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Are you a Detroit resident, needing assistance with employment? Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? Well Boss Up Magazine interviewed a woman of impact and inspiration. Meet Alison Vaughn, an entrepreneur and leader that is making serious BOSS moves, in her community!

Representing Detroit, MI, Alison Vaughn is the Founder & CEO of Jackets for Jobs Inc, Author of the book Ms. Goal digger, Success is Sexy, and Co-Author of the book Inspired Style. With her daughter being her motivation, Alison is all about making a difference! (BOSS STATUS!)

“My daughter is my motivation. I’m her role model. My goal is to make a positive difference in someone’s life daily.”


Alison is a true BOSS, as she self-published her own book; which only took 5 months to write and publish her book! Alison tells us that it was a great feeling seeing her own work in print and listed on Amazon! The book Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy! is a tell-all guide for today’s businesswoman who wants to get what she wants for herself, by herself. While the world may define success in dollars and cents, this book teaches women how to work smarter, not harder. We’re told that Millennials love her book!

Alison tells us that she decided to write her own book after realizing that many women didn’t have goals! Her book is geared for women looking to go to the next level, and believes her book will impact readers in a positive way.

“This book will have my readers thinking about their life goals and how to dress, act and be a CEO. How to be the CEO of their life. As the founder of Jackets for Jobs, our mission is to empower individuals to find and retain employment. I decided to write a book to help women write down their goals and ways to help them achieve them.”

Becoming an Author isn’t Alison’s only calling, as she is also a Public Speaker. For Alison, public speaking began at an early age and continued to follow her throughout her life. Alison tells us that she feels as if she’s been a public speaker all of her life, and is not afraid to speak in front of others!


“At an early age, I started speaking at church and in high school I was vice-president and then President of Student Council. In college I first majored in communications and then switched to Business Administration. I’ve never been afraid to speak in public.”

Alison has been a Public Speaker for over 18 years and has spoken at many speaking events. As a Public Speaker, Alison places her focus on the topics of: How to network to increase your net worth, how to develop a millionaire mindset, how to act, speak and dress like a CEO, and how to set strategic goals and plans of action. With a true passion for public speaking, Alison enjoys talking and meeting people.

“I feel that I’m truly a communicator. I’ve been blessed to speak at many events, but my favorite speaking event was when I was invited to speak in Dubai at the World Islamic Economic Forum. I spoke on “The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs”.

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Alison’s greatness doesn’t stop there, as she also has a non-for profit organization called Jackets for Jobs, Inc. Opened in March of 2000, Jacket for Jobs, Inc. was created to assist low income individuals with career skills training, employment etiquette training and interview or work appropriate attire. In the beginning, Alison experienced a short lived challenge of funding, but that did not stop her!

“I went to the library and read all the books on grant writing for non-profits. My favorite book was “Grant Writing for Dummies” that book really helped me get started.”

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Jackets for Jobs, Inc. serves the Detroit area and has assisted over 24,000 individuals with employment. The services offered are at no cost to clients and are available for men and women. Jacket for Jobs, Inc. has two locations, with one on the Eastside and the other on the Westside of Detroit.

Jackets for Jobs, Inc. is an affiliate of Michigan Works! and also has a partnership with Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. Alison says that their support has allowed her organization to assist Detroiters with job search, and they are ever so grateful of their support. Jackets for Jobs, Inc. has also partnered with TJ Maxx, and collaborates annually to host a signature event.

“We also partner with TJ Maxx. It’s a great store. I always encourage everyone to shop TJ Maxx! In 2007, they invested one million dollars in our organization. Jackets for Jobs partners with TJ Maxx annually to host an event for female veterans. We enjoy working with veterans because they give their lives for our country and we believe we should give back to them.”

Alison believes her organization is vital to her community, as they help people prepare for jobs, which is a relatable reality.

“When a person comes to Jackets for Jobs, Inc. and receives training and clothing for a job interview, and then calls us and lets us know that they have received a job, that’s our indication that we have impacted the community. We’ve helped an individual become self-sufficient and make a difference in their life. That’s Awesome! When we help a woman get off welfare, that’s a wonderful blessing. We provide the “Life Jacket” for survival.”

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“I am guided by the Lord. When I hear from the Lord, then I move. The sky is the limit. I feel I have many more things to accomplish.”

Make sure you keep up with Alison as her company, Jackets for Jobs Inc is celebrating 18 years of helping Detroit job seekers! This event will feature keynote speaker, pop culture Icon, actress, and director Kim Fields! For more information, make sure you visit:

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Alison’s books, you can do so at:

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