Beats By Deb

Do you love and wear make-up? Love those make-up tutorials on Instagram? Well if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, we have a super dope MUA who is killing the game and is definitely worth an Instagram follow! Meet Deborah Bland – a phenomenal Cosmetologist specializing in Makeup Artistry!


Representing Detroit, Michigan, Deborah is a MUA who is very creative and talented with make-up! Deborah received her Cosmetology license from Douglas J. Aveda Institute and specializes in colorful/glitter dramatic makeup looks. Though make-up has not always been her passion, she is now obsessed with it!

“Makeup has not always been my passion. I started doing nails at age 13 and got more into hair throughout high school, with makeup coming later during my senior year.  I have been obsessed with makeup for about a year and a half now, but just started on other people in the last 6 months.”

Deborah tells us that she wanted to get her Cosmetology license in case she ever wanted to pursue a career in a different field of beauty, but actually got into make-up to show people the purpose of make-up.


“What made me most interested in being a makeup artist was showing people that makeup is not made for “covering imperfections” or “hiding your insecurities”.   Makeup can not only enhance features of your face, but it can help people build inner and outer confidence. It makes you feel beautiful, which drove my passion to learn more.”


In the beginning stages of her career, there were a few challenges and things she learned.  In fact, Deborah tells us that she has learned that you need to be consistent in the industry, to attract great opportunities. Ultimately, she didn’t let any of her challenges get in her way or stop her grind!

“Makeup is different from hair and nails. Clients don’t typically come every few weeks, as they usually need their makeup done for a specific occasion or event. This made it difficult to keep clients no matter how good your work is. As most Hair and Nail Techs know, people tend to cancel appointments at the last minute, which can be disappointing. But, if you stay diligent, positive, and patient – there will always be doors opening for opportunities.”

Although Deborah specializes in dramatic looks, she does provide services for special occasions like wedding parties, graduations, prom, and homecoming!

“Most of my clients come from Instagram and request dramatic looks.  I absolutely love doing dramatic looks the most, mainly because most people feel that they can’t pull certain colors and looks off. I like to prove to them that it isn’t a question of “Can I pull that off?”, but it is a skill of recognizing skintone, eyeshape, and face shape that can make a world of difference in a look.”


“I feel that the most difficult thing about being a Makeup Artist is CONFIDENCE. You need your client to trust you enough that there is no need to worry about the outcome of the look. They need to know just how great you are at your work, which all correlates to the way you carry yourself as the artist. Makeup clients tend to be sketchy about the turn out of their face, if you are hesitant or insecure about your work. I like to show them who’s boss by my skills, techniques, and CONFIDENCE.”

Interested in learning how to do make-up? Well don’t fret because Deborah has multiple tutorials up on her Instagram page, for people aspiring to be a Makeup Artist! In fact, she gets a lot of good feedback on them and many requests for more. (NICE!!) If you’re an avid YouTube user, you will soon be able to find Deborah’s work there, as she plans to eventually have a YouTube channel, as well as have online classes available for people around the globe! (BOOM!)

“If I had the opportunity to style my celebrity idol, I would go for a dramatic colorful look! Something with color and glitter to catch some attention, but not crazy enough to scare anyone off! I would go for this look because it is not a common thing to see on celebrities, as they usually stick to “natural” “glowy” looks. I like to get people out of their comfort zone!”

Deborah states that her ultimate goal as a MUA is to have paid trips to do specific people’s makeup, as well as be well-known for her work; which she hopes will continue to inspire others to be a MUA as well. Deborah says that she is very proud of her success, her makeup videos going viral, brands asking her to promote their products, and of course gaining her Cosmetology license.

Interested in working with Deborah? You can contact her via direct message on Instagram using the handle @beatsbydeb to book her for her services, events, or projects!


If you’re interested in being a MUA, Deborah has the following advice,

“A common misconception people have about being a Makeup Artist is how original everyone is. The beauty industry as a whole, are full of artist of generations before our time. Every artist has learned their skill, if not from school, then offline, or through books, or hands on. Not saying some people aren’t just naturally talented, but most of the time, Makeup is inspired by something or someone.  I suggest staying positive, confident, and consistent in your passion for makeup! Learn from others as much as you can, and give people the energy and experience you want them to give you for your services.”

 Make sure you keep up with Deborah as she has several photoshoots coming up; with her being the main makeup artist for interesting makeup looks! You can find and follow Deborah via social media using the handle @beatsbydeb.



5 Beauty Hacks that will Change Your Life

5 Beauty Hacks that will Change Your Life

Written By: Ayye Denay

People are always looking for ways to do things easier, quicker and more cost efficient.  These hacks will not only show you how to repurpose some of your household items, they will aid you in restoring some of your favorite products. Before you think about tossing any of your old makeup, try using one of the hacks listed below to bring it back to life.

Hack #1: How to Fix a Broken Compact


If you’re anything like me, when your makeup breaks, your heart breaks a little as well.  Makeup although not a necessity can be considered an investment and at times a costly one.  Therefore, the last thing you want to do is trash a $40 compact after its been knocked on the floor or you dropped your purse just a little too hard. With this helpful beauty hack, you don’t have too.  With only a few household items you can make your compact as good as new in under ten minutes by simply following the instructions listed below.

Everything you need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Glad Saran Wrap
  3. A plastic spoon


  1. To make your makeup compact better, you must start by making it worse. If your full compact is not broken, start by crushing all the makeup parts and gathering them in the original makeup package.  ayye.denay.2
  2. Once everything has been crushed, add several drops of the rubbing alcohol to your compact. This will saturate the makeup and make it easy to manipulate and mold.
  3. Place the saran wrap over your mixture and smooth into the compact with a spoon. Your finger may also be used as a replacement.
  4. You will now need to let your compact sit overnight to dry. If there is too much fall out after 24hs has elapsed you may need to repeat steps 1-3 to get a perfectly molded structure and to ensure that it doesn’t break again upon use.


Hack #2: Restoring Old Mascara

If you find that your mascara has gotten dry, remove the wand, add a few drops of saline solution and shake briefly to bring it back to life.


Hack #3: Using Your Eyeshadow as Lip Gloss

Have you ever looked at your favorite eyeshadow and thought that it would be perfect on your lips?  With this hack, you can now make that happen.  Simply crush your favorite eye shadow into a powder and mix with petroleum jelly. Once the color has been evenly distributed you can now place it on your lips.


Hack #4: Storing False Lashes

Pill boxes and eyelashes are 2 things that you would never think could go together.  However, the round pill boxes are perfect for storing false lashes.  If you are tired of keeping cumbersome lash boxes for the sake of storage, this hack is perfect for you. These boxes can be found at your local Dollar Tree and $1 will get you 7 identical boxes.



Hack #5: Repurposing Toilet Seat Covers

Have you ever been in a pinch at work and didn’t have any blotting paper or powder to rid yourself of the extra shine?  One alternative to blotting paper is a toilet seat cover.  Use this flushable friend to your yourself of any excess shine.


These are only a few of the endless hacks which can be used to make your life easier.  What are some of your favorite beauty hacks?  I challenge you to come up with a new way to cut corners and repurpose your everyday items.

Power Beauty

Representing West Philadelphia, PA, Catherine Ashly Davis is a Master Educator of Cosmetology, Motivational Speaker, Plus Model, and Advocate for Autism and Lupus awareness! Catherine is motivated by her family, as they support and encourage her to be her best at all times.

Catherine is a Cosmetologist that works from a studio in her home and travels often for photography work, where she does hair and make-up! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Catherine specializes in hair care and natural extensions, and provides services for special occasions such as weddings and one-on-one education. Being a Cosmetologist was not always Catherine’s passion, as being an advocate was her first priority passion.

“Before I became a cosmetologist, I was an assistant Special Education Teacher. I worked with Autistic children until my son was diagnosed with Autism. I always viewed being a cosmetologist as being a hobby, not an actual career option. I attended college and became ill soon after. I learned later that stress was the cause, but it made me transition my career options and focus more on doing what I loved.”

Catherine states that becoming a Cosmetologist was a great life choice when she began her journey, however she now suffers from Lupus Sle, which limits how many clients she can do within one day. Catherine says that she is now focusing on inspirational speaking and women empowerment.

“I enjoy showing women how to beautify themselves, as it builds confidence and encourages women to appreciate their self-worth. PlusSizeMePlz is my new baby – this brand is inclusive and allows me to empower individuals, to be their best selves through learning how to accept and practice self-love.


“If I could pick to work with any idol one day, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has a host of jewels from her life experiences, that I would love to connect with. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and can be overwhelming, but she has always persevered and I always admired her positive energy. Working with her would be a dream come true on so many levels!”

Make sure you check out Catherine’s upcoming events, as she will be speaking about empowerment and positivity:
1.) The sisters cruise
2.) Philadelphia Curve Weekend

If you’re interested in booking Catherine for her services, you can do so at:


If you’re interested in becoming a Cosmetologist, Catherine has the following advice,

“I would encourage people to do their research. Becoming a cosmetologist isn’t for the faint at heart, building a beauty empire requires years of investing without beneficial income sometimes. Many hair and makeup artist will admit that it took at least 5years to brand themselves so they could reap the benefits of their hard work and investment. The beauty industry is constantly changing so keeping up with techniques and educational classes is the only way a stylist can survive. Make a choice to do what you “love” or continue finding a path that will lead you there.”

Be sure to keep up and follow Catherine via Instagram:

1.) @Catherine_Ashly: Personal Page. Providing empowerment through adversities connected to chronic illness, autism, and entrepreneurship

2.) @Catherineashly_beauty: Catherine’s hair and makeup brand.

3.) @Plussize_meplz: An extension of Catherine Ashly. Plussizemeplz is a platform that empowers individuals to love themselves as they are, regardless of size.

Catherine has the following final words for our readers:

“Life is about making the best choices within YOUR journey. Everyone’s journey is different so don’t compare your life to others, yet make observations and decisions that are best suited for you and your divine purpose. My life changes often and I’ve learned to adjust and be open to self-love and change. Loving myself and putting my health first is very important, my life and career can’t continue if I don’t acknowledge that first. Lastly make every moment count while you can. Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, but knowing that all things work out in the end, can be motivation to keep going with a positive perspective.”

Nailed By Lace

Do you enjoy pampering yourself, in forms of spa days? When was the last time you got your nails done? Can’t get enough of that nail bling? Well whether you’re planning a trip to the nail salon for pampering or special occasion, make sure you let this seasoned and highly creative Nail Technician hook you up!!

Representing Columbus, Ohio, Syreeta Lacey is a Licensed Nail Technician, motivated by her clients and pushing herself and creativity to reach the next level! Syreeta is truly talented in her profession and loves the creativity and flexibility of the industry. However, for Syreeta, the “cherry on top” is putting a smile on her client’s faces.

Syreeta has been a Nail Technician for 5+ years and started her career with The Spa School located in Columbus, Ohio. It only took her 4 months to become a Licensed Nail Technician, which she accomplished as a part-time student!! (SUPER BOSS!) Though being an Art Education Teacher was her original passion, doing nails became her passion while she was in college.

“I was in college with no one to do my nails lol. I took it upon myself to learn the craft and apply my artistic ability. The rest is history!”


Syreeta caught her first big break as a nail technician when she transitioned to “Nails by Ali Nail Salon.” This caused business for Syreeta to pick up tremendously, and it gave her the opportunity to work with a great group of women who support one another! (BOSS WOMEN UNITED!) Doing nails isn’t Syreeta’s only talent, as she creates and sells abstract paintings from time to time. Wait, it doesn’t stop there either!! She also makes and sells her own sugar scrub and body butter!! (YASSSS!!)

Acrylic nail, gel nails, and hand painted designs are Syreeta’s specialty. However, Acrylic nails with rhinestones is the most requested service by her clients, which can takes an average of 75 to 90 minutes to complete; depending on the details of the requested work. To date, Syreeta has worked with over 200 clients, with most of them being women.


My ladies love the bling! I do provide services for men and women; however, 99 percent of my clientele are women. I would like to gain more men as clientele, it’s good for men to pamper themselves too!”

In the beginning of her business, Syreeta dealt with a few challenges, but they that didn’t stop her grind!

“Building clientele after I completed school was a challenge, and it took 3 years before my business increased. Learning how to tell people ‘No’, was a challenge as well. I had to learn that you cannot please everybody in this industry.”

Syreeta’s talents goes beyond the shop, as she was provided the opportunity to perform a gel service for Tamar Braxton during the Great Xscape Tour! (LOVE IT!!) Ultimately, Syreeta tells us that she hopes to own her own nail salon and an continuing Education center. Make sure you keep up with Syreeta, as she may be partnering up with an amazing make-up artist (MUA) to provide services for a Mother’s Day giveaway.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nail Technician, Syreeta has the following advice,

“Most people want to chase money in this industry. I’d say chase purpose with a passion. Anything done without passion has no purpose in the end. Stay focused, keep evolving, and never give up.”

If you’re interested in booking Syreeta for her services, you can do so by going to:,

To keep up with Syreeta and get updates on her upcoming events/projects, follow her on:

Instagram: @NaildbyLace

Syreeta has these final words for our readers:

“Feel free to follow my salon sisters on Instagram! @Nailsbyali_nailsalon, @Phouangmalay @Nailedbyaisha and @_thenailhustla.”

The SLAY Queen!

Taking photos soon, but aren’t quite photoshoot ready? Do you have an upcoming event, that you know requires a FIERCE look? Want your make-up done, but unsure of who to go to? Well we have just the right person for you, who can give you an unbelievable SLAY! Meet Philisha Asia!

All the way from Los Angeles, CA, Philisha Asia is the Make-Up Artist that can slay your look like no other! (Chile…!) With Jesus being her prime motivation, as well as becoming her own BOSS being her motivation, Philisha’s passion of make-up is nothing but FIERCE!

Her eye for makeup started young and it continued to grow with Philisha throughout her life. Though makeup was not her original passion, that did not stop Philisha. Initially, Philisha went to school for medicine. So what sparked the passion of make-up for Philisha? One day, after watching a video of someone else applying make-up, she casually stated to herself, “I can do that”, and picked up a brush to try it out for herself. After trying out it, Philisha realized what her true passion was! (BOOM!)

After that first transformation I literally felt a passion rise up inside of me and realized “This is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing” and I haven’t stopped yet!



While jumpstarting her business, Philisha dealt with a fear of small clientele, which she felt would hinder the growth of her business. However, Philisha quickly learned that her fear was no longer!

I’m so thankful that I’ve learned that my mouth is the most powerful tool. With me speaking life over my business, growth and success DAILY, I know God is going to continue to open doors I never thought were possible, because of my faith in him and the life I speak into myself daily. Makeup is MY gift but I’m very resourceful and if I don’t do it, I’m sure I know someone who can lol.

Get excited ladies because Philisha specializes in ALL types of makeup! She told us that she doesn’t put a limit on herself or her gift, and she lives by the scripture,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Amen!)

Philisha stated that her clients request nice, soft, natural looks OR the over top bold SLAY for the GODS look! Philisha says that she is here for them both! (YAAASSSS!!!) Philisha loves natural and glamour looks, and also enjoys creating outside of the box looks, bold colorful eye, fiercely stained lips, and of course DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA looks!






I always tell my clients to find an amazing mild soap for sensitive skin and wash your face!!!! I prefer plain baby wash. It’s not too harsh and doesn’t dry you out. I love it.




When asked which celebrity idol she would style, if given the opportunity, Philisha stated,



“So if you know me, you know I LOVE Queen Bey! Just to be in her presence doing her makeup means I have finally grown to the level God promised me. Its deep yall. Plus, she is the true definition of “Girl Power!”

“I provide services for ANY occasion. Honey if you want to go to the grocery store, I can do a nasty slay for you just for that! You do not have to be on a red carpet to look good! Lol!”




If you are interested in becoming a make-up artist, Philisha has the following advice,


“Pray and ask God for exactly what you want for your business first and foremost. Gain exposure by exhibiting your work on platforms such as social media, use your resources, network with others around you and those in the same industry, be accepting of criticism and always be willing to learn. Most importantly, believe in yourself no matter what people think or say. Use negative comments as strength and turn them positive. Hey at least someone is talking about you right?! What’s for you is for you and no one can take that from you. Never forget it. The world is yours, go get it!”

“Be positive, don’t let fear stop you from trying, trust God and enjoy your journey” #PhilishaAsia

If you are looking to book Philisha for her amazing services, you can do so via email:

Be sure to keep an eye on Philisha and her business, as she has many great upcoming events and opportunities for 2018! (Get excited!) You can follow Philisha on:

Instagram: @ptbmakeup — Let me know “Boss Up Magazine” sent you, I’ll hook you up.

The YouTube Boss

Ever sat and watched videos online of make-up tutorials? Ever wanted to learn how to do a certain task? Wanted feedback about a product, before you purchased it? Do you utilize YouTube? Well we interviewed a true BOSS of YouTube, who has a channel that you need to subscribe to ASAP! Check it out…

All the way from Chicago, IL, Shannon Renee is a true BOSS!! Not only is she an HR Manager at a Manufacturing company, but she is also a freelance Make-Up Artist who creates YouTube content. (Dope right?) For Shannon Renee, make-up is a fierce passion turned hustle! (Boom!)

With her 3-year-old Daughter Autumn being her daily motivator, Shannon Renee strives to show Autumn that she can be a BOSS as a woman, and that possibilities in life are truly endless. Shannon Renee aspires to be a great example to Autumn, while proving to her that she can do anything that she sets her mind to; as long as she wants it bad enough. (YESSSS Wonder Woman!)

Though make-up is LIFE for Shannon Renee, video blogging is currently a hobby. Shannon Renee tells us that she enjoys her career as a Human Resources Manager and is extremely proud of all of her experience and growth within the company she works for. Shannon Renee tells us that she has 6+ years of Human Resources experience, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a MBA, and has worked her way up in her company! (TRUE BOSS STATUS!)

“The goal is to become an HR Director before I am 35. I strongly believe that I am meant to be a boss and I CAN have my cake and eat it too. I can be successful in HR as well as on YouTube. Yes, there will be long days and long nights because I have so many things on my plate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

So what made Shannon Renee interested in video blogging? We’re glad you asked! In today’s world, social media seems to be the top source for finding out what’s hot! And for Shannon Renee, “Snapchat” opened the door for her! Shannon Renee stated,

“When Snapchat first came out I was like, “What is this and how do you work this thing!?” My niece who was in college at the time (yes I have a niece that old lol) gave me a tutorial when she was home for winter break. I sent my first snap and immediately became hooked. I’d snap about my life of course, but I would really highlight my love for makeup (without even really knowing it). I’d do product reviews, how-to’s, share my makeup tips and tricks, or just show off my beat. People were very receptive to this and I’d often get asked “why aren’t you doing YouTube” or people would say “I think you would be great on YouTube”. So, I thought long and hard and decided to just go for it.” (You go girl!)

For Shannon Renee, she enjoys the ability to educate and provide useful information, and why not do it via video! She is all about making a positive impact, as well as being a positive representative of Black Women. Shannon Renee’s YouTube channel is geared towards beauty and lifestyle, and currently focuses on makeup tutorials, skin care, makeup how to’s, product reviews, and first impressions! Though Shannon Renee just started video blogging aka vlogging, she has fashion and hair tutorials coming soon! (Such a BOSS!)

“I love makeup, I love doing my makeup, educating people on makeup, buying makeup, and doing other people’s makeup. I’m also a girly girl that loves to look fly, hence why the fashion and hair content will be coming real soon. There is a shortage of Black Beauty Bloggers in the makeup community, and I just felt that I could add a lot of value here.”

As we all know, the make-up community is very trendy, with new products and brands daily! For Shannon Renee, most of her viewers want to see her reviews or first impressions on new products! They also enjoy her videos on make-up topics such as highlighting, contour, how to cut crease eye makeup looks, and more! Though Shannon Renee took a break to study for a certification exam in the HR Field, she is totally back to her regular uploading schedule. To date, Shannon Renee currently has 130 subscribers and 24 videos on her YouTube channel, with uploads 2x a week. (Weerrrkkkk!!)


“I would tell the aspiring video blogger to just do it. Start creating content now. Stop second guessing yourself just jump right in, you’ll figure it out as you go trust me. Everyone has to start somewhere. Know that there will be long hours that you’re going to have to put into it to make it work, but it will work as long as you stay consistent and be yourself. No one can be you better than you can.”
“It is difficult to get your name out there because the market is so saturated. It’s hard to get noticed because, let’s be honest, people tend to follow/subscribe to people who already have a big following or subscriber base. Yes, I am currently facing these issues, but my plan is to stay diligent, consistently upload, and put out fire content. YouTube is a large platform, but I am confident that the subscribers will come because of the quality of the content that I put out. The subscribers will come I know it!”

Shannon Renee’s first big break as a blogger was when she created her “Wunderbow In-Depth Review” video. The video received the most views out of all f her videos, and is the #1 searched video on her channel, with consistent views coming in daily! (Yaaaassss!!) Though it was one of my earlier videos, where she felt the quality could have been better, it’s no doubt that the information provided was dead on and people continued watch it.


“Learning to relax in front of the camera and allow your personality to shine through, is the most difficult thing about video blogging. You’re literally sitting there talking to a camera, but you have to find a way to talk to that camera, as if it was your home girl or bestie. For me, I really enjoy being in a space where I can totally be myself, and be as candid and as real as I want to be! “

“I believe that when it comes to knowledge and information, sharing is caring, and that’s what I do in each and every one of my videos. I like viewers to leave feeling like they’ve learned something new or different from my content. People like real and can see right through fake personalities and unoriginal content.”
“Videos just don’t go viral overnight! Some people get lucky and this does happen, but video blogging takes long hours, creativity, commitment, and most importantly consistency. Don’t upload for 2 or 3 weeks and watch your subscriber count drop, its brutal! lol”

Shannon Renee says that a big common misconception about vlogging is that people think that it is easy and that your video will go viral overnight, which she states is absolutely not true! Shannon Renee tells us that it is more complicated than one may believe. For Shannon Renee, she is self-taught. She had to learn everything on her own, such as using the proper equipment, to creating a great high-quality video, editing the proper way, creating a clickable thumbnail, and knowing how to properly market myself. (Whew!!) It’s exciting for Shannon Renee, but she says that she’s learned a lot and still has more to learn! And no doubt about it, Shannon Renee says that she has had major growth from her very first video, to her most recent video. Though she is not quite where she wants to be, she knows that things are only going UP from now!
Shannon Renee’s YouTube channel isn’t the only place where she’s recognized! Again, social media takes the win!! Shannon Renee tells us that she uploaded a picture on Instagram, of her wearing a lipstick from a Black owned brand, called The Lip Bar! Shannon Renee tagged them in her photo, and guess what? They liked and commented on her photo! (Dope right?!)
Not only is Shannon Renee making waves on social media, she is currently working on creating some fashion look book videos, and some easy how-to hair styles videos! (We love it!) Though Shannon Renee doesn’t have any upcoming events or shows, you can ALWAYS catch new uploads weekly, on her YouTube channel. This BOSS doesn’t just stop at HR Managing and Vlogging, as she also provides makeup services and one-on-one makeup sessions. (Boom!)

Be sure to keep your eye on Shannon Renee, as she tells Boss Up Magazine that she loves writing and may have her very own written blog in the future! (She’s the biggest BOSS we’ve seen thus far! #RickRossVoice)

If you’re interested in booking Shannon Renee for any of her services, you can do so by:
Visiting her website:
Email contact:

Make sure you keep up with Shannon Renee by following her social media at:
YouTube: Shannon Renee
Facebook/Twitter: TheShannonRenee
Instagram: TheShannonRenee_

Shannon Renee also has a final comment for all of the readers:
“Thanks so much Boss Up Magazine for the feature! I am truly honored and love the content that this magazine puts out, so uplifting, informative, and inspirational. Keep up the good work.”


Suga Lips

Are you a fan of lipstick? Ever went to the store to find a shade of lipstick, that you were unsuccessful at finding? Want to seal your flawless look with some bomb lipstick, that is edible and non-toxic? Well we have just the right product for you! Ladies, we introduce you to Sugalips!

Currently residing in Honolulu, HI, but originally from Oakland, CA, Dwyonna Bordley is a Waitress at a nightclub in Hawaii, event creator, and the owner and maker of her very own lipstick lined Sugalips! She is motivated daily by school and her family, and she currently attends the University of Hawaii for Biology. (BOSS Lady!)

Sugalips is an edible non-toxic lipstick line, with shades of pink, red, brown, and nudes. Dwyonna also creates limited edition custom colors of royal blue, green, and orange! To date, Sugalips has sold 130+ shades, with lipsticks being available for purchase online. Her most popular colors are shades of brown, with “Chocolate Melt” being ordered the most!





“My favorite color is chocolate melt and nude purple because those compliment my skin tone the best.”





So what got Dwyonna into making he own lipstick? During the Winter of 2015, she was looking for a certain shade of brown and was not able to find it. She then decided to do her own research online on how to make her own lipstick, and then became second nature and a true passion. Though she has always loved make-up, she never wanted to be a make-up artist, as her passion was to be the person behind the product! Making lipstick started out as something she did for fun, but it wasn’t until she kept receiving compliments, that she decided to expand her vision of having her own lipstick line.

If you’re looking to start your own lipstick line, Dwyonna has the following advice,



“Pace yourself and do not get discouraged by any mistakes or setbacks that you encounter. In order to succeed, sometimes you fail.”

“My ultimate goal is open up my own store in California.”


Be sure you keep up with Dwyonna and Sugalips, as is currently working on having her products sold in a local store in Hawaii, as well as a future event in March of 2018.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Sugalips lipstick, you can on the website:

You can follow Dwyonna and Sugalips on:
Instagram: suga_lips
Snapchat: money.maker


Beautiful Blogger

Getting married soon? If so, this Texas born Chicagoan is who you need to call, for all of your beautifying needs!! Jessica is a Makeup Artist, as well as a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. She has liked make-up for as long as she can remember, and is motivated by the ability to do what she wants to do with her time; no corporate control here! (#IssaBOSS)

So how did Jessica get into make-up? Around the age of 4 or 5, Jessica’s Grandmother started buying her makeup kits for kids called, “Tinkerbell.” Not only were these gifts Jessica’s introduction into the makeup world, it paved the way for her passion. For Jessica, she had found something she liked, and her Grandmother did everything she knew to feed her passion and talent. (Now that’s love!)

As she began wearing makeup as an adult, Jessica noticed that getting glammed up made her feel better, which then made her decide to assist in making people look and feel beautiful.

Initially, Jessica faced the difficulty of support and believing in herself, but that did not last for long!! Once she realized that she could really turn her passion into a job, she stopped seeing limits. (Boom!) Though Jessica has an amazing support base, she is still her own biggest fan.





“If you’re interested in becoming a make-up artist, I would just say practice and perfect your craft. While learning the art, don’t forget the business. Make sure you’re able to give your clients an all-around professional experience.”





Jessica’s favorite look to do is “Bridal” and here’s why,

“First of all, I find it truly humbling that a bride trusts me to enhance their beauty on one of the biggest days of her life. I like bridal makeup because it lives forever! Your wedding photos are a forever keepsake and my art is a part of that.”

In general, most of Jessica’s clients prefer natural glam, which is her specialty! Even though she specializes in natural glam, Jessica states that both natural and glam looks have their appropriate times and occasions. But don’t worry ladies, as Jessica can deliver any look requested. Jessica provides various services and packages, such as bridal packages, prom and homecoming services, and any other occasion requested service, within reason, can be accommodated.


“I always advise my clients to invest in a good moisturizer. Also, no matter how much you love your makeup look, you have to wash it off at the end of the night. I cannot stress this enough. Do not sleep in your makeup! Always take care of your skin because flawless makeup starts with flawless skin.”

“If I could style my celebrity idol’s look for a day, it would be Naturi Naughton because she’s gorgeous! Lol! And I love her skin tone.”

Make-up isn’t the only service that Jessica provides, as she does product reviews and beauty related content on her YouTube channel and blog. (Yasss!!) Be sure to keep an eye out for Jessica, as you may see her at an event or show near you!

If you’re interested in booking Jessica for her services, you can schedule your appointments on her blog at:

You can also keep up with Jessica by following her on social media, as she loves to engage with her audience:

Instagram | Twitter: @beatsbyjes


You can also catch her weekly beauty and lifestyle related posts, on her blog:


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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Beautiful Armor

Are you tired of purchasing over the counter products, that always seems to give you false hope OR temporarily relieve? Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with the great Angela Jackson, who can assist you with all of your skin care needs! Check it out…

From Washington, DC, Angela Jackson is an Administrative Technician, Certified Aromatherapist, Teacher, Perfume maker, Certified Life Coach, and the CEO of wholearmorbeauty. (Such A Boss!)

Having the ability to help others achieve his or her goals, for whatever positive change they desire to contribute to this world, is Angela’s motivation! She is also motivated by people being fearless and asking her for help when necessary,


“I enjoy seeing people not perish for their lack of knowledge. The right information is powerful and can save someone’s life. It doesn’t matter the reason a person is experiencing skin disorders all that matter is the natural healing results. Therefore, I practiced using Aromatherapy as a lifestyle and encourage others as well.”

As a little girl, Angela was always curious about perfume and skin care products. She always wondered what made perfume smell so sweet and how companies got their lip balm into its container. She even wondered about why there wasn’t any sweet scents added to her doll baby collection. (Interesting!)

So what exactly made Angela get into the skincare business? Angela tells us that over the last 10 years, she tried so many over the counter products, that ultimately just didn’t work for her. Not only did she experience this, so did many of her associates. For Angela, the products never produced the results she was looking for and she ultimately spent countless money on skin care products, shampoos, pain relief and many other non-effective products! (Eek!) However, she learned a lot from aromaticwisdominstitute.


“As I was building wholearmorbeauty my focus was on what were the results I would want from a product? and who would benefit mostly from this product? what would the product be? And I quickly remembered all my days of discomfort and dissatisfaction. I now make all my own skin care products naturally and have received countless positive feedback on my skin appearance and so my journey began.”

“Rather it is believing in yourself, managing your time wisely, remaining focused, or having enough startup money. Building a business takes all that.”

Angela says that with her learning that so many women were looking for other natural alternatives for their skin care, she decided to become an Aromatherapist! For Angela, becoming an Aromatherapist helped her build on two of her sense that sometimes go unnoticed, which are sense of smell and touch! This in turn created the amazing wholearmorbeauty. (Weeerrrkkk!!)

So what is Whole Armor Beauty? It is a company that specializes in all-natural quality skin care products. It offers products of customized body butters, bath salts, sugar scrubs, stress relief nose inhalers, massage body oils, foot sprays, and air fresheners. Whole armor beauty also offers workshops, trainings, personal one-on-one consultation, and coaching. (Dope right!?)

As with anything new starting out, Angela tells us that there were challenges she experienced. However, Angela didn’t let any challenges stop her grind, as she decided to use the three-d’s principals: discipline, determination, and dedication. And Angela tells us that having a coach, mentor or accountability partner helps maintain those principle; for anyone interested in using this strategy!


To test out her products, Angela developed an extensive focus group, which had 6-10 female participants. Each participant had a chance to test her handmade body butters, to which all women gave feedback on texture, quality, scent, packaging, and consistency. Due to the positive feedback, wholearmorbeauty received great reviews, while several suggestions were made and welcomed. Angela then sent her samples to friends, coworkers, and church associates and decided to participate in her first annual event, at NBC4 Health and Wellness Expo. (Awesome! Go Angela!!!!)

If you’re looking to make your own skin care products, Angela gives the following advice,


“If you have a hunger for helping and healing, then Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to maintaining good quality skin care. Our skin is the largest organ. It absorbs everything we put on our skin right through our blood stream. It requires that we Nourish it and protect it. Enroll in a training that you can become certified in and eventually become a professional. Do your homework, research all ingredients, and effects the product will have long term. Start or join a mastermind group. Surround yourself around like- minded individuals. Lastly as you learn about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy then spread the good news so that others may learn and grow.”



To purchase products, keep up with Angela, and keep up with wholearmorbeauty, you can do so by visiting:

Make sure you catch wholearmorbeauty’s next project of perfecting the scent “Fit 4 a King and Fit 4 a Queen” men’s cologne and woman’s perfume. (Niiccee!)

A Beautiful Boss

Do you enjoy wearing make-up? Are you an aspiring make-up artist? Well, we have a fierce beauty expert named Natalie Butler, who has an amazing story about her journey as well as tips on how to keep your skin beautiful! Let’s get to it

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Natalie Butler is a jack of all trades! She is the owner of her own recruiting business and also an Independent Sales Representative and Mentor for Avon. She is passionate about her line of work and she strives to be a positive role model for not just her family, but young girls around the world. She has two nieces, who are 5 and 2 years old, and she is motivated by the desire to show them that they can make it in this world, and make it by not working for anyone else.

For Natalie, the beauty industry was more of a thing where she knew that she wanted to help not just people, but women. She wanted to find a way to connect with women, to not only educate them but to empower them too. (Pink Power!) Natalie stated that in a world where everything is judged so harshly, she wanted women to be able to stand strong, hold their heads high, being proud of who they are and what they do. And for Natalie, slowly applying make-up gave her the strength to overcome all of her daily life stresses; it was her cape! (Talk about Super Woman!)

“Each day, it would build my courage enough so that I felt I didn’t need it, but I loved it because it allowed me not only to express myself, but to connect with other women; to show other women they are not alone. We are as strong as we want to be.”

Growing up, Natalie states that she was a tomboy, so makeup and skincare was not always her passion. Natalie didn’t begin experimenting with makeup until college, when she met one of her very beautiful friends.

“The way she could transform herself, from looking like a nerdy college student to a woman that needs to be known, fascinated me! Afterwards, I’d go to makeup parlors and have the makeup artists do my makeup. I loved the sense of confidence it gave me being able to reach down and express my inner feminine self. It unleashed a side of me that I didn’t know was there.”

So how did Natalie get into being an Avon Representative? Natalie says that she was initially looking for something fun to do. She first tried to become a wine consultant, but after about 3 months, no one ever followed up with her. In the meantime, Natalie began researching about other companies that were listed with the Direct Selling Association, and to her surprise, she found herself going back to Avon.

However, Natalie already had prior experience with Avon! She originally sold Avon when she was in college and remembered that she loved their products. Natalie soon realized that she really needed to make something with the Avon business, because she didn’t want to use her full-time check to pay off those student loans! (I know that’s right!)

“They were affordable and from my memory, they were good quality. When I made the decision, I could literally envision my best friends sitting around a table with big smiles on their faces. What better way than to get your girls together than a makeup/pampering session, right? Who doesn’t like to feel and look good? My goal quickly changed when I saw that my student loan repayment would be $973 per month.”

For Natalie, in the beginning, support was a big challenge. Her family tried steering her away from selling Avon, as they are more of traditional “go to school, get a good education and get a good job,” and anything outside of the norm wasn’t fully embraced. Natalie got her very first job at 16 years old and for so long, she thought that having a job was the only way to go. Then after almost 7 years, she walked into her then-job and found out that she, as well as her sales team, no longer had a job. (Wowzers!)

“They had rearranged the desks in our office, moved computers and my boss as well as his colleagues ignored my questions for about 4 hours. Finally, he called me in and said they decided to shut down the business effective immediately.”

In that moment, Natalie made up her mind that she would NEVER put herself in that position. Natalie states that she was not the only victim to that horrible lay off, as it was done to parents and other hardworking employees, who had dedicated years of service to them. She watched businesses such as Payless, HH Gregg and others close their doors and it fueled her mission; which was to be in control of her own destiny. With her love of helping, teaching, and making people feel valued and appreciated, Natalie decided that she would continue to help people. She was tired of being forced into the traditional mindset of where she wasn’t leading people, but instead just managing them like they’re numbers. Natalie simply just wanted to show people that they can have that limitless mindset, regardless of their field of work. Natalie is all about showing women that they are stronger than they know; all they have to do is believe in themselves.



“Whenever you do something different, you look to those closest to you for support. When you don’t have that immediate support, it can be very discouraging. Because I didn’t have their support initially, I didn’t want to tell anyone about my business so it really stalled my growth.”

While working her full-time job, she would also focus on her Avon business. This ultimately taught Natalie how to work her Avon business around her schedule. So once the lay-off happened from her full-time job, Natalie was already generating steady income, and realized that she was put in this position for a reason. (You go girl!)


When she was working, Natalie would never call off. She would even feel bad for leaving early for medical reasons. It got to the point where she would decline vacations; she just never really lived her life. The same month that she was laid off, she had a surprise trip to Las Vegas, New York, the Bahamas, New Orleans, and a second trip to New York. Natalie realized that had it not been for her Avon opportunity, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to actually experience life. (What a revelation!) Natalie realized that Avon was something she must do. Also, she never realized how much she loved travelling and the fact that she could travel and work at the same time, with no penalties or guilt. (Awesome!)



Even though Natalie specializes in the dramatic and everyday make-up, most of her clients request every day natural looks. However, Natalie personally enjoys more glamorous and bold looks. She states that she loves a great smoky eye, because it just screams sexy and sophisticated to her! (Ow ow ow!) Natalie also thinks that it’s a fun way to express yourself and make any occasion special.

“There are days where we feel a little more “spunky” than others. Why not express that? Let your makeup speak for your mood.”

But no worries ladies, as Natalie will always go with what her clients request, regardless of what she personally enjoys. (Satisfaction Guaranteed!)

Her make-up services extend out to occasions such as birthdays and graduations for now, and she plans to handle weddings in the very near future. Outside of make-up, Natalie also offers skincare consultations, assistance with clients finding other products that will fit their needs such as: fragrance, bath and body, and jewelry. She always tells her clients to listen to their skin! Natalie stated that your skin tells you so much about your overall health and appearance. If you don’t have enough sleep, it will tell you. Not enough water? It will tell you. Natalie says to always remember to cleanse your skin properly and that sleeping in makeup may not have immediate effects, but it traps bacteria which can cause breakouts. (Eek!)

When we asked Natalie about her celebrity idol, she tells us that she would love to style Sanaa Lathan. Natalie believes that Sanna Lathan is drop dead gorgeous and at one point, she thought they resembled each other!

“She recently shaved her head and was just as beautiful without hair as she is with hair. To me, she’s the definition of true beauty. She’s feminine, sophisticated and classy. It would be an honor to let one of my brushes touch her.”


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, here’s Natalie’s advice:

1) Perfect makeup begins with perfect skin. Do not neglect skincare. You’ll spend less time trying to conceal imperfections if you address them directly.

2) Practice makes perfect. No one started out perfect.

3) Have fun. Makeup is a form of art. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

4) Understand not everyone will see your vision. That’s ok! It’s not up to them. It’s YOUR vision.

5) Keep trying. Rome wasn’t built in a night. You need to build a solid foundation before you can build any monument.

Make sure to be on the lookout for Natalie, as she will soon be in an event near you! If you’re interested in booking Natalie for any projects or events, go to her website:

Also, you can keep up with Natalie and her business by following her social media:

Facebook: or

Instagram | Twitter: chicagosnatalie



Until next time…

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Kosh Allure

Ever travel out of town and needed your hair done, but didn’t know where to go? Well if you’re ever in Chicago, be sure to get styled by KoKo!

If you’re ever in KoKo Smith’s hometown Chicago, make sure you stop by her salon! KoKo is a licensed and professional hairstylist, working out of a salon in the Beverly area of Chicago! KoKo is driven by her passion of hair and desire to see the depth of her talents! She strives to continue to better her craft and learn as much as she can! (Such tenacity!)

Becoming a hair stylist was not quite KoKo’s passion, but became her passion after entering cosmetology school. While in school KoKo, learned that she could be creative as well as open-minded, which made her anxious to learn and do more. For KoKo, the more she learned and did, the more she knew that being a hairstylist was what she wanted to do.

KoKo told us that back in high school, she struggled with her own hair for quite some time. However, when she I finally “got It”, it was the best feeling! While in college, she managed to accomplish the new trend of “hair extensions”. With this new skill, she began providing extension services of sew-ins on other women. Seeing her clients happy with their results, made her interest become stronger than ever.



“My advice to anyone that want to become a hairstylist is to have patience because there will be rough times. Always be willing to learn and do not get stagnant. The beauty industry changes and new styles are presented every so often. Lastly, learn how to promote yourself well. This is something I struggle with myself. Marketing is key to getting your name and brand out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or network with other stylists. “



Do you have thick Hair or natural? No worries! KoKo works with many clients that are thick-haired naturals, and deal with all textures and conditions regularly. She also deals with transitioning, growth and proper hair treatments, including keratin, scalp, moisture and more. If you book KoKo and aren’t sure what styles to get, don’t fret as KoKo specializes in silk pressing, extensions, and color! (Can you say options?!)

So we asked about what services she enjoys the most and KoKo stated:


“I love doing color the most. It can change a woman’s overall appearance and confidence plus, with proper maintenance, it can always be changed. A woman can go from having dark brown hair to a vibrant red or a fantasy pink and still have the healthy, beautiful hair.”

In regards to hair care, KoKo says that necessary hair trims is very vital. Her clients are always informed about trim schedules and how important they are.

“Lack of trims are the cause of most hair problems. The longer you go without receiving one, the more issues you will have.”

So of course, we asked the infamous question: Relaxed or Natural? KoKo told us that when it comes to relaxed or natural hair, neither is better than the other per se. She stated that relaxers contain harsh chemicals, but with the proper maintenance, the hair can still be in a healthy state. With natural hair being said to be the healthiest route, KoKo stated that it isn’t always the case. As maintenance was stressed as important, we’re told that lifestyles play a part as well. (Well there you have it!)


KoKo’s services go beyond the salon, as her work has been seen in a few show, weddings, and other various occasions! (Such a boss!) When asked about her idol, KoKo says that she would love to work with Solange Knowles’ hair, because she is risky and out of the box when it comes to hairstyles, and it would definitely be a challenge to what she is used to.”

If you’re looking to book KoKo for your next amazing look, you can book her at:


At this time, KoKo doesn’t have any upcoming events planned, but is leaving herself open for any major opportunity that may present itself. If you’re wanting to stay updated on KoKo’s next move and see all of her beautiful work, follow her on:

Facebook: Kosh Allure

Instagram: @kosh__allure (two underscores) and @_kokes


Until next time….

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What a “Bomb” Shell

Luxurious skin seems to be #Goals for most people, but those goals can become hindered due to skin conditions that people don’t know how to treat properly. Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with the lovely Tasha Kinney, who just may have the solution to your dilemma!

Tasha is originally from Peoria, IL (Also known as P-Town) and is the owner of a skin care and beauty business called Reminisce Bath Bombs, which focusing on bath and shower bombs! (Dope right!?) For Tasha, hearing people say, “wow this is a great product that I can see such a great change in my skin”, is what she loves about creating her products and Tasha strives to be the one who not just makes a product to make a quick buck, but to help others with problematic skin. (Boom!)


Tasha’s skin care products originally started with her trying to find a product that worked for her 5-6-month-old son’s skin, as he suffered from eczema. “I tried almost everything that any parent could or have ever thought of for their child’s skin, but nothing was working.” At this point, Tasha decided to take matters into her own hands. (Super Mom!)

Tasha began dabbling around with some ingredients, that were safe for newborns, until she created he wonderful bath bombs! To verify if her products were working, she gave out many free samples for other to try and provide feedback. This helped her learn what others thought worked for them and what she could improve on. At the beginning stage of her business, Tasha struggled with the cost of her necessary supplies, website fees, and product samples. Tasha was a stay at home Mother and wasn’t working a typical 9-5, but it definitely did not stop her grind Tasha was determined to get the news out about her product, to whoever she would come across. Hoping to change one skin at a time, Tasha shared her results and products with others; and instantly, within 3 days, she received phenomenal results. (Simply Amazing!)



“My current business focus is creating new products, seeking feedback from bloggers and customers, and hopefully to have my products endorsed. I am just taking it one day at a time.”

“Never doubt or limit yourself as to what you can do. If you have a dream or a goal, follow it through. The journey is so worth the wait and is very rewarding once you succeed. You don’t want to look back at your life and wonder “what if I would have done that”. When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself.”


Tasha stated that she has always loved beauty care products, but it never was a passion. However, seeing such amazing results with her son sparked such an interest for her. Sharing her joy of her products with others developed into something truly amazing and beautiful, which made creating bath and shower bombs her new-found passion.

Make note that Tasha’s business doesn’t stop at bath bombs!! Tasha also has products of shower bombs, manicure bombs, and pedicure bombs. And just in time for the holidays, Tasha will soon have sugar scrubs and bar soaps available for purchase. (Tis’ the season!)


If you’re looking to purchase Tasha’s lovely products, please visit her websites:

Full product access:

Limited product access:

Be sure to keep up to date with all of Tasha’s upcoming products and announcements at:

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest| Instagram: “Reminisce Bath Bombs”


Until next time….

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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