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Were you ever afraid of the dark as a child? Has your child, sibling, niece, and/or nephew ever asked you to read them a bed time story? Planning to do story time at a school or daycare, but just don’t know what to read?

Well if you’re looking for a great children’s book, check out Zuri and the Monster.  BossUp Magazine spoke with the amazing Tanisha Chambers, to get exclusive insight about her very first children’s book!


Representing Philadelphia, PA, Author Tanisha Chambers is an Executive Administrative Assistant, Author, and Poet. (Such a BOSS!) Writing is her passion, and she has always had that burning urge to write and tell stories.  Zuri and the Monster tells a story about a little girl exploring her room, looking for what she believes is a monster.  (eek!)

So you’re probably asking “Who is Zuri?” Well not only is Zuri the inspiration behind this amazing book, but she is also Tanisha’s 5-year-old sister!!!! (How cool is that??)

Zuri and the Monster is geared for ages 0-6 and Tanisha believes that it is a great learning tool in helping kids with their understanding of fear, as well as learning to overcome it.

We asked Tanisha about advice she would give aspiring authors and this is what she had to say:

Author.Tanisha.Chambers “I say always do your research and network! network! NETWORK! I have met a lot of people along the way to help with my journey, and shared help advice to me about the publishing process and even looking for illustrators for my projects. This journey is not an easy one, and I would hope you will continue pushing through not always having book sales, people not liking posting and etc.”

Tanisha’s book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Make sure you keep up with Tanisha, as she is currently visiting day cares and pre-K classes to promote her book.  And who knows, ZURI just may be with her!!!

If you would like to keep up with Tanisha’s amazing future path, you can follow her on Instagram at: @Mizz.chambers.


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