

As a Singer, Clarke is creating her sound and vibing with different writers and producers, with music inspiration being fearless, sexy, and loving oneself.  When asked about collaborating with other artists, Clarke tells us that she has an interest in John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, 6lack, and Drake!20181202_155725

“I would like to work with John Mayer because I think our voices would sound amazing together. I would also like to work with Fleetwood Mac because that’s just on some whole other level.”

She says that she is really excited about where she is going, and that music is definitely a journey that she is glad she finally started.  Make sure you mark your calendars, as she will be dropping her EP early 2019.

Ultimately, Clarke wants to be able to help inspire others and share her own personal story to anyone who relates that may need to hear it.  She simply wants to leave a name behind for years to come for her future family.


If you are an aspiring model or singer, Clarke has the following advice,

“The company you keep is the biggest part in your growth. Stay true to yourself. Every GIG isn’t for you. Keep God first.”

If you’re interested in booking Clarke for any projects or event, simply email her at


Make sure you keep up with Clarke via:
Instagram: @clarkelauren_

Clarke has these final words for our readers:

Thank you so much for the feature!

I have so much cool stuff on the way for 2019 – I’m turning up!



Meet the super talented Singer, Actor, and Model – DēP (pronounced “Deep”). Though currently residing in Los Angeles, CA – DēP is a Houston, TX native who has made some MAJOR BOSS moves in the industry!

Although DēP came from a musical family, he pursued college for a degree in Education prior to music.  However, his degree in Education was his backup plan – in case music didn’t work out.


“I have always wanted to sing. Yes, I grew up around music but ever since they put me on a table top at my Aunt Linda’s church and let me sing, I was hooked. Funny thing is my mom didn’t really want me to pursue a singing career. I’ve always had a fire for going after things I desire, especially when someone says I shouldn’t.”

So how did DēP make his grand entrance into the entertainment industry? DēP tells us that he got his first big break by winning a VIBE magazine talent competition for unsigned artists. While getting his first record contract with Versatile Records in Washington, DC – he realized that the industry was ready for him!

“Everyone thinks that there is this one magical moment that unlocks success in anything, and that’s just not the case.”
My life quote is “Nothing Is Happenstance!” – which means everything happens for a reason.”


DēP tells us that there were many experiences that made him a true contender in the industry. For DēP, growing up under the Southeast Inspirational Choir, attending HSPVA in Houston TX, taking piano lessons at All About Music, national/regional competitions, and local performance all over the place played a key role in his success. If you didn’t know, DēP has made major boss moves with various television appearances such as:


2015 Grammy Awards
2015 Grammy Salutes: Stevie Wonder
2016 TV Land Awards
2016 Espys
2016 White House Christmas
Will & Grace 2018
The Rookie 2018

 He has also made appearances in several music videos, commercials, and movies such as:

“Matrimony” (Wale ft. Usher)

“Bang Bang” (Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj)

“So In Love” (Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton)

Dos Equis

Beats By Dre

The Preachers Son


In the beginning stages of his career, various people had misconceptions about his image, but that did not stop him from pushing through!  DēP tells us that the biggest challenge for him was actually choosing the right team – as he knew he couldn’t be successful on his own.

“In the beginning, they didn’t know what to do with me. I looked young, sounded, wrote, and spoke like an adult, didn’t really wanna promote a sexual image but that’s what they wanted. I was smart enough to know that I couldn’t be successful on my own and there was always some manager, fake ass label, or whoever that was going to “take me to the top”. I guess I wasn’t church enough because my discernment was off. It took me years to build the right team but the journey was necessary.”

Overcoming his initial challenges wasn’t the only thing that aided in his success, as the following business advice also helped:

  1. Count my own money
  2. Be involved with every facet of my career
  3. Learn the business just as much as i was learning my craft
  4. Network
  5. Never follow a no with a period.



“I wish I would have known that “I was enough,” in the beginning of my career. Growing up in the south, a Black man is flawed. We spend so much time trying to fit in a box or adapt to a definition that doesn’t work for a leader, entrepreneur, BOSS. When I accepted my power I was able to walk into any room and get just what I needed out of it be it a deal, a standing ovation or anything.”

DēP has shared the stage and opened up for some of the best of the best in music – from Beyonce to Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, Alicia Keys Jussie Smollett, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Boys II Men, and more. Touring is something that DēP  enjoys, as it allows him to meet people and get paid to work in his passion.  He recently was able to tour as a solo artist, but stated that it was also cool being able to bring in artists that he has formerly worked a couple of shows with. Make sure you keep up with DēP, as he will be touring again in the Spring and Summer of 2019!

“It’s going to be epic because I will be collaborating with some talented Artist You SHOULD Know from across the country. I am amped because the raw talent with this group is dumb.”

DēP has had an opportunity to perform live with quite a few artists, but says that his favorites were Beyonce and Kanye West!

“They are crazy passionate and it challenged me to work harder. I remember thinking, “Damn DeP, yea you grind but they grind grind”. It was crazy because they had reached levels where they could let up and not work so hard, yet they were easily outworking everyone on the team. I learned the equation to success by working with them.”

When asked about his dream artist, he states that he would love to work with Missy Elliott, as she has the ability to bring out the best in people! He calls Missy Elliott a BEAST with true raw creativity!

Make sure you are keeping up with DēP’s music journey, as he has an upcoming LP called “Edible and Elevation.” – and describes it as his most authentic body of work ever.

“It’s gonna shock everybody, in a good way. I have some dope producers and a few guest artist on there. This is a true artistic joint. It’s a whole mood.”


His talents also go beyond the stage, as you can catch him performing on the big screen in theaters in 2019! DēP  will be starring in the film “This Side Up” – a true story film, about a slave named Henry Box Brown – who mailed himself to freedom; the only one to do so successfully.

“Filming THIS SIDE UP was amazing because it was completely opposite of what DeP stands for, looks like, acts like and so I had to really flex my acting muscles that had been pushed to the background for years.”

DēP ‘s talents doesn’t stop at music and acting, as he is also an Author! DēP’s first book “Fallback to Step up: Things to fallback from in order to step up your life” will be available mid-2019 and will be holding a book signing soon. He also has a single called “Fallback” to accompany his book!


“I realized that many times we aren’t able to fly because we have too many bags. too many things holding us back from ascension be it people, outlooks, finances, mindsets, or more. As an entrepreneur, I read a lot of self-help and success books like many of my peers. They simply tell us to believe in self yada yada yada and not any real answers. Sorta like a high priced counselor that gets paid to help us arrive at a revelation without persuasion. Forget that. Give me some answers and some things I can apply. That doesn’t typically happen. All of these books and No answers. I fixed that!”

DeP has also started his full-scale artist branding and development company called “Think Dep Entertainment (TDE).” The company has currently released music with clients Latin pop artist – Bianca Acosta and Hip Hop artist – Jai G. He is also vocal coaching the newest client currently making waves TeaMarr.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, DēP has the following advice,

“Know what you want out of the entertainment industry, before going in and don’t lose focus or stop until you get it. Treat it as a business but protect your heart – aka the passion.”

You can listen and purchase DēP ‘s  music by going to OR by searching him on your streaming service under “Think DeP” or “DeP.”

Make sure you keep you follow DēP on social media, to keep up with his career and music:

Instagram: @thinkdep

Tomekia Y. Luckett



Meet Tomekia Y. Luckett, PhD, RN! The Certified Life Coach, Assistant Professor of Nursing, & Owner – CEO of Dr. Tomekia Yvette Enterprises LLC, representing Summit, MS! With serving God while living a purpose filled life as her motivation, Tomekia is making some major boss moves!

Though being an Author was not her passion, she says that there was a need to share her story.

“For years, I had people tell me that I should share my story of how I overcame poverty, rejection and becoming a single mother of triplets at the age of 20. God really prompted me this year to go ahead and share my stories.”

To date, Tomekia has written the following three books, which were written in 30 days and were written to help anyone looking for inspiration and motivation:

3D COVER (2)

  1. Finding purpose in the pain: A journey of pain, healing and purpose

“Finding purpose in the pain, is a triumphant journey of how I overcame challenges to include: poverty, rejection and becoming a single mother of triplets at the age of 20. I was able to pursue education, and eventually earned a PhD in nursing leadership. I looked for love in all the wrong places and finally found the love I was looking for in God.”



  1. Welcome to Nursing: A prayer and devotional for new nurses
  2. A nurse’s touch : A prayer and devotional for nurses

“The two nursing devotionals are designed for nurses, to assist in managing the challenges of a nursing career while receiving positive affirmations and prayers.”

For Tomekia, her greatest challenge for publishing her books were overcoming herself! She knew it was something God wanted her to do, but she was scared and embarrassed by parts of her story.

“When I first saw my own work in print, I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. I believe my books will inspire others to go for their goals, and believe that with God all things are possible”


Being an Author isn’t Tomekia’s only talent, as she is also a Public Speaker. Her public speaking career begin in her church and then turned into a career. Tomekia has spoken at over 100+ events, with topics being on Godly principles, women’s and men’s health, cardiovascular disease, love and relationships, and domestic violence.

So how did Tomekia get her first big break at Public Speaking? Tomekia tells us that she was invited to speak at a church and share her journey of becoming a nurse, when her triplets were small.

“Though I am quite shy, I knew God  wanted me to speak and share my story including the pain I have endured.”

Tomekia also has an organization called “Dr. Tomekia Yvette Enterprises LLC,” which is a coaching and empowerment brand designed for persons needing direction with goals in life, love and career.  Its purpose is to inspire and empower others to discover their God-given purpose and achieve their dreams! Dr. Tomekia’s personal mission is to help others awaken their inner dreamer, and maximize their God-given potential.  She believes each of us has a unique purpose with greatness inside of us.



“My ultimate goal is to continue building her brand while inspiring and empowering others to go for their goals. She believes she am getting there, but there is always room for improvement.”




32327896_10211736840393260_4697381426415271936_n (1)If you are an Entrepreneur on the rise, Tomekia has the following advice,

“Don’t let fear stop you from going for your goals. You can do whatever you believe you can do! I wish I would have known to make each moment count. Savor each moment, and take time to relish in success.”

Make sure you follow Tomekia via social media:

Facebook: Dr. Tomekia the purpose doctor, inspiration empowerment and wisdom

Instagram: drtomekia_mysnurse

Leslie Crawford

Meet Leslie Crawford – An amazing full-time Entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD! Leslie is not only a super dope Entrepreneur, but she wears many hats of entrepreneurship such as an Author, Speaker, and the Creator of the campaign – “I Choose Me.”

Leslie is an Urban Fiction Author, whose books are geared towards women. Although she never had the desire to write a book, Leslie considers herself a big reader that loves reading Urban Fiction books. One day she asked herself if she could write a book, and while on vacation she began writing. Though it took about two years to finish her book, Leslie says that’s how she came about writing her very first book – which made her fall in love with writing.


“I wanted to be a different Urban Fiction Author. I didn’t want to talk about the killing, drugs dealing etc. I wanted to talk about the issues we as women go through in life. I wanted to entertain but teach a lesson. At the end the reader can say – I know that woman or that woman is me. Not to be ashamed about it but to get help. My goal is to open their eyes to what they’re suffering from. When a woman reads my book, my goal is for her to take a look in the mirror and ask herself if she is that woman in the book. From my readers – I have been told even if the woman in the book was not her, she can still relate because they know someone like her. I had a reader email me and say my book “But He Loves Me” helped her walk away from a verbal and mental abusive marriage. That meant everything to me.”

To date, Leslie has written the following books:

1. Forbidden Fruit

2. Forbidden Fruit 2: The Aftertaste.

A book series about a teenager that grew up in a wealthy household but always had the desire to live the life of what she saw on reality TV. Her parents only desire was to shower their daughter with gifts, vacations, etc. they soon learned money can’t raise your kids.

3. Coach Mom (co-authored with her son)

A children’s book about a kid that was angry because his mom coached his soccer team one year. He attempted to sabotage the team because he wanted his mom to quit, he didn’t believe women should coach a sport like soccer. He soon learned about team work, friendship, and respect.


4. But He Loves Me.

A story about a successful woman that had everything, money, good career, good friends and family but she was lacking one thing; self-esteem. Not knowing or believing she would ever lack self-esteem because she covered it up with materialistic things, she meets a man that changes her life. From physical, mental, emotional, financial, verbal, and sexual abuse; he revealed to her that even women with it all lack something they tend to hide because they’re ashamed.


“When my book was first printed, I received the copy in the mail and I cried. I was excited because writing was not my career choice. I went to school for Business and didn’t start writing until I turned 27.”

LC-Leslie-Crawford-3 (1)

For her first book, Leslie encountered the problem of getting published, as she was turned down from various publishing companies. Although she didn’t know too much about self-publishing. Leslie says that she decided to turn to self-publishing, due to someone mentioning it to her. Outside of her publishing challenges, she also encountered writers block – which is why she states she needs to be in the right mental space to write books. Leslie tells us that each book took its own time for completion and publishing. Publishing for “But He Loves Me” took six months, while the others took over a year. For Leslie, it really depends on what she else she has going on. Currently, Leslie is working on a book that she has been working on for nine months – which she has hasn’t been able to finish due to the state of mental space needed to do so.

“I have to be in a certain mood in order to finish it. I never rush the process because I want it to be great when it’s done.”

To make sure that others aren’t struggling with issues of publishing, Leslie has her own company called “Exposed Books Publishing and “When Children Write,” which focuses on coaching children how to write and publish their own books! (NICCEE!)

“When Children Write” will also be creating a virtual book club and more in 2019 to encourage more children to read and write. To learn more please visit

Exposed Books Publishing is her coaching and consulting company where she help women go through the process of publishing their own book and create a lucrative income. Since she was looked down on for leaving her 9-5 as a single mom to be self-employed, Leslie started helping other moms live out their dream of building a career with writing.

Not only is Leslie a phenomenal Author – she is a Public Speaker and Creator of the campaign – “I Choose Me.” – which is about empowering and helping women realize their worth. Although it wasn’t her passion, public speaking for Leslie was natural for her, as she knew she had something to say and wanted to share it – with young women especially. Leslie received her first big break as a Public Speaker with the encouragement of her Business Coach. Her Business Coach encouraged her to start going live on social media and make declarations to God. Leslie says that she started her declarations and going live, and from one live posting on her Facebook – a student at John Hopkins University asked her to come and speak at their Feminist group.

“I knew at that engagement my target audience was women ranging from 18-25. From hearing those women talk about their struggles at that event, I knew more women needed to hear from me.”

From that experience, she launched her “I Choose Me” college tour. Leslie speaks about women having self-love before trying to love someone else, and speaks to women ages 18-25, as she feels she is able to gain their attention at an early age. Since February of 2018, Leslie has spoken at three events so far, and has launched her college tour. She has opened her calendar for the remaining of 2018 and 2019, and is currently seeking more events to speak at for women. All though she has started her college tour, Leslie is seeking speaking engagements from organizations that cater to women empowerment.

Snapseed (9)

“I Choose Me” is my motivational speaking topic, where I speak to young adult women about choosing themselves first before entering into a relationship. Knowing when to walk away from a toxic relationship and creating self-love before you seek love from others. I always felt like I wasn’t pretty as other women. I thought I always needed to be in a relationship to feel good about myself. For five years, I was with someone and during that time my insecurities came to life. My self-esteem was even lower, I dealt with depression, and stayed in a relationship just because I was afraid to be alone. After that relationship was over I continued to deal with the same issues. It wasn’t until 2017 that I begin to take a deeper look at my life. I stepped away from dating and started to see the root of my problem. It was me. I started seeking God more. It started with a selfie and when I posted it, I used the hashtag “I Choose Me.” From that point on I created this campaign to let women know, they don’t have to remain in a relationship just because. Choose yourself first and love you before you expect someone else to love you.”

So what is the inspiration behind her campaign? As a teenager, she dealt with self-esteem issues, and as an adult she continues to deal with those same issues. Leslie tells us that she has been very transparent on social media when speaking about issues she went through – as women relate more when you’re open and honest.

DSC_1037leslie - Copy

“My campaign was made to support women, as most of the time people aren’t transparent about real issues. They talk about self-esteem but they either never experienced it or they don’t tell their story. I couldn’t be afraid to tell my audience what happened to me. I was verbally, mentally, emotionally, and financially abused. These are the types of abuse no one really talks about. – I am open and honest.”

Leslie tells women to trust their instincts when they see the warning signs of a toxic relationship, and to know who you are before getting into a relationship.

“Don’t expect a man to love you if you don’t love yourself. My overall topic surrounds self-love and self-care. These topics were selected because I’ve been there. I have dealt with all of these items. There are some days when I still want to be in a relationship but I know opening my life to just anyone will not be beneficial to me.”

Ultimately, Leslie wants at least one woman to tell her that she helped her love herself more or that she helped her get out of that toxic relationship.

Interested in supporting Leslie’s campaign? Share and visit her new blog You can do so by sharing her campaign to bring more awareness to this issue.

“A few years ago I said I wanted to start speaking, but I never had anything to talk about. I waited on God. I wish I would have known that I needed to put God in every part of my business. Once I started involving God in every part, things became better. After going through my previous relationship and discovering myself, I believe that’s when God released me to speak. God knew before I didn’t have anything to say. Despite going through five years of hurt, I knew I had to share my experience to help the next woman. I should have surrendered my business over to him a long time ago.”


IMG_0368 (1)

If you’re interested in being an Author or Public Speaker, Leslie has the following advice,

“As an author, stick with what you know. Don’t try to write about something that you have no knowledge on. Be true to who you are. When it comes to public speaking you have to constantly practice. Don’t try to speak because you see everyone else doing it. You have to genuinely care about your topic. Your audience will be able to tell if you’re speaking just because or if you’re speaking because it’s your passion.”


If you’re interested in purchasing Leslie’s books, you can purchase them via Amazon, with autographed copies available via Be sure to keep up with Leslie’s work, as she will be releasing her next book “What They Didn’t Know” in 2019!

Make sure you’re following Leslie via social media at:

Facebook: Leslie Crawford & Author Leslie Crawford.

Instagram: @Author_Leslie & @When_Children_Write.

Twitter: @Author_Leslie

Leslie has these final words for our readers:

“I believe everyone should live out their dream. Go after what you want, but make sure you’re passionate about it. Place God in every part of your life and/or business. As a woman – know who you are and your worth before expecting someone else to.”

The Boss Lady Collection

The Boss Lady Collection



If you’re looking for jewelry that is fashionable and will turns heads, look no further than The Boss Lady Collection. Owned by Valerie Brown, The Boss Lady Collection is full of affordable and statement fashionable jewelry – regardless of the occasion. Whether you need jewelry for business or pleasure, The Boss Lady Collection is the perfect go to for your needs!


Interested in The Boss Lady Collection? You can purchase your jewelry at

Already purchased from The Boss Lady Collection? Let Valerie know by tagging your photos using the hashtags:


Make sure you keep up with Valerie and The Boss Lady Collection via:

Facebook: The Boss Lady Collection

Instagram: TheeBossLadyCollection

Have questions? Send an email to:

This business is #BossApproved, so connect with The Boss Lady Collection TODAY!!

Beats By Deb

Do you love and wear make-up? Love those make-up tutorials on Instagram? Well if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, we have a super dope MUA who is killing the game and is definitely worth an Instagram follow! Meet Deborah Bland – a phenomenal Cosmetologist specializing in Makeup Artistry!


Representing Detroit, Michigan, Deborah is a MUA who is very creative and talented with make-up! Deborah received her Cosmetology license from Douglas J. Aveda Institute and specializes in colorful/glitter dramatic makeup looks. Though make-up has not always been her passion, she is now obsessed with it!

“Makeup has not always been my passion. I started doing nails at age 13 and got more into hair throughout high school, with makeup coming later during my senior year.  I have been obsessed with makeup for about a year and a half now, but just started on other people in the last 6 months.”

Deborah tells us that she wanted to get her Cosmetology license in case she ever wanted to pursue a career in a different field of beauty, but actually got into make-up to show people the purpose of make-up.


“What made me most interested in being a makeup artist was showing people that makeup is not made for “covering imperfections” or “hiding your insecurities”.   Makeup can not only enhance features of your face, but it can help people build inner and outer confidence. It makes you feel beautiful, which drove my passion to learn more.”


In the beginning stages of her career, there were a few challenges and things she learned.  In fact, Deborah tells us that she has learned that you need to be consistent in the industry, to attract great opportunities. Ultimately, she didn’t let any of her challenges get in her way or stop her grind!

“Makeup is different from hair and nails. Clients don’t typically come every few weeks, as they usually need their makeup done for a specific occasion or event. This made it difficult to keep clients no matter how good your work is. As most Hair and Nail Techs know, people tend to cancel appointments at the last minute, which can be disappointing. But, if you stay diligent, positive, and patient – there will always be doors opening for opportunities.”

Although Deborah specializes in dramatic looks, she does provide services for special occasions like wedding parties, graduations, prom, and homecoming!

“Most of my clients come from Instagram and request dramatic looks.  I absolutely love doing dramatic looks the most, mainly because most people feel that they can’t pull certain colors and looks off. I like to prove to them that it isn’t a question of “Can I pull that off?”, but it is a skill of recognizing skintone, eyeshape, and face shape that can make a world of difference in a look.”


“I feel that the most difficult thing about being a Makeup Artist is CONFIDENCE. You need your client to trust you enough that there is no need to worry about the outcome of the look. They need to know just how great you are at your work, which all correlates to the way you carry yourself as the artist. Makeup clients tend to be sketchy about the turn out of their face, if you are hesitant or insecure about your work. I like to show them who’s boss by my skills, techniques, and CONFIDENCE.”

Interested in learning how to do make-up? Well don’t fret because Deborah has multiple tutorials up on her Instagram page, for people aspiring to be a Makeup Artist! In fact, she gets a lot of good feedback on them and many requests for more. (NICE!!) If you’re an avid YouTube user, you will soon be able to find Deborah’s work there, as she plans to eventually have a YouTube channel, as well as have online classes available for people around the globe! (BOOM!)

“If I had the opportunity to style my celebrity idol, I would go for a dramatic colorful look! Something with color and glitter to catch some attention, but not crazy enough to scare anyone off! I would go for this look because it is not a common thing to see on celebrities, as they usually stick to “natural” “glowy” looks. I like to get people out of their comfort zone!”

Deborah states that her ultimate goal as a MUA is to have paid trips to do specific people’s makeup, as well as be well-known for her work; which she hopes will continue to inspire others to be a MUA as well. Deborah says that she is very proud of her success, her makeup videos going viral, brands asking her to promote their products, and of course gaining her Cosmetology license.

Interested in working with Deborah? You can contact her via direct message on Instagram using the handle @beatsbydeb to book her for her services, events, or projects!


If you’re interested in being a MUA, Deborah has the following advice,

“A common misconception people have about being a Makeup Artist is how original everyone is. The beauty industry as a whole, are full of artist of generations before our time. Every artist has learned their skill, if not from school, then offline, or through books, or hands on. Not saying some people aren’t just naturally talented, but most of the time, Makeup is inspired by something or someone.  I suggest staying positive, confident, and consistent in your passion for makeup! Learn from others as much as you can, and give people the energy and experience you want them to give you for your services.”

 Make sure you keep up with Deborah as she has several photoshoots coming up; with her being the main makeup artist for interesting makeup looks! You can find and follow Deborah via social media using the handle @beatsbydeb.



Aurore TV

Did you know that BET isn’t the only network catering to Black entertainment?! Are you looking for entertainment that is relatable and enjoyable? Well, we’re here to give you the scoop on Aurore TV!

Meet Latasha! Representing Queens, NYC, Latasha is the Founder of Aurore TV, and the Writer/ Producer of the Amazon Prime comedy series “Sit Black & Relax.” Latasha tells us that working in the entertainment industry has always been her passion.  Latasha has created two seasons of the comedy web series Sit Black & Relax & the Aurore TV flagship show, #WeShallOverChug – a comedy talk show that focuses on Black Culture, balanced by cocktails and ratchet nonsense, hosted by Latasha and Jameer Pond. (BOOM!!)


“I thought as a child I was going to be a singer (signed to Sisqo… don’t laugh too hard), as a college student dancer, and as a grad a model… and when I realized I wasn’t that great at any of that stuff I turned to my natural gift of humor and communication.”

Aurore TV launched in March 2018, and is actually Latasha’s latest venture after her take at YouTube vlogs and first season of her web series! She realized that she wanted to not only help herself as a creator, but other Black creators as well.  Latasha tells us that she thinks everyone can come up together!

“Aurore TV focuses on narratives with a lighthearted feel. I think media shows us enough Black trauma to last a lifetime. We want you to exhale when you watch our shows. Life is fun. We air things that have great quality, mostly completed seasons if it’s a series, and things that we actually enjoy. We’ve watched every single thing that we’ve aired on the platform. I enjoy looking at something tangible that came from my mind and spirit. Looking at the faces of my team members, and the content we’ve established, it all becomes surreal, and I feel like I’m working with purpose.”

So how did Latasha get her own TV network? Latasha tells us that she asked around to see who would be interested in being on her team, as she knew she couldn’t do it alone – it was the biggest venture she ever tackled! (BOSS STATUS!) She hit up people that she knew, to see if they’d allow her to display their series & films on her platform, and then she reached out to creators that she didn’t know. Latasha states that she designed the site herself and kept up with film groups, to expose the platform! (YASSS!)

 Aurore.TV2” The inspiration behind Aurore TV is the gap I noticed in between “coming up” and “making it”. What happens to all the dope creators in between? How can the Black audience find good series and films by their peers that can narrate their stories on their level? I wanted Aurore TV to be that support system and platform.  Our ultimate goal is to put financial power into the hands of Black creators. Not only should we own our stuff, but we should monetize it as well! We need to stop asking for permission.”

Though Latasha faced the challenge of keeping up with content in the beginning of her business, it did not stop her grind!

“Weeks go by fast, and the next thing I realize, it’s time to put up something new! I want to make sure we support each creator as much as possible so we’re worth them sharing their work with us.”


 “I’m extremely proud of everything I’ve done.  I’ve been in the industry since 2010 and looking back, I’ve gotten myself to places people daydream about. Even when I’m not trying, I have really cool moments in my life that my creativity has allowed me to experience. It’s all good.”

Make sure you are keeping up with Aurore TV, as there are plans to do an end-of-the-year shindig, but details are pending. The network is simply looking to have a good time with the people who have supported them.

If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry or having your own TV network, Latasha has the following advice:


“Keep your intentions pure, and treat everyone like gold. Don’t use people, know people. Also, contracts are very important, and uncomfortable to bring up with personal friends – but it’s something that must be done. It protects all parties involved.”

 If you’re interested in submitting content for Aurore TV, you can submit it via the “Contact” page on or send an email to

Don’t forget to follow Latasha and Aurore TV via social media:

Instagram & Twitter: @Aurore_TV

 Latasha has these finals words for our readers:

I’d like to thank my Associate Editor, Erica Mann for aiding me in this entire process from the beginning. She is my rock!

Jaimee Foxworth

If you were growing up in the 80s and enjoyed watching the various TV shows as a pastime, you probably were pretty familiar with most of the hit TV shows back then. There were many shows that focused on family dynamics, but there’s one show that we’re sure you will never forget – FAMILY MATTERS!


Born in St. Louis, but raised in Los Angeles Jaimee Foxworth is an Actress, Singer, and Author known for her roles on “Amen” & “Family Matters.” Though she began her acting career at the age of 6, Jaimee initially got into acting by way of her older sister wanting to become an actress.  Jaimee tells us that initially, she went on auditions because it was something her mother took her and her 2 sisters out to. After she realized that turning into a character helped her break out of her shyness for a short time, Jaimee says that she grew to love it!

I enjoy the fact that acting challenges me. The most difficult thing about acting to me is the anxiety that auditioning can cause. I’m pretty shy around strangers, so playing a character gives me a chance to be more outspoken than usual. I also work best on the spot & that’s what acting really is – on the spot. When the director says, “action!”, you have to bring it. If you don’t have tough skin, have a passion for it or can handle rejection, then it’s not the career for you.”

 Though she faced a few difficulties that were within herself, it did not stop her grind!


“Wondering if I was doing a good job or if I was a good actress. As well as feeling that I had to always be “on” & impress the adults in front me (producers, writers). I don’t really face those same challenges because I don’t have those same insecurities anymore. I bring my best to the table so you can take it or leave it. No worries on my end.”

Her experience playing on Family Matters was described as a great one, as everyone was very supportive of her. Jaimee states that they tried their best to make it feel like a real family as much as they could.


“I still have love for pretty much everyone from the cast. I keep in contact with about half of the cast. The ones I do have contact with, we check up on each other from time to time.”


Not only is Jaimee an Actress, she is also a Singer with the sound of an alto!! Jaimee tells us that she and her sisters used to always sing together around the house, but at the age of 16 they officially became a group called S.H.E. The group was signed to Shaq’s label (T.W.Is.M/Interscope) & they recorded an album called “3’s A Charm”. (BOSS STATUS!)


“I’m not as open with singing as much as my sisters are though. Besides my family & the album that we recorded, no one has ever heard me sing lol. If I do record any music in the future, it would definitely be if my sisters reunited or for a movie where I’m playing a singer or rapper.”

And if acting and singing isn’t enough, Jaimee is also an Author with a book in the works! Jaimee tells us that her book will be all about her ups and downs in the industry, how it affected her, made her look at the world, and how she bounced back after adversity & became a mom!! (YASSS!!)

“I think people have the misconception that all actors are rich & that most of us are stuck up. There are some really good, humble people in the industry.



So what keeps Jaimee motivated and focused, in continuing her acting career?  Her son and unfinished business! Jaimee tells us she feels that she isn’t quite finished acting, and that her son really wants her to pursue acting again!! (AWW!)  We’re also told that she is interested in working with Whoopi Goldberg!

“I would love to work with Whoopi Goldberg. She’s always been so real & down to earth to me. Getting to work with her & possibly soak up some knowledge and tips would be a blessing.”

Jaimee’s talents doesn’t stop at all that’s mentioned, as she also enjoys exploring beauty and all things related to it. As a matter of fact, she plans to become a make-up artist!

I’m not licensed, but I’m planning on getting one. I’m also a bit of a nail tech as well lol. I love the beauty industry & exploring the aspects of it.”

Currently, Jaimee doesn’t have any ongoing projects – as she is easing herself back into the entertainment world,

“I’m excited & dipping my toe into everything! Really just relearning parts of the industry & seeing how things have changed. I’m having fun with it all so this time around, I can take in the blessings & opportunities without feeling overwhelmed.”


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in acting, Jaimee has the following advice:

“This is a business, so don’t take things or friendships in the industry too personal. Rejection is real. If you’re not able to handle rejection then take a different path.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions & stay humble.”

 If you’re interested in booking Jaimee for any projects or events, you can do so by emailing her at: 

Make sure you follow Jaimee via social media to keep up with all of her BOSS MOVES:

Instagram: JaimeeTheFoxx

Twitter: JaimeeTheFoxx

Snapchat: JaimeeTheFoxx

Facebook: JaimeeFoxworth




The Nurse Coach and Consultant

Meet Michelle Rhodes! A Nurse Business Consultant from Tampa, FL – who is making some serious BOSS MOVES! Michelle is motivated by her Mother’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a nurse! This same motivation plays a factor of her writing a book!

“I decided to write my book to help nurses transition from bedside to boss!”

Michelle is a Masters prepared Nurse, VA Certified Mentor and Wellcoaches Health Coaching graduate. Michelle’s book “RNTERPRISE: Take your Nursing Knowledge and Emerge with an Entrepreneurial Passion in 90 Days” – provides the business basics to help lay the foundation of a Nurse/Healthcare Professional Owned business.
With her background being in health care, it’s no wonder that her book is
geared towards Health Care Professionals!

“My book only took me 4 months to publish, and seeing it in print was a dream come true! I wanted to empower the healthcare worker to know that they have the skills needed to become an awesome business owner. This book has changed my life, and little did I know that this book was much needed!”

Michelle began writing her book in January of 2017 and was able to self-publish it in May of 2017! (AMAZING!!!) With her having an amazing book coach, it’s no question that her journey was short lived! To date, Michelle has sold over 500 copies of her book and has also co-authored 3 consecutive books since her first one! (BOSS STATUS!)

Though Michelle is planning to take a break from writing books, she does however have a small coaching group of 10 Nurses that she is coaching as an Anthology project! Make sure you keep up with Michelle as she has a Holiday Empowerment Brunch coming up in December, which will be located in Tampa, FL. Also, Michelle will be Michelle will be cruising and launching her 10 Nurse Authors to Jamaica! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Michelle’s book, you can do so via, and you connect with her at

Writing book isn’t Michelle’s only passion, as she is also a public speaker! With her topics of focus being Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and health and wellness of the black woman – Michelle is very passionate about public speaking and feels these topics embodies her.

“I ‘grew’ into public speaking as I realized people enjoyed the encouraging words that I spoke into their lives. My love for teaching, leading workshops over the years got me into public speaking. I joined Toastmasters and the rest was history.”

To date, Michelle has speaks at 4 events annually and currently does one paid speaking gig per quarter and it is growing. Along with her many talents, Michelle also offers Consulting with governmental organizations and corporations. Though her ultimate goal is to ger her programs into Nursing schools, Michelle feels that she is just getting started!

If you’re an entrepreneur on the rise, Michelle has the following advice,

“Consistency, serving, and fresh offerings.” “I wish I would have known how important coaches were, when I began my career. I attribute the bulk of my success toward their support.”

Make sure you keep up with Michelle and her journey via social media:

Instagram & Facebook: @michellerhodesonline

Twitter: @michelleronline

Michelle has these final words for our readers:

Never underestimate the power of a goal and execution!

The Rap King

Meet G tha King! Representing Durham, NC as an Independent Artist / Business Developer, G tha King is an Artist who has always had a passion for hip hop!


“I’ve always had a passion for hip-hop. I wrote my first rhymes in elementary school, but I didn’t start recording until I got to college. When I heard my voice for the first time I knew I was blessed with a gift.”


With his father being a convicted felon, who didn’t finish high school, and his mother being a hardworking woman, without a college degree, G tha King says that no one ever really expected much out of him growing up.


“I know that my conception was an accident but every day I wake up I want both of my parents to know that I am not a mistake. I want them to proud of what they created.”


So, what got G tha King interested in being an Artist? G tha King tells us that he just loves to create hip-hop music!

“My ultimate dream is to provide for my family and live off of my own creations. Working 9 to 5 is not what life is about. I don’t want to spend a life devoting my time and energy to someone else’s dream. I decided to pursue this career because I love to create hip-hop music more than anything else. And I’m damn good at it”


With his music coming from his own life experiences, he believes that his music is more so geared for the 21-35 age range, compared to other age groups. Though his music is not necessarily made for the club, it is perfect for the car ride – the journey. In the beginning of his career, G tha King tells us that he faced a few challenges, but that did not stop his grind!

“The biggest challenge is one that comes with the territory when you’re an independent artist with no financial backing or label support. Everything falls on me. All aspects are my direct responsibility. Creating music isn’t cheap, marketing music isn’t cheap, putting together content isn’t cheap, and time is of the essence. The entire process is a lot to manage. I have limited access to capital and resources.”

With G tha King not allowing his challenges to stop his grind, he got his first big break in his career when he released his debut album High & Mighty. G tha King says that he released the project in partnership with a digital distribution company, owned by Sony Music called “The Orchard.” (BOSS STATUS!)


“My most recent project is also my official debut album. It’s called High & Mighty. I wrote and recorded the entire album while living in Amsterdam from 2015-2017. I was able to release it on all major platforms, and I couldn’t be more proud of what I was able to accomplish when I released that project. All of my music is inspired by my life experiences. I knew that I wanted to create an album that solidified my place as a hip-hop artist and I feel like I was able to do that with High & Mighty.”

When he isn’t making music in the booth, he is doing events! In preparation for events, G tha Kings tells us that it all depends on the setting – though he tries listening to feedback from those around him. People tell him what they like most or don’t like at all, but he tries to keep that in mind when thinking about which songs to perform. G tha King tells us that Jay-Z is an Artist that he admires most and he would love to work with Kid Cudi.


“When I was growing up I revered Jay-Z. I think his discography and business acumen make an easy argument for him being the best to ever do it. Kid Cudi’s content and sound is authentic & unique to him as an individual. I think a collaboration with G tha King and Kid Cudi would produce an epic masterpiece.”

Make sure you keep up with G tha King, as he is working on content for a few songs off of his debut album High & Mighty, which will be rolling out in the near future. Currently, he is working on some material for a mixtape, which will be different than the album.  He is also rapping on industry beats, no original beats, more of a traditional style mixtape. So make sure you are on the lookout for it when it drops, as it will be called “High Jacked.”


“I want to live and provide for my family off of what I create. I don’t want the fame. I want the freedom.”

If you would like to listen and purchase music by G tha King, you can do via his website, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, and anywhere you get your music! Simply search “G tha King” on ANY PLATFORM! His debut album “High & Mighty” is available for purchase, download, or streaming on all digital platforms.


If you’re interested in booking G tha King for event or projects, you can contact him via:




If you’re interested in becoming an Artist, G tha King has the following advice,

“Believe in yourself more than anyone else believes in you.”


Make sure you keep up and follow G tha King on social media at:

Instagram: @G_thaKing

Twitter: @G_thaKing




G tha King has these final words for our readers:

“I have a line of apparel called High & Mighty that I created in partnership with “Fly Above Graphics and Tees.” We currently have some dope graphic tees for sale. We also have some fresh hats coming soon! You can get your own gear at and save 15% when you use promo code SOHIGH at checkout. Also, lookout for the official video for a song called Trap that is off of my debut album High & Mighty. I’ll be dropping that visual in the near future. Peace.”




The Black Table Event



On Sunday, August 19th, we had the pleasure of attending “The Black Table: Black Women’s Influencer Brunch” and it was AMAZING! This event was hosted by Fanm a Fanm (Women to Women) and was a perfect touch to our weekend!

So what is Fanm a Fanm? Fanm a Fanm is an online editorial, resource, and network dedicated to developing, connecting, and empowering Black Women Brands and Influencers! (#BOOM!!)


Their event catered to 150 women with delicious food, networking, speaker panel, business vendors, and bomb endless mimosas!! (YASSS!!) We even got the chance to meet the Founder of Fanm a Fanm >> Adriyanna!! (Pictured in the top right photo)



What a treat it was to learn the ins and outs of being a social media influencer, having a successful business, and how to brand yourself & business! This brunch was nothing short of a good time, keys to success, and networking galore!

20180824_1756424724274019032260255.jpgNot only did this event allow us to network, but it also allowed us to check out some amazing vendors!!



We purchased some self care buttons and beautiful “love” earrings – and we’re so happy that this brunch gave us the opportunity to do so! 😊

Make sure you keep up with this amazing network via their website:

We are definitely looking forward to this BRUNCH next year!! Cheers!!! 😊


Chef Marlene’s Table

Meet Chef Marlene Coles! Chef Marlene is from Claymont, Delaware and is a Chef and Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café.  Keeping God first in everything that she does is her daily motivation , as well as moving forward and not looking back ! (BOSS STATS!)

So what got Marlene interested in being a Chef? Marlene tell us that initially, she became interested in becoming a chef simply by coming to the realization that she actually loved to cook. Though Marlene’s first passion was a becoming a Nurse and Educator, that did not stop her joy for cooking!


“It is my desire to learn the proper techniques, in order to be consistent with each meal. Therefore, I enrolled in school to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef.”

In the beginning of her career, Marlene was challenged with working a full-time job and taking care of her father, while trying to attend school.  However, that did not stop her! Marlene attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she graduated with honors.

“There were days I wanted to give up, but I persevered with the help of God.”


Marlene’s most popular dish “Seafood Pot Pie” is a homemade pot pie with various Seafood items such as langoustine, shrimp, and lump crab meat in a luscious creamy filling baiting of golden brown flaky crust. (YUMMY!!!)  Marlene got her first big break as a Chef, when she hosted a Christmas breakfast for Comcast in Center City Philadelphia – and she was ecstatic! (NIICCEEE!) Though the “Seafood Pot Pie” is Marlene’s specialty, she enjoys cooking South African Cuisine.

“It’s very eclectic and culturally diverse it allows me draw from many cultures.”


Though she currently has an in-home Café, her ultimate goal is to open her own brick and mortar Cafe.  Marlene tells us that she has cooked with Chef Masaharu Morimots, but says that Sunny Anderson is a Chef she admires most!

“I admire her because she’s a young female chef an example, but those aspiring to become chefs.”

Make sure you keep up with Marlene as she periodically teaches cooking lessons. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives lessons as well! (BOOM!) Not only is Marlene a Chef, but she is also an Author of a poetry book called Destined to Fly. 

If you’re interested in having Chef Marlene cater your next event, you can book her via Facebook at: Chef Marlene’s Cafe

If you’re interested in Meal Prep, you can contact Marlene via email:

You can also follow Marlene via:

Facebook: Chef Marlene’s Table

Instagram: Chefmar

YouTube: Chef Marlene Coles


If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Marlene has the following advice:

“My advice to anyone Desiring to become a chef would be to do your research regarding culinary schools to make sure it’s the correct fit for you. Make sure that food and people are your passion. If becoming a chef is your desire never ever give up on your dream.”

Marlene has these final words for our readers,

“It is my desire to be the best chef that I can be. My #1 motto is “Prepared with Passion and I Deliver with Pride”


The Credit Riser

Are you looking to purchase a house soon? Want to raise your credit, but not sure how to? Well we have just the right resource for you!

Meet Gwen Morris! Representing New Jersey, Gwen is a Full Time Radiant Registrar at Virtua Hospital and Independent Agent with Financial Education Services! Gwen helps people get excellent credit and strengthen their financial future, all while getting educated. (BOOM!)

“I am motivated daily by seeing peoples life style change.”

What is Financial Education Services? It is a company that specializes in Credit Restoration and Financial Education. Financial Education Services has been in business for 10+ years and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. By creating stability for over 10 years reflects the high demand to help people with challenged, good, and bad credit.

So how did Gwen become interested in credit repair? Gwen tells us that she is a victim of identity theft, and she was driven to never fall victim again.


“Seeing my own success to good credit in a short period – I developed a passion to share with others. It brings me joy knowing I’m not a burden to my family with shabby credit and knowing myself, family and finances are protected. Many people are in need of getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, homes and receive lower interest rates.”

Gwen tell us that a good solid credit score to have is AT LEAST 700!! (WOWZERS)

“Although a 620 can get you a loan for a mortgage, the interest rate will be high. Lenders are more comfortable approving a loan with a favorable rate.”

According to Gwen, a person’s pay history hurts the credit score the most. This is because payment history has a huge impact on your credit score, such as paying late and skipping payments creating a negative mark on your credit score. However, keeping your balances low and under 30% can help repair your credit.

“After seeing positive results utilizing simple steps, absorbing education and tools provided. I am thankful I trusted the process. I know I am no longer a statistic of over 43 million with struggling credit.”

Financial Education Services also offers Credit Attorney’s, Life Lock, Secured Card, Credit Education, Smart Credit, discounts on prescriptions and travel. To see more visit:

Make sure you keep up with Gwen as she will be having a Credit Webinar Soon. By joining Credit Riser Plus Club, which can be accessed on her Instagram profile via free give away link. You will get immediate notification with all upcoming projects.

You can also keep up with Gwen via:
Instagram: @creditriserplus
Facebook: Gwen Morris


If you’re interested in having your own credit repair company, Gwen has the following advice:

“Be a product of your own success.
Try products / services to know they are real and work.”

Gwen has these final words for our readers:

“Know you are UNIQUE. Thank you for taking time to read my feature. I hope it brings value. If I can help, or if you have questions, feel free to let me know anytime. KEEP RISING! :)”


Author Untamed

Do you love reading?! Looking for some mind blowing literature? Meet the talented Kreceda Tyler – better known as Author Untamed!

Author Untamed is originally from Albany, GA, but now resides in Augusta, GA. Author Untamed is an Author and Owner of her own publishing services company, Untamed Publishing. Untamed Publishing assists the independent and self-published author with affordable services, that are needed to publish their books. They also offer services such as editing, proofreading, synopsis writing, and even book trailers and promotional items with excellent quality at great rates. (SUPER BOSS!)


“As an author, I go by the pseudonym of Untamed (I’m also known as Author Untamed, the “author” tag gets placed in front often so it sticks, lol). I chose the name because as I came into my own with writing, I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid to hold back in my writing or stick to one particular genre. With that mindset, the word “Untamed” came to me and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

“I believe anything that you are passionate about is Heaven sent. Without question, my husband and children are a blessing from on high just as my gift for writing. So my family and writing fuel me daily because both my family and my gift force me to be a better version of myself than I was last year, last month, last week or even the day before. They force my growth, maturity, patience, nurturing and love.”

So what sparked Author Untamed to write her first book? Author Untamed tells us that writing is something that she’s TRIED to leave alone, but couldn’t.

“In the infamous words of Tyler Perry, “You know when something is meant for you, when you try to leave it alone, but it won’t leave you alone.” I’ve written since I was 13 years old, for pleasure and leisure. However, there was a time period where I didn’t write at all. Once I felt that nagging spirit to pick up the pen again, the feeling was different. I wanted to write for leisure, but there was this yearning within me to go further. Looking back, I feel as though by that time in my life, I had overcome some unfathomable obstacles, and it was my time to give the world a piece of me to help others. Ultimately, that’s what our gifts are to be used for.”

As an author that has gone from independently published press to self-published, Author Untamed has written the following books:

1. The View.
2. Before Ever After.

1. The Contract co-authored with author JC.
2. Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso co-authored with author Timeless V.

1. This Side of Heaven- A Poetic Journey of Strength and Survival.

1. Never Again…No More series.
2. King’s Suite The Rise of Pooch Smalls.

King’s Suite is the life story of one of the male characters in the series. This series titles include:
1. Never Again…No More.
2. Never Again…No More 2-Getting Back to Me.
3. Never Again…No More 3- What Goes Around.
4. Game Over-Never Again…No More The Final Chapter.

Never Again…No More was written due to her being a teen mother, as it was her outlet for some of the struggles she encountered with family, her relationship with her child’s father, and being a young mother.

“It was my hope that this book could provide an outlook as to the consequences of our decisions as women and to help young women make wise decisions, as well as to be a comfort to other women who are dealing with the same circumstances.”

Synopsis for Never Again…No More: Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice and Trinity are best friends who all have suffered the perils of teen pregnancy. With their dreams and ambitions on hold, they struggle to find themselves and survive this game called life. Despite their efforts, the decisions they make create more trouble, and the consequences prove to be costlier than they ever could’ve imagined. They’ll learn that to win in life sometimes you have to lose. Journey with these ladies as they try not to fall victim… never again…no more.


“My series is geared towards young women on purpose, because it was a reflection of my own personal experience. However, with my other books, I didn’t write with a particular audience in mind – only for the enjoyment of the reader. While I enjoy reading regardless of the genre, I think that it depends on the preference of the reader. Since my novels do fall into different categories, I am able to touch a variation of audiences. If you like erotica, I got you! If you like urban, I got you! You want a little romance, but not hardcore, I got you! Hence the name, Untamed, right?! My aim is to not be boxed into one writing style for one type of audience and I think that is part of my fuel and growth to be multi-faceted as an author.”

It took Author Untamed a little over a year to write and publish her first book. Author Untamed states that when she first was published, she was under an independent press. Taking the writing portion alone, it took her six months to write her novel, but then she had to find a publisher! Even after self-publishing, Author Untamed says that her average time frame from paper to print was around 6-8 months. (WOW!!) In fact, When Author Untamed first saw her work in print, she tells us that she felt very accomplished!!

“Ah man, I felt every positive emotion possible. I mean the day I received my first book in hand, I felt like I hit the lottery. Although, I’ve never hit the lottery, I’d imagine that’s what it felt like! Mostly, I felt so blessed and accomplished that I put my gift into action and had tangible proof!”

In the beginning, there were a few learning lessons that were learned quickly, but it didn’t stop her from reaching the top! Author Untamed says that if writing/publishing seemed like a headache, the true challenge was after she wrote and published it.

“The hardest challenge is always marketing and promoting. Even if you have a publisher, you still have to do a lot on your own, and you have to be involved in every step of the process to ensure your standards are met because it’s your name. That doesn’t really change with self-publishing, it’s just that you’re now 100 percent responsible for that process.”

Author Untamed tells us that her books impact readers in various ways, but it more so depends on which book they are reading. If readers are reading her series, she believes women will feel empowered and inspired. However, if readers are reading her erotica book, she believes it will make them “feel good!”

“I believe that my book series will create the opportunity for open dialogue and conversations amongst mothers and daughters, that we are afraid and most times, unwilling to have, but that are desperately needed. But now if they are reading the erotica book, I believe they will feel good and maybe try some new things with their partner, lol! And on a serious note, there’s a message in that book as well about valuing your partner and their needs, which I hope resonates with the readers. No matter what they are reading I want them to have a positive, enjoyable and unforgettable reading experience.”

Author Untamed is always in a constant mindset of improving and innovating, so she is constantly looking to set new goals. Author Untamed plans to top the charts with Urban Books/Kensington, and then release other projects that are in the works with the majors. She also wants to expand her publishing services company, and move into television and movies with her series books. (Amazing!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Author Untamed’s books, they are all on paperback and available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and her Untamed Publishing website. Her books are also independently sold through Source of Knowledge Bookstore in New Jersey. (BOOM!) Also, all 4 of the Never Again…No More series eBooks and The View eBook are available on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Oysterbooks, and the Copia. All other books are available in eBook format on Kindle only.

Make sure you keep up with Author Untamed as she is the June Author of the Month on Me Time Book Club’s website and she will be the host of the “Sister Suite Talk” empowerment conference in June, and is working on more books!! (BOOM!) Currently, she is working on part 2 of The Contract, that she co-authored with Author JC. Author Untamed is hoping that they will be able to release that book in late 2018.

Also, with the help of her extraordinary literary agent, Author Untamed has also recently landed a Ghostwriting project deal and she landed a three book major publishing deal with Urban Books/Kensington! This means that her erotica novel, The View and Never Again…No More parts 1 and 2 will be re-packaged and re-released with the majors. (BOSS STATUS!!)

You can also keep up with Author Untamed via:
Facebook: Author Untamed
Instagram: @authoruntamed and @untamedpublishingllc
Twitter: @chazz_untamed and @untamedpub
Goodreads: Author Untamed


If you’re an aspiring author, Author Untamed has the following advice,

“Writing is an art form and it is permanent. If you’re going to delve into it, take it seriously. Your name is forever imprinted on anything you publish so be passionate about it and always be about the business of practicing and perfecting your craft. Also, learn as much as you can about the business. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!”


Author Untamed has these final words for our readers:

“I would just like to express that I am honored for the feature in Boss Up magazine. I truly appreciate the opportunity and for introducing me to new readers. To my current readers, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued support. I hope that all of you will dive into my Untamed Territory and fall in love with a new author! Thank you again Boss Up for this wonderful feature.”


Ripe Brand Clothing


Meet Terrance Ramses – Caribbean Decent P.R and U.S.V.I., but representing New Jersey! Terrance is a BOSS ENTREPRENUER and Owner of Ripe Brand Clothing! (RBC)
With a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and stand out with the amazing tropical red pineapple! Ripe Brand Clothing has a mission is to Restore, Build, Create! (RBC) Respect Brain Creativity, Respect Black Culture, Respect Black Children, Repair Broken Communities. These are some of the acronyms of Ripe Brand!

Ripe Brand Clothing is a fashion brand that works with community to change poverty, as well as inspire others to go after their visions and passions. Ripe Brand Clothing is a full apparel line that offers T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, workout gear, dress, watches, socks, and more. This is a Men’s and Women’s Royal Line of Clothing, that is currently doing Urban and Beach Wear for traveling. Their themes consist of relaxation, tropical fruits, and casual designs! (NICCEE!!) Ripe Brand Clothing website currently offers 5 products, which are production based.

So what got Terrance interested in starting his own clothing line? Terrance tells us that he has always had the ability to draw and have been an artist most of his life. He finally decided to act on the passion that has been sitting in him since he was in high school, which came to him in a dream in 2015. (BOOM!)


“Our Community is geared to people who think change, uplifting, empowerment, entrepreneurship, uniqueness, and self-loving because we live in a society where everyone is trying to copy on another and there is only one you. Our community is call Royal Blossom Commonwealth. The reason that its named that because it is a kingdom that is that is going to sustain a culture of everyone being different to where the support system contains it’s on wealth or ideas and visions to inspire others to their purposes in life.”

In the beginning stages of his business, Terrance says that his challenge was fundraising – to help get his company off the ground! Once the company moved from Daytona Beach to Tampa, they begin to gain traction, as they met more supporters out there. Terrance tells us that he could have keep the crowdfund going, however he wanted to produce nothing into something.

Ripe Brand Clothing provides high demand products, that are based on production. Terrance tells us that for product design, it can take a day or week depending on the thoughts and imagination at the moment. For production, it could possibly take 2-6 weeks – depending on manufacturing, shipping, and quality checks!


“Our most popular piece is the Kings and Queens, which is the Red Spanish Black Crown T-shirt. It has most of the colors of Africa and the Caribbean Islands as well. The color scheme is unique with light weight, non-shrinking, no fade feel to it. When you put on our clothing you’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world.”

Make sure you keep up with Ripe Brand Clothing, as they have an upcoming event:

Black Bus Tour
June 23, 2018
Clearwater, FL

Ripe Brand Clothing recently participated in Multicultural Day in Tampa, FL, which took place on May 19th! Rip Brand Clothing will also be participating in various upcoming fashion shows, and are also looking to do some nationwide things soon! (SUPER BOSS!)

“We are starting to get the requests at events and are in the process of deciding which ones to attend. The demand has gotten so high, to where we don’t know where to start.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ripe Brand Clothing, you can do so at:

Make sure you follow Ripe Brand Clothing via:
Facebook: @ripebrandclothing
Hastags: #ripebrandclothing #redpineapple #royalblossomcommonwealth
Website & Blog:

If you’re looking to have your own clothing line, Terrance has the following advice,


“Don’t quit no matter what the obstacles are. Those are just distractions from your visions. I would recommend 2 books to get on business: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki and “Outwitting the Devil” by Neoplean Hill.”

Ripe Brand Clothing has these final words for our readers:

“My CEO – Mr. Donta Joe and my myself feel excited and bubbly about being featured in your magazine! We look forward to being at one of events!!”


Elona Washington

Representing the DC area, Elona is an Author who works in Marketing Communications, for a global company. With writing being her hustle, selling book and sharing her testimony of child sexual abuse, it’s no wonder why her hustle inspires most!

So what made Elona writer her own book? Elona tells us that she was abused from 5-12, and that for her entire life she was blamed for what her abusers did to her. Elona states that once she fully understood how she was impacted, she wanted to explain and encourage others to get help. (Very Inspiring!)

Elona Washington.BLKWHT

“My daily motivation is to Inspire women to live free from the pain of their past. When we make decisions from a place of pain, we hurt our children, families, careers and ultimately ourselves.”

Elona writes her books to target women seeking to improve their lives, as well as overcome challenges and trauma. Elona has written the following books:

1. From Ivy League To Stripper Life
2. How Divorce Became My Deliverance.
3. Elona has also participated in some anthologies that can be found on Amazon.

From Ivy League to Stripper Life – Get ready to hear the ultimate story of a life turned sideways. Elona talks candidly about why her life spiraled out of control and the lessons she learned along the way. Through childhood memories and true stories from the strip club, Elona offers tips and life lessons every wife, mother and single woman will find useful.

How Divorce Became My Deliverance – This collection of stories is not a tale of woe; they are stories of encouragement for any woman coping with the stigma, heartbreak, and hardship of divorce. Because researchers estimate that marriages have a 50% chance of survival, these women have come together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage, moved past the pain. While some chose to leave and others were left, they all walked the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

“I cried a lot writing my memoir. So many people are cyber bullied for sharing their stories and a part of me was expecting to be harassed; it never happened. My writing style is smart, but I don’t sugar coat nothing because pain ain’t pretty. People are so worried about sharing their hurts, but don’t realize that holding onto the secret is keeping them trapped in shame, guilt, and unresolved anger. SHE FELT THE SAME WAY UNTIL SHE REALIZED pain should be described as is – let readers feel, understand, empathize, and become outraged by it. THAT will inspire them to share their own story, seek healing, or help others. I’ve had survivors reach out and thank me for sharing. They were motivated to finally get help, confront their abuser, or share their story with others by speaking it for the first time or writing their own book.”

It took her 12 weeks for Elona to write her memoir, and she published the anthology in about a month – seeing it in print was the icing on the cake!

“It felt incredible. Aside from my children, I’ve never been prouder.”


Make sure you keep up with Elona, as she is working on more books!! She is also currently looking for people willing to participate in anthologies. Elona also publishs under Memoir Maven Publishing and is looking to publish memoirs, as she recently published a memoir titled Jeannette’s Life Through Ebony’s Eyes. (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

If you’re interested in meeting and greeting Elona, she will be participating in the following events:

1. The ATL AAMBC Awards Show (Atlanta, GA)
June 8th || 7pm -10pm

2. Wine & Words Philly (Philadelphia, PA)
July 28th || She will be speaking on transparency in writing.

 ** If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, you can watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast via iTunes. **

3. Embracing YOU Women’s Conference (Beltsville, MD)
August 25th || She will be giving a workshop.


If you’re interested in purchasing Elona’s books, you can do so via:

You can view/listen to more of Elona via:

SoundCloud: (the podcast is on SoundCloud too)
Purchase books:

You can also follow Elona via:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @elonawashington

Washington Elona 7049534951

If you are an aspiring author, Elona has the following advice,

“There’s a difference between telling your story and telling your business. Whether you decide to do either, be real about it.”

Elona has these final words for our readers:

“I have a new talk show on a local Philly channel called Power From Pain. I’m looking for guests willing to share their stories of triumph. I can be contacted at:”


Shataya Simms

Meet Shataya Simms! Shataya is an Author representing Ardmore, PA, who is motivated daily by her love for creating worlds outside of reality. So what made Shataya write her own book? Shataya tells us that she has always had a love for books and writing.

“I’ve been writing since I was seven. I think then, I subconsciously knew that I wanted to publish a book someday. When I was about 24, I was driving to work and the idea for my first book popped into my head. I didn’t exactly act on it but as the storyline haunted me, I finally sat down to write it. When the series was completed, I didn’t publish it right away. Just kind of sat on it. It wasn’t until a friend of mine inspired me to publish it.”

Shataya’s books are more for women of ages 16 and up. All of her books except “Nyce” are told in first person, from a woman’s point of view. Shataya has written the following books:
1. Living Anonymous
2. Still Anonymous
3. Unveiled
4. Nyce.

The Living Anonymous series is more of a coming of age love story with much drama. Shataya says that she knew that she wanted to tell a story about a girl, who is still on the path of figuring herself out.

“I feel that the best way that anyone can identify in what type of person they are is through relationships with other people. How do they handle themselves when they’re mad or disappointed or when life is simply not going your way. Because you take the journey through the eyes of the main character Aneesah, starting at the age of 9 and watch her develop into a woman. I feel that most women are able to identify because we pretty much all share the same story; we just have different characters and settings.”

nyce full cover ebook

“Nyce” will always be a special project for me. I always wrote first person female and Nyce is first person male. I’ve never written from a man’s point of view so this was very different for me and fun at the same time. My female characters are more reserved and with Nyce I was able to just tell it how it is with no filter. I would write a scene from my point of view as a female and then go back and ask myself “Now, how would a man say it?”

“Because my books’ main focus is relationships—not just a girl meets boy relationship, but relationships with family and friends – people will reflect on the love that they have with the people in their lives, as well as self-love and seeing that we all have weaknesses and flaws, and sometimes life just isn’t fair but you have to take on the challenges and seek help when you need it. It’s okay to fail but it is your choice on whether you’re going to dwell on your failures or get up and swing at life even harder.”

Initially, Shataya started out as self-published Author. As a self-published Author, she was responsible for everything, including the money that was necessary to spend to produce a book. Also, with her being a newbie, she found the process slightly harder because she had to build a following- and a lot of times, people are skeptical about taking a chance on a new author. However, this did not stop Shataya! For Shataya, it only took her a year and a half to write a complete book series, though she didn’t publish it right away. After seeing her work in print – she was completely overjoyed and proud of herself, that she accomplished a goal that she set out to attain!

Unveiled Cover

“It took approximately eight years to publish, due to my fears of failure and just plain old laziness. I am glad that I didn’t release the books when they were completed though. I was 26 when all of my first drafts were completed, and 34 when I became serious about publishing it. I matured as a woman between that time and that allowed me to go back and make corrections to my characters. As I matured, my characters matured as well. As for the writing aspect, the hardest part is piecing together all of my ideas so that it becomes a good story. The main character in the series is in the music world. I wanted to get more into her career but realized that if I added too much, it would have possibly killed the story by becoming boring. I had to learn when something was too much and learn to elaborate when a detail was too little.”


Make sure you keep up with Shataya, as she is currently working on a story that plays off of the Black Lives Matter movement. She also has a children’s book that will be releasing soon under SJ Simms! Shataya plans to continue to write from the heart, and would love to land on the New York Times Best Sellers and/or Oprah’s Book club list, and to become a household name. Shataya also tells us that she would like to see one of her books making it onto the big screen.

You can meet and greet Shataya as the following upcoming events:
556 Book Chicks (Atlanta, GA)
July 14th.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Shataya’s books, you can do so via Amazon or by contacting her directly:

You can follow Shataya via:
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Author Shataya Simms.


If you are an aspiring author, Shataya has the following advice:

“To follow your heart and go with your gut. AND always do your research.”

Shataya has these final words for our readers:

“Ashanti Jumps the Broom; my children’s book that is written under my pen name SJ Simms will be releasing sometime in July. It is about a little girl who finds a magic broom in her Grandmother’s attic and each time she jumps the broom, it takes her back into time where she learns black history prior to slavery.”


Author K. Reshay

Meet K. Reshay! K. Reshay is from Starkville, MS is an Author and Banker. Motivated by her husband and children, K. Reshay says that she always has a push to keep writing!


“I’ve been writing since I was eight. I stumbled on a few paragraphs in 2016 and decided that it was time for me to just go for it. The rest is history.”

K. Reshay has written the following books:

1. Appearances
2. Appearances Too

K. Reshay tells us that her books are part of a three part series, which depicts how far people will go to hide their true selves. With uncertainty of who would enjoy her books, K. Reshay states the she has made her book for the age group of 18-65.

“I was surprised at the different types of people who read them. They were from all walks and different places in their lives.”

Initially, K. Reshay’s challenges were learning the business and time, but that did not stop her from pushing through and reaching the top. It took K.Reshay approximately one year to write her first book, and seeing her work in print made her feel accomplished!

“Working full time had me up late trying to get finished. But when I unwrapped my proof, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt accomplished and proud. It was literally proof that I could do it.”

Currently, K. Reshay has sold approximately 400+ copies of her books, and has attended book events where a reader purchased 10 books as Christmas gifts! (AMAZING!)

“My books give readers an eye opening look at the people around them and themselves. Why? Because it unveils everyone’s truth to the reader. It also makes one think about how quick we are to judge.”

Currently K. Reshay is working on another book, Appearances Too Mask Off, which is coming this Fall. Perfecting her craft is her plan, as she wants to continue to write and be successful. K. Reshay tells us that she’d love to see one of her books on the big screen one day!

Make sure you keep up with K. Reshay as she will be at the following events:

1. The Atlanta Kick Back
2. The National Book Club Conference (Her book will be featured)
3. Dallas, TX Book Signing with On Another Level Book Club
4. The New York Black Book Expo
5. MS Book Festival

Not only is K. Reshay an Author, she is also the President and Founder of Me Time Book Club, which was established in 2011. You can view her book club via:

If you’re interested in purchasing K. Reshay’s books, they are all available via Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

You can follow K. Reshay via:
Facebook: K. Reshay
Instagram: @Appearances_Kreshay.


If you are an aspiring author, K. Reshay has the following advice,

“My advice would be to not let anything deter them from their dreams. Keep writing and trust the gift that God gave. Attend book events, reach out to other authors and readers. Last but not least, be proud of what was accomplished. It’s not easy to put your thoughts into words and form a book no matter how many words it takes.”


Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Located at: & Philadelphia, PA

“Own Your Vision and flesh out your dreams”

Meet Vonée Hill – Owner of Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.  Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. is a public speaking company that caters to youth empowerment & aspiring female entrepreneurs. Vonée is also the Founder and Executive Director of Hearts Of Gold Mentoring, PA, which services young ladies ages 8-18. Vonée is a TRUE BOSS and has a true passion for developing an at-risk population of youth, into young adults who have beat the odds. (BOOM!)

Learn more about Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. at:

You can also keep up with Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. on social media at:

Facebook: Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Instagram: OwnYour_Vision

Hashtags: #OwnYourVision #OYVEmpowerment

This business is #BossApproved, so connect with Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. TODAY!!