The Credit Riser

Are you looking to purchase a house soon? Want to raise your credit, but not sure how to? Well we have just the right resource for you!

Meet Gwen Morris! Representing New Jersey, Gwen is a Full Time Radiant Registrar at Virtua Hospital and Independent Agent with Financial Education Services! Gwen helps people get excellent credit and strengthen their financial future, all while getting educated. (BOOM!)

“I am motivated daily by seeing peoples life style change.”

What is Financial Education Services? It is a company that specializes in Credit Restoration and Financial Education. Financial Education Services has been in business for 10+ years and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. By creating stability for over 10 years reflects the high demand to help people with challenged, good, and bad credit.

So how did Gwen become interested in credit repair? Gwen tells us that she is a victim of identity theft, and she was driven to never fall victim again.


“Seeing my own success to good credit in a short period – I developed a passion to share with others. It brings me joy knowing I’m not a burden to my family with shabby credit and knowing myself, family and finances are protected. Many people are in need of getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, homes and receive lower interest rates.”

Gwen tell us that a good solid credit score to have is AT LEAST 700!! (WOWZERS)

“Although a 620 can get you a loan for a mortgage, the interest rate will be high. Lenders are more comfortable approving a loan with a favorable rate.”

According to Gwen, a person’s pay history hurts the credit score the most. This is because payment history has a huge impact on your credit score, such as paying late and skipping payments creating a negative mark on your credit score. However, keeping your balances low and under 30% can help repair your credit.

“After seeing positive results utilizing simple steps, absorbing education and tools provided. I am thankful I trusted the process. I know I am no longer a statistic of over 43 million with struggling credit.”

Financial Education Services also offers Credit Attorney’s, Life Lock, Secured Card, Credit Education, Smart Credit, discounts on prescriptions and travel. To see more visit:

Make sure you keep up with Gwen as she will be having a Credit Webinar Soon. By joining Credit Riser Plus Club, which can be accessed on her Instagram profile via free give away link. You will get immediate notification with all upcoming projects.

You can also keep up with Gwen via:
Instagram: @creditriserplus
Facebook: Gwen Morris


If you’re interested in having your own credit repair company, Gwen has the following advice:

“Be a product of your own success.
Try products / services to know they are real and work.”

Gwen has these final words for our readers:

“Know you are UNIQUE. Thank you for taking time to read my feature. I hope it brings value. If I can help, or if you have questions, feel free to let me know anytime. KEEP RISING! :)”


Ripe Brand Clothing


Meet Terrance Ramses – Caribbean Decent P.R and U.S.V.I., but representing New Jersey! Terrance is a BOSS ENTREPRENUER and Owner of Ripe Brand Clothing! (RBC)
With a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and stand out with the amazing tropical red pineapple! Ripe Brand Clothing has a mission is to Restore, Build, Create! (RBC) Respect Brain Creativity, Respect Black Culture, Respect Black Children, Repair Broken Communities. These are some of the acronyms of Ripe Brand!

Ripe Brand Clothing is a fashion brand that works with community to change poverty, as well as inspire others to go after their visions and passions. Ripe Brand Clothing is a full apparel line that offers T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, workout gear, dress, watches, socks, and more. This is a Men’s and Women’s Royal Line of Clothing, that is currently doing Urban and Beach Wear for traveling. Their themes consist of relaxation, tropical fruits, and casual designs! (NICCEE!!) Ripe Brand Clothing website currently offers 5 products, which are production based.

So what got Terrance interested in starting his own clothing line? Terrance tells us that he has always had the ability to draw and have been an artist most of his life. He finally decided to act on the passion that has been sitting in him since he was in high school, which came to him in a dream in 2015. (BOOM!)


“Our Community is geared to people who think change, uplifting, empowerment, entrepreneurship, uniqueness, and self-loving because we live in a society where everyone is trying to copy on another and there is only one you. Our community is call Royal Blossom Commonwealth. The reason that its named that because it is a kingdom that is that is going to sustain a culture of everyone being different to where the support system contains it’s on wealth or ideas and visions to inspire others to their purposes in life.”

In the beginning stages of his business, Terrance says that his challenge was fundraising – to help get his company off the ground! Once the company moved from Daytona Beach to Tampa, they begin to gain traction, as they met more supporters out there. Terrance tells us that he could have keep the crowdfund going, however he wanted to produce nothing into something.

Ripe Brand Clothing provides high demand products, that are based on production. Terrance tells us that for product design, it can take a day or week depending on the thoughts and imagination at the moment. For production, it could possibly take 2-6 weeks – depending on manufacturing, shipping, and quality checks!


“Our most popular piece is the Kings and Queens, which is the Red Spanish Black Crown T-shirt. It has most of the colors of Africa and the Caribbean Islands as well. The color scheme is unique with light weight, non-shrinking, no fade feel to it. When you put on our clothing you’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world.”

Make sure you keep up with Ripe Brand Clothing, as they have an upcoming event:

Black Bus Tour
June 23, 2018
Clearwater, FL

Ripe Brand Clothing recently participated in Multicultural Day in Tampa, FL, which took place on May 19th! Rip Brand Clothing will also be participating in various upcoming fashion shows, and are also looking to do some nationwide things soon! (SUPER BOSS!)

“We are starting to get the requests at events and are in the process of deciding which ones to attend. The demand has gotten so high, to where we don’t know where to start.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ripe Brand Clothing, you can do so at:

Make sure you follow Ripe Brand Clothing via:
Facebook: @ripebrandclothing
Hastags: #ripebrandclothing #redpineapple #royalblossomcommonwealth
Website & Blog:

If you’re looking to have your own clothing line, Terrance has the following advice,


“Don’t quit no matter what the obstacles are. Those are just distractions from your visions. I would recommend 2 books to get on business: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki and “Outwitting the Devil” by Neoplean Hill.”

Ripe Brand Clothing has these final words for our readers:

“My CEO – Mr. Donta Joe and my myself feel excited and bubbly about being featured in your magazine! We look forward to being at one of events!!”


Dazed & Amazed Creationz

Do you have a special occasion coming up, and are in need of the perfect gift? Do you have your Mother’s Day gift already? Well we have an amazing source for phenomenal and unique creations! Meet Dazed & Amazed Creationz, by Chatonyia Smith!

Originally from St. Louis, Mo, but currently live in Chicago, IL, Chatonyia is a Mental Health Social Worker and Owner of Dazed & Amazed Creationz.

Dazed & Amazed Creationz has been in business for 3 years and makes amazing wreaths!! So how did Chatonyia get into making wreaths? Chatonyia states,

“I wanted to make candles because I spent so much money on them. I stumbled upon Pinterest, tried my hand at candle making but I could never get it right. On there I discovered so much. I was obsessed. I made everything from poop spray to laundry detergent. I then discovered paper flowers and loved it. I make them every now and then still but after making my first wreath people were in love and I saw an opportunity.  I made them that Christmas but stopped shortly after because life became too busy. I lost the love of my life in June to cancer and made a wreath for his services. Everyone started asking for one and the funeral home asked why didn’t I make all the sprays. The two of us always talked about businesses. I truly believe that God place us in situations and his death gave me that push to finally do it for real.”

 20180506_164240Wreaths are the most requested items, though people will request other crafts from Dazed & Amazed Creationz. Though making wreaths was not her original passion, her family thought she was very crafty!

“My true passion has always been in mental health and helping others. Now to craft is therapy to me and the reactions I get when I make something for someone speaks to my soul.  I absolutely love to come up with new ideas. Crafting consumes my mind and I enjoy making something come to life that a customer requests.”

For Chatonyia, she makes wreaths mostly and has a goal of not having two of the same! In fact, Chatonyia says it can be extremely hard for her not to duplicate one, and it’s something inside of her that won’t let her! Not only does she makes wreaths, but she also makes creations out of diapers – known as “diaper cakes.”


“I love to make wreaths -not only are they beautiful, but it’s a time for me to be in my space. Since being in black girls craft group on Facebook, looking at all the talented sister I have wanted to do everything. I’ve made floating centerpieces, glittered wine glasses and bottles, gift baskets and t-shirts. There are still somethings I want to try out. I realized everything is not for me. I enjoy doing the t-shirts but I think I’ll hand that over to my daughter.”





“I like to work on serval things at one time. I could work on 5 wreaths at a time. I normally create the base first and then play with the color combinations for the ribbon. I might be in the middle of working on one and look at another and something hits me and I’ll jump to that one. I have to stare at them, walk pass a few times to make sure the coverage is right, it’s fluffiness is correct, the flower is positioned properly. I often take several pictures of it to see if it pops for me.  People say to me what else do you need it’s pretty, I always say, it’s not finished until I could say it’s gorgeous. And it could be something simple like moving the signage. I sorta do the same thing with other items I make. I guess realistically I can create a wreath I’m happy with in a day but I need a another day to look at my work. I can complete a diaper cake in an hour or so.”


In the beginning stages of her business, there were a few challenges Chatonyia faced, but that did not stop her grind!

“The most challenging part of starting my business has been pricing and time.  Because I love what I do, I want items to be affordable for everyone.  When I do comparisons, I realize I often undercut myself not because I think theirs is better in fact I’m often stunned by some of the prices on Etsy.  Also because I have a full-time job and 2 children that have busy lives time has been a big hurdle. I’m trying to new marketing strategies that would potentially lead to steady income so I could pursue this full-time. Of course marketing can be tricky but I’ve been blessed that many of my sales come from word of mouth. During holidays it’s about as much as I could handle.”

Make sure you keep up with Dazed & Amazed Creationz, as they have been featured in a few craft shows and plans to do more this year! They have also expanded in to diaper cakes and is currently working on making handcrafted baby mobiles! (NNIIICCEEE!!)

If you’re interested in having your own crafting business, Chatonyia has the following advice,


“There are so many crafts you are gonna be interested in.  I would suggest someone find that one or two things and specialize in it. Find all ways to perfect it. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, try different colors and materials. Also, get a deposit before you start a project. I haven’t had many people stiff me, but having the deposit will help with purchasing supplies needed at that time.”


You can follow Dazed & Amazed Creationz on social media via:

Instagram: AnDcreationz

Facebook & Etsy: 4dacreationz


Chatonyia has these last final words for our readers:

I have been an entrepreneur in my mind since I finished college. I have a bin full of business plans…


Next Level Writing Services

Tired of applying for jobs and not getting a call back? Know you’re more than qualified for the job, but aren’t getting selected? Well we have just the right source to assist you.

Representing Chicago, IL, DeAnnah Stinson Reese is a Career Readiness Instructor and CEO/Founder of Next Level Writing Services! (BOSS STATUS). With her motivation being her children and her desire to never be ordinary, DeAnnah is a true BOSS!

Next Level Writing Services offers a variety of writing/editing services, has been in business for 4 months, has had 25 clients, and has worked with 70 different individuals and business combined over the years! So what got DeAnnah into being a professional writer? DeAnnah tells us,

“I actually fell into writing. I always excelled as a writer throughout my years in academia, publishing poems and other writing projects. After over a decade of helping individuals acquire jobs through writing resumes I began to expand out and write grants as well as help business acquire contracts. I finally decided to formally monetize my skill and that’s how Next Level Writing was created.”

For DeAnnah, professional writing was not always her passion, but it was something that she was extremely good at. As she began to see how many people she was helping to acquire jobs, professional writing soon became her passion.

Next Level Writing Image

“It always feels amazing when people call and text me, to tell me they got the job I was helping them either apply for or interview prep for. I’ve been really blessed because my company is very new and I have received tremendous amounts of support. The hardest part is maintaining consistency with providing social media content. Although this is a side business, it’s still my baby so I give it 100%. I come down hard on myself when I’ve missed a day of posting. I also found it difficult to navigate conversations with clients that I knew personally, that wanted to cut corners. I learned early on, I have to stick to my guns and be consistent.”

Next Level Writing Services also provides assistance with grant writing, RFP responses (request for proposal), and editing of almost any document you can think of. Though the most requested service is the $35 Consultation, which consists of DeAnnah consulting clients on recommended edits to their writing project.

DM Screen Shot

“Most clients actually need their documents written and just don’t realize it, but I’m usually able to accommodate. I try to accommodate budgets by providing as much as possible through a revision.”

Though Next Level Writing Services gets various clients, DeAnnah tells us that she most commonly works on resume documents,

“The biggest mistake I see, on resumes specifically, is individuals underselling themselves and using too many cliché phrases and words. Applicant tracking systems are quite flawed in my opinion, and often times qualified candidates get over looked because of the automated algorithms used. Because of this, it is extremely important that you represent yourself accurately on paper and know how to integrate the appropriate keywords to highlight your accomplishments and capabilities.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah, as she currently writes monthly blog posts that are being shared on an amazing platform with Women Exceeding!! What is Women Exceeding? Women Exceeding is non-profit organization that acknowledges the accomplishments of women and assists women who are seeking professional and personal development, in order to strengthen the female presence in innovative and entrepreneurial roles. You can check them out at Through the monthly blogs, DeAnnah is able to share useful information related to the job search process. Be sure to check out DeAnnah’s most recent blog “5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Job Search” on the Women Exceeding website! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!)

current head shot

If you’re interested in having your own professional writing company, DeAnnah has the following advice:

1. Stick to your guidelines and requirements for how you want to deliver/provide your service. People will want to take short cuts and that can hinder results or make the process cumbersome.

2. Avoid back to back appointments! Lol. People are very dynamic so there can be times when things run over the allotted time scheduled.

3. Stay abreast on trends and current research. I spend time everyday looking at the most recent HR articles I can find or technical writing pieces I may come across.

Make sure you keep up with DeAnnah and Next Level Writing Services via social media:

Instagram: @dsreese26.

DeAnnah has these last final words for our readers:

“When I decided to start this business, the objective was to provide a much-needed service, especially to minorities at an affordable price. There is a reason why companies charge so much to revise resumes—-it’s extremely time consuming and quite frankly they simply can. I make sure that my compensation is something that is affordable and still fair for the time I put in. My goal is to see “us” excel.

Check out these amazing customer testimonials of Next Level Writing Services:

Testimonials from the Website!

GNC Enterprises
10 Points
Our company was in need of assistance in submitting a government contract. And because of Next Level Writing Services, we were able to submit a proposal with confidence and on time. Thank you NLWS for your professionalism and knowledge we will definitely use your service again.

Ms. Banks
10 Points
Can I start off saying how excellent this service is! Next level writing has helped me transform my resume and interviewing skills. My resume always gains the attention of the company I am seeking. I recommend there services for the person like me, who does not always know how to pitch there qualities and skill sets on paper! This company has help me learn how to expand on my experience and talents!!

Daniel Booth
10 Points
My resume needed an entire make over and with her exceptional writing skills, Mrs. Reese was able to revise my Resume very much more suitable for employers. Thanks to her I have been contacted numerously about various job openings.

Dr. Nip & Tuck

Are you interested in a body transformation, outside of your daily/weekly workout at the gym? Looking to enhance your look? Well, we have just the right person for you!

Representing New Orleans, LA, Nicholas Jones, MD, FACS, is a Plastic Surgeon by day and Community Advocate forever! Nicholas has a daily motivation of the continual search for that “sweet spot,” by being himself and doing the things he love.

So what made Nicholas interested in being as a Plastic Surgeon? Nicholas tells us that his mother and pediatrician always told him that he would be a doctor, and he started to believe it!! Nicholas entered medical school with plans on being a plastic surgeon. His understanding of the field was very superficial, but once he was exposed to it, he knew it was for me.


“I always knew I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but it did not become my passion until I realized how impactful plastic surgery was as a specialty. Plastic surgery is much more than “boob jobs” and “facelifts.” It’s the only specialty that I know of in which you can operate on any part of the body, take a deformity and restore function and form. I became passionate about plastic surgery through my care for breast cancer patients.”

Nicholas completed his plastic surgery training at the Medical College of Georgia, and tells us that there are two tracks to becoming a Plastic Surgeon: traditional track and an integrated program. The traditional track requires training in a surgical specialty (general surgery, otolaryngology, urology) and is followed by 3 years of training in plastic surgery. The integrated program matches you directly into plastic surgery from medical school, and complete two years of surgery training and three years of plastic surgery.

Nicholas has been a Plastic Surgeon for 4 years and specializes in Cosmetic Surgery. He has worked with over 1,000 clients and does breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tucks, Botox, fillers, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and treatment of keloids.

In the beginning of his career, Nicholas faced a few difficulties that were short lived. Nicholas tells us that as a surgery resident, he applied for plastic surgery fellowship and on the first go round, he did not match into a program. Nicholas says that it was a humbling experience.

“I had cruised through college, finished medical school, and I thought I had done enough to successfully match. So, I regrouped, beefed up my application and more importantly, I gained a couple of mentors; One, was the chief of plastic surgery at a prestigious institution and the other was practicing plastic surgeon. Along with my mother’s prayers of course, everything fell into place. Amen!”

Although Brazilian butt lifts are the most requested procedure, Nicholas states that he really enjoys doing tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, facial fillers!

“With fillers, you can see the finishing results almost immediately and so can the patients. As far as surgeries go, I would say abdominoplasties (tummy tucks) because the changes are so drastic!”

Though Nicholas has worked with many clients, there are clients that he has been unable to work with. This may be due to uncontrolled medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, recent stroke, etc.

“Patient is a poor surgical candidate. Some patients have unrealistic expectations and if I do not feel I can get them the results they desire, I will turn them down. I try to find a happy medium; first and foremost, I have to make sure it is a safe to perform a surgery on a prospective patient.”

His greatness has also been seen outside of his practice, as he has made a guest appearance on Rickey Smiley Morning Show! He is also a Freshman Coach at Decatur High School, lead a song at First Baptist Church as a member of the gospel choir, and is a Board member of Susan G Komen! (AMAZING!) Not only does Nicholas love his profession, he enjoys weight training, sporting events, basketball coaching, travel, mentoring, writing, fine dining, and playing golf! (NICE!!)

If you’re interested in booking Dr. Nicholas Jones for his amazing services, he can be contacted at:

Office: 404-400-1230

Address: 550 Peachtree Street, NW | Suite 1575 | Atlanta, GA 30308



If you’re interested in becoming a Plastic Surgeon, Nicholas has the following advice,

“I would start by learning more about the field. One great resource is the INTERNET! Figure out what is required to become a plastic surgeon and work your way backwards, to where you are on the timeline and get started! Like anything else, it requires some hard work, discipline, and commitment. Lastly, ask questions, there are so many people out there that can help you along your journey, you just have to seek them out.”

Make sure you follow and keep up with Nicholas on social media:

Snapchat & Instagram: @drnipandtuck

Websites: &

Coffee x Hustle

Are you looking to get your business rebranded, but don’t know who to turn to? Interested in being a Publicist, but need a few pointers?  Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Narcisse James! Representing Baton Rouge, LA, Narcisse is currently a Publicist, Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, and Owner of the company Coffee x Hustle ! With her children being her daily motivation, her grind never stops! (SUPER BOSS!)

“There have been so many times that I wanted to give up, but my kids kept me going. I want them to look at my hustle in admiration. I want them to see me go after everything I want in life and have that inspire them to pursue their own passions. I used to be so shy at events and terrible at networking, I’d leave without handing out one business card. I started writing my kids’ names on sticky notes and putting it on my stack of cards. It’s a little reminder that if I don’t show up for my brand then my babies won’t eat.”


So what is Coffee x Hustle? Created in 2015, Coffee x Hustle, is a creative agency that specializes in brand strategy and design for grinders, goal getters and game changers in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. (BBOM!) Coffee x Hustle has a team of passion-driven brand storytellers and creative media communicators, who brainstorm ways to communicate your brand’s message effectively and increase visibility. Other services include brand development and management, event activation and creative direction.

What started Narcisse into her journey? In 2014, Narcisse became interested in being a publicist, after the death of her Father. Narcisse tells us that that she dropped out of hair school and her college Marketing program. Though being a Publicist wasn’t always her passion, she always knew that she wanted a career that allowed her to be creative, make important business decisions, and have a corner office! (BOSS STATUS!)  So how does one become a Publicist? Narcisse tells us that typically a bachelor’s degree is needed in Public Relations, Communications or Journalism. Luckily for Narcisse, she was fortunate enough to intern at some amazing companies and build relationships, that has gotten her to where she is today. Narcisse tells us that many people are unaware that she is currently in school, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications at Full Sail University.

“I wanted nothing more in life but to make something out of myself, to make my dad proud, and prove to myself that I wasn’t a failure. I started researching careers and ran across public relations and the more I researched the more interested I became. I started creating my own lane in the industry before even enrolling online.”

For Narcisse, the beginning stages of her building her company, she experienced a few challenges, that she soon overcame!  In the beginning, Narcisse felt her company would quickly be successful, as she felt she was well prepared!


“I had the logo, website, business cards, etc. I just knew it would work but long story short, it didn’t. It didn’t work because I wasn’t showing up for my brand like I was showing up for that 9-5. I was sitting there waiting for people to show up to support a business that they didn’t know existed.”

Narcisse decided to become a mail carrier, for more financial stability, and worked on her agency on the side. Narcisse did not give up, as she knew her company’s success would not happen overnight.  Narcisse tells us that she began to learn more and more about her craft and operating a business, which helped her grow professionally and personally.

“When panic attacks begin to take over every time I tried to clock in, I knew it was time to make change in my life. I resigned on my birthday, put my all into Coffee x Hustle and it started growing like wildfire. After 2 years of delivering mail, I quit my job and, in a sense, I’m still serving as a middleman in communications.”

CoffeexHustlelogoI feel like you find your passion when you’re comfortable doing it for free. I’m not saying that you should work for free, but when you can do a job simply because it sets your soul on fire, that’s the one! That’s how I feel about what I do, the money isn’t why I work in public relations, I chose this industry because I love the job.  When you find something you can’t stop dreaming about, you have to go after it even if you don’t have the money or means to at the time. Get creative, find a mentor and/or an internship, work hard and don’t stop until you find a way to make it happen!”

Make sure you keep up with Narcisse, as she was featured and recognized in the Huffington Post, as one of the Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Narcisse is also currently planning for a co-working event in Baton Rouge, LA.  Also, Narcisse tells us that more importantly, the best project she could ever work on is herself.

“I’m always working on ways to better myself and my business, so that I may better serve.”


If you’re interested in being a Publicist or having your own marketing company, Narcisse has the following advice,

“Jumpstarting my company, I feel that I was my biggest hindrance. I was my own biggest critic and a perfectionist. I had to stop thinking about what could go wrong and start focusing on all that could go right. It was very intimidating but when God starts making you uncomfortable you have to make a change and bet on yourself.

You can’t shut down when someone tells you no, whether it be a prospective client or a journalist, you’ll never make it. You have to trust the process and understand that a “no” today, may not be a “no” tomorrow. You have to keep pushing and start creating your own opportunities.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to do something, it’ll never get done! Even if you don’t know how to do it, go out and do it anyway. Google is free! If I would have known back then that it’s okay to make mistakes I would be a lot further in my career. It’s better to live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”.

When people see how much you believe in your brand they’ll start investing in it. Don’t be afraid to network on and offline, you have to build and foster meaningful relationships if you want to succeed in this industry. Also, move with intention and always operate on faith. Don’t make any decisions in your business or life without first consulting with God!”

Be sure to follow Narcisse and her company Coffee x Hustle via all social media at:

@narcissejames & @coffeexhustle

Narcisse has these final words for our readers:

“Plan everything out! I’m sure you’ve probably heard that “failing to plan is planning to fail” that statement is so true. The problem is a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs get frustrated, discouraged and/or overwhelmed while planning, and never execute their amazing ideas. I’ve been there, I can write a book about it, it’s not fun. You have to think big and start small. When I started assigning action to my goals, I started seeing things come to fruition.”


Starr Stage

Ladies, are you looking for a makeover beyond your everyday make-up? Need a facial or bikini wax, but want to go to someone who really knows what they’re doing? Well meet Starr Archer, a well-known and experienced professional, giving women a “Starr” studded body makeover!!

Born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Lithonia, GA, Starr is an Aesthetician and Beauty Entrepreneur, that has been making moves for 6+ years, in the beauty industry! She is the owner of Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio and Starr Salon Suites, which provides a one-stop shop for all beauty professionals and consumers! (Boss Status!)

Starr attended an Esthetician program in the state of Georgia, where she became certified in 9 months. Though the field of beauty was not always her passion, Starr states that speaking with people has always been her passion.

“I love people, love interacting and conversating with people I will talk to anyone no matter where I am at. Lol that’s a passion of mines speaking with people and making them happy. But I can also say this field was not my passion because if you would have asked me 3 years ago I would not have had any clue that this would be the field that I would be in, but now I enjoy it so much.”

So what made Starr open her own business? Starr states,

“I noticed that as women we care more about our bodies and the way we look more than anything. One day, I figured how cool would it be for me to expand my skills by becoming someone that can really help change a person’s body, to make them feel better without surgery. I researched and stepped out on faith and began my business.”

Prior to becoming an Aesthetician, Starr had two prior business that catered to the beauty industry. Though her businesses were not as successful as she hoped, she learned an important key to her renowned success! With her daily motivation being her daughter and self, Starr continues to strive to be the best she can be!

“Self-motivation is what motivated me to keep reaching higher and higher I want to be able to achieve any goal I have set in my mind, no matter what it is; even if I fail at least I know I tried.


Starr Stage is only located in Decatur, Georgia, with sister companies located in Florida, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Starr Stage has been around for 6 years, but has been operating as a non-surgical studio for 2 years. Starr Stage has worked with 1200+ people, providing services for both men and women, with women being majority of its clientele.

Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio

Starr Stage provides many services such as: non-invasive lipo, skin tightening, tattoo removal (without laser), stretchmark and scar camouflage, cellulite removal, butt lift enhancement, bikini waxing, and facials. Clients of Starr Stage usually see major results after 2 weeks consisting of 4 sessions, with the ability to lose between 2-5 inches around the midsection area. Wondering which services is most requested? Starr tells us that non-invasive lipo seems to be the service most requested, and it only takes 30 minutes to complete!

Starr with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip Hop

Starr’s caught her first big break with Starr Stage, by working with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip-Hop! Tammy was referred by her best friend, Shod Santiago, and the opportunity paved the way for Starr’s first premier on the TV show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta! (Dope right?!)

Starr tells us that the ultimate goal for her business is to continue growing and training other women how to run and begin businesses, and to continue opening other businesses where women can become their own entrepreneurs like our salon suites. Ladies be on the look out because throughout 2018, Starr will be holding non-surgical procedure trainings across the United States, to continue to empower women and spread her education with others! (Learn from the best ladies!)

Keisha Starr Archer 3

If you’re interested in becoming an Aesthetician, Starr has the following advice,

“Go for it, all we have every day in life is time 9-13 months will pass you by so might as well just DO IT!” It took me 9 months to complete the esthetician program, and I continued taking other classes to become more knowledgably in my career.”

Make sure you keep up with Starr and Starr Stage, as there are few major projects in the works! Follow her on all social media with the handle: @starrstage

If you’re interested in booking Starr for her amazing services, you can do so by email:
Service Bookings:
For projects:

Starr has the following last words for the readers:

Rasheeda will join Starr on Saturday, February 17, 2018, to present “Boss Up or Get Bossed Around,” a woman in business class teaching aspiring or small business owners how to establish, grow and succeed at business. The class will be held at Starr Stage in Decatur, GA, live and via webinar. Live class tickets are $299 and webinar tickets are $249.


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“Boss Up and Be Blessed”


Have you been searching for, wanting to purchase, and use Black owned and created products? Are you a Black Entrepreneur or Business Owner, that is looking to gain more exposure? Want your business to be listed amongst other amazing Black Businesses? Well we have just the right resource for you!

Representing Berkeley, CA (Bay Area stand up!!) Monique Dee is an Entrepreneur, Creator of her very own Black Business Directory, and the Creator of The BLK BOX! (BOSS Status!) With her family and community being the source of her motivation, Monique strives to provide the ultimate resource!

How did the BLK BOX come to creation? Monique tells us that she got tired of hearing people saying that they don’t where to locate Black owned and created products! (We heard that!) So what exactly is The BLK BOX ? The BLK BOX is a box of 4-5 black owned products, provided by different Black owned businesses, from her Black Business Directory!! (BOOM!)


Photo on 8-11-17 at 6.55 PM

“I wanted all black businesses to be able to be involved, but I realized that not all businesses have physical products, so we created a business directory to be able to service all black business owner.”



Monique tells us that funding was a challenge she faced, with jumpstarting her company. She has investors wo were ready to invest, but they fell through a month before her first product release date. Although it was extremely hard and discouraging for her, considering the last-minute drop of investors and having a small-time frame, Monique pushed through and made her first release a true success!!

“Aside from building the website, responding to emails, getting the vendors, running the socials and packing the boxes by herself, I – A 26-year-old self-employed entrepreneur living in California – also found myself trying to figure out a last-minute budget. Which was totally fine, it’s my business, you know?”

The BLK BOX takes around 2-3 months of preparation for release, sometimes less depending on when it is set to be released. The BLK BOX comes with pre-selected products and interested buyers are not able to select which products they received. Unlike other product boxes, the BLK BOX doesn’t do pre-ordering or subscription boxes, just exclusive releases. The BLK BOX is then available until it is sold out! (Such A Boss!)

“My goal is to release them spontaneously to make sure our followers are on their toes and paying attention.”

Looking to get your product featured in the BLK BOX?  Make sure you join her Black Business Directory, as it is the only way for your products to be in the BLK BOX!
Make sure you keep up with Monique and the BLK BOX, as she will be participating in Colin Kaepernick’s upcoming “Know Your Rights” Camp event, and will also be a guest speaker at the Boss Up Magazine’s Entrepreneur event, “Bosses and Business,” in Chicago, IL on July 21st !




If you’re interested in purchasing the BLK BOX, you can do so online at:

To get your business listed in the Black Business Directory, you can do so by going straight to the store on her website or by clicking the banner at the top of “Directory” page on her website Be sure to always contact her first, as she may have discount codes available!


If you’re looking to start your own company or directory, Monique has the following advice,

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.31.28 PM


“Stay passionate, surround yourself with like-minded people and don’t be afraid to support your brothers and sisters. It’s a struggle for all entrepreneurs at some point; We go higher faster when we show each other support. And also, don’t let anyone talk you out of your dream! Let the naysayers be your motivation —What’s for you will always be for you.”



You can follow Monique and the BLK BOX on all social media at:
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @theblkboxco

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“Boss Up and Be Blessed”



True Bliss

Need a candle to help set the tone in your home? Are you tired of using products that just arent doing the trick? Do you have itchy skin or dry skin? Looking for a great product worth including in your daily skin regimen? Well we have just the right product for you, and we are sure you will get phenomenal results! Meet The Natural Bliss Collection!

All the way from Washington, DC, Rhonda J. has a true passion for healthy skin and loves what she does! Not only is Rhonda a Customer Service Manager with American Airlines, she is also the CEO and Owner of The Natural Bliss Collection! (True BOSS!) So what’s her motivation? For Rhonda, her daughter Savannah is her motivation, with failure not being an option! (Yessss!!) Rhonda says that everything she does is with Savannah in mind first, as she is her biggest fan! (AWWW!)


“I wanted to ensure that The Natural Bliss Collection was providing the best products. When so many people expect you to fail, I work harder. I’m also set out to beat the odds.”

If you’re interested in creating your own skin care company or products, Rhonda gives the following advice,

“Stay consistent! Do your research and put God FIRST! “

So how did The Natural Bliss Collection begin? Rhonda became tired of purchasing candles, butters, and lotions out of the store that simply wasn’t giving her the results she was looking for, and she wanted a solution. For Rhonda, being a woman of color with a mixed background, created difficulty for her finding the right products for her skin. Well while she was out on maternity leave, she began making products, which has only gotten better and better! (BOOM!) With skin care being her number one focus, it’s no wonder why she decided to pursue a career in skin care! Rhonda tells us that this has always been her passion, as it is near and dear to her!

Rhonda.2Now with any new business, the beginning can come with some challenges. However, Rhonda did not let her challenges stop her! Rhonda tells us that she felt that there were so many other people doing what she was doing, which became a little bit discouraging as competition was fierce. However, she knew that her products are made from the heart and are created because she loves it. So why not do what you love and make money at the same time? (Ching! Ching!)

So what is The Natural Bliss Collection? We’re so happy you asked! The Natural Bliss Collection offers hand poured customized massage oils, candles made from scratch, whipped body butters, bath bombs, and body scrubs. (Nice!) Not only is The Natural Bliss Collection perfect for ultimate skin care, Rhonda also makes it for various occasions such as parties, bridal showers, and special events. (Dope right!?)


If you’re interested in purchasing your very own products from The Natural Bliss Collection, you can do so on Rhonda’s website:

Make sure you keep up with Rhonda and The Natural Bliss Collection, as she is launching a “Perv” Collection, which will have items named something slightly provocative and romantic. (Ow! Ow! Ow!) Follow Rhonda and The Natural Bliss on social media at:

Instagram: @thenaturalblisscollection

Facebook: The Natural Bliss Collection

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Black Royal Tee

In today’s world, fashion is not just about looking good, but it is also about feeling good too!! Ever went shopping and found items that looked good on the rack, but looked different after trying them on? Ever went shopping and felt that the quality of the clothes wasn’t worth the money? Well Boss Up Magazine got the full scoop from a person with this same experience, who decided to find a solution! Creating fashion that not only makes you look good, but makes you feel good too, meet Melanie Sowell!

Right outside of Chicago, IL, Owner and Operator of BlackRoyalTee, Melanie Sowell, provides more than just creativity with her products; she delivers a message! Melanie has always been a creative soul, but decided to design jewelry to serve as the starting point of her creativity. Melanie says that she loves t-shirts, but had a difficult time finding really soft and comfortable shirts. Not only that, but shirts that were well made and held up after several washings, became difficult as well, which made Melanie take her creativity to the next level to create a solution. This solution soon became known as BlackRoyalTee. (You Go Girl!)


For Melanie, jumpstarting her business came with a few challenges, but none that would stop her grind!!! Melanie tells us that figuring out prices for merchandise, which type of tax status would be beneficial for her business, and the necessary product quantity were her biggest challenges.

“Things were a bit overwhelming at first, then I just took a deep breath and said to myself that I’m not the first person to start a business and I won’t be the last. If other people did it and were successful, there was nothing stopping me from doing the same. I now take every day as it comes and learn from everything that I do. I don’t stress about anything anymore and embrace challenges as they come because I know that I will come out better for it.”

So what is BlackRoyalTee? We’re glad you asked! BlackRoyalTee creates merchandise with empowering and uplifting messages for People of Color. BlackRoyalTee designs T-Shirts, tote bags, and mugs that transform, which is the company’s exclusive mugs! These awesome mugs transform to display empowering phrases when a hot beverage is added. (Dope Right?!) Currently, BlackRoyalTee has about thirty pieces of hand crafted jewelry, four different mugs, and various t-shirts that are not only in constant rotation, but are all limited editions! Melanie says that once designs are sold out, they are then retired to make room for newer designs. For production, the product creation process can take as little as a few hours, to as long as six to eight weeks! Melanie tells us that making jewelry can take a few hours to make per piece, but mugs carry a lengthier process. Melanie first creates the product design, and then she works with manufacturers to make sure the design displays properly on her products. Once she reviews and approves of everything, it goes into production! (BOSS Status!)


Bar far, the most popular product is the Transformation Mug. I love the concept of transformation – you think you’re seeing one thing and then it changes before your eyes into a work of art. The difference between my mugs and other mugs you see on the market is that a small portion of design is displayed when the mug it cold – the hot beverage reveals the design in its totality.


“The majority of my designs are geared toward People of Color. I feel that it is extremely important that we have the option to shop in places that cater to us. I’m very blessed to be able to make a living by doing what I absolutely love – creating. I owe everything to my God above – none of this would be possible without His hand guiding me every step of the way!”

So we got to the nitty gritty and found out exactly what inspired Melanie to create BlackRoyalTee and this is what she had to say,

Quite frankly, my inspiration came from the marginalization of the Black woman. Comments like, “Your pretty for a black girl”, or “Braids aren’t professional in the work place” – oh so irritating!!! I wanted to design a product that celebrated who we are, how we are created. God made no mistakes in us – we’re beautiful in every way imaginable. So, when designing my Black Girl Magic Mug, I purposely chose to have just the words “Black Girl” displayed during the cold phase because, at first glance, that’s how the world characterizes us – we’re just Black girls. BUT – when you pour in your hot beverage, mug transforms into a heart with shooting stars and the words, “Black Girl Magic’ appears – and that’s exactly what we are – MAGIC!



If you’re interested in having your own business of designing products, Melanie gives the following advice,

Just do it! Don’t let your inhibitions or “Life” get in the way. Too many times we’ll say, “Oh, as soon as the kids get older, I’ll start my business’, or “As soon as I save up a certain amount, I’ll start my business”. If you wait until your situation is perfect, you’ll never start. Take the plunge today, if you’re passionate about what you and driven to succeed. it will all work out in the end!

Make sure you keep up with Melanie and BlackRoyalTee on social media:

Instagram | Twitter: @BlkRoyalTee


If you’re Interested in purchasing products from BlackRoyalTee, you can do so at:

To learn about all upcoming events of BlackRoyalTee, you can do so at: under the “Hang With RoyalTee” page.

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Realistic Illusion

Ladies, have you ever needed quick and convenient when dealing with your hair? Ever had a hairtstyle go left, while trying to get yourself right? Well we spoke with Quaniqua Avant, who just may have the solution for you!

Repping Brooklyn, NY, Quaniqua Avant is a Computer Engineer for TD bank and has her own hair business, called Realistic Wigs. For Quaniqua, her goals are her daily forces (We heard that!!) Quaniqua tells us that she has worked so hard to be where she is today, and that she sees herself going so much further.

Having a hair line was never Quaniqua’s passion, but her Mother and Sister both knew how to do hair, which was an overlooked calling turned side hustle. Quaniqua was always focused on getting her Bachelors and working for a big company, until she realized that the typical 9-5 job may not be for her. When Quaniqua graduated college, she was very ambitious and ready to make real money, but she stuck with what she knew and challenged herself to be better! (Now that’s a BOSS!)


unnamed (1)

“Times can get hard, where it is so easy to be discouraged. but why loose hope? I have come a long way. There is a chance that my business will really take off and once it does there is no stopping”

“I stuck with what I know and challenged myself to be better and here I am today. Doing something that has always helped me. Being my own boss! I know I have a lot more growing to do, but I am enjoying this journey that I am on. I have siblings that look up to me now, and I want them to see that life does have meaning and things to offer. We had a very rough up bringing, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want them to work hard and be focused. Once you’re focused, everything will fall into place!”


So what pushed Quaniqua to start her own business? Well here’s the scoop! Quaniqua started her own wig line in college a few years ago, but she just didn’t know it yet. She was one of the only girls doing hair on campus, so everyone came to her to get their hair done. She had a great college discounts and all of her clients were motivating. They would tell her how much they loved her work! Shortly after college she started working and was doing hair on the side consistently. Quaniqua mostly did a lot of sew-ins, due them being popular at the time, but she’s always turned her weaves into wigs. (Dope right!?)

For Quaniqua, having her hair done attracted a lot of customers, but once she told them it was a wig, she would always get the same reaction. “like no way… who did it… can you do mine?” Etc. As time went on, Quaniqua started doing some research and soon built her company, Realistic Wigs.

Realistic Wigs is an online store that is currently under construction. Don’t get discouraged, as Realistic Wigs is actually based out of New York and New Jersey, to provide products to local customers! (Quaniqua has you covered!!) Not only is she providing hair, she is also providing services of sewing wigs down, makeup service, or even some headshot photoshoots; She does it all!! At this time Quaniqua is growing her business and has hopes to open a store for Realistic Wigs one day.


If you’re looking to have your own business, this is what Quaniqua advises,

My number one tip is to go for it! Give it your all and don’t let ANYONE tell you, “you can’t do it” … because you can. You gotta start somewhere! Be consistent and spread love; it’s soooo much easier. People love to feel beautiful and I am so happy to help those around me by fixing their hair.”

“Also, explore the inner you! Try something new. Your hair is your crown and you should invest in it. Who doesn’t love a new look every now and then.”

Realistic Wigs has all custom made wigs, that are available in any style, color, length, or form. They are very versatile, as you can pony tails and buns or wear it curly and straight. The most popular wig is the middle part, straight textured, 20 inches’ length wig, as it is the most affordable. Quaniqua says that if you want a customized hair line, the prices do increase a little bit, but you get your money’s worth, and that no one will ever know you’re wearing a wig! (WEEERRRKKKK!!)

For Quaniqua, she prefers a wig with a frontal. Here’s her reasoning,

“A lace frontal is a customized hair line and it comes with the baby hairs and it looks very natural. I get a lot of compliments on it as well.”


So we got to the nitty gritty of finding out the process of making a wig! Quaniqua tells us that it typically takes her about three hours to make a wig. However, she tells her customers two weeks because of the amount of orders she receives. Quaniqua never rushes her process and once it is made, she puts her products through testing states, to ensure that it’s secure and that it looks good from all angles. Quaniqua did advise us that the processing time will change once she hires more employees.

Quaniqua stands firm behind her product and tells us what makes her wigs better than the others,

“My wigs are custom made units so you won’t find it in the store or on someone else. They last for years depending on how well you take care of it. And they are very affordable. Custom wigs start at about $1000. My wigs are just as good in quality and sell for about $500. Some are even cheaper like $350. If you do the math on how much hair cost, you will see Realisticwigs has the best options.”

If you’re looking to order a wig form Realistic Wigs, but are still unsure, don’t doubt it anymore!!!! To date, Quaniqua tells us that she has sold roughly 300+ wigs and has very consistent. (BOOM!) Ultimately, Quaniqua’s goal is to be Beyoncé’s wig stylist and most importantly have a multi-million-dollar business! (Yasssss!!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a wig, you can do so via:


Website: (website will be up in about two weeks!!)

Be sure to keep up with Quaniqua and Realistic Wigs on social media:

Instagram: realisticwigs and phenomenal.Q

Facebook: realisticwigs

Youtube: realisticwigs and phenomenal.q


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☆BossUpMag |•| 11.26.17☆

Sophisticated vs. Ignorance

Everyone wants to look good and in the fashion industry, everyone is all about being “fashion forward.” Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with Emmanuel “Mann” Turner, who has a clothing line that YOU should be looking forward to.

All the way from the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, Mann is an Actor, Rapper, Partner of NueworldIVMStudios, a Video Jockey for Sophisticated Ignorance TV, and the Owner and Operator of Sophisticated Ignorance clothing line. (Talk about Hustling!!)

So how does one get into all of those hustles? Mann told us that he felt that he’s wasted a lot of his life, doing things that had no future in it, by being wrapped up in the “street” life. However, he has always been considered a smart intelligent person, but just needed to learn how to re-channel his energy to a business corporate state of mind. As Mann self-reflected, he decided that he wanted to be a better provider for his children and better man for himself.



If I had the chance to work with a celebrity, I’d have to say Jay-Z, T.I, or Young Jeezy. I feel like they’d understand my vision.

“I say when starting any business or doing anything, believe in yourself, stay humble, and keep your eyes on the prize. Set small goals on the way to the big goal. Understand it’s a marathon not a race, don’t be easily discouraged, know there will be short days and long nights. And last but not least. Stay positive.”


Mann’s first love was not fashion, but soon became one! Acting and making music were his first loves, but for Mann, fashion tied into both! However, his interest in fashion came from himself, as he always dressed nice and clean, “I’ve always gotten compliments on how I’m dressed and the outfits I mix and match. When I was living the street life I’d be seen every day by a lot of people, and I’d get compliments all the time.”

In the beginning stages of his company, Mann stated that it was difficult running a business alone and trying to find support. However, that didn’t stop him as Mann’s has a powerful drive and great thirst to be successful. (No quitters here!)

“It is difficult to find believers and gaining a good solid source of information, on how to do things properly. When dealing with clothes and artist expression, then trying to tie business into it, it’s a real left right brain battle. However, my ultimate goal is to have every other person you see or walk pass, to have some article of sophisticated ignorance clothing apparel.”





“Sophisticated Ignorance is a state of mind. My logo speaks for itself. The glasses represent sophistication and the shattered lens represents ignorance. Everyone has some!!”



So how was Sophisticated Ignorance created? For Mann, clothes just stuck out to him. Man began thinking about the amount of people that complimented and enjoyed his style of dress. At that point, he decided to take his eye for fashion to another level, by designing his own brand. Mann stated that it was a great way to capitalize on all of those compliments of his fashion sense. (Ching! Ching!) The Sophisticated Ignorance brand is universal street wear that includes tops, bottoms, joggers, and hats. Mann designs all of the clothing of the brand, which stems from things that he likes and thinks looks cool. Mann stated that it’s more like Mann’s “Man” closet! (Did you catch that!? Hope so!)


Make sure you keep up with Mann and his Sophisticated Ignorance brands, as it can be seen in a city near you! To shop the Sophisticated Ignorance brands, visit:

Stay up to date with Mann and his brand by following him on:

Facebook: sophisticated ignorance

Instagram: sophisticated_ignorance2003

YouTube: sophisticated ignorance



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“Boss Up and Be Blessed

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The Hair-prenuer

All the way from South bend, IN, Shimika Jones is an Elementary School Teacher and licensed Beautician. Since 2012 Shimika has been a Beautician and is currently working at Unique Hair salon.

With her motivation being her 7-year-old daughter, Shimika wanted more out of life and wanted to be able give her daughter a better life. Shimika states that her goal is to leave something behind that would take care of her daughter financially strong, but also be handed down for generations to come. This goal always reminds Shimika of her favorite Jay-Z quote in the song “I Got The Keys,” where Jay-Z says,

“Until you own your own, you can’t be free”

Shimika strongly believes that Black people should start teaching their children how to own their own businesses and create their own avenues in life, versus only teaching them how to work for someone else.


“My advice to anyone thinking about starting your own business is to just go for it! Don’t think about it because your only going to think yourself out of it and I believe people get the biggest rewards out of life by taking risk. Every day is a struggle but the bigger picture is what keeps me going. I will never give up on my dreams and I wouldn’t advice anyone else too. It’s simply mind over matter. We create our own future and choose our own destinies. I have learned you have to fail in order to succeed so don’t let the fear of failing stop you from chasing after your dreams. Blessings to anyone who has started or thinking of starting their own business welcome to entrepreneurship! Be your own Boss!”

So what made Shimika decide to start her own hair business? Shimika stated that she was tired of sending her clients elsewhere to buy hair, especially when they would ask her for hair referrals. She felt like she was taking money out of her own hands, and putting it in the hands of someone else. This then made Shimika “Boss Up” and start selling hair of her own, to enable her clients to buy directly from her! (Money, Power, Respect!) Shimika’s Boss moves doesn’t stop there!

Shimika then decided to go even further and start her own e-commerce hair business, to enable ANYONE to purchase hair from her, whether they are a client or not! This is how Shimika created her hair business, “Bundlez For Barbz”. (Such a Boss!)

What products does “Bundlez For Barbz” offer? “Bundlez For Barbz” offers high quality raw virgin hair extensions. Her extensions come in Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Brazilian Mink, offered in straight, body wave and island curl styles. Shimika’s hair bundles offer lengths ranging from 12”- 28” inches. Other products offered are lace fronts, 360 lace fronts, closures, and customized wigs. (One stop shop!)


“I want my brand to be known world-wide! That’s the biggest challenge I face today but I’m working every day to push my brand by heavy marketing on all social media platforms and just networking with people in other cities to do pop up shops and events to promote my brand.”

“Bundlez For Barbz” doesn’t stop at hair, as they also sell 3DMink lashes! & Shimika’s very own edge control, called “FLEEK-EDGE.” (Talk about a Hustler!)

“Fleek-Edge” was first launched on October 22nd, at a SipNShp event in Calumet, Illinois. Shimika says that she decided to start her own edge control line, for the same reason that she started her own virgin hair business; her sole motivation!

Also, Shimika seen a high demand for a good edge control product, which came from her clients. To again prevent sending her clients elsewhere, she decided to create her own. Now for Shimika, whenever clients inquire about good edge control products, she can simply say, “My very own FLEEK-EDGE” (Yaaasssss!) At this time, FLEEK-EDGE is not sold in stores, but however, is being introduced to local hair care stores in her area.


For Shimika, there were a few challenges that she faced, but she pushed through them and did not let anything stop her! One big challenge for Shimika was launching her own brand, rather it be hair or edge control. The complications mostly came with getting her brand out there and reaching a bigger audience, other than just my local area.

At this time, Shimika doesn’t have any upcoming events, but is currently looking for upcoming events in the Atlanta area. With that said, don’t be surprised if “Bundlez For Barbz” is presented at an event near you. It is no surprise that Shimika is looking outside of her city, as she is always searching for new opportunities in other big cities. (You go girl!)

Wondering which type of hair is popular? Shimika tells us that her Brazilian Mink is a top seller right now! Currently, Bundlez for Barbz is having a huge 3 bundle deal sale on her Brazilian Mink hair. Her deal is phenomenal as you get 3 bundles, starting as low as $150 & up!

Ultimately, Shimika wants Bundlez For Barbz to be amongst the top selling hair companies in the world, which will in turn make Bundlez For Barbz a million-dollar hair Company. (Ching! Ching!) Shimika also states that she wants FLEEK-EDGE to become a world-wide brand sold in stores all over the world, such as Walmart.

Are you in need of some hair bundles or some awesome edge control? Purchase them from Shimika on her website at: www.

Make sure you keep up with Shimika and the success of her business by following her on:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @bundlezforbarbz


Until next time..

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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Hair Goals

Ladies, you ever struggled with a “bed head ?” Ever went to your local beauty supply store looking for a particular product, only to realize you have to substitute it with something else?

Meet Duvann Hopkins who is all about helping women achieve their hair goals, with her business Hairstyles by Duvann!!

Representing Chicago, IL (Some call it “Chi-Town”) Duvann Hopkins is a High School Teacher and Hair Stylist, who has a true passion for hair!!





“My suggestion for someone who is interested in starting a business is that you shouldn’t doubt yourself, go for it. Don’t allow fear and doubt to stop you from achieving your goals.”




With her strong support system of family and friends, Duvann’s motivators and passion led her to taking her interest to the next level, by running her own business! (Dope right?)

Duvann’s passion started off young, with her styling her younger sister’s hair (Family Matters!!), but her passion continued to thrive within her. Duvann’s passion is truly styling hair, as it has become a stress reliever for her. (Talk about no drama in your life?! Yass!)

So of course, with a passion so deep, we absolutely had to ask this Diva what her favorite hair style is. Well Duvann told us that she has many favorite hairstyles, but she truly adores the slick straight look and the curly natural look. We asked Duvann to give us (and the readers) recommendations about the best hair to purchase for those “On Fleek” looks, and she recommends the Brazilian kind of hair, as it usually is the best at blending in.

Ladies, be sure to keep up with Duvann for all of your hair needs by following her on:

Facebook: Duvann D. Hopkins

Instagram: blessed_227

Snapchat: msdeedee227

And Make sure you stay in tune with Duvann, so that you don’t miss any updates about her hair business!


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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