Author Untamed

Do you love reading?! Looking for some mind blowing literature? Meet the talented Kreceda Tyler – better known as Author Untamed! Author Untamed is originally from Albany, GA, but now resides in Augusta, GA. Author Untamed is an Author and Owner of her own publishing services company, Untamed Publishing. Untamed Publishing assists the independent andContinue reading “Author Untamed”

Ripe Brand Clothing

Meet Terrance Ramses – Caribbean Decent P.R and U.S.V.I., but representing New Jersey! Terrance is a BOSS ENTREPRENUER and Owner of Ripe Brand Clothing! (RBC) With a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and stand out with the amazing tropical red pineapple! Ripe Brand Clothing has a mission is to Restore, Build, Create! (RBC) Respect Brain Creativity,Continue reading “Ripe Brand Clothing”

Elona Washington

Representing the DC area, Elona is an Author who works in Marketing Communications, for a global company. With writing being her hustle, selling book and sharing her testimony of child sexual abuse, it’s no wonder why her hustle inspires most! So what made Elona writer her own book? Elona tells us that she was abusedContinue reading “Elona Washington”

Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.

Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. Located at: & Philadelphia, PA “Own Your Vision and flesh out your dreams” Meet Vonée Hill – Owner of Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.  Own Your Vision Empowerment Co. is a public speaking company that caters to youth empowerment & aspiring female entrepreneurs. Vonée is also the Founder andContinue reading “Own Your Vision Empowerment Co.”

Chef Marlene’s Cafe

Chef Marlene’s Café Located at: Claymont, Delaware Meet Chef Marlene Coles – Owner of Chef Marlene’s Café! Known for its infamous “Chicken Under a Brick”, Chef Marlene’s Café serves full four course meals by reservation only.  Chef Marlene also provides meal plan preparation for those with a busy life style, along with cooking lessons forContinue reading “Chef Marlene’s Cafe”

Danielle Batiste-Bond

Danielle Batiste-Bond Located at: Meet Danielle Batiste-Bond – An Author and Owner of SG Enterpirse LLC. Danielle has written the books: “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” & “Let Go My Glucose.” “Cryin Out: Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child” is Danielle’s first book and talks about a six month struggle sheContinue reading “Danielle Batiste-Bond”