A Success Story

Were you ever afraid of the dark as a child? Has your child, sibling, niece, and/or nephew ever asked you to read them a bed time story? Planning to do story time at a school or daycare, but just don’t know what to read?

Well if you’re looking for a great children’s book, check out Zuri and the Monster. BossUp Magazine spoke with the amazing Tanisha Chambers, to get exclusive insight about her very first children’s book!


Representing Philadelphia, PA, Author Tanisha Chambers is an Executive Administrative Assistant, Author, and Poet. (Such a BOSS!) Writing is her passion, and she has always had that burning urge to write and tell stories. Zuri and the Monster tells a story about a little girl exploring her room, looking for what she believes is a monster. (eek!)

So you’re probably asking “Who is Zuri?” Well not only is Zuri the inspiration behind this amazing book, but she is also Tanisha’s 5-year-old sister!!!! (How cool is that??)

Zuri and the Monster is geared for ages 0-6 and Tanisha believes that it is a great learning tool in helping kids with their understanding of fear, as well as learning to overcome it.

We asked Tanisha about advice she would give aspiring authors and this is what she had to say:

Author.Tanisha.Chambers “I say always do your research and network! network! NETWORK! I have met a lot of people along the way to help with my journey, and shared help advice to me about the publishing process and even looking for illustrators for my projects. This journey is not an easy one, and I would hope you will continue pushing through not always having book sales, people not liking posting and etc.”

Tanisha’s book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Make sure you keep up with Tanisha, as she is currently visiting day cares and pre-K classes to promote her book. And who knows, ZURI just may be with her!!!

If you would like to keep up with Tanisha’s amazing future path, you can follow her on Instagram at: @Mizz.chambers.

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What a “Bomb” Shell

Luxurious skin seems to be #Goals for most people, but those goals can become hindered due to skin conditions that people don’t know how to treat properly. Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with the lovely Tasha Kinney, who just may have the solution to your dilemma!

Tasha is originally from Peoria, IL (Also known as P-Town) and is the owner of a skin care and beauty business called Reminisce Bath Bombs, which focusing on bath and shower bombs! (Dope right!?) For Tasha, hearing people say, “wow this is a great product that I can see such a great change in my skin”, is what she loves about creating her products and Tasha strives to be the one who not just makes a product to make a quick buck, but to help others with problematic skin. (Boom!)


Tasha’s skin care products originally started with her trying to find a product that worked for her 5-6-month-old son’s skin, as he suffered from eczema. “I tried almost everything that any parent could or have ever thought of for their child’s skin, but nothing was working.” At this point, Tasha decided to take matters into her own hands. (Super Mom!)

Tasha began dabbling around with some ingredients, that were safe for newborns, until she created he wonderful bath bombs! To verify if her products were working, she gave out many free samples for other to try and provide feedback. This helped her learn what others thought worked for them and what she could improve on. At the beginning stage of her business, Tasha struggled with the cost of her necessary supplies, website fees, and product samples. Tasha was a stay at home Mother and wasn’t working a typical 9-5, but it definitely did not stop her grind Tasha was determined to get the news out about her product, to whoever she would come across. Hoping to change one skin at a time, Tasha shared her results and products with others; and instantly, within 3 days, she received phenomenal results. (Simply Amazing!)



“My current business focus is creating new products, seeking feedback from bloggers and customers, and hopefully to have my products endorsed. I am just taking it one day at a time.”

“Never doubt or limit yourself as to what you can do. If you have a dream or a goal, follow it through. The journey is so worth the wait and is very rewarding once you succeed. You don’t want to look back at your life and wonder “what if I would have done that”. When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself.”


Tasha stated that she has always loved beauty care products, but it never was a passion. However, seeing such amazing results with her son sparked such an interest for her. Sharing her joy of her products with others developed into something truly amazing and beautiful, which made creating bath and shower bombs her new-found passion.

Make note that Tasha’s business doesn’t stop at bath bombs!! Tasha also has products of shower bombs, manicure bombs, and pedicure bombs. And just in time for the holidays, Tasha will soon have sugar scrubs and bar soaps available for purchase. (Tis’ the season!)


If you’re looking to purchase Tasha’s lovely products, please visit her websites:

Full product access: www.reminiscebathbombs.com

Limited product access: www.etsy.com/shop/reminiscebathbombs

Be sure to keep up to date with all of Tasha’s upcoming products and announcements at:

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest| Instagram: “Reminisce Bath Bombs”


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The Travelnista

Traveling around the world is a dream of many, but a reality of few! Well we spoke with the lovely Louise Ngcamu, who is living the reality of traveling around the world!!

Currently residing in Boston, MA, Louise is originally from Johannesburg South Africa, and works as a Nurse’s Aide and she is continuing her education! (Such a BOSS!) Louise yearns to live a full life and not be consumed with the materials of this world or work, work, work!

Driven by the precious time spent with her family and friends, Louise loves traveling to places near and far, getting to know people from different backgrounds, exploring nature, and trying new foods. Louise states that all of those things really drives her and most importantly brings her closer to God. (AMEN!)


Louise told us that when she travels, she usually travels alone. Since living in the U.S, she has made a ton of friends who are now like family to her. She has done some local trips with friends, but says those are hard to plan. She has had the joy of traveling with her Mom, who Louise says is a great travel partner (So sweet), however Louise tell us that she travels alone because it is easier.

Louise stated, “I get to plan exactly what I want and once I’ve committed to the plan, I do whatever it takes to see it through.”

Boss Up Magazine asked Louise about her most recent trip, which was to Italy and Hungary! And of course we got the full scoop!!

Louise recently attended a wedding in Budapest, Hungary, which took place in the perfect city with people from all walks of life. The wedding took place in a castle and was truly unforgettable. With going to Italy being her ultimate dream, she decided to go for it and book herself a flight!

Louise stated that it was the best decision she’s made. Not only was her trip to Italy the best decision she’s made, it also provided her with her MOST unforgettable moment! Louise said that while in Pompeii, Italy, her first pizza was amazing and she’d never tasted pizza so good. (Yummy). Louise stated, “I’m not even crazy about pizza back home, but this pizza, I’d eat it every day until I grew tired.”

Louise did experience a slight bump in the road during her trip, as her purse was stolen in Rome on a local bus. Thankfully she was not harmed and didn’t have any cash inside. Louise says that that moment did not take away from her tip; it was only a lesson and a story to tell.



“If you want to travel the world, just do it! Don’t wait until you are rich or when you have money because you will never do it. My theory is we spend money on stupid expensive materials like electronics and etc. Use that money to invest in yourself and see the world. It’s better than any school you could ever attend. When you travel ignorance slowly disappears.”



Louise told us that Brazil, Hungary, and Italy are the top three places she would definitely visit again! (We’re going to need a postcard soon!) Here’s exactly what Louise had to say about all three:

Brazil: “I would go back to Brazil and more specifically Manaus and the Amazon. The locals were so kind and welcoming. I enjoyed seeing how they live without all most of our modern necessities and were happier than you and I. They live the simple life. I admire that.”

Italy: “There is so much more there that I have yet to explore, along with the food and the driving force.”

Hungary: “I found Budapest, Hungary to be corky and different. I would like to explore it a whole lot more.”

Now ask yourself, where would $5,000 take you?? Well, we asked Louise this same question! For Louise, $5,000 would take her to Iceland! She just wants to be one with nature and dies for places that have nothing but natural surroundings. Louise says that she loves how she would feel in places like that, as nothing else really matters.

Louise stated, “There is so much more to life. God lives and he is all around. His works are displayed all around us, we just have to be present in those moments.”

During her recent travels, Louise experienced major cultural shocks. Louise told us that in Italy people didn’t care about personal space. During her flight to Rome, with many locals on board, she sat in the middle seat with two Italian guys on both sides of her. The guy next to the window seat would put his foot on her side of the seat, lean into her and talk to the guy next to her while, totally invading her space. (Wowzers!). “People there are very affectionate and have little or no regard for space.”

For her experience in Hungary, she learned that pedestrians do not have the right of way. People drive fast and even though you may have the signal to walk, cars start approaching as if to hurry you. Louise told us that in Hungary, it felt like people smoked everywhere and she felt like she just couldn’t get away from it.

During her trip to Amazon, Brazil she experienced the culture shock of seeing people living so simply. They grow their own food, take boats to school, and even get their medicines from the rain forest. (So Amazing!) For Louise, that was amazing to witness.

Not only did Louise experience some amazing and interesting cultural shocks, she also tried food that she was initially afraid to try. In Hungary, she tried Hungarian Liptauer, which is cheese spread made from sheep milk, goat cheese, quark and cottage cheese. (So brave!).

These trips aren’t the last of Louise, as she plans to backpack across Europe with a friend soon. (So Fierce!) Make sure you keep up with Louise and her journey across the world, by following her on Instagram at: @lulubelle2407.


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The Motherland

If you could go on your dream vacation, where would you go? Jamaica? Bahamas? Africa? That’s right, the Motherland! Ashley Lowe went to South Africa!!!

Born in Peoria, IL, currently residing in the DMV area. Ashley is a mother, first, a licensed social worker, a published author, and an entrepreneur (Hustle! Hustle! Hustle Real Hard!!!)

As long as Ashley can remember, she has always had the dream of traveling to Africa. Not only is Africa the Motherland but it is the mother of all nations. Ashley’s trip was to Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa. It took a total of 11 days including travel to and from.


Ashley’s most unforgettable moment was her visit to Constitution Hill. (So amazing!) Constitutional Hill is where various political groups meet to fight for various causes. It is also the site of their courthouse, where various cases are tried and it is the site where the jail used to be located. The jail is now a historical site, where hundreds of tourists come yearly to visit.

Ashley was able to see and hear stories about the mistreatment of the detainees and it was heart breaking. Furthermore, Ashley learned that many of these detainees had not really committed crimes. (This is so terrible!)

During the tour, she visited the solitary confinement section of the jail, which SUDDENLY shifted her mood. At that moment, Ashley stated that she literally felt the spirits of those that experienced the cruel punishments. Many of those that were housed in solitary confinement were starved, treated unfairly and eventually lost their lives, due to the harsh punishment that they endured while in solitary confinement. (Heartbreaking)

Ashley felt like it was agonizing to learn how the jail functioned daily; it was just sad and unfair. Her tour made her understand how and why Apartheid took place and why Mandela was such an influential individual to many South Africans.

During her trip, Ashley experienced cultural shock that totally made her trip an unforgettable one. Ashley observed how class system operates which is very different from her home country. In America their are 3 separate classes based income levels, lower, middle, and upper class. In South Africa the class system is operated by skin pigmentation which affords many Africans opportunities. The darker your skin, the lower you are in the class system and the lighter your skin complexion the higher you are in the class system. Also, many of the homes are not suitable for living; these homes are informal housing units called slums.


“Upon my return to the U.S., I felt rejuvenated and prepared to make sure that I do my part. Their is an old African adage, Sankofa “Go back and fetch what is in the past in order to move forward.” It is my responsibility to learn my history, to know my history and to teach what I have learned, so that we as a people can move forward and continue to progress. I feel like my profession and life goals are intentional, it is my God-given responsibility to fight for what is true and what is right. I feel like my driving force is to pursue God’s purpose for me on this earth, and whenever my expiration card is pulled, I want to be empty because I decided to allow God to use me and pour every single gift and talent inside of me to impact and the lives of others.”

Ashley has the following advice for anyone planning to go the Motherland, “Limit Social Media and enjoy every moment. Talk to the people and have fun!!!

Africa will not be Ashley’s last trip, as she has many more trips planned for the near future! To learn more about her future trips, be sure to follow Ashley on:

Instagram: @alowe03

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashleylowe


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