Hair Goals

Ladies, you ever struggled with a “bed head ?” Ever went to your local beauty supply store looking for a particular product, only to realize you have to substitute it with something else?

Meet Duvann Hopkins who is all about helping women achieve their hair goals, with her business Hairstyles by Duvann!!

Representing Chicago, IL (Some call it “Chi-Town”) Duvann Hopkins is a High School Teacher and Hair Stylist, who has a true passion for hair!!





“My suggestion for someone who is interested in starting a business is that you shouldn’t doubt yourself, go for it. Don’t allow fear and doubt to stop you from achieving your goals.”




With her strong support system of family and friends, Duvann’s motivators and passion led her to taking her interest to the next level, by running her own business! (Dope right?)

Duvann’s passion started off young, with her styling her younger sister’s hair (Family Matters!!), but her passion continued to thrive within her. Duvann’s passion is truly styling hair, as it has become a stress reliever for her. (Talk about no drama in your life?! Yass!)

So of course, with a passion so deep, we absolutely had to ask this Diva what her favorite hair style is. Well Duvann told us that she has many favorite hairstyles, but she truly adores the slick straight look and the curly natural look. We asked Duvann to give us (and the readers) recommendations about the best hair to purchase for those “On Fleek” looks, and she recommends the Brazilian kind of hair, as it usually is the best at blending in.

Ladies, be sure to keep up with Duvann for all of your hair needs by following her on:

Facebook: Duvann D. Hopkins

Instagram: blessed_227

Snapchat: msdeedee227

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“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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