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Do you love reading?! Looking for some mind blowing literature? Meet the talented Kreceda Tyler – better known as Author Untamed!

Author Untamed is originally from Albany, GA, but now resides in Augusta, GA. Author Untamed is an Author and Owner of her own publishing services company, Untamed Publishing. Untamed Publishing assists the independent and self-published author with affordable services, that are needed to publish their books. They also offer services such as editing, proofreading, synopsis writing, and even book trailers and promotional items with excellent quality at great rates. (SUPER BOSS!)


“As an author, I go by the pseudonym of Untamed (I’m also known as Author Untamed, the “author” tag gets placed in front often so it sticks, lol). I chose the name because as I came into my own with writing, I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid to hold back in my writing or stick to one particular genre. With that mindset, the word “Untamed” came to me and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

“I believe anything that you are passionate about is Heaven sent. Without question, my husband and children are a blessing from on high just as my gift for writing. So my family and writing fuel me daily because both my family and my gift force me to be a better version of myself than I was last year, last month, last week or even the day before. They force my growth, maturity, patience, nurturing and love.”

So what sparked Author Untamed to write her first book? Author Untamed tells us that writing is something that she’s TRIED to leave alone, but couldn’t.

“In the infamous words of Tyler Perry, “You know when something is meant for you, when you try to leave it alone, but it won’t leave you alone.” I’ve written since I was 13 years old, for pleasure and leisure. However, there was a time period where I didn’t write at all. Once I felt that nagging spirit to pick up the pen again, the feeling was different. I wanted to write for leisure, but there was this yearning within me to go further. Looking back, I feel as though by that time in my life, I had overcome some unfathomable obstacles, and it was my time to give the world a piece of me to help others. Ultimately, that’s what our gifts are to be used for.”

As an author that has gone from independently published press to self-published, Author Untamed has written the following books:

1. The View.
2. Before Ever After.

1. The Contract co-authored with author JC.
2. Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso co-authored with author Timeless V.

1. This Side of Heaven- A Poetic Journey of Strength and Survival.

1. Never Again…No More series.
2. King’s Suite The Rise of Pooch Smalls.

King’s Suite is the life story of one of the male characters in the series. This series titles include:
1. Never Again…No More.
2. Never Again…No More 2-Getting Back to Me.
3. Never Again…No More 3- What Goes Around.
4. Game Over-Never Again…No More The Final Chapter.

Never Again…No More was written due to her being a teen mother, as it was her outlet for some of the struggles she encountered with family, her relationship with her child’s father, and being a young mother.

“It was my hope that this book could provide an outlook as to the consequences of our decisions as women and to help young women make wise decisions, as well as to be a comfort to other women who are dealing with the same circumstances.”

Synopsis for Never Again…No More: Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice and Trinity are best friends who all have suffered the perils of teen pregnancy. With their dreams and ambitions on hold, they struggle to find themselves and survive this game called life. Despite their efforts, the decisions they make create more trouble, and the consequences prove to be costlier than they ever could’ve imagined. They’ll learn that to win in life sometimes you have to lose. Journey with these ladies as they try not to fall victim… never again…no more.


“My series is geared towards young women on purpose, because it was a reflection of my own personal experience. However, with my other books, I didn’t write with a particular audience in mind – only for the enjoyment of the reader. While I enjoy reading regardless of the genre, I think that it depends on the preference of the reader. Since my novels do fall into different categories, I am able to touch a variation of audiences. If you like erotica, I got you! If you like urban, I got you! You want a little romance, but not hardcore, I got you! Hence the name, Untamed, right?! My aim is to not be boxed into one writing style for one type of audience and I think that is part of my fuel and growth to be multi-faceted as an author.”

It took Author Untamed a little over a year to write and publish her first book. Author Untamed states that when she first was published, she was under an independent press. Taking the writing portion alone, it took her six months to write her novel, but then she had to find a publisher! Even after self-publishing, Author Untamed says that her average time frame from paper to print was around 6-8 months. (WOW!!) In fact, When Author Untamed first saw her work in print, she tells us that she felt very accomplished!!

“Ah man, I felt every positive emotion possible. I mean the day I received my first book in hand, I felt like I hit the lottery. Although, I’ve never hit the lottery, I’d imagine that’s what it felt like! Mostly, I felt so blessed and accomplished that I put my gift into action and had tangible proof!”

In the beginning, there were a few learning lessons that were learned quickly, but it didn’t stop her from reaching the top! Author Untamed says that if writing/publishing seemed like a headache, the true challenge was after she wrote and published it.

“The hardest challenge is always marketing and promoting. Even if you have a publisher, you still have to do a lot on your own, and you have to be involved in every step of the process to ensure your standards are met because it’s your name. That doesn’t really change with self-publishing, it’s just that you’re now 100 percent responsible for that process.”

Author Untamed tells us that her books impact readers in various ways, but it more so depends on which book they are reading. If readers are reading her series, she believes women will feel empowered and inspired. However, if readers are reading her erotica book, she believes it will make them “feel good!”

“I believe that my book series will create the opportunity for open dialogue and conversations amongst mothers and daughters, that we are afraid and most times, unwilling to have, but that are desperately needed. But now if they are reading the erotica book, I believe they will feel good and maybe try some new things with their partner, lol! And on a serious note, there’s a message in that book as well about valuing your partner and their needs, which I hope resonates with the readers. No matter what they are reading I want them to have a positive, enjoyable and unforgettable reading experience.”

Author Untamed is always in a constant mindset of improving and innovating, so she is constantly looking to set new goals. Author Untamed plans to top the charts with Urban Books/Kensington, and then release other projects that are in the works with the majors. She also wants to expand her publishing services company, and move into television and movies with her series books. (Amazing!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Author Untamed’s books, they are all on paperback and available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and her Untamed Publishing website. Her books are also independently sold through Source of Knowledge Bookstore in New Jersey. (BOOM!) Also, all 4 of the Never Again…No More series eBooks and The View eBook are available on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Oysterbooks, and the Copia. All other books are available in eBook format on Kindle only.

Make sure you keep up with Author Untamed as she is the June Author of the Month on Me Time Book Club’s website and she will be the host of the “Sister Suite Talk” empowerment conference in June, and is working on more books!! (BOOM!) Currently, she is working on part 2 of The Contract, that she co-authored with Author JC. Author Untamed is hoping that they will be able to release that book in late 2018.

Also, with the help of her extraordinary literary agent, Author Untamed has also recently landed a Ghostwriting project deal and she landed a three book major publishing deal with Urban Books/Kensington! This means that her erotica novel, The View and Never Again…No More parts 1 and 2 will be re-packaged and re-released with the majors. (BOSS STATUS!!)

You can also keep up with Author Untamed via:
Facebook: Author Untamed
Instagram: @authoruntamed and @untamedpublishingllc
Twitter: @chazz_untamed and @untamedpub
Goodreads: Author Untamed


If you’re an aspiring author, Author Untamed has the following advice,

“Writing is an art form and it is permanent. If you’re going to delve into it, take it seriously. Your name is forever imprinted on anything you publish so be passionate about it and always be about the business of practicing and perfecting your craft. Also, learn as much as you can about the business. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!”


Author Untamed has these final words for our readers:

“I would just like to express that I am honored for the feature in Boss Up magazine. I truly appreciate the opportunity and for introducing me to new readers. To my current readers, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued support. I hope that all of you will dive into my Untamed Territory and fall in love with a new author! Thank you again Boss Up for this wonderful feature.”


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