Everyone wants to be famous and on top, but many don’t know how to do just that. Well Boss Up Magazine spoke with Actor Kendall Watkins, to get the scoop!!

Originally from Peoria, Illinois (Some call it P-Town!), but currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Kendall Watkins is a Construction Worker, Glass Setter, Actor, and Model! (Talk about a HUSTLER!)

Since the age of 3, Kendall has always had a passion for acting. He is now living out his dreams, all with providing for his family and doing what he loves as his driving force!! Kendall is currently working on his own material and monologues, including some spoken word pieces.


Kendall has been in various films and TV shows, but says his best feature was on “The Originals” Season 3 Episode 15.  Kendall says “I had a smooth 64 seconds of film/face time. LOL!”

“Study your craft and Own it. Do a few Indy projects, be a joy to every set you get on and every camera you step in front of. The energy alone will get you farther. And don’t be patient. Be HUNGRY!!”

We asked Kendall about the challenges he faced in pursuit of his career, and he told us that growing up in Peoria was a bit challenging. Kendall explained to us that Peoria is a “Build your own fire” type of place; there just isn’t much just going on there. However, that did not stop him!  Kendall took his dreams and relocated to Atlanta, where he says he was able to find many “crash/pop up” sets for exposure; but Kendall doesn’t recommend anyone to go that route.

Outside of acting, Kendall loves planning events. In fact, Kendall used to be a Promoter and Indy Manager. (Jacks of all trades!!)  Kendall says that all of that was and still is fun, but doesn’t care to do them as much, as you have to rely on other parties too much.

When asked who Kendall idolizes, we found out that his two favorite Actors are Marlon Wayans and Denzel Washington. (Talk about amazing!!)  Kendall says that Marlon Wayans has amazing range and Denzel Washington just has “That Presence.”; It’s not just his name.

Kendall continues to say, “Like even if he were to put on a disguise and they not announce his name, you’d probably still feel that Greatness. I want to see and learn that firsthand.”

So you’re probably wondering what other projects is Kendall currently doing? (We were too!)  Currently, Kendall is building a brand and starting his own personal hashtags: #PhosdayMonos and #HappyPhosday. Those two hashtags will lead you straight his videos or one of his positive inspirational posts. (The Hustle Never Stops!)

To keep a watch for Kendall’s monologues, spoken word pieces, and some original content in a later future, follow Kendall on:

Instagram: @MrKW24

Twitter: @MrKW24

Snapchat: @king_2pho


If any film makers, producers, directors, artists, or readers need help with planning anything, you can contact Kendall via email at:

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