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Are you tired of purchasing over the counter products, that always seems to give you false hope OR temporarily relieve? Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with the great Angela Jackson, who can assist you with all of your skin care needs! Check it out…

From Washington, DC, Angela Jackson is an Administrative Technician, Certified Aromatherapist, Teacher, Perfume maker, Certified Life Coach, and the CEO of wholearmorbeauty. (Such A Boss!)

Having the ability to help others achieve his or her goals, for whatever positive change they desire to contribute to this world, is Angela’s motivation! She is also motivated by people being fearless and asking her for help when necessary,


“I enjoy seeing people not perish for their lack of knowledge. The right information is powerful and can save someone’s life. It doesn’t matter the reason a person is experiencing skin disorders all that matter is the natural healing results. Therefore, I practiced using Aromatherapy as a lifestyle and encourage others as well.”

As a little girl, Angela was always curious about perfume and skin care products. She always wondered what made perfume smell so sweet and how companies got their lip balm into its container. She even wondered about why there wasn’t any sweet scents added to her doll baby collection. (Interesting!)

So what exactly made Angela get into the skincare business? Angela tells us that over the last 10 years, she tried so many over the counter products, that ultimately just didn’t work for her. Not only did she experience this, so did many of her associates. For Angela, the products never produced the results she was looking for and she ultimately spent countless money on skin care products, shampoos, pain relief and many other non-effective products! (Eek!) However, she learned a lot from aromaticwisdominstitute.


“As I was building wholearmorbeauty my focus was on what were the results I would want from a product? and who would benefit mostly from this product? what would the product be? And I quickly remembered all my days of discomfort and dissatisfaction. I now make all my own skin care products naturally and have received countless positive feedback on my skin appearance and so my journey began.”

“Rather it is believing in yourself, managing your time wisely, remaining focused, or having enough startup money. Building a business takes all that.”

Angela says that with her learning that so many women were looking for other natural alternatives for their skin care, she decided to become an Aromatherapist! For Angela, becoming an Aromatherapist helped her build on two of her sense that sometimes go unnoticed, which are sense of smell and touch! This in turn created the amazing wholearmorbeauty. (Weeerrrkkk!!)

So what is Whole Armor Beauty? It is a company that specializes in all-natural quality skin care products. It offers products of customized body butters, bath salts, sugar scrubs, stress relief nose inhalers, massage body oils, foot sprays, and air fresheners. Whole armor beauty also offers workshops, trainings, personal one-on-one consultation, and coaching. (Dope right!?)

As with anything new starting out, Angela tells us that there were challenges she experienced. However, Angela didn’t let any challenges stop her grind, as she decided to use the three-d’s principals: discipline, determination, and dedication. And Angela tells us that having a coach, mentor or accountability partner helps maintain those principle; for anyone interested in using this strategy!


To test out her products, Angela developed an extensive focus group, which had 6-10 female participants. Each participant had a chance to test her handmade body butters, to which all women gave feedback on texture, quality, scent, packaging, and consistency. Due to the positive feedback, wholearmorbeauty received great reviews, while several suggestions were made and welcomed. Angela then sent her samples to friends, coworkers, and church associates and decided to participate in her first annual event, at NBC4 Health and Wellness Expo. (Awesome! Go Angela!!!!)

If you’re looking to make your own skin care products, Angela gives the following advice,


“If you have a hunger for helping and healing, then Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to maintaining good quality skin care. Our skin is the largest organ. It absorbs everything we put on our skin right through our blood stream. It requires that we Nourish it and protect it. Enroll in a training that you can become certified in and eventually become a professional. Do your homework, research all ingredients, and effects the product will have long term. Start or join a mastermind group. Surround yourself around like- minded individuals. Lastly as you learn about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy then spread the good news so that others may learn and grow.”



To purchase products, keep up with Angela, and keep up with wholearmorbeauty, you can do so by visiting:

Make sure you catch wholearmorbeauty’s next project of perfecting the scent “Fit 4 a King and Fit 4 a Queen” men’s cologne and woman’s perfume. (Niiccee!)

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