BossBuds: A “Batter & Berries” Review

This weekend, we went to visit the lovely Windy City, known as Chicago, IL. There tends to be mixed reviews about Chicago, but we didn’t let that stop us from visiting.  Though Chicago catches slack for their unpredictable weather, we lucked out this time around!   The weather was 50° and sunny the entire weekend, and traffic wasn’t too bad either. (Small victories!) During our visit, we tried out this interesting restaurant called Batter & Berries, which was an amazing experience and awesome decision.  Here is our official “BossBuds” review:


Though Batter & Berries serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch, we decided to try out their breakfast. We went on a Saturday around 9:00am, and one thing that stuck out to us was how parking was really good! We were able to park directly across the street from the restaurant, with parking costing us about $2.50 per hour. This was surprising, as we are actually Chicago natives and know how parking can be in Chicago! (Another small victory!)

When we arrived inside of the restaurant, we were greeted right away! The Hostess took our name, our phone number, and offered us a seat in their waiting area; which was a wonderful feeling! We say this because sometimes when a restaurant is busy, you can sometimes get overlooked or you may wait a little longer than usual to be served and/or greeted.  However, we were very pleased with our treatment upon arrival! Though the restaurant was pretty busy, we only had a wait time of about 25 minutes. (Not bad!)

The restaurant interior was on the smaller side, but had a welcoming atmosphere. As we waited in the waiting area, the customers that were already waiting were friendly and offered us a seat, that we thought was taken. (Sweet!!)  The restaurant smelled like heaven, the décor was not too heavy or too light, and the food we seen on other customer’s plates looked delicious!  At that moment, we got super excited!!

To our surprise and luck, our wait turned out to be only 10 minutes. (Yasss!!) We were given the option to sit at the “Community Table” or our own personal table. We didn’t want to waste any time, so we took the option to sit at the Community Table.  The Community Table is a longer table, located in the middle of the restaurant.  It is a high top table and seems to hold about 8-10 people, whereas the personal tables sit about 2-4 people.  Our waitress was really nice and came to take our orders right away, however we weren’t quite ready to order.

So let’s talk about the menu. The menu was medium sized, colorful, front and back. Everything was broken off into sections, with prices being visible and priced just right. Along with the menu, there is also a “Specials Board,” that offers some suggestions on what to order. (Boom!)

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of this review, which is THE FOOD!! Batter & Berries offers some delicious and beautifully presented food!! (YUMMY!!) We decided to try the Caramel French Toast, which has caramel batter, candided walnuts, powdered sugar, and caramel sauce. We are not big fans of walnuts, so we told them to hold the walnuts. Along with our French toast, we ordered eggs, bacon, and orange juice! (Absolutely bomb!)



The food was fresh and tasted like heaven in our mouths!! We were given four slices of our Caramel French Toast, and it came with a beautiful presentation. (We can’t stress this enough!!) It was not overloaded with caramel drizzle or powdered sugar, and the bread was cooked perfectly! We were given three strips of bacon, that was cooked just right. For our eggs, we ordered them “scrambled hard” and we were given two, which was just enough. We did not have a long wait for our food, as it literally took us 5-10 minutes to get it!  Listen, the food was very delicious and filled us up very quickly. Honestly, we forced ourselves to finish our last slice of French Toast, but IT WAS WORTH EVERY BITE!!!! Overall, the food was amazing and looked great, but tasted even better!

So how much did this taste of heaven cost us all together? Our grand total came up to $24.81 (this includes tax) and here’s our breakdown:

Caramel French Toast: $10.50 (4 slices)

Bacon: $4.00 (3 strips)

Eggs: $2.50 (2 eggs)

Orange Juice: $4.50 (large size)

For us, this price isn’t too bad for the portion sizes of food and taste, and we felt like we got our money’s worth! We would definitely eat here again, as well as recommend Batter & Berries as a place for visitors and locals to try! If you’re interested in eating here, Batter & Berries is located:

2748 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, Illinois 60614

They’re open 7 days a week, 8:00am – 3:00pm CST!

So if you’re ever in Chicago or just want some really good breakfast, make sure you give Batter & Berries a try! It’s definitely worth it!


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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