Black Couple Revolution

Love is a beautiful thing, but Black Love is inspiring and magical! Well Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on an organization that not only promotes Black Love full force, but also knows the importance of it!

Originally from San Diego, CA, but now residing in New Jersey, Karim Miller is the creator of Black Couple Revolution! This organization is motivated by Black empowerment through media and winning the media war against Black society, and has a fierce community standing behind it!

Located in New Jersey, Black Couple Revolution is an organization that promotes positive content of Black couples, which gets throttled by mainstream media. Their mission is to uplift and inspire, as well as combat white supremacist propaganda of Black dysfunction and interracial euphoria. (Dope Right?!)

Black Couple Revolution was founded in 2016 due to Karim watching The Walking Dead and seeing its lack of Black Couple representation.

“There is a misconception that we are anti-white, which is not the case! Black Couple Revolution gives the Black society a pure and honest choice for Black love representation, which inspires Black love and unity around the world. Black love is the end of white supremacy and Black Couple Revolution is vital to our community.”


Black Couple Revolution has been making many waves in the world, as it has had many platforms that reach out to collaborate with them. Nevertheless, they remain on their grind!

If you’re interested in starting your own organization, Black Couple Revolution has the following advice,


“Always be clear on the constructive result that you want to achieve. That’s always your center.”
Make sure you keep up with Black Couple Revolution as they have recently been on a radio talk show and will soon be in a “Black Love” round table discussion! (BOOM!)

Keep up with Black Couple Revolution by following their social media at:
Facebook and Instagram: @BlackCoupleRevolution

Black Couple Revolution has these final words for the readers:
“Make sure you use the #BlackCoupleRevolution whenever and wherever you see Black love.”

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