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Ever read a book and said to yourself, “Wow! This Author was great!” ? Ever wanted to write your own book, to share your life and experiences with the world? Well Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive details on what it’s like to write your own book, with the Amazing Nisha Lanae!

Repping Los Angeles, CA, Tanisha aka Nisha Lanae, is an Author, Publisher, Radio Host, and Blogger. (Such a BOSS!) Growing up, Nisha Lanae had obstacles that others did not think she would overcome, but she proved them wrong!! (You go girl!!) So what made her decide to write her own book? Well for Nisha Lanae, writing started as a form of expression/ therapy. As her love for reading grew, so did her love for writing. Overall, she just wanted to tell the stuff that came through her head.


“I overcame a lot of obstacles from my childhood, and many people didn’t think I would make anything out of my life. That thought alone makes me go harder to prove them all wrong. I wanted to show my younger siblings and their children, that you can be anything you put your mind to it as long as you stay dedicated.”

“When I first saw my book on Amazon, I cried! It felt so surreal. I was 15 years old when I decided I wanted to be a writer and I published my first novel at age 23, after my father passed.”

Nisha Lanae currently has published 4 books and 1 anthology, which are:

  • Dice… The Queen of Murder
  • Pounding the Pavement
  • LAnd of Snakes
  • Ghetto Rose
  • Betrayed by love, Adored by lies.

Her most recent book, Ghetto Rose, is about a character named Dahlia. Dahlia is a young, beautiful and ambitious hairstylist trying to focus on her future of owning her own hair shop and settling down with the new man in her life. After suffering years of abuse by the hands of a man she once loved. Dahlia has found love again. But, she never imaged it would turn out without a trip down the aisle. When lies began to unravel, secrets unfold and boundaries are crossed. Dahlia is left with her head spinning, her heart aching sitting in a cold jail cell. Dahlia finds herself on the ugly side of love once again. On top of all the drama in her love life. Dahlia has to put on a happy face and play superwoman to her family.

“Love shouldn’t bring hurt and pain but joy and happiness. Through rain and pain a sun will arise and a beautiful rose will blossom or die.”

Her very first book, now titled Dice… The Queen of Murder, in a matter of 5 weeks. Her father had just passed and she was going through a tough time dealing with it. However, the book started as a short story titled “Penthouse.” Nisha Lanae states that her books are geared towards woman ages 18-40 years old. She writes fictional stories that touches on real situations, and most of her characters are women within that age bracket.

In the beginning, Nisha Lanae various challenges pursuing her career as an Author, such as publishing and support. She originally signed with a Publisher for the release of Penthouse, which was a short 3-part e-book series. However, things didn’t go as she thought they should or liked, so she left and took matters into her own hands! She decided to have her book re-edited and released it herself (Boom!) She had a hard time with finding a new editor and she lost a lot of readers, due to readers only supporting her because of who she was signed it. This didn’t stop her at all and all of her hard work paid off! (Ching! Ching!) She went on to publish her second book that same year “Pounding The Pavement” which hit #1 on amazon best sellers list.

So we asked Nisha Lanae about the kind of impact she thinks her books gives her readers, and this is what she stated,



“I write from my heart. I try to always touch on subjects that are real and that my readers can relate to. I always try to leave my readers with a message about love, life or to make them look at people different. I wrote about a young girl being born into prostitution (Pounding the Pavement) it made people look at prostitutes and wonder their story. I had someone who was in that life that I gave a free book. She emailed me and told me the story inspired her to get off the streets, because she had no reason to be there. She had good parents that wanted better for her.”

To date, Nisha Lanae has sold about 5-6K of E-books/digital books, with having a few hundreds of paperbacks being sold! (Weeerrrrkkkk!!) Not only that, she is currently working to have the second installment of Ghetto Rose, to be titled Still a Ghetto Rose in January of 2018! Nisha Lanae states that her ultimate goal for her career is to expand her readership, put together a few authors’ gatherings, sign a few authors, and help them brand and build up their portfolios. (BOOM!) Make sure you keep up with Nisha Lanae as she will have a live stream interview on December 9th, that will be live on Instagram and Facebook. (Get excited!!)

If you’re wanting to purchase any of Nisha Lanae’s books, they are available in paperback and E-book form at:




If you’re looking to write your own book, Nisha Lanae advises the following,

  • Write as if no one will ever see it.
  • Not everyone will like your book. But you didn’t write it for everybody.
  • Every day work on your craft.
  • Professionals are those who never stopped.
  • There is always a lesson in failure.
  • Always write from the heart. Never write like someone else. Your writing will always tell when you are not being authentic with yourself.
  • Read a lot and write even more.
  • Have tough skin. This industry isn’t for the weak.

Make sure you are keeping up with Nisha Lanae by following her on social media:

Instagram | Twitter: @pendiva_nisha | @concreterosepub

Facebook: Nisha Lanae | author_nishalanae | Concrete Rose Publications

Concrete Rose Publications is accepting Manuscripts. Details on website.


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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