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People do what they can and know, to live out their dreams. In fact, there’s nothing like living out your dreams. Some are successful, while other are not. Well, thanks to Soulaire, Boss Up Magazine was able to get the details on what it’s like to live out your dreams.

Born in St. Louis, MO, but raised in Peora, IL, Soulaire is a true Master of the Arts!! Soulaire is a recording artist who also works as a fashion stylist and designer. (Such Versatility!) With his nephews and living a purpose driven life being his motivation, Soulaire has made his mark in the industry!

Soulaire’s talent has followed him throughout his life, as he has been singing since he was a young child. With singing being his first love, Soulaire knew it was something that he’d always do. Once Soulaire moved to Hollywood, Soulaire then mde his mark with fashion styling.

A passion for fashion has always been Soulaire, while his passion for styling came later. Being from the Midwest, Soulaire stated that he didn’t know that his joy for dressing nice could be turned into an occupation! (Ching! Ching!)

So you’re probably wondering about the meaning of Soulaire? Well here is Soulaire’s explanation:


“Soulaire was a name I believe God gave me. It’s my own genre. But Soul represents where I sing from and Aire represents me being Heir to the throne.”

Soulaire’s music is created to be universal, but his fashion is more for those who are fashion forward. Soulaire told us that his ultimate career goal would just be being a mogul dominating the music and fashion industry. Soulaire also plans on owning his own masters to his music, having several store fronts and clothing lines, and of course a few Grammys! (Now those are ultimate goals!)
Soulaire is always on the go and tries to stay productive, and in fact just recently hosted an event called “Smoke and Paint” in Los Angeles, CA. No worries if you missed your chance to meet him, as he will be in NYC for Fashion Week in February of 2018. (Talk about fashion forward!)
When asked about his celebrity idol, Soulaire stated that he would love to work with Monica! Soulaire has been rocking with Monica since 1995 and has always been his inspiration. Soulaire rates her as his favorite female vocalist alive.


“If you’re an aspiring Stylist or Artist, pray and be consistent. Don’t look at others journey and compare to where you are. Trust in God’s timing and invest in yourself.

If you’re looking to hear Soulaire’s music, you can do so by searching is name on SoundCloud. But make sure you’re keeping up with Soulaire, as his first single will soon be available on iTunes, and his album “Soul Awakening will be released, sometime first quarter. There is even a video shoot in the works for his first single! (We’ve got to get our autographs now!)
As far as fashion, Soulaire has fashion designs for both men and women. His line is fashion forward but androgynous can definitely pull off. Those wanting to see Soulaire’s work can do so by viewing his Instagram page. At this time, his fashion designs are not yet available for purchase, but will be soon. Make sure you are keeping up with Soulaire’s music and fashion at:

Instagram | Twitter: @_soulaire

Facebook: Official Soulaire

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