2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Set To Compete At Nationals

received_2911519135543200They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – which for Destiny Turnboe is nothing further than the truth! Meet Destiny Turnboe, the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ Queen, who is dedicated to making a distinctive platform about representation and encouraging others to live a life of their dreams!

An Author, Mentor, Inspirational Public Speaker, and Social Media Influencer from Detroit, MI., Destiny is a charismatic leader that is full of confidence and powerful energy. Known for her traveling and women empowerment brand Flyy Girl Adventures, she also provides a vivacious display of fearless representation of curvy women and their inclusion in the modeling industry.


“In August of 2019, I was crowned the 2020 Miss Fashion Global Curvy NJ, and will be competing for the final crown at Nationals. This is why I truly believe that it is important to believe in yourself, so that you can be whoever you want. Yes, I am a Queen but I want to be the National Queen – who motivates people and display the importance of inclusion of curvy women. I am truly dedicated to spreading my platform message of representation matters.”

For Destiny, 2017 officially marked the beginning of an unstoppable force and created the survivor that would take the world by storm! In 2017, she was hospitalized after a near fatal car accident, where she broke her femur and had to undergo five surgeries over a period of two years! This was a huge hardship on Destiny, but she did not let it prevent her from persevering.


Bound to a wheelchair and going through therapy, she continued to exhibit strength and follow her dreams! From wheel chair to the runway, winning first place as Miss Fashion Global, New Jersey Curvy Queen 2020 was not just a win for Destiny – but is the perfect example of defining the odds. Her wins doesn’t stop there, as she was also selected to walk for New York Fashion Week and has been nominated for public recognition of the Detroit City Council. Her story is a strong foundation of courage, compassion, and triumph – with survivor being one true word to describe her!


Breaking boundaries and making an impact is everything that Destiny and her platform represents, with the value of pouring back into her community and empowering young women being key to her platform. This is why it is no surprise that she created the nonprofit organization – Flyy Girl Fly.

Flyy Girl Fly is a Detroit based mentorship organization, which equips girls from all over the world to fly with confidence into the direction of their dreams. For the past two summers Destiny has worked diligently to build their self-esteem with one-on-one dream coaching sessions, social media workshops, and connecting them with mentors in their selected field. To further expand her platform and values, Destiny has also partnered with:


Lead The Way Organization

Convenant One Creations LLC

Success 4U Network LLC

Boss Up Magazine

Wi$e Hustlers

Crown Me Dainty

Chris Styles Closet

These various businesses and organizations not only support Destiny in all that she does, but also believes in and helps her share her platform values and message. Destiny has also placed intense emphasis on building awareness of her platform, as she prepares to take on Nationals for the crown in Florida.


On November 2, 2019, Destiny will be competing for the National crown in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and is determined to make history with a WIN! Not only will this win be a ground breaking one, but will further showcase Destiny’s true beauty, success, and dedication to her platform and all who are watching and supporting her!


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