Sophisticated vs. Ignorance

Everyone wants to look good and in the fashion industry, everyone is all about being “fashion forward.”  Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with Emmanuel “Mann” Turner, who has a clothing line that YOU should be looking forward to.

All the way from the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, Mann is an Actor, Rapper, Partner of NueworldIVMStudios, a Video Jockey for Sophisticated Ignorance TV, and the Owner and Operator of Sophisticated Ignorance clothing line. (Talk about Hustling!!)

So how does one get into all of those hustles?  Mann told us that he felt that he’s wasted a lot of his life, doing things that had no future in it, by being wrapped up in the “street” life. However, he has always been considered a smart intelligent person, but just needed to learn how to re-channel his energy to a business corporate state of mind. As Mann self-reflected, he decided that he wanted to be a better provider for his children and better man for himself.



If I had the chance to work with a celebrity, I’d have to say Jay-Z, T.I, or Young Jeezy. I feel like they’d understand my vision.

“I say when starting any business or doing anything, believe in yourself, stay humble, and keep your eyes on the prize. Set small goals on the way to the big goal. Understand it’s a marathon not a race, don’t be easily discouraged, know there will be short days and long nights. And last but not least. Stay positive.”


Mann’s first love was not fashion, but soon became one!  Acting and making music were his first loves, but for Mann, fashion tied into both!  However, his interest in fashion came from himself, as he always dressed nice and clean, “I’ve always gotten compliments on how I’m dressed and the outfits I mix and match. When I was living the street life I’d be seen every day by a lot of people, and I’d get compliments all the time.”

In the beginning stages of his company, Mann stated that it was difficult running a business alone and trying to find support.  However, that didn’t stop him as Mann’s has a powerful drive and great thirst to be successful. (No quitters here!)

“It is difficult to find believers and gaining a good solid source of information, on how to do things properly.  When dealing with clothes and artist expression, then trying to tie business into it, it’s a real left right brain battle.  However, my ultimate goal is to have every other person you see or walk pass, to have some article of sophisticated ignorance clothing apparel.”





“Sophisticated Ignorance is a state of mind. My logo speaks for itself.  The glasses represent sophistication and the shattered lens represents ignorance. Everyone has some!!”



So how was Sophisticated Ignorance created? For Mann, clothes just stuck out to him. Man began thinking about the amount of people that complimented and enjoyed his style of dress. At that point, he decided to take his eye for fashion to another level, by designing his own brand.  Mann stated that it was a great way to capitalize on all of those compliments of his fashion sense. (Ching! Ching!) The Sophisticated Ignorance brand is universal street wear that includes tops, bottoms, joggers, and hats. Mann designs all of the clothing of the brand, which stems from things that he likes and thinks looks cool.  Mann stated that it’s more like Mann’s “Man” closet!  (Did you catch that!? Hope so!)


Make sure you keep up with Mann and his Sophisticated Ignorance brands, as it can be seen in a city near you! To shop the Sophisticated Ignorance brands, visit:

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