2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Set To Compete At Nationals

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – which for Destiny Turnboe is nothing further than the truth! Meet Destiny Turnboe, the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Queen, who is dedicated to making a distinctive platform about representation and encouraging others to live a life of their dreams! An Author, Mentor,Continue reading “2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Set To Compete At Nationals”

Cupcakes & Conversations Recap

Cupcakes and Conversations: Delaware by Kiera Sweden On Saturday, July 20th, I had the opportunity to attend Boss Up Magazine’s Social Event – Cupcakes and Conversations! This event took place in Wilmington, Delaware and was nothing short of amazing! This event was hosted by Boss Up Magazine and sponsored by Tanisha Chambers! Tanisha Chambers provides positiveContinue reading “Cupcakes & Conversations Recap”

BossBuds: A “Batter & Berries” Review

This weekend, we went to visit the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, IL. There tends to be mixed reviews about Chicago, but we didn’t let that stop us from visiting.  Though Chicago catches slack for their unpredictable weather, we lucked out this time around!   The weather was 50° and sunny the entire weekend, and trafficContinue reading “BossBuds: A “Batter & Berries” Review”