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We're bringing you a GEM dropping interview with Demond Coleman @demondcoleman  Demond Coleman, the highly successful businessman who has dedicated his life creating products and services to assist women with living a healthier lifestyle is launching a state of the art new feminine product line entitled “Essentiables”.  Formerly an inmate at Leavenworth Prison, Coleman served a considerable amount time, where he developed multiple ideas to improve the lives of women closest to him (his mother, wife and sister).  For years, he has seen the women closest to him suffer from the side effects of fibroid or a very aggressive menstrual cycle.  In response, he began developing a solution to their problem: Essentiables Premium Sanitary Napkins.  Coleman’s former company was entitled Nspire Network, which  introduced a new brand to his ventures called: “Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins”, an all-natural 100% cotton feminine brand in May 2017.  Coleman launched Cherish, a As the Global Director of Sales, Coleman helped generate $1.6 million in sales the first 30 days and $5.6 million in the first year that Cherish was in operation. Coleman successfully sold his shares of the company in 2018. Tune in to learn more about Demond, as we dive into his journey and passion of his brand!  #BossUpMag #BossBuzzPodcast #BossUp
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