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For some people, paint and sips are done for fun, but for Katrice Buckley, painting is her life!! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive scoop on what life is like for an artist of Katrice’s caliber.

From South Holland, IL, Katrice Buckley is a Risk & Chargeback Specialist and Freelance Artist, who has a wonderful and loving Son that is her daily driving force! (Awwww!)

Even though Katrice had always been a good artist, she didn’t start to really get into drawing until her high school years. So what pushed Katrice to pursue her true talent? An art teacher, named Mr. Evans! Mr. Evans really pushed Katrice’s creative thoughts and desires, which followed her through her career.

For Katrice, art was not her first passion, but once she got into college, she wanted to try different majors and learn something different because she “knew” art. Eventually Katrice circled back to her love of Art, and then graduated with a degree in Studio Art of Drawing and Painting. (You Go Girl!)

After college, she then went full force with getting her business up and running. Katrice participated in many gallery showings, live painting events, and worked on many commissioned pieces. (Such a Boss!)




“Never give up. Never compare yourself to other artists. Never let anyone use you; your work is unique, powerful and has a purpose. At the end of the day, nothing should stop you from your passion but life is real! Lol.”




Starting out however, Katrice battled with finding balance between mommy life and her passion, as well as sporadic mental/artist blocks. However, Katrice believes that a mental/artist block is typical. She believes that an artist sometimes needs a break of their mind and spirits. It can become draining when you feel you’re not good enough or comparing yourself to other artists.


So what kind of artwork does this amazing Artist do? We’re glad you asked! Katrice specializes in acrylic and oil paintings, and charcoal and pencil drawings. We asked Katrice how long it takes her to complete a piece of art work, and she told us that it depends on the type of materials/ medium that is being used. If it is an oil painting, it usually takes her about 2-4 weeks, with oil painting taking longer. This is due to the oil painting taking longer to dry, but Katrice stated that it has an incredible richness in color. For Acrylic paintings, it can take from 1 day to 2 weeks. Katrice told us that she could literally sit for 6+ hours out the day and paint, and she can also finish a painting in one day if she put her mind to it. (Talent at its finest!)


When asked about her most influential piece Katrice states,

“My most influential piece has to be my very first acrylic painting, called Freedom of the Mind. I wanted to show in my paintings that the black/brown woman is beautiful, natural and vulnerable. The black/brown woman can leave their hair in its natural state and still be considered beautiful. At the time I started that painting, natural hair and a natural woman was not “big” as it is now. This painting caught a lot of people’s eye because of the boldness of the red and the softness of the woman’s body. Many women felt a connection to this piece. “Freedom of the Mind” helped shaped my theme for majority of my paintings “The Feminine Identity.”

At this time, Katrice has taken a small break from painting and events due to being a new mommy, but is currently working on some big projects; so please be on the look out!

To book Katrice for projects or events, purchase current work, or to purchase commissioned work, you can email her at:

Make sure you keep up with Katrice on:

Instagram: @KreativeT


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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